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Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Fa/Fa, Fa/ft, Hermaphrodite, Science Fiction, Mother, Daughter, Harem, Black Female, Oriental Female, Hispanic Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Pregnancy, Science fiction adult story, sci-fi adult story, science-fiction sex story, sci-fi sex story

Science Fiction Sex Story: What ever happened to Char and the other survivors of Quay? This story is the sequel to Acceptance.

<<This story starts minutes after the end of Acceptance. If you have not read it, nothing in here will make sense. Since everyone should know the characters and background, there are minimal explanations. The dramatis personae gives a brief reminder of who's who>>


Dramatis Personae

This list briefly describes the main characters from the story "Acceptance" who are referred to in "Aftermath". This is merely a brief reminder, and I highly recommend you (re)read "Acceptance" to refresh your memory before reading "Aftermath".

Note: There are a few variations in ages since "Acceptance" covered roughly 8 months.

Steve <Caucasian 28, CAP 8.1, hospital administrator> He was the original sponsor of the harem. It was on his orders that all of the others were modified to just below Marine-standard enhancements, making them all extremely strong, having incredible endurance and very quick reflexes and speed. He was killed on the planet Quay when the asteroid hit. Before he died, he had gotten everyone in the harem pregnant except Meili and Char.

Char <Caucasian, blonde/blue, hermaphrodite, 20, CAP 6.2 (8.3), sales/marketing> Char was the last concubine chosen by Steve. Although technically a zie/hir, Char usually considers herself with the pronoun that matches her appearance at the time. At the initial pickup, he thought of himself with those pronouns. Her mannerisms are mostly female, since that is what she grew up with, although she can slip back into male mannerisms if 'he' chooses. Char's current appearance is a 6' tall beautiful woman with blonde hair down to her knees. She usually wears it in intricate braids or a ponytail wrapped in braids. She is a fully functional chimeric hermaphrodite, what the Confederacy calls a 'ghyaa'. She took over the colony after the asteroid hit Quay and organized the survivors, almost working herself to death to keep everyone else alive until rescue. After the rescue, she was retested and scored high enough to become a sponsor. Her first act as a sponsor was to choose all of the members of her old harem as well as two friends to be her concubines. Char is looking forward to the tangled family tree where she is the biological mother to some children and the father to others.

Xifeng <Chinese, 42, CAP 6.0, trauma nurse, child- 14F Meili> Sexually adventurous, she falls madly in love with Char, although she has enough love for the others to keep from hurting the harem. She is usually very quiet and self-effacing, except when there is a medical emergency, when her trauma nurse training shows and she is aggressive and decisive. Char has chosen her to be head concubine. Xifeng is an accomplished woodwind musician and can make bamboo musical instruments.

Meili <Chinese, 14, CAP 5.4, daughter of Xifeng> She had to impatiently wait many long months after her mother was chosen before she turned 14 and could join the bedroom games. She is a near nymphomaniac and loves sex. Both Steve and Char were almost fucked to death by the young girl on her fourteenth birthday. She and Char are the only two members of Steve's harem he did not get pregnant. Due to her Asian ancestry, she is very small, and looks around eleven. She is also a skilled woodwind musician and often plays duets with her mother.

Meredith <black 40, CAP 6.1, lawyer, divorced, children-3F Naomi, 4M Jason, 7M Carl> She was the former head concubine, but chafed at the role. She was happier just letting someone else take charge. Her black skin and hair contrast nicely with Char. She is currently more focused on her children than anything else.

Chital <Pakistani 27, CAP 5.5, housewife, married, child-8/9F Suda> She got a pickup 'divorce' when she was selected at the same extraction as Char, and seriously missed her husband. She was very conservative and had a great deal of trouble accepting Char. It was actually well after they reached Quay before she had intercourse with Char. Chital is a skilled masseuse. Her daughter is also very shy and remote, rarely talking or touching others. She started bonding strongly with Char before the 'dark time' and she became extremely attached to Char during that time, much to her mother's surprise.

Moira <Caucasian, specifically Irish, red/grey, 19, CAP 5.8, college sophomore, geology> She was a geology major in college when she was picked up and absolutely loves it. She pushed to be able to explore Quay for diamonds and other interesting minerals. Moira is actually rather obsessive about rocks and minerals especially, but loves all aspects of historical geology as well. She is also extremely good at making jewelry. So good that the late Governor of Quay ordered her works be authentication locked so they could never be scanned into a replicator and copied. Her meteor iron and diamond jewelry was going to become an interstellar trade commodity, until the disaster ended all future plans for the colony. One side of Moira's face is always covered by her bright red hair, a trait that Char finds extremely sexy. Moira is self-conscious about her thick Irish accent, since she was teased about it as a child, but Char convinced her it was sexy as well.

Tina <Hispanic, 15, CAP 5.1, HS student> She was average-height, big-boned and chubby, with extremely large breasts. After her modifications, she was slimmed down, but still big-boned. Steve kept her DD breasts the same, liking the variety of breast sizes in the harem. She is extremely quiet and has a knack of being unnoticed. However, she is always right there when someone wants to cuddle. She was a virgin when picked up, but that was due to appearance, not choice. While not on the same level as Meili, she tends to get grumpy is she does not have sex on a very regular basis.

Chandra <Caucasian, black/green, 14, CAP 5.2, HS student> She was picked up at the same pickup as Char but, unlike the others listed above, was not in Steve's family with Char. The pickup was just a few days after her fourteenth birthday. Chandra's master was a rude, domineering man named Brian. After her master's other concubine, Char's boss and lover, was executed for attacking a Marine, Brian took out his fury on her, leaving Chandra battered and bruised, both physically and mentally. She was also forced to watch Char being severely beaten and brutally raped right in front of her, while she was helpless to do anything. After another week of abuse, her master was retested and failed to score above 6.5, dooming him. Her next sponsor, Todd, was a nice man who had been one of Char's co-workers. Unfortunately, his other three concubines were rather domineering and had been a tight clique before the pickup. They looked at her as an intruder who was stealing time with their man away from them. Chandra's second master also died. He was killed along with Steve and almost all the sponsors on Quay when the asteroid hit the planet. The young teenager was badly abused and feels like she was betrayed and abandoned. She has a very hard time opening up to anyone and is terrified that if she does, that that person will die also. She has loved Char since they met in her second master's pod and Char comforted her. However, she is painfully shy and, having been abused, has built a wall around her emotions and developed a fear of being touched sexually. During the dark times on Quay, she spent all her time with Char and the other members of her harem. After Char became a sponsor, she asked Chandra to join her harem. She happily agreed, hoping to finally be in a group that cared about her. She is slowly coming out of her traumatized shell, becoming emotionally and sexually attached to the others in the harem.

Chuck <Caucasian, brown/brown, CAP 5.8, 36, delivery driver, a concubine from a different harem living on Quay> Chuck's master died along with Steve, and his only other pod mate died of injuries received on the day the asteroid hit. During the dark time, he watched Char take charge and lead the survivors. He was drawn to her beauty and strength as a leader. After Char was forced to kill someone, he offered himself to her for mutual pleasure and comfort, which Char accepted. He was at her side the entire time until rescue and all of Char's concubines and the children liked him. Char asked him the join the harem when she became a sponsor and he gladly agreed.


Sergeant Rana Harris <Confederacy Marine unarmed combat instructor> She rescued Char when Brian was beating and raping her. After that, they became friends. Sergeant Harris saved Char a second time when Brian had her cornered and was trying to get Char to hit him so she would be killed. At her request, Brain was retested and failed, which led to his death. Sergeant Harris smiled and waved happily at Brain after she activated the controls that opened the airlock. When she had been younger, she had been raped twice. After joining the US Marine Corps and receiving extensive unarmed combat training, she met up with her second rapist and killed him. She suggested that Char come to her for unarmed combat training if Char ever became a sponsor.

Brian <deceased> He was a co-worker of Char's who felt threatened by Char's skill at designing advertising campaigns despite having many years' experience with the company. He deliberately chose Char's boss and lover, Melissa, because he had had a long-term crush on her and knew it would hurt Char. He also chose a fourteen-year old girl named Chandra. Soon after the pick up, Melissa attacked a sponsor and was killed. Brian was enraged and blamed Char for Melissa's death. He became violent and physically and mentally abused Chandra. Finally seeing Char alone, he attacked Char and brutally beat her, then dragged her into his pod and raped her in front of the horrified Chandra. He was stunned by Sergeant Harris who had come to rescue Char. Brian was confined to quarters for a week because of the assault and continued abusing Chandra during that time. When the restriction was lifted, Brian immediately went after Char again, this time trying to goad her into attacking him so she would be executed the way Melissa was. When that failed miserably, he became enraged and was about to attack Char again when Sergeant Harris once again saved Char, knocking Brian unconscious and stomping on his groin. She formally requested to the Marine commander that he request Brian to be retested due to his actions. Upon retesting, the AI determined Brian's CAP score had dropped below 6.5. Chandra was taken away from him and forty-eight hours later, he was executed by Sergeant Harris, who blew him out an airlock. The last thing he saw was her happy smile as she waved at him while he was sucked into space.

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