Mallao and Maia

by N. Ambrusco

Copyright© 2013 by N. Ambrusco

Drama Sex Story: Inspired by a true story: a brother, weary of disrespect, uses force on his sister, gaining revenge in the most pleasurable way his drug-addled brain can imagine.

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   NonConsensual   Rape   True Story   Incest   Brother   Sister   Humiliation   First   Violent   .

"Teen rapes sister, is arrested after mom tells cops"

Friday, October 12, 2012

MANILA, Philippines -- A teenager was arrested Thursday after allegedly raping his elder sister inside their home in Las Piñas City, police said Friday.

Senior Superintendent Romulo Sapitula, Las Piñas chief of police, said the suspect, 18, was arrested inside the family's home along BF Resort Village for allegedly raping his 21-year-old sister twice inside her room.

The victim was quoted as saying that she was first raped by her brother last September 11, but decided not to say anything about the incident for fear of her life.

The suspect, the police chief said, was only arrested after the mother allegedly caught him in the act of raping her daughter, prompting her to call the police.

Sapitula said the suspect even tried to resist arrest, but was eventually handcuffed and taken to prison, adding that he was also made to undergo a drug examination as requested by his mother.

The suspect is scheduled for inquest proceedings for two counts of incestuous rape and direct assault, he said.

Mallao wiped a gob of spittle from his lips and pressed his ear to Maia's door. She had a nameplate on her door, Winnie the Pooh stuffing his fat yellow face full of "hunney," and Maia's name. God damn. His sister was too old to have cartoons slapped on her bedroom anyway. Twenty-one, and she was still in love with images from American TV. Sometimes, it was like she was a child trapped in a woman's ... a woman's ... body.

He swallowed hard.

A woman's body. What the hell did Mallao know about a woman's body? He sniffed in disgust, catching a whiff of hash rolling off his t-shirt. All the girls at school, and the girls at the malls dressed like white actresses on TV, they never looked at Mallao. They never looked at his thick black hair and big muscles, his good honest Philippine moustache and polyester shirts. Girls didn't want a man who looked like him.

His sister didn't want a man who looked like him.

Bitch. Always shaking her ass for the white men, the tourists and the American sailors, while good Filipino men had to beat off or go pay for it. Wearing those tight silk dresses and dancing with white men. Had she fucked any of them? God, who could tell. He bet she had. He bet Maia had laid back in this very room, under all her Disney princesses and clean white teddy bears, and spread her legs for a hundred, a thousand rich white men. Never for a good brown man like him.

Mallao took another long drag off his hash and pressed his ear to the door. Maia had been moving around earlier; he'd heard her playing imported bangra CDs and dancing around. Maybe she'd been cleaning her room, maybe she'd just been dancing, flaunting her tight ass for the mirror, practicing for the white men she wanted to fuck later. Who could tell? Crazy bitch had gone silent now, that was for sure.

After a long moment, Mallao decided the room was silent. Maia hadn't come out yet, so maybe she was asleep. Maybe she'd snuck out the window. He knew she'd snuck out at least once recently to go meet Americans at the disco. Mallao could imagine his sister with her arms around some white sailor's neck under the hot colored lights, grinding away like a Bangkulasi whore. As long as he kept buying her drinks, she'd keep shaking her tight brown body into him.

Las Piñas is a fairly rich city, maybe not filthy rich, but better off than adjoining Manila. Lots of places for tourists to go and spend their dollars, their euros, their yuan. Whatever, spend it all, foreigners! Fuck off, but leave your money first! But too many of them leave something else. Lots of half-white babies in Las Piñas. And Mallao would bet Maia would wind up having just one more.

Yeah. Like they needed another mouth to feed.

Finally, Mallao stubbed out his hash on the floor. Varnished bamboo, very Western-looking, like this whole house. His bitch mother and whore sister loved living like the white people on the TV, like pashas of the empire, like they were embarrassed to be Filipino.

Well, not Mallao. He was proud to be Filipino. Screw all the white people and their money and their AIDS and their bastard half-breed children they never met. Screw them all. Mallao was proud to be Filipino, and he would show Maia what a real Filipino man was like. He'd make her proud to be brown, like Lord Jesus intended.

Slowly, trying not to make noise, he turned his sister's doorknob and eased the door open. He stuck his head through and looked for Maia. She'd collapsed on her white European four-poster bed. Mallao was a little disappointed to see her wearing some kind of white cotton night dress. He'd hoped she'd be wearing one of those slinky silk dresses she wore to go dancing ("dancing"). But she'd apparently changed, and was asleep, breathing heavily--not quite snoring, but close enough.

God damn, she was pretty when she wasn't trying to be pretty. Her long, straight hair splayed out around her, highlights glistening in the sun; skin the proper, natural shade of brown, like a good Las Piñas woman. Her breasts were high and firm, her belly smooth and taut. The hem of her night dress had ridden up, exposing both calves and most of one thigh.

He looked from that thigh to his own naked forearms, and back. Nearly the exact shade of brown. His were maybe a little darker, from working construction out in the sun, while she shook her pretty little titties in half-dark discos. But close enough. For a moment, Mallao regretted putting out his hash. But it was too late, he was into this now. He didn't need the smoke to give him courage. He just needed to feel his sister's skin against his own.

Mallao closed the door behind him, softly. The latch gave the smallest, gentlest click as it slid into place. He looked around for something he could use to brace the door. Her dresser stood a few feet away. He hooked his fingers under the rim and pulled it back, sliding it to obstruct the door. He knew there was little chance his sister could get free of him, but if she did, she would now have to stop and wrestle a huge piece of furniture out of the way, giving him time to grab her and drag her back to him. She wasn't getting out of this so easily.

No, Mallao thought with a silent chuckle. The only wrestling here today, Maia, will be you and me.

Mallao sat on the edge of Maia's bed, looking at her face. With her eyes closed, and her muscles slack with sleep, she looked so damn innocent. So peaceful. Like a proper Filipino angel, not some docklands slut who traded her body to white men for money. Did she fuck for money? He didn't really know. But yeah, he knew. How else did she afford all those shiny silk dresses for the white men? Surely not on Dad's life insurance and Mallao's salary.

In one smooth motion, Mallao peeled off his sweat-soaked t-shirt and dropped it next to his sister's bed. Hard work had given him hard muscles: not the useless muscles of the bodybuilders on TV that his mother got damp watching, but the kind of specific, powerful muscles that come with team-lifting heavy girders and driving nails for ten hours in the hot Philippean sun. He didn't know what kind of man his sister liked. But he knew for sure that she would find out what a real man, with real muscles, was like today.

He stroked one hand up his sister's exposed thigh. The skin was tight, and muscles surprisingly hard. She probably got a good workout dancing to that electronic Western music. He bet she was strong. Not as strong as her brother, of course. But strong enough to put up a fight. He hoped she put up a fight. It wouldn't be as fun if she just lay there, soft and useless.

Mallao's hand stroked up his sleeping sister's body, pausing on her navel and to circle her left nipple, finally coming to rest on her cheek. Maia groaned softly, smacking her lips, but didn't come awake. Good. He wanted this to last; he didn't want her to end it too soon. He wanted his sister to know who was doing this to her, and why. He petted her cheek lightly, like a proud father at first, as he worked up his nerve. But he felt the knot of need growing in his belly, and his touch became that of a lover.

He almost talked himself out of it. He almost thought, maybe he could convince her to stay with him. They could be proper lovers. Hell, why not? He was the man of the house now, he should have a woman he loved be his.

But no. Mallao knew he could never provide Maia the excitement that she got from the American sailors and rich, fat tourists. She'd get bored, and go back to running around, and she'd probably tell all of Manila that he was a sister-fucker and a poor woman's lay. He'd never be able to work or fuck or show his face again. And his mother, she'd throw him out, man of the house or no.

No. Mallao shook his head. There would be no love in this room today, no sir. He was here to teach his proud bitch of a sister what a good Filipino man should teach his woman. He heaved himself up onto Maia's frilly Western bed and straddled her sleeping body, pushing his lips into the cup of her ear.

"Maia," he whispered. "Wake up."

When she didn't respond at first, Mallao blew into his sister's ear. She flinched and shook her head, and he pulled back a little. "Maia," he repeated, a little more firmly. "Wake up."

Beneath her brother, Maia's eyes opened, out of focus and puffy with sleep. She looked around for a moment, blinking, looking young and confused, before she locked eyes with her brother. It took her a minute to realize what he was doing, but then her eyes shot wide, and she opened her mouth to scream.

Mallao clamped his mouth over Maia's, and shoved his tongue into her mouth. She tried to shake him off her, but he held his face on hers, exploring her mouth with his tongue, reveling in the taste of his sister's dark contours. She must have drunk tea before falling asleep. The flavor hadn't left her lips.

Finally, Mallao lifted his mouth off his sister and looked down at her. She lay beneath him, stunned. She was older, but he was taller, stronger. When she reached one hand up, he didn't wait to find out her intent; he just grasped her wrist and forced it back onto the bed.

"What, Maia?" Mallao asked, batting his eyelashes and pretending to feel hurt. "Like you've never had a real man on top of you before?"

He couldn't help it. He started to laugh. His laughter shook the bed, shook his sister, and he felt her breasts jiggling against his chest. He decided to push things further, and lay more weight against his sister's body. He let his erect penis press into her groin.

"Wh..." Maia had to pause to catch her breath, and when she spoke again, she could only whisper. "What are you doing?"

"Showing you what a real man is like."

"I don't ... I don't understand."

"Of course you do, you stupid whore. All the white men you've fucked. Did any of them ever pay you? Did any of them ever promise to marry you and take you to America or Europe or whatever? Well, did they?"

"I don't..."

"Why can't you or your whore friends show a little love to an honest hard-working Filipino man? You're happy to spread your legs for a different white man every night, but did you ever spare a thought for the baby brother whose wages keep this roof over your head? Did you, you stupid bitch? Did you ever think maybe I have needs too?"

Maia finally seemed awake enough to realize what her brother intended. She turned toward the window and sucked in a deep breath. "Hel--"

Mallao clapped his other hand over his sister's mouth. She tried to scream, but he tightened his grip. When she tried to bite his hand, he shoved her head back into the pillow, twice, three times, until she went silent and limp, staring up at her brother, eyes wide.

"That's better. If you scream, or if you hit me, or if you tell Mom about any of this, I have no hesitation about beating you to death with my own two fists. You know I can do it, don't you."

Maia nodded, mute under her brother's hand.

"Good. Now I'm going to take my hand away. You've had your first warning. Next time you try to scream, I'll knock you senseless. Third time, I'll kill you. Understand?"

Maia nodded again.

Mallao took his hand off his sister's mouth. He released her arm from his other hand, and lay his weight onto her body, propping himself on his elbows. Her breasts pressed between their bodies, and her terrified breath came hot and fast on his face.

"I've wanted you since I was thirteen. Did you ever know that? Probably not. I was just some skinny schoolboy, the baby brother you had to put up with. But you, you were like a goddess out of some magazine. I can read, you know. I've done my research. I know it's not unusual for boys that age to think they've fallen in love with their big sisters.

"Well, you know what? I was never in love with you. I thought I was, for maybe fifteen minutes. But it's always been about pure lust. I bet you never even noticed me. I bet it never occurred to you that your brother was in the next room, pulling his cock, wishing you would come make a real man out of me. Did you, big sister?"

Maia opened her mouth to speak, but only squeaked.

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