The Virgin Contest

by EazinAlong

Copyright© 2013 by EazinAlong

Coming of Age Sex Story: Three virgin teenage boys are naked and lusting with an older woman who will put them through their paces before choosing one to become a man while the others watch.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   FemaleDom   First   Oral Sex   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

You lay back on the king-size bed and looked at three virgin boys standing at the foot. Naked, they stared hungrily at your scantily clad body. A slinky negligee covered you. Its sheer bust let them appreciate your hard nipples. The rest of the garment was opaque. They could only imagine the charms below.

Forbidden from touching themselves, their cocks twitched with excitement while their hands hung at their sides. Smooth-skinned with rosy cheeks, they were hungry for relief after you'd spent the last hour teasing and arousing them visually while a sexy movie played on the television.

By the end of the evening, one would lose his virginity between your legs. They were about to compete for the honor, and two would go home still wishing for their first time.

The oldest was 15, and his cock and ball sack were a little larger than the two 14-year-olds'. Of the two younger boys, one's member was noticeably thicker than the other. The other had a charming upward curve to his prick. The range of their ages was fairly narrow, but their genitals were each distinctive.

Slowly you pulled the gown higher, revealing your trimmed bush. Their eyes were nearly popping of their heads as they strained to see a woman's sex for the first time. At first, all they could see was the curtain of pubic hair that hid your lower lips, further whetting their curiosities. Then you began to pull your knees up and open your legs. The twitching of their dicks became more intense as they watched you open yourself to their gazes.

Their innocence prevented them from appreciating the significance of your wetness and arousal when you revealed yourself. Your valley was drenched. For several minutes, you studied their faces as they were spellbound by your charms, staring at the magical place between your legs.

One moved as if to grasp his shaft, but you gently admonished him to resist the desperate urge to touch himself.

You slid one hand lower and grazed the inside of your thigh. Then you teased your bush before extending a finger and caressing your lower lips. Pressing down, your finger slipped into the wetness. Slowly at first, you stimulated yourself as they single-mindedly watched your hand and your pussy.

Faster, your attentions focused on your clit, rubbing it in ever-smaller circles as the intensity built. You stared longingly at their lovely young cocks, reminding yourself that those cocks had never penetrated a woman, never been immersed in her juices and never ejaculated inside a cunt. For one of them, that would change tonight.

They were no more aroused by your exhibition than you were. Your obscene demonstration was exciting you most of all. Restraining them psychologically while taunting them visually, your mind was exploding with passion. You felt the orgasm building. They would watch you cum while desperately wishing they could join you or at least milk themselves for relief.

The quivering deep inside escalated rapidly, and you felt yourself pass the point of no return. Unable to keep your eyes open, the orgasm washed over you. You cried out briefly, opened your eyes to glance at them again and then thrashed upon the bed, bucking your hips as if mating. Your ecstasy was beyond control as your groin pulsed and the pleasure exploded in your brain.

Returning to your senses, you saw their wide-eyed looks of disbelief. "Wow," the 15-year-old exhaled softly. Pre-cum moistened the tips of all three junior penises. Their ball sacks were pulled tight.

"Did you boys like that?"

"Yes, ma'am," they said nearly in unison.

You rolled to your side and off of the bed, standing to its side. "Have you every seen a naked woman in person?"

"No, ma'am," said one while the others shook their heads.

You lifted the gown over your head and let them gaze upon your charms before returning to the bed and lying on your back. You directed them to join you, one kneeling on each side and the third between your legs. "Do you want to cum?"

They nodded.

"Fine. Stroke yourselves."

They hesitated briefly, but as soon as the first reached for his cock, the others followed suit. They were so beautiful and erotic as they grasped their tools. Each had been developing his technique for a year or two now, practicing alone at night or occasionally with a friend. This was a familiar sensation, if not a familiar situation.

"When you're ready to cum, spurt on me. I don't care where, but just don't get any on the sheets."

With their libidos at fever pitch, this wouldn't take long. Within just a couple of minutes, the 15-year-old on your right scrunched his face and began to utter something between a moan and grunt. His eyes closed tightly and his hips lurched. The first spurt soared from his cock and flew more than halfway across your body to land on your left breast, wetting the swollen nipple. His second spurt came shortly after, landing in the center of your chest.

Provoked by the first boy, the others began their orgasms almost simultaneously. Suddenly, boy sperm was flying at you from three directions. It coated your chest and stomach. The boy between your legs sent several spurts onto your pubic hair. Hardly a drop missed you as they continued to stroke until they had no more to give. Looking down, you saw puddles and splatters of semen across your torso.

One by one, they opened their eyes and looked at you sheepishly.

"Very good, boys. Very good."

They smiled.

You directed them to squeeze every possible drop onto you and then to resume standing at the foot of the bed.

"Don't touch yourselves any more."

With typical boyhood resilience, their erections were barely diminished. The boy with the curved cock, in particular, looked as hard as before he'd been allowed to touch himself.

Opening your legs again, you gestured to the oldest. "Put your face down here," you said, directing him between your legs. "Don't touch me. Just put your nose down here and sniff."

Obediently and timidly, he complied. When he stopped nearly a foot from your pussy, you said, "No, get closer. Put your nose right here. Smell me."

With his nose barely an inch from your treasure, you signaled approval. "Inhale my aroma. Learn what an aroused woman smells like."

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