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Erotica Sex Story: My wife and her best friend from college have always been competitive but a secret plan backfires on the both of them when they both try to out do each other.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Lesbian   Bestiality   Water Sports   Pregnancy   .

My wife Sherry is a terrific woman and more than I could ever of asked for when I thought of someone to get married to. As far as sex goes Sherry is very active in that part even after 17years if marriage but until a year ago was limited in her outlook. By that I mean although satisfying she was missionary position as worst and a doggie fashion type of a girl at a push and more often than not the light was off but that said I loved her dearly.

I'd known Margo almost as long as I knew Sherry as they were best friends who met at college but there was also a kind of one-upmanship that they played with each other when they were around each other for too long. Margo now lived in Australia so we probably saw her about once every two or three years now but Sherry was looking forward to this visit as it was also coincided with their college reunion.

The first two days there were inseparable but as the days crept past their desire to one up each other began to surface again. The night after the reunion we were sat in our living room after dinner and were on our second bottle of wine and although Sherry isn't much of a drinker on that night she was holding her own. Our kids were staying for a while with Sherry parents but would be back a couple weeks to see Aunt Margo.

It started off like usual but quickly descended into the two of them scoring points of each other for a variety of reasons until the subject got around to sex I had heard it all before. That was until Margo made a comment about Sherry being sexually repressed to which she replied something about Margo being a slut. Margo had already been through 3 marriages and was in the process of divorcing number 4 plus there had been many more in between.

Margo's response was to say she'd rather be a slut than be frigid. Sherry looked rather indignant at the comment from Margo and started to defend her corner. I agreed that Sherry wasn't frigid but I sort of had to agree that she was repressed but I wasn't expecting her to pull me into the conversation. My hesitancy in responding to Sherry put Margo on the front foot and she tried to hammer home her advantage.

I'd been privy to many of these competitions over the years but there was an edge to this one when Sherry told Margo that she would prove it. Sherry came over to me and knelt between my legs and began to pull my trousers down. To say I was surprised was an understatement but I wasn't going to stop my wife as fished my cock out of its confines and began fist my cock before taking it into her mouth right in front of her best friend.

I did get the occasional blow job normally my birthday and maybe one at Christmas or New Year and the even rarer one that I earned for doing something extra special for her but Sherry had never been as brazen as this moment. I'd always thought that Sherry didn't like giving head but that night she attacked my cock with gusto and I wasn't about to stop her even as I felt the impending constriction of my balls before my cum shot out.

Normally I would let Sherry know that I was about to blow as she certainly wasn't a fan of swallowing but this time I didn't and after only a couple of seconds I blasted her mouth with my cum but she didn't gag as I expected and she drank down all I had to offer and as we hadn't had sex since Margo had arrived there was quite a lot as well. Sherry took my dick from her mouth and stood up and looked at Margo with a smug grin but Margo was a step ahead of her and dismissed the act as bored.

Margo then upped the ante by say that a truly non-repressed woman wouldn't object if some did this to her husband. Before either Sherry or myself knew what was happing Margo was on her knees and had taken my softening cock into her mouth and began sucking me back to hardness.

I groaned out as Margo's tongue made contact with my cockhead as it was a little tender but she was good in fact the best I'd ever had sucking my cock and I think Sherry must and realised that by my reaction. Margo had this way of holding my cock that stopped me from cumming but each time it became more and more painful until I couldn't stand it any longer and Margo took me from her mouth and stroked me until I shot all over her face.

I thought I had cum a lot with my wife but it was nothing compared to what I had just cum on Margo's face, it was literally dripping from her hair, nose, eye lids, chin, you name it. I saw a look on Sherry's face that I had never seen before and I thought I was in serious trouble for what just happened maybe because I didn't protest one iota about it but I was shocked when Sherry just shucked out of her jeans and stripped of her jumper and stood in just her panties.

My cock surprisingly for a 42 year old man and I was still hard and ready to trot at the sight of my near naked wife and I just decided to sit back and let this go where it was going. Sherry stood over me as shifted the gusset of her panties to one side and then straddled my thighs and then rose up and sank down on my cock. This was so out of character for my wife I almost started to wonder what had brought on this change in her but as her cunt began to rise up and down on my cock I put that to the back of my mind and just enjoyed the moment.

Again Sherry was putting more into the sex this time than she normally does, squeezing my cock harder and not I think to get me off Sherry was now putting on a show for Margo but I didn't care. Thanks to the two blow jobs I had a lot of staying power and I was able to fuck my wife with aplomb and even after Sherry crashed through three orgasms I was still going strong but eventually I could feel the tightening on my balls and the cum ascend my cock and I sprayed their contents deep within my wife's cunt triggering her fourth orgasm in a short period of time.

Sherry moved to the side of me and sat down to rest and if the night had stopped there I would have died a happy man but to my great surprise the evening was just getting started. Unseen by my wife Margo was on her hands and knees and then buried her face in my wife's cum soaked cunt and began to drink up all of my cum. I didn't think it was possible but my cock was once again on the rise but it got there in double quick time when Sherry lay there moaning and encouraging Margo to continue but then said that Margo had always been good at eating her cunt.

I'd always suspected that Sherry and Margo had been lovers at college because of a few things I noticed about their behaviour around each most notable the one-upmanship sort of game. There were a few touches also that some would have called borderline but even without knowing for sure it certainly fuelled my imagination in bed. Margo ate Sherry to a couple of screeching orgasms and my cock was ready to go again.

The stakes were then raised to a new level by Sherry as a smile crossed her face and she looked at Margo and said that if Margo fucked Bambi that she would then drink his cum from her cunt. To this day I am convinced that Sherry was bluffing and did not expect Margo to fuck Bambi but Margo just slipped off her dress and told Sherry to bring him on. Bambi was our 4 year old Rottweiler who got his name because he was unable to stand on the slippery hardwood floor of the kitchen the day we brought him home and the name just stuck.

A few moments later Sherry came into the front room with Bambi in tow and he began to sniff the strange smell of sex before he zeroed in on Margo kneeling on the floor. I still think Sherry thought that Margo was going to back out but as Bambi began to sniff and then lick at Margo's heated cunt I saw a look of consternation appear on Sherry's face.

That look was compounded further when Margo leant back and rested against the armchair as Bambi began to lick Margo's cunt in earnest and she was encouraging the dog most enthusiastically. Bambi's tongue was delving deep into Margo's cunt and she hung her head back as the sensations shot through her as her eyes almost rolled back into her head.

The moment arose that I think Sherry was shocked to see happen as Margo then leant forward and then patted her arse and encouraged Bambi to mount her. I watched with bated breath and a seriously hard cock as Bambi seemed to size up the situation before he almost launched himself onto Margo's back.

I sat there fascinated as the dog tried it's best to get it's cock inside Margo but no matter how she moved her hips it just wasn't happening and Sherry started to think that she had dodged a bullet until Margo reached between her legs and grabbed hold of Bambi's cock. A few moments of manoeuvring before a yelp from Bambi and moan from Margo and a second later Bambi's hips were going at a speed that no man could match. I had the perfect view as Bambi fucked Margo and I could see his cock going into her and then the knot start to grow. I found out later this wasn't the first dog that Margo had fucked but that is another story.

Bambi was fucking away for a few minutes as Margo moaned and groaned her way through at least two orgasm possibly more and Sherry just sat there wide face and open jawed. I had to pinch myself a few times to make sure I wasn't dreaming and boy I was so glad when I realised I wasn't. Almost as quickly as he's thrusting had started Bambi stopped and looking below I could see evidence of his cum seeping out past his knot but not much and I could see his arse pulsate which as I learned happened each time he shot another string of cum into Margo.

For 20 minutes both my wife and I watched our dog cumming in Margo without us saying a word. The only noise was the occasional moan from Margo and the panting of a recovering dog with the biggest shit eating grin I ever did see with his tongue hanging out his mouth and I was so jealous of that dog at the time. I still expected Sherry not to eat Margo's dog cum filled pussy out but as I looked at her I could see a determination in her that I'd never seen before. Every time Margo and Sherry played this game Margo won but tonight I could see Sherry was determined not to lose.

The audible pop as Bambi pulled out of Margo brought me back to reality but I almost felt inadequate as I caught sight of Bambi's cock. It was still 2 inches longer than mine and I was a hair under 8" and that was when it was going down. From the corner of my eye I saw my wife crawl beneath Margo's cunt and then Margo arched her back up and I saw Bambi's cum begin to dribble into her mouth. My cum shot out my dick and all over the carpet much to my sorrow.

Sherry was now covered in dog cum as she ate it from Margo's cunt and it dripped all over her face and made her look like an iced doughnut. My cock was still hard despite my recent orgasm as I watched Margo and my wife as they now 69'd and I was now not to be denied and to hell with the consequences as I sidled up behind Margo and pushed my dick inside of her. The slick lubricated feel of the remnants of Bambi's cum in Margo's pussy aided my fucking and soothed the head of my cock but the numbness helped to make me last longer.

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