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Mind Control Sex Story: A young man with mysterious powers takes revenge on those who cause suffering in an inventive way.

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Ma/ft   ft/ft   mt/mt   Reluctant   Rape   Mind Control   Gay   Heterosexual   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Pregnancy   School   .

Matt had always been a little different.

When he was little, everyone called him 'sensitive'. He could feel what other people felt. When one kid on the playground fell and got hurt, Matt would cry too. His parents thought he was just extremely compassionate. But it became obvious to Matt, as he aged, that this was not the same thing everyone else experienced. He learned to tell the difference between someone else's feelings and his own, but it took a while to learn not to react. And it wasn't just pain - when someone around him was happy, so was he.

It intensified when he hit puberty. He hit puberty early, for a boy; suddenly at age 13, his body decided he was a man. It meant he was taller, broader, and just generally bigger than most of the boys in his grade. He wasn't popular, but the other kids didn't mess with him either. But suddenly he could also pick up on thoughts, instead of just emotions. He could feel the pain of the kid being bullied, feel the humiliation; he could also sense the bullies thoughts. Some of them he learned to feel sorry for - they may have been bullies at school, but at home they were being abused by their families. But some of them were bullies just because they could. They had no abuse or personal problems to blame for their behaviour; they were truly assholes.

Being forced to feel what the unpopular kids felt, hearing their thoughts as they hated themselves, thought about suicide, meant that even though he could have been the biggest bully of all, he never was. Matt would defend the targets of the bullies wrath, often making himself a target in return. The anger at the injustice of the entire situation built and built, but there wasn't much he could do. The system rewarded the bullies.

That all changed when he had a skiing accident shortly after his 16th birthday. He woke up in the hospital, confused and in pain; he could feel the pain of all the other patients around him. It threatened to drive him mad. The only thing he could think about was desperately needing someone to come by to let him out. And before the thought even fully formed in his head, a nurse was there, disconnecting IVs and helping him dress. She called him a cab, and within moments he was on his way home.

When he arrived home, his parents were infuriated, both at him for leaving hospital in the middle of the night, and at the hospital for letting him go. Their anger felt hot inside his head, and he wished they would just cool down and quit bothering him. Immediately their anger abated, and they allowed him to head to bed. He wondered at the quick transition, but was too exhausted to think much about it.

Over the next few weeks Matt started to learn how he had changed. He got the best service in restaurants; his parents stopped nagging him about the minor things that really irritated him. If he realized he forgot his wallet, friends would fall all over themselves to offer to buy him lunch. Anything he wished for was suddenly, easily available.

He started experimenting with his new abilities. He would will someone to scratch their nose, or get the hiccups, and it would happen. He started trying to will the bullies around him to change. The problem he discovered was that his powers had a limited range, and the suggestions wore off the moment the subject left that radius. So a bully might be nice to a particular nerd for one lunch hour, but would revert to normal behaviour right after they left the room. It seemed that line of sight was necessary - on the football field, his range was hundreds of feet, but the moment someone left the small classroom he was in, they were no longer subject to his suggestions.

Combined with the rage that had built over years and years of witnessing the pain inflicted on the unfortunate around him, his new powers gave him an idea; he started to plan.

The first part of the plan happened over the summer. He had to force multiple school staff not to notice him, while he spent some of the days in the school office. He exerted his influence to arrange a particular grouping of students in his gym class. The staff had to spend hours rearranging everyone's schedules, but in the end he got what he wanted. The cruelest bullies in his grade - the cheerleaders, football players, the most attractive kids in school - were grouped with him and some of the most highly picked on kids in school - the nerds, 'weirdos', the girls who weren't pretty enough to fit in, the guys who were socially awkward. Every school has them; Matt just made sure they would all be in the same place at the same time.

He also chose the teacher; a young, well-liked, good looking gym teacher who Matt knew was teased mercilessly by the girls in his classes, but despite the temptation, never took advantage. Matt was aware how horny he would be after some of the classes where the girls were flashing their cleavage or their panties, how he would go home alone and lonely.

He spent the first few weeks of classes in September laying the groundwork. He practiced increasing everyone's fear of him, making them all give him a wide berth, but at the same time he fuzzed their memories of who they were afraid of, and who he was. So when they saw him, they got out of his way, but moments later they would forget they had seen him. When he was finally satisfied, he made his move.

On the day Matt chose, 'his group' had a double gym class. The school had uniforms, but they were expected to change for gym class. Matt decided that keeping them in their uniforms was better, so he issued a command to keep them all in their clothes. The uniforms were simple; slacks and shirts with ties for the guys, skirts and blouses for the girls. He had all the students and the teacher collect in the centre of the gym, sitting on chairs he had them pull out of storage. He stood at the front and addressed the group. He made them all think he was holding a gun, ramping up their fear of him like he had practiced.

"I brought you all here today for a reason," he began. "I am sick to death of watching the popular and beautiful of this school treat everyone else like crap. I am sick of listening to the bullying, and the tears of your targets. I have had to intervene to keep some of our classmates from committing suicide because of some of the people in this room. And I have decided it will stop.

"You will all do what I tell you, today, or I will use this gun. You will not speak unless I give you permission. And if I tell you to do something, you will do it quickly and silently. Is that understood?"

Sixty heads nodded, almost in unison.

"Good. Susan! Get up here bitch."

The girl indicated started to open her mouth, but Matt waved his pretend gun and pushed her with his mind. She closed her mouth, stood, and walked to the front of the class.

"This pathetic excuse for a human being is one of the cruelest I have seen in this school. She is a cock-tease, but even more so she likes to tease some of the unpopular boys, flashing them, leading them to believe that against all odds she is interested in them, then humiliating them in public. Even with her many 'boyfriends', she leads them on and leaves them cold. It's time for that to end.

"Strip, Susan." The girl looked startled, again opening her mouth to talk. Matt, expecting the reaction, slapped her ass once, hard, and waved the 'gun' again. "Shut up and strip, or die. You choose." He pushed her fear even higher, simultaneously freezing everyone else in place. Tears started running down her face, but the beautiful blonde cheerleader slowly started to strip. She removed her shoes, shirt, and skirt, leaving her in just a lacy thong and bra. She looked at Matt, begging him with her eyes, but he gestured for her to continue and she did. She stood at the front of the room, covering her tits and mound with her arms, crying quietly.

Matt moved over to her, forcing her arms to her sides and her feet slightly apart. He caressed one breast, then cruelly pinched the nipple, making her cry out.

"Now. Walk over there, stand by Nathan." Nathan was Matt's best friend, one of those who had been humiliated by Susan in the past. He knew his friend was hopelessly in lust with the girl despite the terrible way she had treated him. "Offer yourself to him. Take his hand, put it on your tits, let him get a good feel. Now between your legs; let him get a good feel of your pussy too." Nathan was speechless as she reluctantly took his hand and made him grope first one and then the other full perky tit, and then gasped as his fingers slid between the lips of her cunt. Matt mentally pushed him to be a little more aggressive, and Nathan slowly pushed one finger up inside Susan, making her wince.

"Alright, that's enough for now. Susan, time to kneel. Right there, between his legs. Now reach out, take his cock out of his pants, and suck it. I know you know how. You are going to show him exactly how good you can be with your mouth, you understand? I'll know if you aren't trying. Suck him until he comes, and then suck him hard again. Get to work, slut."

Susan knelt, reluctantly reaching out to unzip Nathan's slacks. She pulled his cock out, which was as hard as Nathan could ever remember it being. She looked up to plead with Nathan for help, but the look of total lust on his face showed her she was out of luck. She leaned forward to lick the head of his cock and he shuddered. Matt pushed Nathan again, and his friend reached out to run his fingers through her hair. Matt smiled as he watched Susan swallow Nathan's cock, the boy obviously guiding her to take more in. Shortly he had his hands clenched in her hair, using it as a handle to force her back and forth on his hard cock while she continued to cry and gag. The face fuck lasted only a few minutes, and with a groan Nathan came in the blonde's mouth. Matt could feel his satisfaction, and her disgust at having to swallow a mouthful of sperm, and it only hardened his resolve. He reminded Susan that now her job was to get Nathan hard again; with tears still streaming down her face, she started licking him again.

"Craig! Your turn."

The big football star stood, walking to the front of the class with a cocky swagger. Matt could feel that he was assuming he would be forced to have sex with one of the women in the room, and that he was mostly turned on by the fact. He started stripping without hesitation, eventually standing in the nude, cock half erect, showing off for the class.

"Craig thinks he's really hot stuff," Matt began. "In fact, so much so that he doesn't believe his dates when they politely decline his invitation to have sex. He has forced himself on quite a few of the girls in this school, and several from some of the other schools too." Craig jumped at hearing this, thinking no one knew. "In addition, he is a real homophobe. He and some of his friends have gone gay bashing a number of times, even put a couple of people in hospital. But everyone's afraid to rat him out because of his father, so none of any of this ever gets reported. I think it's time he got some of his own medicine.

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