Dream Come True

by Heel

Copyright© 2013 by Heel

Drama Story: Dreams that do come true can be as unsettling as those that don't

Tags: Heterosexual   Fiction   Mystery  

Kyle went high in the mountain and took a path overgrown with weeds. Before long he found what he wanted – a deserted meadow. When he made sure that there wasn't anyone nearby, he knelt and started communicating with the supreme force he believed in. There were no other options for him because he wasn't religious man and don't had the habit to go to church.

"Please help me! Do something! I can't bear it anymore. My life is an absolute nightmare since I fell in love with her. Her name is Theodora and she is 28, two years older than me. She is my neighbor. The moment I saw her, the day she moved in, I realized she was the woman I want to spend my life with. Until then I didn't believe in love from first sight. She is incredible ... unearthly creature. I could watch her for hours if I have the opportunity. I worship every part of her body, from the tips of her eyelashes to the gorgeous rosy ovals of her heels. Sometimes I try to convince myself that she is not a goddess after all. Maybe because she rejected me. At fist she liked chatting with me but when she understood I was head over ears in love with her, she started behaving coldly and to avoid me. After that she got arrogant. Yesterday I asked her to go out with me but she answered there was no point wasting her time with such people like me. I'm prone to think she has her reasons. She works in a bank, makes a lot of money, takes trips abroad nearly every week, and dates guys driving Lamborghinis and I with my pathetic salary ... I'm nobody to her. Surely. She is class, I'm nothing. I know I should try to forget her. Maybe I should move somewhere else. But I still think there is some hope for us. She used to smile when we met. At least at the beginning.

Kyle wiped his sweaty brow with his sleeve, took a deep breath and continued.

"Please do something! Let Theodora pay attention to me. Let those toads stop wooing her, and let she got tamed a bit and stop changing boyfriends like underwear. I crave for her, want to dedicate my life to her. Oh, if she needed me in some way. Like ... would I were important to her, so we can spend more time together. Then the seed of sympathy would grow into love ... because I'm sure she likes me a little ... in some way. But that self-confidence of hers, that haughtiness ... they kill everything. Without them the chances are high. But she is so active, constantly on the move like a shark, wants to squeeze what she can from the life. I wish she just stop for a while to see how much I love her. Maybe then..."

Kyle sighed and got up on his feet, then went home.

Kyle was confused and worried. He started drinking heavily, mostly at home. He hadn't seen Theodora more than a month. It was as if she vanished in thin air. She didn't answer her phone; her landlord knew nothing, her colleagues at the bank had refused to give any information about her.

One evening Kyle opened his email and saw a message from tedy_r84@yahoo.co. His face reddened, his heart galloping like a wild horse. Theodora had written the following:

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