Girl Scout Sucking Practice

by Sevispac

Copyright© 2013 by Sevispac

Coming of Age Story: The weekly meetings for the Girl Scouts are a lot more fun than they used to be.

Caution: This Coming of Age Story contains strong sexual content, including ft/ft   Fa/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Public Sex   .

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"Now let's take a break for milk and cookies. After that we'll be having very special activities I know you're all going to enjoy."

The girls bounced over to the refreshment table with their usual bubbly enthusiasm, and then found spots on the carpeted floor to sprawl out with their friends. The refreshments disappeared amid the chatter and giggles of a dozen vivacious girls.

"OK everybody, finish up your milk and come sit in a circle around me. That's right, just sit cross-legged on the floor. Everybody comfy? Good.

"Today we're going to learn about giving oral sex to boys. The scientific name for this is 'fellatio', but you'll want to call it a blow job, or maybe cock sucking. You'll need to know how to do this so you can earn the merit badges I told you about, but also because it's fun and a great way to play with your boyfriend. Each of you take one of these bananas, but don't peel them.

"How many of you have seen a boy's cock? In real life, not just in pictures? Good! Now how many have touched one? Wonderful! Don't worry, Francis, If you wear your new uniform to school and make sure to leave the top unbuttoned, I think you'll get a chance to see a cock very soon."

Privately, miss Wilcox was worried about Frankie. She was kind of pudgy and still munching on her third cookie. Her glasses didn't do anything for her rather plain face, and she kept her long brown hair knotted on top of her head. On the other hand, like a lot of pudgy girls, she was an early bloomer. Her young boobs filled out her white blouse very nicely, and Charlotte Wilcox suspected they would look wonderful in the new vest. Charlotte resolved to help Frankie slut herself up.

"Alright girls, hold your banana by the stem and point it up. Now wrap your other hand around it. This is what a boy's cock looks like when it's erect. Before he gets excited, it's a lot smaller, soft, and hangs down." The girls tittered, and there was a chorus of "eeewww!"

"Settle down, now. I want you to act like young ladies, not little girls. Can you behave, or should we quit this right now?"

"Yes, miss Wilcox."

"We're sorry. We'll behave."

Charlotte smiled. They were little girls, after all, but one thing they would never do is admit it. You just had to know how to handle them. They were the cutest things on earth. She loved being a Girl Scout Leader. She loved little girls.

"Alright, let's try again. Hold your banana by the stem and point it up. Most of the time boys are going to be excited by the time you see their penis, so that's how we're going to start. Take your other hand and wrap it around his thingie. Now give it a gentle squeeze. It's OK to squeeze a real dick as hard as you want, but when you touch the balls hanging underneath his cock, never squeeze them or you'll hurt him.

"Here's a picture of a hard dick. Pass it around and notice the parts that you won't see on a banana, especially the balls at the bottom and the knob on top, including the little pee hole.

"OK, now stroke your hand up and down the pretend cock. On a real dick you should grip it just tightly enough to let your hand slide up and down without pulling the skin along. The knob at the top makes him feel especially good, so try to give a little twist as you rub up against it. Right on top there's a little hole where the boy pees, and where sperm shoots out when you make him cum. After you play with him a little, he'll start to ooze out a clear liquid called pre-cum. It's nice and slippery and makes it easy to slide your hand up and down after you smear it all over. It's really meant to make it easy to slide his dick inside of you, which is important because most dicks are really big and you girls are still pretty small.

"Don't worry. Today we're not going to put our bananas into our pussies. This is a lesson on oral sex, and we want to make sure you know what to do when you suck your first cock.

"Has anybody had a boy's cock in her mouth yet? No? We'll have any of you played with one?"

"I have, miss Wilcox!" Mary was holding up her hand, still gripping her banana. Charlotte noticed she was not blushing at all, but actually looking proud. She smiled again.

"That's wonderful, Mary. Tell us what it felt like."

The other girls were looking at Mary expectantly. "Well, it was about the same size as this banana, but it was nice and warm. It was hard inside, but the skin was soft and smooth just like you said. The more I played with it, the bigger and harder it got. The coolest part was the way my boyfriend acted. I could have made him do anything to get me to keep jacking him off. He was moaning and begging me to go faster. What could I do but give the poor boy what he wanted? I went as fast as I could and in just a couple of minutes he yelled out dirty words and all of a sudden this white stuff shot out of the end of his dick and splashed on my hands. I rubbed it between my fingers, and it was slippery and silky and after a minute it got sticky."

The other girls were rapt in their attention to Mary. Charlotte was beaming at her.

"What did it smell like?"

"Did you taste it?"

"What did he do after that?"

Charlotte decided it was time to take back control. "Quiet now, girls, Mary will tell you all about it later. Right now let's get back to today's lesson. Jacking off boys is fun, but most of them are looking for a girl who knows how to do it with her mouth as instead of just her hand. After you get him hard and play with it for a little while, your boyfriend is going to want to put his penis in your mouth or your pussy. Probably both. Here is where you need to learn how to satisfy him both ways, so you can take control of things."

"Miss Wilcox?"

"Yes, Sherry?"

"What about us? I mean, I guess it's fun to play with boys, but do they ever do anything to make us feel good too?"

"That's a very good question. Yes, Sherry, sex is all about pleasure for everybody involved. You should expect to have as much fun as your boyfriend does, if not more. Right now the Boy Scouts are learning how to lick your pussy so that they take care of you just as you take care of them. That's the kind of support and respect that scouting is all about.

"After the boy is hard you can play with him for as long as you want. When both of you are ready, get down on your knees in front of him. He can be standing or sitting. It's a real turn on for him to see you on your knees, and you should look up at him with your most adoring and submissive expression as you lean in and give him a little kiss right on top of his cock. That's when you'll get your first taste of his sperm. You might not like it at first. It's salty and sometimes bitter, and it seems so dirty cumming out of his dick. But it really is good for you, and some girls like the taste right away. For most of us it's an acquired taste, so just keep swallowing and you'll learn to like it.

"OK, let's practice. Hold your banana in front of your face and get on your knees. Give it a kiss on the tip, then keep it still and move your head down to the bottom. Now lick up the full length from bottom to top, using just the tip of your tongue. When you get to the top, look up and smile.

"Good! Jenny, don't put your chin on the top, make sure the boy can see your face and his whole cock. You can nuzzle it against your cheek if you want.

"OK, girls, here we go. Give it another little kiss right at the tip, then open your mouth and slide your lips down the top of the shaft about an inch. On a real dick you'll now have the head in your mouth. Swirl your tongue around and suck a little, just enough to suck the pre-cum out. Watch me."

Charlotte demonstrated her instructions, throwing in a loud slurping sound for good measure, then each of the girls shyly mimicked her. The scout leader watched as each of her girls followed her lead.

"No, Francis. Be careful of your teeth. The cock is very sensitive and you should be careful to use your lips and tongue only. As you pull back from your first swallow, look up at him and smile again, just like you did before.

Frankie did as she was told, then sucked her banana in deeper and bobbed her head several times.

"That's right! You go, girl! I think you're a natural!" Charlotte was impressed. Frankie might be a little over weight, but she looked like she might just be able to make up for it.

Frankie smiled and went back to sucking her toy cock. The other girls took their cue and began bobbing their heads in the same natural rhythm.

"That's right girls. When you start out your boyfriend will probably be shy and still, but as you get going so will he. Now you should start moving the bananas in and out instead of just bouncing your heads up and down. Sooner or later, the boy is going to start fucking your face. And pretty soon they're going to lose control and try to stick their dicks down your throat.

"Here's where it really takes practice. Right now I want you to stop and just hold your banana still in your mouth. Good. Remember not to scrap with your teeth. Now push as much of the banana as you can into your mouth until it barely touches the back of your throat."

Three of the girls gagged and pulled their bananas out of their mouth. Some of the others looked distressed, but bravely hung on with their mouths stuffed full. To Charlotte's surprise, Frankie pushed half of her banana into her mouth before she choked and pulled it out, coughing.

"OK, girls, you can take them out now. Francis, that was a fantastic effort. I really do think you might be a natural at this. Tell me when you feel better and we'll let you show everybody what you can do."

Frankie was still coughing, but she brightened visibly at miss Wilcox' praise. After a minute she smiled and asked, "What do you want me to do?"

"All of you need to learn to suppress your gag reflex so you can let the cock go down your throat. First, Francis will put as much of her banana into her mouth as she can without hitting the back of her throat." Frankie complied. "Now, just very slowly and carefully put the tip up against the back of your throat. Try not to gag. Hold it there as long as you can and try to relax your throat. Breath through your nose and raise your chin to straighten the channel for your banana. O! That's VERY good Francis! Let's all give her a round of applause, girls!"

Despite her distress, Frankie looked pleased as she continued holding more than half of the banana inside her lips. Gradually she began to relax.

"OK, honey, let's see if you can swallow it for us. Push it in as far as you can. Hold it. Hold it. Now swallow!"

Frankie's eyes grew wide as she slowly pushed the banana even deeper into her mouth. With two thirds of it in, the girls all knew it had to be inside her throat by now. Slowly, three quarters disappeared, then only an inch and the stem remained visible in the young girl's fingers.

With her oxygen supply cut off she reached her limit, but with marvelous self-control she slowly reversed her motion and withdrew the shaft from her throat. As the tip popped from her lips the girls gave her another round of applause, this time spontaneous.

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