Hotel Encounter With Kelly

by alan14

Copyright© 2013 by alan14

Sex Story: A chance encounter with a hotel owner's daughter brightens a boring evening, and ensures I look forward to future monthly regional meetings.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Sex Toys   Big Breasts   .

Every month I have to travel to Doncaster to attend the regional sales meeting, as it's a full day of meetings, and I have to travel some distance to get there I stay over for two nights, before and after the meeting. As anyone who's stayed in business hotels will know, the rooms are comfortable, but that's it. The bars, if they have one, tend to be dull, the meals are rarely better than OK, and the TV's show a selection of free TV channels pumping out rubbish. Naturally this means that I have little or no reason to work up any enthusiasm for my time away, that is until last month's meeting.

Due to a number of big events in the area, my usual hotel was booked up, and the two nearest were also full, so I had to resort to Laterooms, where I found a small hotel just off the A1, only about 10 minutes away from the office. Google maps showed a pub round the corner, and an Indian restaurant two streets away, it all looked good so I booked it.

When I arrived at the hotel it looked very good, friendly receptionist, very cosy room with king-size bed, large TV with plenty of channels, tea, coffee and biscuits (always welcome) and a decent sized bath. One problem I always have in hotels is the bath, which is usually too short and narrow to sit in, and also not good for a shower either, as it's so narrow you can't help but touch the shower curtain, which then sticks to your legs, never a good thing to happen. To cap it all, the Indian restaurant was excellent, and the pub was warm and friendly, with Timothy Taylor's Landlord on tap.

The next day's meetings soon brought me down to earth. My region's sales were well below target, and we got a strip torn off us by the boss. The afternoon session was better, with Christmas product launch planning, but I still left the office on a downer and expected to make much use of the pub that evening.

My mood improved when I got back to the hotel though, as the pretty receptionist from yesterday had been replaced by a stunner, so I lingered longer than strictly necessary whilst collecting my room key and a couple of messages. Her badge said she was called Kelly, and the badge was sat upon a fine pair of breasts that were helped along by a push-up bra. Kelly looked pretty young, I guessed at the time around 17, she was fresh faced with only a little makeup, just a touch to her cheeks, fantastic red lipstick and a little eyeliner. Her pale brown hair was long and slightly wavy, but her eyes were simply stunning, a piercing blue-green colour that drew me in, I just couldn't help but stand around a flirt for a bit.

I found out that she was the owner's daughter, and was filling in for a couple of hours whilst Lorraine, the full time receptionist, took her neighbour to the airport, so she'd be finishing in an hour. In the spirit of you don't get without trying I mentioned that I'd be in the pub by then, and popped off for a shower and change of clothes - maybe, just maybe I'd get lucky.

I'd packed a pair of decent jeans and a red Ralph Lauren polo shirt, smart and conspicuous, just in case. So after a shower and shave, with a splash of cologne and my best clothes, I set of in anticipation.

Arriving at the pub she was already there smiling sweetly and nursing a glass of coke, Lorraine had got back early. I pointed at the coke with raised eyebrows, "oh the barmaid knows my age, so the bitch won't serve me". "ahh" I thought, "definitely 17". "You want something stronger; I'll get it for you?"

"I'd love a bit of rum to go with this coke, if you don't mind"

"Coming right up, we can pop round to the Indian for dinner if you don't have to rush home"

"That would be nice, mum & dad are away this week, so I've got all night"

My heart gave a little leap at this thought, so I went for the drinks.

We chatted for a while, we had an hour or so before my table at the Indian would be ready. Kelly's a big fan of Johnny Depp and Jason Statham movies, nothing wrong with that at all, so we talked about the Transporter & Pirates Of The Caribbean series, which was a relief as I'd no clues about the music she liked (1 Direction, Olly Murs and David Guetta were mentioned). She also loved Buffy The Vampire Slayer, I was really beginning to warm to this girl.

Dinner at the restaurant flew by, Kelly had not been there before, so she let me pick the food, I chose some milder dishes with plenty of naan bread. She had a couple more glasses of rum & coke, whilst I paced myself with just a single pint of Kingfisher and the complimentary brandy that came with the coffees at the end.

Kelly was a little light headed, but by no means drunk, she was still very chatty, and when I offered to get a taxi for her to go home she said "It's too early to go home yet, not even 10 o'clock. Let's go to your room, I've got the free code for the pay movies, we can watch one of the horror films". I needed no further prompting, so off we went to my room, entering from the car park so we didn't pass the reception, an obvious precaution.

I left Kelly in my room to put the kettle on while I popped across to reception to get some chocolate and ice cream from the vending machines. When I returned the sound from the TV didn't sound like a horror film, and it definitely wasn't Top Gear on Dave, but it set the tone for the next few hours.

"I didn't see this film listed by the TV..." I joked

"mmm, dad doesn't list the pornos, as he keeps changing them. They're only £6 for the whole night and they go on the bill as "laundry services", you won't have to pay tonight though, as I've got the bypass code. I like this girl, Rikki Six she's called, she's really pretty, but I've got much nicer boobs, look..."

At this Kelly lifted up her top and removed bra in a single swift move. Indeed her boobs were nicer, as nature intended for a start, nice and full. "Why do you wear that push up bra? You don't need to make your boobs look any bigger, they're fantastic."

"I got your attention though didn't I?"

"Only for a minute, then I saw your eyes and was instantly captivated."


"Yes, honest, you have the nicest eyes I've ever seen, and a fantastic pair of norks as well..."

By this point I was helpless, I had porn on the telly and the most brilliant girl I'd met in a long, long time lying on my bed in just a short skirt and lacy pants, who just then jumped up and grabbed the tub of Ben & Jerry's out of my hand, "Phish Food, my absolute favourite..." whereupon she ripped the top off and attacked the ice cream with the tiny spoon thingy.

Between mouthfuls Kelly said "take your clothes off, you're looking overdressed, and making quite a tent in them pants. Quick I'll show you a trick I learnt in a film last week..."

Well I couldn't pass up on that offer, so I removed my clothes whilst pondering on the trick, and what type of film she'd learnt it from.

Kelly's beautiful eyes lit up at this point, I'm not one to boast, but I quite well built. I work out a couple of times a week, I'm no Jason Statham, but I'm no John Candy either, I've got quite a tight stomach and are fair set of guns, I've also got a decent sized cock, on a good day (like this was turning out to be) it's almost 8 inches long and 2 inches across, and it was rapidly approaching full size.

"Wow, that's a monster, come here now..."

What else could I do? So I walked to the bed, where Kelly put down the ice cream and grabbed my cock with both hands, she needed both. "Now for the trick..." she took a big spoon full of ice cream and put it on her tongue, then took me in her mouth.

It was my turn to say "wow", that was some effect, the cold ice cream and warm mouth on my overheating meat made my ears pop. "Where did you learn that trick you naughty girl?"

"In one of dad's films at home, I can't remember which one, the girl in it was a bit skanky, too many piercings and tattoos, I don't like it when the girls are covered all over in piercings and ink."

"Neither do I..." I managed to stammer

Kelly continued to work on my cock, damn she was amazing. There must be some seriously lucky lad in Doncaster who was recipient of her practise sessions. She couldn't get much more than the head in her mouth, but what she could do with her lips and tongue was mind-blowing, with little licks and kisses from the head to the base, even taking my balls into her mouth and sucking on them one at a time.

Then came the real scene stealer when she popped a finger in my butt as she sucked hard on my head. I just couldn't hold on any longer and shot a massive load into mouth, she pulled back in shock and the second and third spurt hit her cheeks and forehead. This set her giggling, and she fully burst into laughter as the fourth & final spurt hit her beautiful left eye.

"Wow, I didn't expect it to be so powerful, and salty too..." she trailed her fingers through the spunk, pulling it from around her eye and popped the finger into her mouth, "yummy though."

I was a little confused by this reaction, so I had to check, "How've you managed to do this before without tasting it?"

"Oh I haven't, that was my first time, was it OK?"

"Oh, more than OK, that was the best blow job I've ever had, the finger in the bum trick was especially good. Where'd you learn how to do that then?"

"Dad's porno channel, I watch most of the films, but I don't like channel 7."

"What's on channel 7?"

"They tie girls up on that one, whip them, they bleed, it's awful. You'd be surprised how many men watch that stuff though, straight laced guys in suits, they normally drive Jags or Volvos. If I do their bill I add the next room's service charges to theirs. They never notice he he he..."

"God, as long as that's the worst he's showing."

"It's the worst I've seen. Let's see what's on channel 2."

Kelly flicked the control and we were confronted by a massive black cock, as the camera panned across we saw a woman's butt hove into view, she was perched on a kitchen stool, leaning forward on the counter, her large breasts showing either side of her tanned body. The way she was sat revealed her pussy & bum-hole to the appreciative viewers, this obviously excited the owner of the large black cock (which must have been 10 inches at least, and thicker than mine to boot) as well, because he roughly grabbed her ass-cheeks and with ceremony shoved his cock into the woman's pussy, she must have been well lubed up as it slipped in nice and easy, almost to the hilt, she gasped, then yelped and he pulled back and shoved it in again, he was pretty rough with her. This went on for 5 minutes or so, Kelly was engrossed, if a little shocked by the roughness.

The black guy picked up the woman, still impaled on his shaft, and carried her into the next room, where he sat on the sofa and we were treated to a full view of the woman, she was in her late thirties I'd say, with large, pretty fake looking tits.

"Oh, this must be the MILF channel..." chimed in Kelly, "they have mostly older ladies on here, some are still quite pretty, but some look sad, like they're just ging through the motions. Let's try channel 3, I like this one, it's girls only, and they're all really beautiful."

So she popped the TV on the next channel where we were treated to a simply stunning blonde girl splayed out across a bed, with her legs hanging over the edge. She was slim, with only very small breasts, her stomach was flat as a board and led down to a clean shaven pussy, it looked almost like a schoolgirl's.

From the side of the screen came another stunning girl, this one was had dark hair and an all-over tan, I mean all over, plenty of nude sunbed work here. Her breasts were larger than the blonde girl, about a C-cup, they looked real, and plenty of natural bounce as she walked. "You like her, I can tell..." chipped in Kelly, "Is she prettier than me?"

"No way, and I'm being honest, you are beautiful, and you've bigger boobs"

I heard some gasps from my right so I looked and Kelly was now full naked, she was slowly massaging her pussy, popping a finger in occasionally.

On screen the brunette had reached the bed and picked a bottle of massage oil off the floor, after pouring plenty over the blonde she started to slowly massage the girl, starting from the chest, kissing and nibbling the nipples. Then she moved down, concentrating on the area round her vagina, kissing and licking the lips, then pushing her tongue inside. She pulled back and poured some more oil over the blonde's pussy, then started the massage again, popping a finger, then two inside, moving back and forth, faster, faster. Then in went a third finger, and a fourth (louder gasps from my right, Kelly was working faster herself). Finally the brunette had all four fingers and her thumb in the blonde's vagina, she started to twist her hand left and right as the blonde bucked on the bed, then she pushed in further, she was almost in to her elbow, the blonde was frantic, screaming in orgasm. The brunette then started on the blonde's clit, she was almost jumping off the bed, then a final scream and she had a huge orgasm, squirting pussy juice across the room and hitting the camera.

"Ewww, what was that?"

"She orgasmed, some girls ejaculate, similar to a man, after that kind of workout I can imagine. You watch that kind of stuff often?"

"I've not seen anything like that before, not a whole arm up there. It's normally girls kissing and stuff. Wow, I'm not sure I want an arm up me though."

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