Chapter 1

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Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A young girl's journey to reveal her real needs.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Father   First   Exhibitionism  

By now word had gotten out at Vanessa's high school that there was a salon that accepted young girls for treatment for bikini waxes and brazilians. Word was that they treated their clients with respect and care, and that their prices were somewhat affordable. It seemed to be coming all the rage to go there for work on the girls' 'hairy spots.'

One of best parts of the talk was that the procedure was so painless that it was almost enjoyable.

This is what brought Vanessa, who was fifteen and her first year in high school(she so wanted to fit in), to book an appointment and to be there at 10 am on a sunny Saturday morning in April. Vanessa had thought she should get ready for the summer bikini season. She was excited that summer was coming! All her girlfriends were doing it.

The receptionist greeted her, "Hey, girl, are you Vanessa?"

Vanessa was a little surprised but managed to say, "Yes, I am Vanessa."

"Here, we have to have you fill out these very basic forms which will allow us to do the procedures on you that you want us to do."

Vanessa took the clipboard that held the forms and quickly filled them out. She was impressed at their detail, but only for a second, as she was so interested in what would actually happen. Plus she knew her daddy had already given full permission for all procedures, so she knew the next step was the actual defoliation.

She was shown into one of the private rooms. It had the usual nondescript photos of dogs and mountains.

They gave her the initial relaxing shot; this took a bit, for she had a fear of needles. She had to turn her head away from the instrument and take deep breaths as she imagined some warm beach far away like in Maui, Hawaii. As she laid down and accepted the piercing of the needle, they knew they could begin the brainwashing techniques.

Beyond the relaxing qualities of the drug given her were the enhanced abilities for her to accept suggestions from an advanced teacher. Vanessa was especially acceptable and received all suggestions given her during her time at the salon.

"I want you to feel more free in showing off your body. It is beautiful, and you should feel like you need to show it off to everyone around you. This means especially wearing hosiery to show off your beautiful legs. It means wearing tops that are sheer and show off your beautiful young breasts. It means having all your hair removed from around your pussy, so that you have a hairless, baby pussy again.

You will wear sexy clothes for your daddy and model for him whenever he wants.

You will come back here every week to keep enhancing your sexy body. All this will be done for your daddy. You will love the attention you get from all around you, especially your daddy and your male teachers."

These were the instructions implanted in Vanessa during this first session which traditionally lasted all day.

Vanessa went home and looked at herself in the full-length mirror that was in her room. She saw a medium height girl with small breasts and long legs. She took off her clothes and looked at what they had done at the salon. She admired her smooth skin, her long black hair. She preened for the mirror. Yes, she thought, she should dress nice for her daddy. Maybe wear some stockings for dinner tonight. Her daddy always liked to have a formal dinner each day. He was funny that way.

Vanessa realized she would have to do some clothes shopping. Her wardrobe needed upgrading, she thought to herself as she looked at herself. She would ask her daddy for his credit card tonight. She was sure he would let her go on a shopping spree tomorrow. She would report to him on the salon visit and then have an early bedtime. She felt suddenly tired.

He couldn't really tell any difference in his daughter, but he was patient. Of course he gave her his credit card. He was happy that she wanted to go shopping. When she came down to say good night after dinner, she told him about her salon visit. He was happy with the report. He gave her a kiss on the forehead and sent her off to bed.

Then he looked up the website again of the salon, and added further instructions for her next visit. All of this was going well, he thought.

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