Odd Couplings: a Love Story

by mattwatt

Copyright© 2013 by mattwatt

Romantic Sex Story: Margie was finally free of her jerk, controlling husband, Jason, thanks to Hal Marchen, her late Daddy's best friend and her lawyer. Now it was time to live and Margie went into a frenzy of 'freedom' events that got her into a bit of trouble. But the cops, especially one cop, was there to rescue her and the rest, as they say, was history.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Fa/Fa   Romantic   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Sex Toys   Water Sports   .


She went shopping. It was therapeutic! That much she realized. Always, when there was a tangle in her life, she went grocery shopping, selecting from the aisles at the store things that only pleased her, catered to her fancies. That's what she did. She knew full well that she was finally rid of Jason. Hal Marchen had seen to that. He'd been her lawyer through all of the difficult times, since her Daddy's death. He'd set up the agreements and also was the company's chief counsel. Hal never let her down. He certainly didn't in this case.

But she didn't want to let her mind wander just then. She wanted to absorb the loveliness of shopping at her favorite grocery store with only herself in mind. There was no need to cater to Jason's peculiar whims and fancies or his special dietary needs. Not anymore. That part was over. This shopping trip was for her. She selected fruit that only she liked, and she positively was silently gleeful at the meat counter. She told herself that there was no longer any need to be a vegan and subsist on the terrible food that that kind of diet allowed. Jason was history and their diet was history with him.

It was all a good experience. It put her in a good frame of mind. She walked out of the store with her grocery cart. She looked at it almost as if it were a lover for her. The grocery cart was filled with things that fairly called out her name, Margie Wilson. (She had decided to take her Daddy's name again, and leave Jason Worth to have his own name back. She didn't want it, any more than she wanted him.)

She'd been his thing for so long, giving over control to him: control of the business, control of the house, control of the finances, control of her, control of her diet, all of it. She felt that all disappear in a puff of smoke, in a puff of Hal Marchen's smoke!

She was wheeling the cart and grinning. She thought that she'd put off until later a reprise of the scene at Hal's office. It was all too sweet to hurry through those kind of thoughts. She pushed it back and went back to looking at her groceries.

She knew that anyone suspecting what was going through her mind would think her crazy right then. "But," she reasoned, "They haven't been Jason Worth's wife for these many years, his creation, his pawn."

Of course, she kicked herself but she always reasoned that she was doing it, being the way she'd been, for 'them', until she realized, with Hal Marchen's gentle prodding, that there was no 'them'.

She shook her head then, and spoke to herself severely: "You're not going to wallow now. You've just been grocery shopping, shopping for yourself and no one else. Just enjoy this and later have a glass of wine -- she giggled knowing that Jason wouldn't have approved of that idea at all, and, still giggling, she glanced into the shopping cart and saw the bottles of Riesling -- and think of it then, all of it. Replay it then, not now. She kind of shook her head and relit the flame of her good mood, pushing her cart out of the grocery store.

Her thoughts were interrupted then. It was a thin, wiry black teenager standing there.

"Hey, lady," the kid said. "Can I help you with your groceries?"

It struck her as a great idea. She pushed away all of Jason's normally glib talk about never trusting anyone. She smiled at him and pushing the cart to the side said:

"That would be lovely, young man."

He grinned at the 'young man' phrase.

"Let me get these!" he said, scooping the bags out of the grocery cart and carrying them away for her.

He was a few steps ahead of her and she looked at him with fascination. He was wearing a pair of half jeans, half shorts that were belted at his mid thighs. He walked a little spraddle legged so as to not let his pants fall down. She barely suppressed a giggle.

He was showing, above the shorts and below his tee shirt, a rich amount of plaid material, which she took to be his underwear. It was all amazing to her. She'd never took the time to look closely at this mode of dress before. She was now.

She caught up with him then. "It's back here," she said, pointing to the back of the lot. "I like to get some exercise!" she explained, not even sure why she was bothering to explain. "Helps keep me fit!" she went on.

"Heck," he said, "Momma's already foxy! Might not need that exercise stuff!"

She giggled at what he said. She was certainly enjoying this, and realized that she was getting almost hypnotized by staring at the junction between his underwear and his low slung pants.

A voice in her head, usually Jason's chiding voice, spoke to her and warned her not to get any 'stupid' ideas now.

But she barked back at the voice: "You're not welcome any more! Not at all"

That made her feel good and tumbling the word 'foxy' over in her mind, the word that he'd used, made her feel even better.

She was wearing, for that shopping foray, a pair of tan slacks. They were favorites but Jason had never let her wear them -- that is the former Jason! --. He thought they were too tight and too revealing. But right then she was happy that they were tight and revealing.

"Foxy!" she said to herself. "Nice word."

She also realized then that she was sorry that she hadn't worn any of her short, pleated skirts.

"Then I could show him foxy!" she thought but a crazy thought raced across her mind and she just let it sit there and grow.

When they got to the car, she still had the crazy thought in her mind, and, without a whim, or without the usual thought about Jason and what he'd want, acted on it.

She opened the hatch of the SUV and took the grocery bags from him. She bent way over at the waist to put the grocery bag into the back. In the process, she was sure that she was showing him the clear outline of her panties, since the tan material of the slacks were thin. It made her feel good! It made her feel daring.

When she turned to get the other grocery bag, he smiled and said: "Foxy!" She returned his grin, feeling good. Grocery shopping and now this! It was being a great day for her.

She turned to thank him and decided to give him some money for his help. Then her craziness took over.

She looked ever so quickly around and there was no one in sight. They were at the back of the car, backed into a parking spot at the back of the lot near a high wall.

"What's your name?" she asked.

"Shawn!" he said.

Then she did it. Margie Wilson gave in to her crazy side.

Smiling at him, she said: "Shawn, I've always wanted to do this!"

Without hesitating then, she grabbed his low rider pants by the waist and simply pulled on them. They went to his ankles with no trouble at all.

"Say what?" he said, surprised. But she went on quickly.

She grabbed the plaid boxers next and pulled them down also. There she was, Margie Wilson --renewed person with a renewed name and a new lease on life --and she was looking at the semi erect cock of this black teen.

"Bigger than Jason's, when he's already stiff!" she said.

"Like that, Momma?" Shawn asked.

"Oh, yes," she said. "I'd like it in my mouth! May I? Please?"

"Momma, white Momma with the foxy ass and panties for showing, wants this cock in her mouth?" he said softly.

"Oh, yes," she said, "That's what I want. Want your cock in my white mouth!"

He chuckled: "You're the real deal, Momma!"

"Margie!" she said.

"Margie the cock sucker!" he almost taunted as she reached out and held his erection in her hand. It was magnificent, and she told him so!

Then she was doing it. Margie Wilson! She! She'd gone to the grocery store as a kind of first move of independence and now she was giving a blow job in the back of the lot. She was joyful! She was ecstatic! She was alive! She was giving this black teen a blow job!

He had his hand on her head lightly, and she put her hands around him and grabbed onto his ass cheeks, holding on, as she moved her head downward, taking more and more of his length into her throat. She kept moving her head with every plunge and the effect was to gradually jerk him off with her mouth.

She was far out tickled with herself that she finally, after working on it and being patient, was kissing his pubic hair. She pulled her mouth up and off of him and then plunged her head, sharply and forcefully back down onto the full length of his erection. He stiffened; his back bowed a bit and he growled:

"Fuckin' wonderful mouth on this foxy bitch! Fuckin' cock sucking woman!"

He unloaded in her mouth and she worked, amazing herself, a she was able to take it all in and swallow it.

The though raced across her mind how much Jason didn't like oral sex.

"Well take that, Jason," she said, "Margie Wilson has always liked sucking cock and now she's back and is doing it right here."

She looked up at his smiling face, as she cleaned him with her mouth and then she got up off her knees. It pleased her that he helped her up. She carefully pulled up his plaid boxers, and then his pants. She belted them securely around his thighs, as he watched and grinned at her.

She opened her wallet then.

"Don't need to pay me, pretty lady!" he said.

"It's a thank you for carrying my groceries!" she said and he nodded, as she gave him a ten dollar bill. He took it and thanked her.

"May I?" she asked, as she pushed her face toward his. "I know where my mouth has been!"

He leaned forward and his lips were big, lush and exciting for her, as they kissed. Then he strolled away, turning once to wave at her. She waved back, humming to herself. When she got into the car, she giggled and said: "Cock sucker!"

"Yep!" came her immediate answer, "That's who I am; Margie Wilson, cock sucker!"

She was positively laughing, by the time she left the lot, waving to him again, as she went.


Hal was there to greet her, when she got home. She was pleased. What pleased her even more was that Jason was gone; his stuff was gone; he just wasn't around anymore.

Margie greeted the crusty old lawyer with a big hug.

"You're my knight in shining armor!" she said.

"Your Dad, rest in peace, never trusted Jason, and he was right not to," Hal said. "We spoke this afternoon and the infidelity was a burden for him but having been caught with his hand in the till was his downfall. He knows that we'll press charges at any time, if he doesn't sign off on our demands. I have the document here. He's gone and our invoking your Dad's document has restored it all. It's the way it should be. You just go back to work now. You know that you can run that company as well as anyone possibly. Just do it!"

"I love you, love you, Hal!" Margie said, hugging him and giving him a kiss on the cheek.

"I'll make sure that you have copies of all of this!" Hal said, "But we're fine here. You just be back to work on Monday!"

"Yes, will do!" she said with enthusiasm.

She went in and put the groceries away. Just seeing the groceries caused her to giggle, as she remembered Shawn in the parking lot.

When that was done, she sat to think about it. She opened the Riesling and poured herself a glass.

It had been a day to beat all days. Margie had talked to Hal Marchen over a month or more ago about her suspicions that Jason was fooling around. She even thought that she knew the name of the woman, Susie Creeton from work.

At the time, Hal assured her that he'd take care of it, all of it. He'd been her Dad's best friend and had made a death bed promise to take care of her. He had his eye on Jason Worth for a long time; both he and Margie's Dad had no trust in Jason at all. The fooling around he discovered quickly and, using his resources, had it on tape. But then he came across some irregularities at work. He looked into that quietly and had that part of the package prepared too.

Then it came to the meeting that they'd had that day. They did meet periodically, Jason, Hal, Margie and a few others to keep an eye on the business. But for the meeting today, Hal convinced the others to not be present.

Margie thought about it, as she drank her wine. It all came back, in vivid color. The impressions that it left her with could still make her smile.

Hal had begun by saying that there was a video to be looked at for their meeting. They settled down to pay attention and on the screen came up a bedroom scene, showing Jason, naked and Susie Creeton, also naked.

Susie was slim, with slim hips and small breasts, though with big nipples.

"Susie," Jason said on the video, "You're so lovely; not like that cow that I live with!"

Then, to Margie's surprise, Susie had objected to what Jason was calling her, and insisted that he not do that. To please her, Jason stopped using that kind of language for Margie.

At that point, Jason said that he was leaving, when Hal spoke up:

"You leave now, Jason, and I'll have you in jail within 24 hours."

Jason sat again and Hal went on to the financial irregularities that Jason was responsible for. Jason apparently had the money stashed in a regular account and Hal showed him a document that indicated that those funds were frozen.

"So, Jason," Hal said then, "Here's how it will be."

Jason was pale at this point. Screwing with Hal was always a bad idea, and, as far as Hal was concerned, messing with Margie was messing with him.

"Security has already removed Miss Creeton from the property. They are also emptying your office and boxing your stuff, and another group of them will be removing your stuff from the house. We invoking Margie's Dad's document. It means the money, the house, the business and all the assets, which were Margie's in the beginning, are forfeited by you because of this affair and also because of your embezzlement."

Jason turned to Margie and said: "Margie, please!"

She only looked at him and said: "What Hal said!"

Jason knew at that point that he was finished.

"I have a check here for you for $30,000. Take it, and sign these documents or else we go to the police this afternoon and will prosecute you for embezzlement."

Jason sighed and he signed. He took the check and said nothing more. He left and Hal went with him, giving him instructions about picking up his stuff etc.

When Hal came back into the room, Margie was in tears. He put his arm around her and comforted her and then explained it to her.

She and Hal talked about it for a while. It took that to help Margie calm down but she did eventually. When Hal was gone, promising to look in on her soon, Margie sat with herself and only slowly the whole thing swept over her. She felt the relief come in waves. She cried for the relationship lost, for losing herself in all of Jason's demands, that were hardly ever what she wanted for herself, and then, then she went grocery shopping!


Grocery shopping! Her treat for herself. That's what it was, giving her a chance to buy what she wanted, to begin to restock the pantry with previous favorites and to, unexpectedly, run into Shawn the black kid, who wanted to help her with her groceries.

The more she thought about it, the more she was tempted to go back looking for him. Every time that scene played in her mind again she was impressed. She was impressed all over again by the fact that Shawn, almost soft, was bigger than Jason had been totally hard!

(Margie Wilson was, at 32, a Reubenesque delight! At 5'4" she carried her 133 lbs very, very well. She had spectacular 38c breasts and an upturned, heart shaped butt that was a man pleaser -- or for the right woman, a woman pleaser. She was genuine in her affections and only now coming out of the tunnel that living with Jason had provided for her. The grocery store, such a simple thing, was, for her a knell of freedom. And, once she ran into Shawn there, she was sorely tempted to give the grocery store another chance.)

Of course, she gave in. She went to the grocery. She was wearing her tightest jeans and a tee shirt that showed some bare stomach and her belly button. She got the things that she needed but Shawn wasn't there. Her disappointment was, as the writers would say 'palpable'!

She spent a good amount of time, for the next few days, playing the scene over and over in her mind.

She'd established herself again at work. People were genuinely pleased to see her back. Things were going well, and, with her knowledge of the product, the manufacturing and the shipping essentials, she didn't take long to be 'up to speed' with it.


Margie was pleased with the way her life was working at that point. She decided to take herself out to dinner on a Friday night. It was her treat for herself. She dressed 'to kill'. It was her way with the freedom of her life these days. She wore a simple white blouse, no camisole, and a pearl colored, lacy bra. In a moment of bravado, she decided to go to dinner 'commando', no panties at all. It made her giggle to herself. She finished her outfit with a white pleated mini, which she'd actually taken time to fold up at the waist a few times to make the skirt shorter. She thought it was delicious. Her heels were red, adding her main bit of color, and had 4" spikes. Margie was ready for the evening, a good dinner and then who knew. She was, she felt, ready for anything.

She had to pass the grocery on the way to the restaurant. Glancing over, as she waited at the light, she saw him, lounging in the same spot where he'd been before. At the next light, she turned into the shopping mall, where the grocery store was

There weren't a huge number of shoppers there at that time of night. She found a parking spot that was close to the store, and got out. He noticed her immediately. She grinned at him and waved, as he kind of sauntered over to where she was.

"Hey, babe," he said.

"Hi, Shawn!" she said, unsure of herself at that moment. He noticed and it pleased him.

"Was talking to my homies about you the other day," he said.

"Yes?" she responded.

"Yeah," he answered, "They told me that I was full of shit!"

That struck her and she didn't like it at all. "I should maybe tell them sometime!" she said.

"Naw, they're a bad group, babe!" he said. "You best stay away from them."

"So, what's up tonight?" he went on.

"Just kind of waiting for you!" she said. "You have time?"

He grinned at her: "For you, babe, of course, I have the time!"

"Good!" she said, walking away from him toward the car. He was beside her immediately and as soon as they entered the ranks of cars, where it was more difficult to see them, he had his hand on her ass. She stopped and let him grope her ass.

"No panties, Babe!" he said, chuckling.

"I was hunting!" she explained.

"Hmm, hunting! Successful, I guess!" he said.

"Yes!" was her reply.

She stepped ahead of him then and, as she approached the car, lifted her skirt to her waist to show him her ass.

"Nice ass, Babe!" he said.

"Thank you," she said, in a tinkling, happy voice. Margie was totally pleased that her plan was working.

That evening, Shawn was wearing a baseball hat, that was cocked to the side. She giggled then and swept the baseball hat off of his head and took it with her. He just grinned at her, as she moved the back seats in her van to put them down. Then he was just staring because Margie was now wearing the baseball hat and her red shoes, nothing else at all.

(Her skin was a milky white, and was contrasted by her short, auburn hair, which was matched by her pubic triangle, setting up a totally delicious contrast with her white, white skin. Her breasts were large but firm, and she had big nipples, which, in her present excitement, were puckered and hard.)

She turned to him, after taking off her clothes, and without saying a word knelt down. In that position, with him just watching her, as she unzipped the zipper of his cargo shorts, when she did, his erection sprang out and slapped her in the face, making her giggle.

She took the bill of the baseball cap and pulled it around so that it was pointing to the back, and took his erection in her hand.

She put her hands on his hips and opened her mouth, looking up at him all the while, for his cock. He took it in hand and fed it into her mouth, a little at a time, giving her the opportunity to suck on it, as it went in. But he made his movement continuous, pushing it until it was entering her throat. She fought the gag reflex and gradually was able to take what he was feeding her. When he had himself all the way in her throat, he bucked his hips and came in a few minutes, flooding her throat with it. She held onto him for dear life, and took it in, as he gave it to her.

But neither of them was finished. She kept him in her mouth until she felt him stirring again. She wanted more this time. She still didn't know that this was the right thing for her but she did know that it was the first thing, the first thing after her new found freedom.

Watching him all the while, she scrambled into the back of the van and lay there. He moved in with no hesitation and was on top of her.

"Ready here!" she said, pushing a button that moved the deck door down, giving them some privacy.

"Yeah, babe!" he said, fitting himself between her spread thighs and plunging into her.

It was fast and furious for them. They were in a public place but that alone gave some impetus to what they were doing. It certainly did for Margie, who pushed herself up, each time he plunged into her, matching his rhythm and his passion.

When he finished, he rolled off of her.

"Next time your ass!" he said, and Margie giggled.

(She simply wasn't in a mood these days to say 'no' to things. She suspected that she'd come to her senses soon but for right now, Margie was just enjoying herself.)

"Next time, yes," she said to him, as she opened the deck and he scrambled out. She got out herself and quickly heard voices. Someone was having an argument. She hastened into her bra, blouse and skirt and, only when she was finally dressed did she see him coming toward the car but there were four others with him and they seemed angry.

She stood and stared.

"Leave her the fuck alone!" he was saying.

"Shawn!" one of the older ones with him spoke out, "You're gonna share your woman with us now, bro!"

"I will like hell!" he said. He turned to Margie and said: "Get into the car!"

She wasn't fast enough. One of them caught her moving toward the driver's seat; she was in a panic now and wasn't moving quickly enough. She sensed that.

Suddenly there were hands on her ass and her skirt. She felt the skirt being pulled off of her. She struggled and clawed at a hand and kept the skirt, though ripped. It left her, though, almost naked from the waist down, since there was a gap in the ripped skirt.

"Ah," a voice said, "Momma has no panties! Ready for all of us. Gonna pull the train now, Momma?"

"No," she said striking out, "Leave me alone!"

But someone slapped her at that point.

Then two things happened at the same time. Hands ripped at her blouse, with some buttons flying everywhere, causing her to scream. And, almost simultaneously, there was a blast of a siren.

She looked up and saw a police car standing there. The cop was getting out of the car and charging at the kids, who saw the police car and yelled 'cops', and were gone in all directions immediately. They dispersed quickly.

Then Margie, sobbing now, was being pulled into a hug. The police officer was a tall, large, and very well built woman, whose name shield read 'Angel Hogan'.

Margie looked up at the officer and said: "Thank you, Officer Hogan!" Then she shook her head and began to cry.

"I'm so stupid!" she said.

"Hey," Angel said, still holding onto Margie. "That's for later; let's get through this now."

"Yes, get through this!" Margie said.

Angel asked questions; after she helped Margie put her skirt right and close her blouse.

"No panties?" Angel asked, a grin on her face.

"No," Margie said in a tiny voice, "I was hunting!"

"Did a little too well at that!" Angel said.

"I guess," Margie said.

"You seem okay!" Angel answered.

"Only because you came in time," was Margie's reply.

"Want to tell me?" Angel asked. "I think we're okay here."

"May I go home?" Margie asked.

"Yes," Angel said, "We're clear here and we won't find them in the area anytime soon, since they know that I'm around. But I'll follow you home to make sure that you're okay."

"Thank you," Margie said, happy that it was turning out this way and that she could go home. She knew that she needed to think about this. She decided that she'd have a glass of wine at home and do just that. Think about it.

She drove home slowly and carefully, with the police car following her. When she parked in the driveway, she went to the police car and leaned against the door.

"Thank you again, Officer Angel!" she said.

"Just acting like an angel!" Angel Hogan said with a smile. "Still want to hear that story!"

Margie giggled: "Story of my stupidity!"

"Maybe, we'll see!" Angel said, and was about to drive away.

Margie said then, in a flash of inspiration or rashness or whatever was guiding her thinking in those feverish days: "Well, I'll be home!"

"I'm going to log in now," Angel said. "I'll be back! Okay?"

"Please!" Margie said, smiling at the large and lovely policewoman.

Margie went in and, taking off her blouse, bra and ruined skirt, discarded them in the trash. She didn't want to wear them anymore. She began to berate herself about allowing him to screw her in the parking lot of the grocery store but the voice chimed in then with the thought that it would have been worse, if he'd found out where she lived. She breathed a little easier about that and promised herself to be more careful.

She noticed then that she was wearing only her red shoes.

"Slut!" she said to herself, and giggled. "Yep, that's me! Hear that, Jason, you shit whit!" It left her giggling.

"Oops," she said, getting a glass of white wine from the fridge for herself. "Better get dressed before Officer Angel gets here."

Her next question was: "Do you think she's coming?"

She answered: "Don't know! Hope so!"

Margie sat and thought, reviewing what she'd done and drank her glass of wine. She made no move to get up and shower, though she knew that she needed one.

She was still sitting there, when the doorbell rang. She noticed, out the side window of the door, that a large Jeep was parked in the driveway. She went and opened the door to find Angel Hogan, in jeans and a tee shirt, standing there.

"Hi!" Angel said brightly.

"Hi!" Margie answered, a bit shy now, and unsure why.

"Come in," Margie said and stood back to let the big woman come in.

"Haven't had the time to shower or pee," Margie said with a grin.

"Dirty girl!" Angel said, and stroked Margie's face.

(It was so strange. It was as if they'd known each other for a long time already. Margie felt that way. She knew that she was on the verge of yet another adventure and it made her smile!)

"Yes?" Angel asked, "We're smiling. Tell!"

They sat and Margie got Angel a cup of coffee. She didn't want white wine. Then Margie told Angel all of it: about Jason and what he was like, what it was like living with him, doing everything Jason's way. She told about Hal Marchen's intervention and her going back to work. She told about Hal invoking the written documents that her Daddy had done, when she married Jason.

She had no desire to hide any of this from her new found friend. She was that comfortable with Angel.

She went on then to talk about Shawn and her brash blow job episode, and that she went back today hunting for him. She mentioned his warning about his 'friends' and the stupidity of her crawling into the back of her van, naked, to get laid.

She shook her head: "Don't know what I was thinking!" she said ruefully.

''Probably thoughts about no Jason and freedom!" Angel said.

Margie smiled and said: "Exactly!"

Margie then excused herself: "I have to go to the loo!" she said, "Girl has to pee!" she giggled, after saying it, with Angel grinning at her.

(What happened next was one of the strangest, and most exciting things that had ever happened to Margie. Her head was whirling from the day's events and she was feeling almost overwhelmed by Angel's presence. She let those thoughts sit in her mind and went to the bathroom in her master suite.)

Margie took her robe off, once she was in the loo and hooked it up behind the door. She gave herself a message about having to shower soon. She sat to pee and then the door opened. Angel stood there.

"Ohhhhh!" Margie said.

"Hi, gorgeous!" Angel said.

"Hi!" Margie croaked.

"You go ahead!" Angel said.

"Don't know if I can now!" Margie admitted.

"Here, I'll help!" Angel said, turning the tap water on.

It did the trick, for then Margie began to pee.

Angel stepped forward and pushed Margie's knees wide to the side. Staring down at Margie, she put her hands in the flow of Margie's urine. Then she removed her hands and rubbed them all over Margie's face. Margie's flow had stopped involuntarily at that point.

"Okay," Angel said, "Go again."

Margie began again. This time, as she went, Angel put her hands down in the flow again and pulled them out, having cupped them. Her hands were full of the rich, yellow water. She moved her hands, and placed them at Margie's lips. Margie, just staring but terribly turned on, opened her mouth and let Angel pour the salty, yellow liquid into her mouth. She drank it all down.

Then Angel wiped her hands in Margie's hair. Margie only stared and smiled through all of this. But her eyes got wider next as Angel pushed off her sandals, and then took her tee shirt and bra off.

Angel's breasts were large, a bit bigger than Margie's. Margie thought that they were magnificent and said so, causing Angel to smile. They had large, dark brown nipples that were already hard, as though smiling at Margie.

Next it was Angel's jeans that were pushed down and off. It left Angel standing there with a pair of boy leg stretch, white lace panties on.

Now Angel walked over to where Margie was still sitting on the loo.

As Angel approached, Margie protested: "But I'm pee-face now!"

Angel laughed and said: "You're a pussy eater now!"

"Yes," Margie said brightly reaching out her hands to hold onto Angel's hips, and to snuggle the bigger woman's front to her face.

"Margie's pee-face the pussy eater! That's who I am!" she said it with a giggle.

A thought occurred to Margie then, and her normally dominant, sensible personality emerged for a few seconds:

"Why are you doing this?" she asked softly, staring ahead at the big, lovely woman's pussy hair, which was poking through her stretch, lace panties.

"Because you seem available and in need of something or someone," Angel said.

"Yes," Margie admitted. "My present freedom is also so rudderless!"

"I know," Angel said.

Margie then acted. She reached out and pulled Angel's panties down, letting Angel step out of them. Then she had her hands on Angel's hips and then her naked ass.

"I have only done this a few times before," Margie said.

"When?" Angel said, smiling down at Margie.

"I was a girl and had a girlfriend. We tried it out. Don't know if I was good at it or not. She wanted to stop long before I did but that was it," Margie explained.

"Just think of what you'd want done to yourself and do that!" Angel said.

"Mmmm, yes," Margie reflected.

Then she stuck her tongue out and tentatively licked at Angel's pubic hair. What happened then was both exciting, an eye opener, and satisfying. Margie found that she really liked sitting there, being Margie the pee-faced pussy eater and doing this for the lovely, strong willed woman. It was part of the freedom that she was happy to give in to right then.

In just a few minutes, Margie was doing well. She had Angel humping at her face and making satisfied noises. She simply grabbed Angel's nice feeling ass cheeks and held on, while Angel did her moving around.

She brought Angel with huffs and other noises and leaned back and simply grinned up at her.

"Nice job, Margie!" Angel said, grinning. "But I think that a job as well done as that needs to have a reward."

"Reward?" Margie said, clapping her hands now, as Angel stepped away, and giggling. "Goodie! Reward!"

Angel went out for a minute and returned with a black bag.

"These are my things from work, and I have in here something to please Margie!" Angel declared. "Stand up now!"

Margie stood up and flushed and lowered the lid of the loo.

"Turn around, love," Angel said, and Margie grinned at her, at the use of the word.

"Yes, of course!" Margie said.

"Bend over!" Angel ordered and Margie did, looking back over her shoulder and seeing that Angel had taken from her bag a large, black Billy club. It had a rounded end. Angel had also gotten, from the cabinet, after searching, some Vaseline and was coating the billy with it.

"For me?" Margie said, losing herself once again in the tumble of feelings that were so new to her these days.

"Yep!" Angel said and, when it was ready, began to rub the Billy along Margie's slit.

"Ohhhh!" Margie said, as Angel began to push the club home! "Oh, oh, oh!" she wailed, pushing back to impale herself on the Billy. "Wonderful!"

She had her eyes closed for a few seconds and they flew open again, as Angel gave another push.

"Something special now!" Angel said, and, despite Margie's protests, removed the billy from her pussy.

"Ohhhhh!" Margie wailed, "Give it to me!"

"Exactly!" Angel said, only this time she rubbed the billy along Margie's crack, and began to insert the Billy between Margie's ass cheeks.

"Ahhhhhhhhh!" Margie almost shouted, as Angel got the billy, very slick now, inserted.

Margie came almost immediately, as soon as the Billy was inside of her. It made her shake. Angel moved quickly around in front of Margie and held her, while she had her orgasm. Then she very softly removed the Billy and set it in the sink. Margie was fairly overcome. She put her arms up around Angel's shoulders and laid her head on Angel's shoulder.

"Where have you come from?" Margie murmured, "To be here and take such good care of me? Where?"

Angel laughed a small laugh and said: "Never had a girlfriend?"

"No, not like you!" Margie said in return. "Is that what you are? My girlfriend now?"

"Oh, I think so!" Angel said. "I just think so. But shower now for me and 'pee-face'."

Margie giggled and said: "Yes, shower!"


Margie asked Angel to stay that night and she did. It was later, when they were in bed that they talked seriously.

"Angel," Margie said, "I don't want to leave you with the impression of me as adolescently immature in the way I'm acting. I'm just not that way. These feelings are so new for me."

She went on, as Angel patiently listened, to talk about the years with Jason, giving more details this time. How her Daddy had disapproved, and how Jason had taken over the business, the finances and everything.

"I just don't know why I let it happen!" Margie said. She chuckled then and said: "As a matter of fact the business did better, when I ran it for a few years, than it ever did with Jason in charge."

"But that all got changed!" Angel said.

"Oh, yes!" Margie said, and talked about her speaking to Hal Marchen and what had happened after that. "It was then, with the élan that I was feeling that I went kind of crazy. Hadn't felt any passion for so long, with Jason, the rat planting his thing in someone else."

"Old history now, sweetie," Angel said. "You've gone past that."

"Oh, Angel," Margie said, "You're so nice! I don't think that I've ever had a girlfriend as nice as you are!"

Angel just smiled at that and, with her hand, stroked Margie's face.

"I want to kiss you!" Margie said.

"No need to ask," Angel said, "After all, we're naked here in bed together!"

"Yes," Margie said, "But I want to ask; ask right now, so that you know it's what I want and what's on my mind."

"I understand that!" Angel said. Then she leaned forward and said in a whisper: "Beautiful Margie, kiss me!"

They kissed. The kiss was sweet with soft lips and tongue, and sighing by both of them, before it was done.

"Ohhh that was nice!" Margie said and Angel grinned. "You can really kiss, girl!"

Margie giggled. She had a thought and went on talking to Angel: "But, Angel," she said, "I don't think that I'm ready to give up men, though being with you like this, and like it was in the bathroom is so exciting."

"Hell!" Angel said in a barking voice, "Who said anything about giving up men? We have the best of both worlds and we're going to enjoy it. Gonna make plans for the two of us to get laid! That's what we'll do!"

Margie giggled then, with her hand over her mouth. "Laid! Yes!" Margie agreed.

"We'll drag some young college student in here and have our way with him!" Angel said. "We'll show him what a night is like with the business woman and the cop!"

"Love it!" Margie said explosively, "The business woman and the cop! Or 'pee-face and the Angel'"

They were both laughing, by the time she got to the end of her sentence.

"Work tomorrow?" Margie asked.

"Yes," Angel said, "Day shift."

"I work too," Margie said. "Will you come here after you're finished?"

"Yes," Angel said, "It seems like it might be the normal thing to do."

"Oh, I hope it is," Margie said. "I know we're only beginning but I hope it's the normal thing for us."

"That and getting laid!" Angel said, giggling.

Margie joined her in the giggle and said: "Didn't know that cops giggled!"

"Don't tell anyone at the station nor I'll get rough with you!" Angel said.

"I'll tell then, unless you promise to get rough with me!" Margie said, sliding over for a quick kiss from Angel.

"Promise!" Angel said.

"Good night, Angel," Margie said then.

"Good night, Sweet Margie!" Angel answered.

Margie woke at 3:45 AM. She looked over and saw Angel staring at her.

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