Sue Gets Ridden by Bikers

by maxmarieuk

Copyright© 2013 by maxmarieuk

True Sex Story: Story about my ex wife Sue before she was ex - she spends time with some mature bikers and ends up being their bike - and being blackmailed.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Drunk/Drugged   True Story   Slut Wife   Rough   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Anal Sex   .

Sue was a well put together woman - sexy mouth and eyes, 38 B or C bust with large, sensitive, stubby nipples set in large dark aureoles, a flat stomach and slim waist flaring out to rounded hips with a full mound and her pride and joy - large juicy lips around her cunt which quickly became soaking wet at the slightest stimulation. Her rounded buttocks were very shapely and as her cunt was low slung, if she bent forwards or went on her hands and knees, her large cunt hung beautifully lined up for a cock.

At 40 something she was just a little heavier than she used to be but was every bit as sexy - her fuller tits were just the right size - squishy and good to fondle or squeeze and they hung beautifully, swaying as she walked, a good handful. She was normally very aloof which added to her allure but when aroused she was wanton and almost completely abandoned. Her arousal and abandonment were highly influenced by her consumption of alcohol and, on very special occasions only, a little wacky baccy. When under both these influences she could be either very aggressive, taking any man and demanding he perform, controlling the situation, taking him in her hands and her mouth before deciding the position when it came to the time to fuck him or, she could go to the opposite extreme and be very submissive, needing to be controlled, needing to be taken and used, preferably with some crudity, some roughness but not too violent - just pushed a little beyond her normal limits.

Max had instructed her on what to wear and where to go and sent her out with instructions she was to go with whatever developed and tell him every bit of it on her return.

She had started the late afternoon in a real ale pub where 40 plus bikers (age not numbers) congregated to drink and show off their high powered machines. Sue had ridden lots of bikes in her teenage and twenties and still loved the sound and feel of the powerful machines, her real favourites being the Harley Hogs. She had wanted to throw off her normal routines for a while and had dressed in tight denims which showed off her fleshy mound and the bulge of her lips either side of the seam which split her crotch. Her white blouse was almost see through but this was hidden by her denim waistcoat. The short sleeves revealed a tattoo on her upper arm and the blouse was open enough to show a glimpse of another tattoo on her right breast. Both of these were transfer tattoos worn only for the effect but they looked realistic.

She had soon gravitated towards the biker group and gradually was drawn into their reminiscences. She was soon accepted by the group and as she was drinking Buds at the same rate that they were, was as relaxed as they were. There were another couple of girls in the group, both younger than her, in their early 30s she reckoned but everyone got on well as a group so when they talked about moving on and she was disappointed they would be leaving, it was quite natural for her to be offered a ride on one of the bikes, the choice was hers. She readily accepted and went out with them to select the machine she would ride on. She was choosing the bike not the rider as this was about bikes, not men. She chose her favourite machine, one of the Hogs, and after putting on the offered helmet, tucked her long blonde hair under it and threw her leg across the bike and held onto the man in front of her. The sound, the sheer noise and power soon took her over like a drug as they roared off, through the town and onto the open road.

Later that day they stopped at other pubs where they drank more but somehow the adrenalin from the high speed riding seemed to break down the alcohol so she was kept very relaxed but not as drunk as you would expect from the volume she had had.

By the late evening they were all old friends and as a group it was agreed they would go back to one of the houses. They sprawled around the lounge, drinking from cans and bottles provided by their host and continued to swap yarns. Sue noticed that someone was smoking a joint and that it was being passed around. When it came to her turn they watched to see her reaction and were pleased to see her draw on it with obvious experience. A couple more joints were started so there were a few making the rounds and everyone had plenty to smoke and they all mellowed a lot. The alcohol and waccy baccy joined together in her system to make her extra relaxed and her inhibitions were quickly fading.

There was a bit of a pushing and shoving at one end of the room and she leaned forward to see what it was about and saw one of the girls was topless and was sucking one of the men's cock. The others were gathering round to watch, some were fondling the girl and others were encouraging her or the man. It was all being done as a group, there was no "ownership" of man or girl, no jealousies.

Sue felt a tingle start around her crotch and knew her juices were beginning to flow at the sight. The cock was large and she could imagine the feel of it in her mouth as she watched the girl suck on it. Johnno, the leader of the group moved and sat beside her on the floor and leaned over to whisper in her ear.

"From what you've been telling us today, you must have had a few cocks in your mouth in your time eh?" As he spoke to her softly, his arm had gone round her shoulders and he noted that she leaned into him and not away from him. His other hand came up and fondled her breasts through her waistcoat and when she leaned back further against him to let him feel her, he quickly slipped her waistcoat open. By now the others had gathered round the two of them to watch.

Johnno slipped her opened waistcoat off her shoulders and they could all see her nipples showing clearly through the blouse which he quickly opened and slipped off her shoulders so everyone could see her full breasts.

Hands were all over her, feeling and fondling her, gently at first then squeezing her breasts and nipples which she found arousing but it then got to be quite painful as some of the hands were rough skinned and grabbed her breasts with some force. Johnno passed her another joint and they all moved back a little so for a few minutes she sat topless, smoking the joint while the men and girls sat around her. She was then passed a glass to drink. She gave no thought to what might be in it, never really registered that it was not a can of Bud and drank quite freely. Soon she felt a little light headed but was still aware of everything going on around her although it seemed slightly removed to her.

Johnno talked to her again, this time so everyone could hear. "You have spent the day with us all, you know we are a group who share everything. We have shared our bikes and our booze, now its your turn to share what you have with us. Before the night is out, we shall all have fucked you - OK?"

In her relaxed state she just murmured "Mmm" and they all moved closer. "Lets see what you've got to share then" he continued to her. "Stand up and get your kit off. Your tits are great but what about your cunt?"

"My cunt is lovely, you'll see - I've never had any complaints" she giggled as she struggled to stand. Helping hands held her steady as she kicked off her boots then unfastened her belt and jeans. Hands helped her pull down her tight jeans so she stood in her tiny pants until she slipped them down with much assistance. She stood with her legs apart, her hands on her hips as the men sat around her on the floor, looking up into her glorious bush and cunt.

Johnno reached out and ran his hands up her calf, then her thighs then ran his fingers through her pubes and parted her cunt lips, pulling them open so they could all see how large they were. There were various comments about the size of her lips and cunt and how fuckable it was. "See, I told you you'd like it" she giggled as Johnno finger fucked her. "Listen to her cunt slurp" he laughed to them. "What a wet slag this is."

Johnno stood up and went behind her, putting his hands on her shoulders and guiding her to the arm chair and pushed her shoulders down so she leaned forwards, resting her weight on the arms of the chair. He crudely kicked her feet wider apart then slipped off his leather jeans, his cock springing out as he wore nothing under them. He held it and guided it to her. She used one hand to reach under, between her legs to take his cock and guide it into her cunt. As she put it into her cunt he grabbed her hips, pulling them back towards him as he thrust his hips sharply into her, resulting in his cock being rammed hard into her cunt. She cried out from the sudden pain and they all cheered. Johnno started to fuck her, slowly at first with long firm strokes then he speeded up, ramming and banging into her, lifting her off her feet so her cunt was supporting her full weight.

"Look at her tits go as he fucks her" someone called out and hands reached up to fondle her as her body was rocked by Johnno's thrusts until he thrust extra hard and deep into her and she felt his spunk shoot into her. When he pulled out, his spunk and her juices combined and ran down the back of her thigh as she stood, still bending forward.

Johnno moved her round to face him and with his hands on her shoulders, pushed her down so she was kneeling in front of him. She needed no words to know what he wanted of her. She took his semi erect cock, wet with his spunk and her cunt juices, and put it in her mouth. He tasted clean and salty. As her lips closed over it, her hand moved up and down his shaft, the other hand cupping his balls as her mouth worked on him until she felt him hard and solid again.

By now the others were all undressed and it was perfectly natural that they should all want to feel her and fuck her. One of them stood in front of her and held out his cock for her mouth. As she obliged him, as he fucked her mouth, another one went behind her and raised her hips from the kneeling position and he kneeled behind her. He fingered her cunt and her arse. He dipped his fingers into her wet hole and played them around her clitty and her arse. He lifted her buttocks until his cock could slip into her cunt and he then fucked her cunt as his friend fucked her mouth until they both came.

After this, she collapsed onto the floor until someone lifted her in their arms and carried her to the bedroom and laid her on the large bed, the bedding having been pulled off to leave only the sheet, the bed stripped for action. She was dropped onto the bed in a tangle and hands reached out to grab her wrists and ankles and pull her into an open star shape so she was ready for them to get at her body.

One of the girls knelt on the bed between her thighs and started to lick her clitty and lick around her cunt. It was too much and soon Sue felt her climax build up, felt the tension in her thighs, her stomach and her crotch until it gripped her and she tensed her thighs, pushing up her mound as the orgasm washed over her. The girl continued although Sue tried to stop her, her cunt was too sensitive, it was almost painful but it soon started to build up again until another girl joined them on the bed. This one kneeled across Sue's chest and lowered her shaven cunt onto Sue's face. "Lick my fanny for me you bitch" she heard her say and was quick to oblige her. She tasted the girls salty juices. She teased her small lips, pulling them gently between her teeth then ran her tongue around the edge of her cunt before flicking the tip of her tongue over the tip of the girl's clitty. She kept this up for some time, enjoying the sensation of the smooth, shaven cunt in her mouth at the same time as someone else's tongue played with her cunt and clitty until another climax washed over and the girl across her also climaxed but as she did so, she peed over Sue's face and neck. The hot liquid ran down and over her shoulders and body. Instead of being revolted, she revelled in the warmth of it and after the girl moved away Sue felt another stream of pee hit her nipples then play down her stomach to her cunt. A man held her lips open so the man peeing on her could direct his jet onto her clitty. She loved the feel of it and was disappointed when the flow dried up. The drink she had been given was working well!

The men standing around her started to wank over her and they all shot their spunk over her, covering her face, her tits and her cunt then hands and fingers rubbed it into her body, concentrating on her nipples and her cunt, the spunk making their fingers deliciously slippery as they probed into her and fondled her.

The third girl dried her with a large towel and they lifted her off the now soaking wet bed. As she stood there, stark naked and surrounded by naked men and girls, they started to fondle and grope her body again, feeling all her intimate places, fingers probing her as others felt her tits. Someone started to slap her tits so they swung and when she tried to stop them her hands were pulled behind her back and the slapping resumed with more vigour. She was held as they slapped her tits from side to side, then hefted them in their palms as if weighing them then mouths went to suck and bite and pull on her nipples before she was carried to another room with a bed which was ready stripped for her. This time they laid her face down on the bed and one of the men pulled her ankles so she was lying with her stomach on the edge of the bed and her legs hanging over the side and resting on the floor. He pushed her thighs apart and lowered himself into her, plunging deep into her cunt with his full weight.

"Its no good, she's too wet, I can't feel her cunt" he told them. He pulled out and she felt his hands go to her buttocks and pull them apart. She would do most things but did not like it in her arse, it was too painful. Despite her semidrugged state she knew what was about to happen and tried to pull away. "No, not there, I don't want you there" she cried out and the men all laughed.

Johnno sat beside her and spoke to her. "Its not a case of what you want my love - its what we want. You can't just take our bikes, our booze, our waccy and then have us shag you for your pleasure only - you are here now for our pleasure and since you don't like it up your arse, I shall show you who is in charge by poking my cock up your arse and so will a number of my friends here, just to teach you a lesson, OK? Is there anything else you don't like that we can oblige you with eh?" She shook her head.

"Please don't, I'll do whatever else you want but not that, please."

"Ah, this sounds interesting, you'll do anything else will you?" She nodded, relieved that there might be a chance of avoiding the pain of their cocks in her arse.

"OK then, if you let me beat you I'll think about not having your arse" he told her and before she could say more she was pulled up and across the bed so she was spread-eagled. "Spread your legs and arms wide now there's a good girl" he told her. She moved her legs and arms wide apart as instructed. One of the men came back into the room with a leather belt. Johnno stood up and dangled it in front of her face. "As long as you take it as you promised I'll not use the buckle end but if you try to wriggle away from me I'll have you tied up and use the buckle end on you, understand?" She nodded, frightened that this was not going to be much of an improvement on them having her arse.

He stood back and brought the belt down across her back. She shrieked. They all cheered. Her legs and arms were pulled wide again. The belt swished down again, this time landing across her buttocks. She shrieked again. She was turned over. This time they held her hands and feet so her arms and legs were held open. Johnno stood between her thighs and dangled the belt at her again. He let it hand so the end touched her nipples then he trailed it down over her stomach to between her legs where he let it slip between her lips. She knew from his face that he would beat her breasts and then her cunt.

The belt was raised. It landed across her left breast then her right breast. Her body bucked as she tried to get away but strong hands held her. She was screaming. They were laughing. One of the girls kneeled on the bed and sucked her nipples then bent down and whispered to her "it hurts more when they are wet you bitch. I was looking forward to having Johnno fuck me tonight until you showed up. Now you are paying the price of pushing yourself into the gang." She looked up at Johnno and said "give her tits another go Johnno" and she bent forward to suck them again, leaving a large trail of her saliva to soak the nipples. As she was getting up, Johnno brought the belt down across the girls buttocks which made her howl and jump, much to the amusement of the others.

Johnno handed the injured girl the belt, telling her not to go mad or she would get the same as she gave out. The girl grinned and straddled Sue, bringing the belt down across her left breast then her right. She leaned forward again. "Well girl, do you want it again or would you rather give them all your arse? The choice is yours." Sue shook her head, "no, not my arse, please."

"In that case, ask me to belt your tits" the girl told her. It was very difficult for Sue to do. She tried but couldn't get the words out. "In that case I'll have to belt your dirty great cunt for you - that should make you howl" the girl laughed and raised the belt. Sue's legs tensed against the strong hands holding her as they all watched this tussle. "No, don't, not my cunt, I couldn't take that. Use my tits."

"No girl, I told you to say 'please beat my tits', now say that exactly or your cunt gets it."

"Please beat my tits" came out through gritted teeth.

"That wasn't so hard was it - now say it again more clearly so we can all hear you" the girl teased.

Sue shouted this time "please beat my tits" and the girl obliged, bringing the belt down across each one in turn until they were bruised blue. She then swung it, quite gently but with a vicious flick at the end and flicked it across her cunt lips. This time the hands could not hold her legs as Sue bucked and pulled them close together to protect herself. They let go of her and stood around the bed watching as she held herself in pain.

Johnno helped her sit up and gave her another glass to drink. The pain seemed to go away quite quickly as she drank. Johnno was fondling her bruised breasts. She could feel his hands but not the full sensation. He gripped her breasts, dug his fingers into her viciously but to her it was not a problem, she felt something but nothing she could not handle. He was enjoying himself with her breasts, digging his fingers into her flesh, squeezing her hard, grabbing and twisting her soft breasts yet to her it was pleasurable. He grinned. She could not feel everything, just a shadow of what they were doing to her, the drink was working, she was ready.

He took her hand and pulled her to her feet. He told her to kneel on the floor, to go on all fours. She did as she was told. "I'm going to fuck you again, would you like that?" he asked. "Mmm yes" her almost sleepy voice said. He kneeled behind her and put his cock into her cunt. It was still wet. He stroked her a few times, getting his cock well lubricated. He pulled out. He plunged his fingers deep into her and stirred them inside her so they were covered in her slippery juices and the spunk they had shot into her. He played his fingers around her arse. She felt his fingers there. It did not seem a problem. When he pushed one into her it still seemed OK. Two fingers working her open was OK as well and when he leaned forward and said to her "right, now girl I'm going to fuck your lovely tight arse hole" she did not see anything wrong. Indeed she felt a slight sensation as he leaned his weight into her to push past her tight ring of muscle then he was past it and fucking her.

She did not notice the flash of the cameras or the whirring of the videos as they took shots of his cock in her arse, of her tits swaying as he rode her then he put his full weight on her and as she collapsed on the floor he held on to her and lay across her back, still fucking her arse, her legs held wide apart by the others so he could get deep into her tight hole. At last he shot his spunk into her bowels, she could feel it hot inside her. He pulled out of her and more shots were taken of her arse hole gaping wide open with spunk dribbling from it.

She was put back on the bed, draped over the end so her arse was presented to give service. Each of the men took it and after each one fingers worked her hole so it was gradually opened and loosened for the camera.

When they had all had her arse, she was stood up and the spunk streamed out of her and ran down the back of her thighs, captured by the cameras and videos.

As she came round from her drink, they were sitting around the TV and she saw they were watching a blue video. It was some time before she realised she was watching herself being fucked then she saw them all fuck her arse, her hole being shown each time as it was stretched wider open. They saw her watching it, horror stricken. Johnno spoke to her. "In future, if you don't give us what we want, we shall simply release copies of this to some local video shops with perhaps some free copies to your neighbours - I'm sure they would be extremely popular" and they all laughed.

"You give us what we want - your body to use however we want - and you can have as much booze, baccy or magic drinkies as you want" he laughed. "Right now I want to fuck your mouth - come over here and let me have it." He clicked his fingers to her and she found herself moving to between his thighs and taking his cock into her mouth. He put a hand each side of her head and gripped her tight, moving her head onto his cock in time to his strokes in and out of her mouth, all the while talking to his friends as if she did not exist. He was showing her she was there to be used for their pleasure. She felt his balls tighten and his strokes speed up and knew he was near to coming. She enjoyed oral sex but never allowed anyone to come in her mouth. He felt her try to pull away. "Oh no you don't, I'm going to come down your throat" he said and holding her head tight, stood up, rising above her so his cock was angled down her throat and he thrust deep into her throat as he shot his spunk into her. She gagged on his spunk but as he held her tight she had to swallow and he held her tight for some time until she had swallowed his full load before releasing her.

"Now we have you on film being filled with spunk in every hole" he laughed. "The film will be put away and forgotten about as long as you stay in the group and play your part in giving us pleasure. The first night is always a bit over the top, it won't be quite so bad except on special occasions. As the new girl, you'll get a bit more than the others but as soon as another new girl joins us, you'll be just as keen to get her on film as our friends here were for you because it takes pressure off them so just do as you are told and everything will be OK. You've earned your place in the gang tonight. As a full member now you will be treated with respect and get your fair share of biking of course." She believed him in an odd way - they had treated her with respect because they knew she would be a great fuck and that she could take it. Although she had been beaten black and blue and every hole ached she felt good that she had taken whatever they had done to her, she had earned her place in the gang now.

"Just to show there's no hard feelings, give us all a last fuck" he laughed and they all rolled towards her as she lay back on the carpet, her legs already opening to take the first one as another swung his leg across and sat over her, lowering his cock to her waiting mouth.


When she recovered from her experience with the biker gang, Sue felt a number of emotions. She was refreshed after the sex orgy which had earthed all her frustrations, she felt proud that she had turned so many men on but angry that they had used her so harshly and fearful for the future now that they had the photos and videos of her in such lurid detail. She worried about how they would exert their hold on her.

A couple of evenings later Johnno telephoned her. "How did you get my phone number, its ex-directory" she asked. He told her they had gone through her wallet whilst she was otherwise engaged and they knew her phone, her address and a few other things. Johnno invited her to his place for a quiet drink. She was instantly suspicious but he assured it was for a quiet drink and that only he would be there so she went to see him.

He was warm and welcoming, kissing her as any friend might as she walked into his home. Sure enough he offered her coffee or a drink and showed her to a comfortable lounge where they sat and chatted. He seemed to be a totally different person from the man with the biker group. He was well spoken, gentlemanly and polished. He was obviously relaxed and she gradually began to think she had been worried unnecessarily until he moved the conversation on.

"How are the bruises?" She told him they were beginning to fade but were still blue and yellow as she bruised very easily.

"We got the photos back - they've all come out very well, would you like to see them or the video?" he asked but she declined, she knew fine well what would be on them and she did not want to move the evening in that direction but he kept on at her. Your neighbours really would find them very stimulating, rather surprising but very stimulating but I don't think you'd like them to see these really would you?" He looked at her with a quizzical expression and his tongue very much in his cheek. She kept quiet, waiting to hear what this was leading up to.

"I'm not unreasonable, I don't want to make demands on you that you would not be happy about but there will be times when your presence and your services would be much appreciated so can we work on the basis that I will be in touch with you from time to time. You will always get an invite to our group meetings and you are expected to attend two out of three of these but there will be other events, sometimes with the group and sometimes with just me or a few of my friends, OK?"

"Look, I don't know what you have in mind but I'm not going to be messed about by you or anyone else so you..." she was abruptly interrupted by Johnno whose voice was both very firm and very quiet. He whispered almost which made it all the more menacing.

"No my girl, you look. Let us be quite clear about this. You have two clear choices, well, three I suppose." He raised three fingers and counted them off. "One, you can tell me to get lost, I will deliver various photos and videos to carefully selected neighbours, and of course to the office where you work so you'll probably lose your lose your job or at the very least it will be next to impossible for you to work there. Two, you can do as I tell you, grudgingly and in bad favour so I will be all the more difficult with you and demand things from you to make the point of who is in charge here. Three, you can enter into this arrangement in good grace, accept your situation, play your role thoroughly and in time I will give you all the films and release you from our arrangement when you have worked off your er, debt, shall we call it? We already know you enjoyed at least quite a lot of what happened to you so this seems the best choice to me. I'll give you until tomorrow evening to let me know your decision if you need time but I would mention one thing, in the best tradition of the thriller writers I have copies left here and there with instructions of what to do with them if anything happens to me so no funny business, no hit and run drivers or anything like that, OK?"

She knew she was beaten. Her head hung as she thought about it and realised she had no choice really. Best to enter into it knowing that, make the best of it and try to keep on his good side to make life as easy as she could and hope that he honoured his promise to return them to her. "OK, I'll make the best of it then" she told him and he smiled at her and left the room, returning with a bottle of chilled champagne which he opened and poured into a glass for her.

"Lets drink to the fun we shall have together" he said and raised his glass to her. She drank for relief rather than in any kind of toast. "Well my dear, I shall not require your services tonight, I told you that it was for a quiet drink and I never lie so lets just enjoy the rest of the evening shall we."

"Just before we leave this subject, I have a suggestion to make. There will be times when you are called upon to do something you may prefer not to do and you may think about refusing. So that we do not have to discuss our arrangement in public I shall remind you of 'the seminar' to remind you of the groups of people who will be gathered together at work and at home to study and swap photos and videos of you, so if you here me speak of your seminar, remember that is what is at stake if you ever disobey or hesitate to carry out my wishes. However, there will also be many occasions when you will thoroughly enjoy what is asked of you so don't get worried about it."

After that he tried to relax her with chit chat and reminiscences about the bikes which he knew interested her and when he let her leave later, he simply told her to keep the first Saturday of every month free as that was the club monthly party although there would be lots of other club nights arranged in addition, often with a theme.

She had difficulty sleeping that night but consoled herself with the thought that although he was blackmailing her, he did seem to keep to his word. That evening he had made no move at all, had only gently kissed her as a friend would, had not groped or touched her at all as he easily could have done - this gave her some hope that she would be free of it at some point, perhaps when a new girl was brought into the group? She understood now why the other girls were so keen to join in against her, by getting her in deeper they were distancing themselves perhaps.

One evening the following week she came home to find a message on her answer machine. "Hello, its Johnno. Your first assignment coming up. I want you to meet some friends of mine this evening. I want you to look and act classy. Wear your best business suit and a white blouse, pants, no tights and definitely no bra and you'd better have a bath first and get rid of your pubes," he was laughing at this. He told her to be ready and waiting for a taxi that would call for her at 8pm that evening.

Her stomach flipped. This was it. Her first assignment he had called it but it was obvious what it was going to entail but she knew she would have to be ready so spent the next hour rushing to be ready. By the appointed time she was in her best suit, hair done and face made up. She looked in the mirror and thought that she did look classy, especially without the jacket when her breasts swayed and wobbled under the silky blouse, her nipples and aureoles showing through clearly. She fastened her jacket and went to meet the taxi which arrived on the dot. The driver got out and opened the rear door for her and without a word got back in and drove off. She was taken to a large hotel where the driver got out and opened the door to let her out then got back and drove off, leaving her standing at the hotel steps without having spoken a single word to her.

She turned and walked in to the hotel, suddenly conscious that she had drawn herself up to her full 5ft 9 inches height. She was proud of her looks and her body and no-one could take that from her - or could they? She thought of the bruises that had only recently disappeared - good job she did not have a current partner or went swimming.

In the foyer was Johnno, surrounded by a group of men - five in all, all dressed in dark formal suits, white shirt and an assortment of ties between them but all appeared well heeled. He stepped forward to greet her, taking her hand and introducing her to the others.

"This is Victoria, my personal assistant (he drew out and stressed the personal and they all picked up on it and gave him and her knowing nods and smiles). Vicky, you must meet my friends - Tony, James, Rory and Graham."

Each of them shook her hand warmly and undressed her with their eyes. They seemed to like what they saw and what they imagined. She was to be known as Victoria or Vicky in this role but it was unlikely she would bump into anyone she knew although it suddenly dawned on her that it was not impossible - something else to worry about.

Johnno was obviously the leader of the group. "Come on folks, let us have a couple of drinks here then we'll go back to my place." She wondered about his place. The flat was hardly large enough for these people and he must have noticed her expression because he whispered to her "you haven't seen my place yet, just my town flat I keep for the times when I don't want anyone to know about my real home but I know you'll keep my secret as well as you want me to keep yours" then he led them into the bar.

They spent some time at the bar and she found herself tense in their company, worrying what was to follow. They were all quite rough, not at all the type of friends she expected Johnno to have but just what the biker group would attract she thought. She knew from the way they were all looking at her that something was to happen that night.

Johnno got them into the cars and they set off for his place which turned out to be a large house in its own grounds, down a lane out of town. Johnno was obviously a wealthy man who liked to rough it occasionally. He let them all in to the house and led them through to a huge lounge where there was a large log fire burning and a buffet supper spread out on a large table.

"The staff are all away tonight so the place is ours, no worries about disturbing anyone - except Vicky of course" at which they all laughed, except Sue. "We can have a bit to eat in a moment but lets get things started eh? I arranged a nice big fire so no-one would get cold when we all strip off." They all leered at Sue as he slipped off his coat and jacket and removed his tie as did the others who sat in the various arm chairs.

Sue found herself standing in the centre of a U-shape of arm chairs occupied by men looking at her with great expectation written on their faces.

Rory glanced across to Johnno, "can I get on with it?" he gestured to Sue.

"Of course, that's why we are here" Johnno told him, "be my guest. Vicky is here to entertain us."

Rory got up and went to her. He stood in front of her. "You are a bit classy for me love but I really fancy seeing a classy tart in action. Lets see what you've got eh?" With this he took the lapels of her jacket and slipped it off her shoulders and threw it onto a nearby empty chair. He stepped back to admire her then slapped her bottom hard so she jumped. They all cheered as her breasts swayed when she jumped. Rory touched her breasts through the silky blouse and fingered her now erect nipples through the material.

"Well, it looks as if even classy tarts like their tits being played with" he called to his friends.

"Get her blouse off man and lets get a proper look" someone shouted.

Johnno called to her "Vicky, you heard. Get your tits out for my friends here." She hesitated. Johnno called to her "have you forgotten that seminar we were talking about? Come on, get on with it, get your tits out. You'll love them lads, she has lovely nipples."

Vicky unfastened the buttons at her cuffs then down the front and shrugged off her blouse, letting it fall behind her so she was standing topless in front of them all. She stood erect, her shoulders pulled back to show off her breasts to their best - if she was going to be displayed she would make the best of it she thought.

The men cheered and whistled. "Nice tits - drop the skirt you dirty bitch, lets see what else you've got" Tony called out.

Her hands went round to the catch on her skirt which then fell to the floor, leaving her standing only in high heels and tiny white pants which clearly showed she was shaven. She was pleased to hear the intake of breath from the men as they studied her then James called to her.

"Come over here and stand in front of this chair". He leaned forward and pulled down her pants then with his foot, pushed her feet apart quite crudely so she was standing in front of him naked and open legged. He stood up and his hand went to her belly and moved down to her mound and her swollen lips. He pulled on them, gripping them hard between his thumb and fingers and tugging as he looked over to Johnno. "You were right about the size of her cunt lips, built to fuck is this one, aren't you" he looked up at her.

Graham called her. "My turn now. Get your arse over here. You don't seem so classy when you are stripped, just like every other cunt I've ever had. Perhaps a bit better spoken though although I bet you know the same words as the usual bints I go with. Must say though, you've got a good looking body, bet its been around a bit eh? Had a few cocks in your time eh love?" His crude language and treatment of her was actually a turn on for Sue who liked the idea of being treated as a sex object, it was a compliment to her body and her skills, but she was still worried about what they would want from her.

Graham told her "put your foot up on the arm of my chair." She did. She was totally open to him, her thighs opened as she stood like that and her cunt almost level with his face. "Now tell me what I am touching." "My foot" she replied as his hand stroked her foot then as he slowly ran his hand up her leg, "my ankle, ... my calf, ... my knee, ... my thigh, ow" she cried as he grabbed at the soft flesh of her inner thigh. "Just keep going" he told her. "Now what have I got?" he asked as his fingers reached her cunt. "My c c..." she couldn't bring herself to say it to these men. Their roughness made her want to protect what they saw as her "classiness" to keep the difference between them clear.

Graham grabbed her large cunt lips and tugged them hard. She yelled and almost fell onto him then regained her balance, one foot on the ground, the other on the arm of his chair. "Tell me what I've got or don't you like to use such words? Its a cunt girl, you've got a cunt, just like every woman except yours is built for serious fucking. Now tell me what it is and make it loud so my friends can hear."

She steeled herself. "Its my cunt" she said. "Fine girl. Now continue, tell them what I am touching each time". She called out as his fingers moved around. "My lips, my clitty, inside my cunt." By now he was finger fucking her then he moved his other hand up to her breasts and nipples. "My breast" she dutifully called out only to shriek a moment later as his nails dug into her breasts.

"I know you think you are better than we are but just like every other cunt we've fucked, you have tits my girl, tits - what have you got?"

"Tits" she replied.

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