Public Transportation Day 2

by David Michaels

Copyright© 2013 by David Michaels

Erotica Sex Story: OK So I told you about the three Hispanics that I met at the bus stop, well this is what happened the following day...

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma   Ma/mt   Consensual   Gay   Fiction   Interracial   Hispanic Male   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Size   Public Sex   .

Just in case you didn't read Public Transportation, here's a quick recap. I ogled three shirtless young Hispanics who didn't mind, and followed me when I got off the bus. They followed me to a wooded area, we traded blow-jobs and I watched one of them get fucked by his buddy. All well defined with 7,9, and 11 inch cocks. As we parted we agreed to meet again the next morning when I got off work. As I approached my stop I was disappointed they weren't there already, but soon they came walking up the walk, shirtless and wearing basketball shorts, and it looked as if they had all gone commando. They were laughing and talking as they approached, I extended my hand to shake and say good mornings, but they grabbed me in a group hug. Introductions were in order and I learned that the owner of the 11" cock was Jorge, the 9" cock belonged to Ricardo, and the 7" cock belonged to James.

They were all cousins, and lived in the same apartment complex, Jorge and Ricardo had been born in Texas while James had been born here in Indiana, and also spoke the best English. Jorge and Ricardo spoke some English like I spoke some Spanish. We made small talk as best as we could and waited for the bus. James kept smiling at me and rubbing his crotch. We got on the bus and moved to the back. James was comfortable admitting he was gay, the other two said they like pussy, but getting head and ass was much easier from guys. I found it hard to follow the conversation for two reasons, one the language barrier, and two James had his hand on my growing 7" cock, and kept pulling my hand to his cock. I guess he really was comfortable. Our stop approached and there was no games playing this time, we all got off and headed for our secluded glade. Once there, my suspicions were confirmed, as the shorts dropped there was no sign on any underwear.

Once the pants were down, James dropped to his knees and started in on my cock, while Jorge and Ricardo smothered me with kisses, mouth, chest, arms and all over. With all this attention, I was ready in no time, but before I could unload, James stopped, said something in Spanish, and the other two spun me around and bent me over. James went after my ass like he had gone after my cock, and in this position, I had Jorge and Ricardo's cocks in my face, so I took turns sucking and jacking those wonderful 9 and 11 inch uncut cocks. Finally Jorge said something and James stopped eating my ass and stood. I was returned to a standing positions and Ricardo pulled me close and kissed me. This mashed our cocks together, and while we ground into each other, his fingers started working my asshole. I took the chance, he said he was straight, and returned the favor, and soon found I could easily get three fingers into his 'straight' ass with no problem. Soon I felt his fingers replaced by another set so I broke our kiss long enough to see they belonged to James, Oh, well, he had better access anyway, so I was happy, and returned to kissing and fingering Ricardo. I was once again ready to bust a nut when the fingers were removed, and Jorge said something in Spanish. I was worried that either him or Ricardo wanted to fuck me and was slightly relieved when James is the one who stepped up behind me. James pulled me slightly forward and James placed the head of his well lubed cock at me ass. I was ready to be fucked, but he leaned to my ear and said "Por Favor" (please) I answered by reaching back, grabbing his hips and pulling him into my ass. We both let out a long winded "Ohhhhh Fuck" as his cock sank into my ready and willing ass.

One he was in balls deep, he stopped, leaned against my back and whispered into my ear, "Gracias amigo" which he repeated several times as he started to slowly fuck me. Ricardo reached down and started a slow hand job on my cock, which was leaking pre-cum almost continuously by now, and was getting my cock so slick he almost couldn't hold on. Jorge said something and James stopped, I again worried that Ricardo or Jorge wanted to fuck me, but my fears were short lived as Ricardo turned and presented his 'straight' ass at cock level. As he backed onto me he let out a slow whistle, and I moaned.

Once he was all the way down my cock, I assumed we'd start fucking, but James didn't move, he did however let out a soft moan and I felt his cock twitch and stiffen in my ass. I turned my head and saw that Jorge had sunk his 11" cock into James's ass. Then we started fucking. Each thrust from Jorge sent James into my ass which sent my cock deeper into Ricardo. Ricardo would then pull forward and bump back forcing his ass on my cock, which sent my ass onto James's cock, which sent James back into Jorge. We soon developed a nice rhythm, and I felt like one of those balls in that desk top pendulum thing, bouncing back and forth between a nice ass and cock. I reached around and played with the only cock not buried in and ass and soon had Ricardo swearing in Spanish. Jorge was swearing as well and his pace had quickened considerably.

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