Tim and His Mom

by mattwatt

Copyright© 2013 by mattwatt

Erotica Sex Story: Further adventures of Tim Murphy and his lovely Mom Judy. Overcoming Judy's funk, after Peggy the teacher leaves, is a major job for Tim but he finds a way that pleases him and fulfills his Mom, Judy.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Lesbian   Incest   Mother   Son   MaleDom   Spanking   Gang Bang   Interracial   Black Female   White Male   White Female   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Size   .

(Author's note: The stories 'Vanessa and the Toy Boy, ' and 'Tim, the Teacher and his Mom' preceded this story. It can stand on its own but it might be better to read those. M Watt)


That month began with a tragedy. In an action totally unforeseen by either Tim Murphy or his Mom, Judy, Peggy Karney decided to go back to an estranged husband. The three of them, but especially Judy and Peggy, had been together, by then a good long time.

The time had seen Tim grow and go to college and get out into the job world. All the while, his Mom, Judy and Peggy Karney, who'd been, at first his teacher, were happy.

That part of her life, they thought, her ex-husband, had been a shadow to Tim and Judy totally, until, in a weepy session, Peggy told them that she was going back to Ray. It was like a bridge being burnt.

Since that explosive time, when Tim broke in on his Teacher, Ms Karney, making love to his Mom, Judy, when his reaction was rage that led to him first beating, with his belt, both of the naked women on the bed, and then, one after another fucking them: Peggy in the pussy, and, to his great satisfaction, his Mom Judy in her ass, Tim had backed off from the two of them. They seemed like such a love fit together. Peggy gladly, happily assumed the role of submissive with Judy, For her part, Judy was happy with her newly found partner and the sudden total loss of Peggy put a huge strain on her.

There were signs that Tim simply could not ignore. His Mom was moping around the house and, for a time, until he complained and that at least brought her around, didn't even bother to dress nicely or in a clean fashion.

Shortly after that, they'd had a chat. Judy, listless during the day, had, at least on that occasion, sat down and listen to Tim.

"Mom, you have to break out of this!" he said.

"Oh, I don't know!" she said.

She looked at him and said: "You haven't lost her; I have."

"Mom," he said, with some fire in his eyes then, "She was mine first. I brought her out and around. Do you remember that? How sexy you thought it was that I was screwing my teacher? Do you?"

Judy just looked at him then and said: "I guess, now that you mention it, I do."

She seemed to let that thought sink in but eventually simply shook her head.

"Timmy, it's being so hard for me! So hard!"

"I know, Mom, but you have to come out of it," he insisted.

She got a rueful smile on her face and said: "Maybe you should break in another babe and feed her to me to get my mind off of Peggy."

He gave a soft chuckle.

"Yeah," she said, looking at him, half serious and half not serious, "Maybe that's it. Another sexual shock from my beautiful son to get this older babe straightened around."

He hugged her then, and enjoyed, once again, the feel of her plastered against him. But she only cried. There was nothing sexual in her attitude, even though Tim had a mind right then to take her clothes off and use a belt on her, even if that were only to get her attention.

But the seeds of what she'd said were planted in his head. Tim smiled a soft and quiet smile, as his Mom's head was on his shoulder. He'd thought of a way that, maybe, just maybe would, could bring her around.

"I'll look for a victim, Mom," he said and his grin blazed at her.

She smiled back at him and said: "You do that!"

She might not have been serious just then but Tim was, totally serious.

Judy, after the departure of Peggy Karney, to whom she'd given so much love and care, was simply feeling the weight of her 42 years. She felt, however, older than that. All the intense sexual sparks that her Tim had brought into her life, and she did remember those times and those events, were, right then, of little account. She knew that she was more than half serious about another sexual shock to bring her around. When she was alone with her thoughts, she even chuckled about whom Tim might find. She knew that he had this knack of seeking out and finding submissive women, normally, for him, older submissive women.

"After all," came the small voice from inside her own head, "He found you and you're certainly older and submissive, where he is concerned."

She pushed that thought, tempting as it might be for her right then, out of her mind. It was for another day, another time altogether.

But Tim, by then, had a plan. He was going to see about his plan that following Friday, when he knew that he had some time. His work schedule just then was fairly light and would let him pursue the issue with some friends.

Tim knew a group of fairly wild younger guys, who called themselves 'The Five'. He knew that they had a penchant for identifying and harassing women. They even had it down to a science. They operated with women, whom they were pretty sure wouldn't do any reporting, and had been getting away with their antics for a while.

Tim knew their leader and a few of the other of 'The Five'. He sought them out and they hung out for a while and talked. The talk went exactly the way that Tim had wanted it to go and he came to an agreement with 'The Five'.

It was a Wednesday. Judy had the day off and was doing laundry. One of her quirks was that she liked to hang laundry out, especially her lingerie. She loved the way that the clothes smelled, when they dried outside in the air.

She was busy that day with the laundry, and Tim was away for the morning, having said that he had some errands to do. She knew that she was in a better mood that day than she had been, since Peggy's leaving. She was even thinking to herself that maybe, just maybe Tim would find someone soon and bring her around. Judy liked that idea.

Her reverie was broken by a comment: "Nice panties, lady!"

She looked up and saw a bunch of younger kids who were standing and grinning at her, as well as gawking at the panties that she had hanging on the line.

She had a momentary flash of the old feelings, with her wondering if they were going to 'make her do something'. She loved the formula, the way it sounded in her mind. It even gave her an urge to see if Timmy would, one day soon, take her in hand, so to speak. But she pushed those ideas out of her head and her gray clouds descended on her mood again.

"Go away!" she said in a petulant voice.

"Don't be that way, lady," one of them said. "We're just admiring your pretty panties!"

She turned her back on them and simply began to ignore them. She hung out the last two pairs of panties and, not looking back over her shoulder at all, stalked into the house.

"This younger generation," she complained to herself, and went to get another cup of coffee.

She didn't notice that outside Tim had met with the kids and was talking to them. The kids were grinning and seemed to have come to an agreement with them.

She was trying to distract herself at that point and was into the newspaper, not noticing that Tim had let 'The Five' into the house. He simply stood back and let them have the show the way that they wanted.

Judy was totally startled, when a voice said: "Hey, lady, are you wearing anything as pretty as these?"

She looked up and there, in the house with her, were the kids who had been taunting her outside. One of them was holding up a pair of her panties, pink bikinis with lace panels at the waist and leg bands, as he spoke.

"Give me those and get out of my house!" she said in a momentary rage.

But Judy Murphy hadn't reckoned with the fact that these five were organized and knew what they were doing. They moved quickly and suddenly Judy was standing in the middle of a circle, with the five of them standing around her.

"Don't be so unfriendly, pretty lady!" one said, and took something out of the thigh pocket of his cargo pocket pants. They others followed suit.

Judy tried to identify what it was that they were all carrying now but since she was surrounded by them in a circle, she had her back to two of them. The shock, when it came, hit her like a fist. It made her cry out and jump.

She turned, out of breath from the electric jolt, only to have another shock applied to her from behind, once her back was turned to someone else. The shocks kept coming for the next five minutes and they reduced Judy Murphy to almost a shaking heap.

She slumped to her knees and said, in a soft and fairly complaint voice: "Please, please!"

"Take your tee shirt off, lady," one said and we'll stop.

Judy simply looked up at him. She shook her head 'no'. Then it was another five minutes with the cattle prods, for that's what they were using. It left Judy even more shaken than before. In this instance, she realized that her body was even beginning to betray her. She felt her senses begin to waken.

"I will not be turned on by this, damn it!" she said as though to herself but still out loud, with them listening in and laughing.

"Sure you will!" one of them said.

Then they moved in and began giving her shocks again. She was on her knees then and trembling. But she knew that her panties were slick from her own wetness, produced by her getting into this form of abuse.

"Tee shirt!" the voice said.

Judy Murphy complied then. The tee shirt was pulled up and off, showing her breasts and a plain white bra.

"That was the only hard one," the voice said again, "The first one."

"Yes," she mumbled, not even sure of what she was saying. "The first one."

"Ugly bra!" another voice said.

"Sorry!" she mumbled.

"Take it off!" the same voice demanded.

Judy looked up and, for the last time, shook her head 'no'. Then it was the electric storm again, all around her, poking her everywhere. They were still in the process of shocking her, when she quickly unhooked the bra and threw it from her, displaying her heaving chest and large tits.

"Nice, nice tits," a voice said to the woman, now cowering on the floor.

She croaked a 'thank you' and waited for their next move. They were obviously, at this point, in charge. She knew that.

"I think that I want one of those nipples!" one of them said, and Judy's head shot up. He had a wicked looking knife that he'd taken out of his pocket and opened.

"Please!" she said, beginning to beg. She shook with sobs at the very thought and her shaking set her tits swaying.

"Look at her boobs sway!" someone said.

"Yeah, they're great," came an answer. "That's why I want a nipple!"

Judy looked at them wide eyed, cowed and frantic.

"Please," she began again.

"Tell you what," the same voice said. "Instead of the nipple how about if you give me your jeans?"

"Jeans?" Judy said, hopefully, "Yes, jeans!"

"What kind of panties are you wearing?" he asked then.

"White cotton," she said softly.

"Ugly!" he said, "So, your jeans or a nipple; decide!"

Judy was up off the floor immediately and was unbuttoning her jeans. She skinned them down and presented him with the jeans. Then he moved toward her and she began to shake, expecting the worst.

It was then that Tim appeared.

"Oh, Tim," she said, "Help me ... they..."

But she was interrupted by one of them who said, looking at Tim: "Having a great time here; everything's under control."

Then it dawned on Judy. She looked at Tim, and the sly, subtle smile on his face and knew that he'd set this up. She relaxed just a little and let the fear find a replacement in the wave of submissive feelings that swept over her. They were not there often; they didn't seem to be dominant but she knew that now and then Tim brought them out and they became strong. She waited now.

"Gonna watch?" the voice asked Tim.

"Sure am!" he said. "What now?"

"Gonna cut those ugly panties off of her," was the reply.

Tim chuckled: "She'll like that."

Judy gave him a ghost of a smile and the speaker went to her and, with his knife, turned the panties into rags in no time at all. He finally cut the waistband and took them from her. She stood there, naked and available and certainly subdued, waiting for what was next.

"Watch this!" one of them said and went to where Judy was waiting. He went behind her and gave her a sharp pinch on the ass. She squeaked and jumped, causing them to laugh.

"Bend over," he said.

Judy did as she was told. Then however she made a squealing noise, as she felt him insert the end of the cattle prod between her ass cheeks, pushing it until it hit her fundament.

"Nooooo!" she wailed, as he began to give her shocks.

They had to hold her to keep her from collapsing. But they thought it was funny, watching her writhe, when the electricity was turned on. One of them went to her and pushed the cattle prod into her pussy and got her to dance again. It left them laughing!

"She's so much fun!" someone said.

"Yeah," one said, turning to Tim, "Your Mom is a lot of fun!"

"Told you so!" Tim said.

One of them, holding the pair of pink panties that they'd taken from the clothes line, threw the panties to Judy.

"Put these on!" he said.

She nodded and said a quick 'yes, sir', and complied, stepping into the panties and pulling them up and on. Then she stood and waited for them, looking, for all the world, resplendent in her pink panties.

"Blow jobs now!" he said, "and maybe some more electric dancing later on. Do you think?"

He'd addressed this to Judy, who shook her head and said: "Whatever you want!"

"I thought so," he replied and shoved the cattle prod against her nipple and gave her a zap, causing her to dance around again and wail.

"Remember," Tim said to them, "Her ass is for me alone!"

One of them addressed Judy then: "You let him fuck your ass?"

"Yes," she said softly.

"Far out!" he said, pushing on Judy's shoulder then and getting her into a kneeling position.

Tim watched carefully, and during what followed, Judy kept her attention fixed on him for much of the time. He was pleased at the way it was turing out for her. He knew her, and women generally, enough to know when she might be reluctant or faking and she certainly wasn't either of those now, as she sunk to her knees, flashing 'The Five' with her pink panty covered ass and pussy mound.

He was simply grinning. He really thought that this might bring her out of her funk. After that initial explosive discovery, when he found his Mom and his teacher, Peggy Karney, who he'd been 'training' for a while at that point, making it, head to pussy, he'd backed off. He realized, once his fury abated, and he'd given both of them a belt thrashing, while they were obediently lying on the bed, face down and naked, that this wasn't only a sex thing for his Mom and Peggy. So, he went his way, after a short period of time and let them alone with their love thing.

Of course, that had ended badly, with weeping and apologetic Peggy leaving for her almost ex-husband.

"Wet and ready!" one of the guys working over his Mom at that point said.

Tim smiled and nodded. He thought so.

He was really relieved because what he'd done here was certainly a risk. But that was one thing about Tim, he enjoyed the risks. He enjoyed the risks especially when they involved a sexual adventure.

He watched the five of them eagerly pawing at his cooperating Mom and let his mind wander.


(Whenever he thought of risks, his mind almost automatically went, not to bringing his teacher out or doing his Mom but what he called 'The Adventure'. It was a secret that he and his cousin, Jake, shared and never told anyone about.

When they were a few years younger, they conceived a project to sneak into the Arcade Theater. It was the local 'Art' theater, also know as the adult movie theater.

They scouted it out and planned. They were both slyly joyous and serious about their adventure. They both agreed that, once they were in the theater, they'd just see what would happen. They both thought that they were up to that kind of challenge.

In the end, youthful ingenuity won out. They succeeded, and snuck into the Arcade Theater. They hunkered down in seats at the back of the theater, so that they wouldn't be seen there by anyone.

They were wide eyed and snorting, as they watched an older woman forced to her knees by a gang of guys, after they tore her clothes off. Then the gang of guys forced the kneeling woman to suck them off. It was only the beginning of what they were going to do to her. Jake and Tim were totally entranced, and both of them were rubbing their stiffened cocks with their hands, getting ready to summon up the courage to take their cocks out and simply play with them, when disaster intervened.

"What the fuck are you two doing here?" said an adult masculine voice.

Jake and Tim were indeed caught. They didn't know who it was but it seemed like an authority kind of figure.

"Up you get and come with me!" the man said.

Just then on the screen the lady was being relieved of her panties, prior to a fucking.

"Just this!" Tim had the courage to plead and the man let them watch the next scene.

"Okay, come with me, you two sex fiends!" he said and they went with him, not having a choice.

It took them through a curtain and into a side room. It was up a flight of steps. There was a window with a curtain on it, which, when opened, allowed you to see the movie. The man, grinning at the two chagrined youths, opened the curtain and let them watch the movie.

"You are in such deep shit!" the guy said to them.

"Sorry," Jake croaked, while casting an eye on the fucking that was still happening on the screen.

"Sorry, shit!" he stormed. "I'm calling the cops!"

"Oh, please, no!" Jake said hastily.

"Please," Tim echoed and the guy got a smile on his face.

"Okay, you do what I tell you to do and the first refusal at all and I call the police! Savy?"he barked at them.

"Yes, sir!" both of them said, cowed by now.

"Okay," he said next, "Clothes off, both of you! Right now!"

He had them nervous enough, though they still were glancing at the fucking that was happening on the screen, now with one at her mouth and one at her pussy, that they both, trying not to glance at each other from embarrassment, did what he told them to do.

When they got down to their underwear, the two of them looked at him and he was still scowling.

"Everything off!" he said.

They complied, and then both Tim and Jake stood there naked. They automatically put their hands in front of themselves to hide themselves but he barked at them to put their hands down at their sides. They did.

They both had fading erections at that point. The man chuckled, when he saw how much bigger Tim was than Jake.

"Nice cock, kid!" he said to Tim.

"Thank you, sir!" he said.

"Okay, you two come over here and you can watch," he said next.

Both of them shuffled to the window where the screen was open to watch the movie, which was now showing the gang finishing the woman off. As they watched, they were still a bit nervous, since he was standing behind them.

He touched Jake on the shoulder and said: "You, take his cock in your hand!"

They were too scared at that moment to not do what they were told. Jake just glanced at Tim but he reached over and took Tim's erection in his hand.

"Okay play with each other," the man said.

Tim reached out then and took Jake's cock in his hand and began to play with it, while Jake did the same for him.

"Like that?" the man asked.

And both of the dutifully said: "Yes, sir!"

This was the kind of thing that they had wondered about, if anything like this would happen, and it did! They watched the hot, dirty movie and played with each other.

Then the man got closer. Tim first, but then Jake too felt the man's hand on their naked asses. He was playing with their asses.

"Pretty boys!" he said, and let his finger stray inside of Tim's ass crack.

They stopped playing with each other then but he barked at them that they should get back to it, and they did, stroking each other back and forth. Both of them were getting really excited now.

Then the man took Tim by the shoulder and led him over to a couch that was in the corner of the small room.

"Lie down on that!" he said to Tim.

Tim did as he was told and he lay down, with his erection sticking up in the air. By then the man had Jake by the shoulder and led him over to where Tim was lying.

"Now don't fuck around with me, either of you," he said in a rough voice.

"We won't!" Tim said and Jake agreed.

Then the man arranged them so that Jake's mouth was at Tim's cock and Tim's mouth at Jakes.

"Now do it!" he said, "You watched the lady in the film doing it. Now you two do it to each other."

They did. They certainly didn't want to say 'no' to anything.

They both got into what they were doing, despite the fact that the man was watching them do it, right away.

For Tim it was a revelation. He loved the feel of what Jake was doing and didn't mind doing it to Jake in return at all. It felt great, and he thought of what it would be like to have a girl or a woman doing that. He kept his min on that.

For Jake it was different. This was the kind of thing that he'd wanted to do with or for Tim forever! He was practically in heaven now, since the man set them up and demanded that they suck each other off.

It was a harbinger of their futures. Tim was probably, happily bi but Jake reveled in sucking Tim off and discovered very quickly that he loved doing just that.

They continued to be active and finally ended by cumming in each other's mouths.

They finally stopped and waited to see if the man was finished with them or not. He wasn't.

"Okay," he said, "You two sit here. Play with each other again."

So, they started again and played with each other. Both of them got hard in no time at all. Then the man brought a chair over close to where they were sitting. He sat on the chair and, pointing at Tim, said: "You come here!"

Tim moved over until he was standing in front of the man. Then the man surprised him totally. He got down on his knees and took Tim's erection in his mouth. Tim just moaned and Jake paid total attention to what was happening.

The man sucked on Tim's cock, until he came again, and the man swallowed it all down. Then he pointed to the couch and said to Tim: "Sit."

Tim did as he was told. Then it was Jake's turn to stand in front of the man, and he was anxious to do it. He wanted to know how it would feel to have a man do that to him. He loved it, and came quickly, his hands on the man's head.

"Now sit, both of you," the guys said and the two of them sat on that couch again.

They watched owl eyed, as the man now took his adult erection out and rubbed it across Jake's lips. With no hesitation, Jake opened his mouth and sucked the head into his mouth.

"Good boy!" the man said and let Jake suck on it, while Tim just watched in awe.

Then the man moved and he was rubbing himself along Tim's lips. He whispered: "Open!" and Tim opened his mouth and took the man inside, now taking his turn at the sucking.

The guy did that alternating back and forth giving both of the boys a chance to do some sucking. He ended, however, in Jake's mouth. It was obvious to him, and probably to Jake, and maybe to Tim, that Jake was more into what they were doing than Tim was.

He finished in Jake's mouth, pulling Jake's face toward him and making him gag. It was Tim's first view of that kind of sexual action and he liked what he saw. He filed that one away in the back of his mind. He knew that he wanted to try that out some day.

When the man was finished cumming, he took his cock out of Jake's mouth and told Tim to lick it clean. Tim did that with no protest at all. The man was simply grinning and was pleased.

"Well, you two are just fine," he said. "Kind of pleased that you happened to sneak in here today. Hope you'll show up again and we can have a good time once more."

[It should be noted here that Jake did indeed take the man up on his offer, though Tim didn't. It wasn't much of Tim's scene, though he had no complaints about it, while it was happening. But Jake returned a few times to do more sucking, and, to admit the truth, to get involved in being fucked too.]

"Okay now you two dress and get out of here!" he said. "Be careful in the future about doing this. If you get caught by anyone else, it would be hell to pay!"

They both nodded, as they dressed.

"And if you're here again and I find you," he said, "I will sure as hell fuck your butts!"

Tim nodded but Jake just said a soft: "Yes."

The man let them out of the theater by a side entrance. They were both grinning, when they left. Now and again they'd talk to each other about the great Adventure.)

Tim finally came out of his reverie. Now his Mom was kneeling and one of 'The Five' was standing in front of her and rubbing his erection, much smaller than Tim's, across her lips. She was looking at Tim, as she opened her mouth and took the erection in. It was the first of them that she was going to suck.

Tim just smiled, as he watched his Mom obediently perform for 'The Five'.

"This might just work!" he said to himself.

He watched, and enjoyed 'the show' immensely. Judy, at first, was reluctant but being forced, kind of. But that changed. Tim watched and logged the changes into his mind. Judy became, after a short time, once they had her down to the pink panties that they'd demanded that she put on, a participant.

The guys were eager and very active. They were, at first, willing to take turns; each one of them bellied up to her, so to speak, and got his dick sucked. But once the initial round of dick sucking was done, and they were still horny, with the staying power of youth, they began to work on Judy in pairs.

She took them then, lapsing into a 'I'm being used now' kind of attitude, much less participant and much more 'bitch to use'. She let them do what they wanted to do. She was compliant, and submissive. She took them in pairs, one in front and one in back. She let them alternate; that is, in the middle of their efforts, they'd change places and Judy would have a slimy cock to deal with and the one getting the former blow job in her pussy.

It all spun itself out over a time period. Finally, even these five were winding down. There was a final round of blow jobs and then Judy just sat back on her heels and was done in. She lifted her head, as they began to dress; they'd been naked up to that point and she had enjoyed, while she was 'with it', being surrounded by those naked bodies.

"Thank you," she said.

"No problem!" was the general comment from them then. But it was to Tim that they expressed their gratitude. They promised to be in touch, and told him that they understood his rule that no one would approach Judy without him saying that it was okay. They certainly didn't want to screw up a good thing, or the possibility of having it occur again.


Once he'd seen them off, he went back to where she was. She was sitting there, still on the floor but now she had the pink panties on again.

"Thought I'd leak!" she said softly, as he came into the room.

He sat down by her and she smiled and leaned her head against his shoulder.

"Timmie, Timmie," cooed to him, "You just keep re-inventing me! Just every time that I seem to need it, you either come in with a shout and a belt and beat my ass or bring in a group of buddies for a gang bang!"

He grinned at her.

"You are just so creative!" she said.

He grinned again but wanted to let her talk.

"And I've made a decision; I'm not going to go back to shutting myself off again, like I did, when our Peggy waltzed out on us. If anything is true to me at this moment, it is that you can and will keep providing me with the kind of re-inventing that I need."

She looked at him; her look was earnest, showing that she'd thought a bit about what she was saying, and was opening her mind to him.

"There was a process here with this 'invasion', I guess it could be called. I started reluctantly and then, kind of when it was obvious that they were your friends, I began to get into it."

"I know," he said, and nodded.

"Then, of course, after a while, it was just kind of like sinking into my 'use me' frame of mind. It's not there often but, when it is, it is really strong! And you bring that out in me!"

She looked at him and kissed him. The kiss was soft and heart-felt from the two of them.

"We need to talk a bit about this but I need two things from you now," she said.

"Just name them," he said.

"Well, first of all a shower! Take me and make me clean!"

He nodded.

"Can do!" he said.

Then she went on: "But first, in the shower maybe, I need you to make your own mark; to sign me, so to speak. Get something and do my ass! You said it was yours and it is."

He smiled at her and said: "Ass fucking coming up!"

She giggled, when he said that and put her mouth to his ear and said: "So, let's go, you Mother-fucker!"

She ended giggling as she got the whole sentence out.

He stood and reached down then. He always surprised her, when he showed how strong he was. He lifted her into his arms with no strain at all.

"Kitchen first," she said. "Get some oil for lubrication and keep your promise. After all of them, I need to be reminded about whose property I am."

"Got it, pretty Judy, kitchen first!" he said.

"Then mother-fucking!" she said, using again her play on that horrible epithet. She giggled, when she'd said it.

"The mouth on my Mother!' he said.

"Yes, but look at what's just been in my mouth!" she giggled again.

"You're getting giddy!" he said, "After shower and buggering, it had better be a nap!"

"Buggering! How quaint!," she said.

He whispered to her: "You'll see how quaint it actually is, when I stick my cock up your ass."

She wailed then into his shoulder and turned her face to kiss him, as he carried her into the kitchen. He had her open the cupboard and pull out the bottle of oil.

"Ready!" she crooned and he carried her to the master bedroom and the shower.


As they made their way to the bedroom, she crooned into his ear: "Timmie, you are so strong!"

He smiled at her.

"Oh," she complained, "I smell! Been screwing all afternoon!"

"That's my Mom," he quipped, "A regular slut!"

She giggled at him then and said: "Yes, I am! That's what I am!"

"Well, let's get you clean," he said, putting her down in the shower, after he'd got it ready. "But first," went on, "There is this little matter of me making a pledge to show whose you really are! Are you ready?"

"I'm not so sure," she said, "I remember the last time, when you shoved that big things up my butt hole! It hurt!"

"You loved it!" he said.

"Oh, I did!" she said happily.

By then, she was leaning against the shower wall and was wiggling her ass at him, while the water cascaded down on her. He snugged himself in behind her and reached down to apply the oil to her crack, after re-aiming the shower nozzle. He got her good and slippery. Then he moved forward and pressed his erection against her.

"Ohhhhh," she wailed, "Here he comes!"

"Yes, here he comes!" he said.

He pushed a little, until the head popped inside of her.

"Whose are you?" he demanded to know.

"Yours!" she said, "Yours totally! Timmie's! That's who I am!"

He pushed again and she made an indescribable noise into her forearm, as he penetrated deeper inside of her.

"Oh, like a damn marionette on a string!" she cried out.

"Good," he replied, his breathing increasing, "Then dance for me!" When he'd said that, he pushed into her a little farther and she made a loud squealing noise with her throat.

"Up my ass!" she choked out, "Up my ass right now! The Master is! Up my ass right now!"

She began to shake uncontrollably! She was cumming and having as powerful an orgasm as she ever remembered in her life.

"Timmmmmmmmmmmmiiiiiieeeeeeee!" she shouted, her face pressed against the plexi walls of the shower, while he, with one last movement, that buried him totally inside of her, came himself.

He lifted her up then and dangled her, while she came down from her orgasm and shouted and ranted and made her noises. He shook himself and that shook her and she, dangling, impaled on him, began to make her noises again.

Then it rushed in upon her and, unexpectedly, she shook and came again, with him into her butt hole right up to his pubic hair.

"Yesssssssssssssssssss!" she fairly screeched, as he clamped his arms around her and held her rigidly to himself.

Then he carefully and softly set her down. He got the soap and, with her still leaning against the plexi wall, began to wash her, not missing a spot at all, but being very careful about washing her butt.

She turned then and he washed the front of her, paying attention too to her pussy mound, and her pubic hair. She was grinning now and had her arms up in the air. In that position, she kind of danced around a bit and was humming a song.

She giggled and winked at him and then was kissing him. When the kiss was done, she clung to him and talked to him softly:

"Let's do this now! Let's not go back to the old ways! I want to do this and other things all the time now. The two of us, and now and again a third that you recruit for us."

He was smiling at her and let her talk.

"Oh, Timmie," she said, "I know that you have some wonderfully wicked things that you do to women and I want to know about them, see them and maybe help you do them. That's what I want. Find someone and show me those things."

"Yes," he said, "That's the way it will be. I'll find someone, soon."

She looked at him seriously then and said: "Oh, Tim, I miss our Peggy but maybe there's time now for us, a little wildness and just snuggling for the two of us! And ass fucking, whenever Master Tim wants it!"

"I bet that 'The Five' would want a replay!" he said, and her response was only to giggle.

"I'm not trying to tie you down with this, love," she said, "Only to become a kind of partner for a while, and we'll see what happens and where that leads us."


Tim realized that it worked for Judy and it didn't work. There were still the brooding times. He wanted to be careful with her and her 'down side' and didn't want to keep on introducing 'The Five' into their lives. It was exciting, even she thought that, but it was definitely a 'one off'. He also knew that she probably spent the time that he was away, traveling for the company, brooding.

The homecomings from his trips were pleasant and both of them were anticipating those night, when they'd renew their relationship but Tim sensed that she was still living under a shadow.

Once, when he'd come home and settled, she came into his room. She was wearing a long, white nightgown.

"Here's the prettiest girl in town," he proclaimed and she grinned and turned around for him, showing him her naked form beneath the white gown.

"Still Peggy?" he asked softly, as she sat down on the bed near where he was sitting at a desk chair in front of his computer.

"Yes," she said softly, "Still Peggy!"

"We'll work it out, Mom;" he promised, "You'll see."

Then her attention was captured by his computer screen.

"Who is that?" she wanted to know.

(On the screen at the moment was a picture of Vanessa Reynolds standing in his cabin, where they'd gone, after that dinner. She was smiling and was, in that photo, fully dressed in her outfit of beige blouse and slacks.)

Judy was excited by the photo immediately.

"He name is Vanessa Reynolds," he said, and went on to tell Judy that they'd met, while he was on this last business trip.

"She's gorgeous!" she said, staring at the picture.

"Yes," he said smiling.

"Tell me, Timmie!" she said, her attention riveted to the screen.

He chuckled, pleased at her interest.

"Well, Mom," he said, "You know, good news and bad news!"

(When he thought about Vanessa, Tim repeatedly kicked himself over the fact that he'd played it so cool with Vanessa, leaving a 'gift' of $200 behind on the bureau for her, to make her feel, in one last twist of their encounter, like a purchased woman, and that he never got her particulars.)

"Yes?" she said softly.

"It was wild; hell, beyond wild, but I never got her particulars, who she really is, where she's from any of that!" he said.

"Oh, Timmie!" she complained but then she asked: "Other pictures? Show me, show me!"

"Ready, Mom?" he asked. "These will knock your socks off."

"Ready!" she said, and settled on a chair next to him to watch the photo array.

(Tim had taken photos of the encounter with Vanessa, every part of it. It was those that he went through for Judy then.)

The next photo was of Vanessa wearing only her light, panty girdle.

"Ohh, look!" Judy enthused, "A girdle! Isn't that sexy!"

Then he began to go through the rest. There was a photo of Vanessa walking out in the wooded area, wearing only that panty girdle. It made Judy positively squeal with delight.

"I love these! I love this woman!" she shouted and kissed Tim.

There was the photo of Vanessa hunkered down, with the panty girdle pulled up a bit and peeing. Judy simply sighed and began to wiggle around on her chair.

The next photo was a photo of Vanessa standing, ball gag in her mouth and clothes pins hanging from her nipples.

It was almost too much for Judy.

"Stop, honey, stop!" she cried, and he did, chuckling.

She sprang up from her chair and whipped her night gown off. Then she turned to Tim and pulled his pj bottoms off, letting his erection stick straight up in the air. Judy was on her knees immediately and had his erection in her mouth to wet it. Then, when she thought it was ready, she moved around and sat on it herself.

"More photos now!" she said with a sigh, wiggling herself into place, on his erection.

The photos that followed were just as hot for Judy: Vanessa, her girdle pulled up and her ass reddening from the beating that Tim administered to her.

"You spanked her ass?" she said.

"Yes," he answered, chuckling, "Used my black bag on her!"

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