Tim, the Teacher and His Mom

by mattwatt

Copyright© 2013 by mattwatt

Erotica Sex Story: The neighbor lady that Tim Murphy played with, his sex object, Mrs Winfield, moved away and Tim was in a funk. Then he had an encounter with his Teacher Ms Karney. But this relationship was discovered by his Mom Judy, who decided to intervene but then was added to Tim's stable.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Lesbian   Incest   Mother   Son   MaleDom   Spanking   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

A Kind of Loss:

In a move that at first appeared to be a disaster, Tim Murphy discovered that his neighbor, Agnes Winfield, was moving. She had a new job to go to that was out of state and was just going. The final meeting between the two of them proved to be an emotional one for Agnes. She said to him 'how close' they'd been.

(In reality, they had not only been close, she'd been, Agnes, the next door neighbor, who was indeed his Mom's age, had been his lover, his project, his passion, his challenge and his toy for over a year and a half. It had been a fortuitous ass slapping that had set them out on the road.

Slapping his Mom on the butt had become a kind of form of horse play between Tim and Judy Murphy. It had occurred almost by accident and was taken in fairly good humor by both of them. Judy was often apt to complain about how big her butt was. Tim argued, at the same time, that it wasn't indeed too large. One day that kind of discussion was going on and Judy happened to bend over at the wrong time. Tim, in a playful mood, simply swatted her behind. She jumped and kind of squealed, and he stood there and grinned at her, with her returning the grin.

"Enough of that big ass talk!" he said.

"Yes, sir!" was her sassy answer and they'd left it there.

He had some work to do at Agnes Winfield's shortly after that, and the same kind of situation presented itself. Agnes was wearing a skirt that day. They were working in the basement, and she bent over to get something out of a tight spot. She made a quip, just then, about her butt being too big to fit into such a little spot and Tim swatted her on the ass, hard.

Agnes was silent for a long minute; she straightened up and Tim was sure that he was in trouble. Agnes Winfield looked at him and said softly: "You slapped me on the butt!"

"Yes, uh..." was as far as he made it.

He was almost rendered stupid by what she did next: She resumed her bent over attitude and hiked her skirt up to her waist. Tim was now presented with Anges' magnificently shaped ass encased only in a pair of panties!

"Do it again, please!" she said softly.

Tim obliged and their relationship was launched.

In the process he learned a good bit about women. He learned that by using the spanking, which Agnes dearly loved, he could leverage her into doing whatever he wanted. In successive bouts of spanking, using various instruments for the spanking, Tim began to get blow jobs from Agnes, and then it was screwing and finally, the cap on his successful 'Agnes Campaign', he began to butt screw her.

He learned how to use her compliance to get her to do what he wanted. It also served to produce, develop in Tim a kind of sense that allowed him to be able to discover when a woman was the kind of submissive that Agnes had been. That was the coolest result of his dalliance with Agnes Winfield, and he would be, he knew, sorry to see her go.

He staged one last event with pretty and complaint Agnes. He'd told his Mom that he was going out, while she watched her tv shows and slipped off to Agnes'. She let him in the back door and he didn't waste much time. He had her on her knees and sucking him off, as soon as he was in the door. As a kind of lark, he hauled the submissive woman out of her house and took her to the bushes outside of the room where his Mom was watching tv to finish the blow job. Agnes was resistant, but then she was often resistant to his wilder ideas, but she complied and, with Tim gazing in on his Mom, who, he noticed, idly stroked the crotch of her running pants now and again, much to his delight, Agnes blew him.

He took her then back home and, without the normal beating this time, stripped her and began to screw. He tied her hands together and draped her over the bed, with her hands tied to the head board. Then he greased himself and was fucking Agnes, this one last time, in the ass right away, with her protesting and yelling into a pillow but never insisting that Tim stop what he was doing.

It was a very successful night but then Agnes was gone. Her moving happened the next day!)

(Tim Murphy had begun his dalliance with the mature neighbor, when he was all of 15 years of age. He was athletic and slim with big and very expressive blue eyes. He was pretty much a beautiful boy and would certainly be a beautiful man. That alone, his looks, got him constant attention from women, women of all ages.)

At this point in his life, Tim was in need of a new kind of focus; it had been Agnes Winfield for so long. His one immediate answer was to focus somewhat on his Mom.

The picture of his Mom, when she thought that she wasn't being observed, idly playing with herself, was an image that stuck in Tim's mind. Their relationship continued to be casual and very affectionate but Tim now was being much more observant.

He took time, while his Mom was away, to look into her underwear drawer, and see what kind of panties that she had. He was pleased to discover that the drawer was full of frilly and sexy kinds of panties.

It made him wonder. He knew enough about his Mom to know that there were no men, casual or otherwise, in her life but she seemed, as he was observing her now, to be pretty steamy. It also made him smile.

Judy Murphy was casual around the house and that gave Tim, now that he was 'on the hunt', opportunities to come across her in stages of undress.

Tim worked, hard, to keep those kinds of thoughts at bay; he just wasn't sure that he was ready to take on his Mom as his next 'Agnes' project, although he was also was sure that he wanted and was seeking out another 'Agnes' figure for himself.

He was both confident and had experience with this kind of 'hunting', since his times with Agnes but his next 'Agnes' came to him as a kind of surprise, even so.

Margaret Karney And Her Underwear:

Margaret Karney, Peggy to her friends, was a history teacher. She also, deny it as she would often enough, had a thing for Tim Murphy. She was simply stirred by his beauty, and frequently enough devised secret and sly ways to let him know that she was interested. In fact, Margaret Karney was interested enough to not really be willing to put any kinds of 'boundaries' on what she might do with this lovely boy/man, should he return her obvious, to her, interest.

For a brief time, all that Tim was aware of was that Ms Karney, whom he had for U.S. History, was very kind to him. He had her for his last period class and one day had some questions about homework assignments. It was spring turning hot already that day.

After he'd asked his questions, Ms Karney posed a question to him:

"Tim, um, would you be able to help me move some things around in the storage closet? They are a bit on the heavy side."

"Sure, Ms Karney," he said and followed her into the closet.

She pointed to the things that she might want to have moved and Tim had a sudden and almost blinding revelation. The thought struck him, plainly and with force, that Ms Karney, his history teacher, was acting in exactly the same manner that Agnes had acted. It made him wonder, as he watched her and she stooped down to look at the things that were on the floor and she might want to have moved.

(At this point in her life, Margaret Karney was 38 years old. She was fairly thin but not either in the breasts or in the butt. She had long auburn hair but wasn't one of the 'faculty foxes', as the guys had named a few. She was, however, at that precise time, radiating a kind of aura to Tim that he was strongly familiar with and that reminded him of Agnes, his lost and gone Agnes.)

Then it happened. In that closet, she made a move and Tim made his counter move and he was, once again, in the driver's seat with an older woman.

Ms Karney, as she was stooping down, turned her knees toward Tim, who was watching her like a hawk, and she spread her knees, in a kind of accidental fashion, and there Tim could see, between her spread knees, the front of, crotch and belly, her yellow panties.

He was immediately in the 'zone' with Margaret. He lifted his foot and, without hesitation, pushed his foot into her crotch.

"Ohhhhh," she said, letting out a harsh breath.

Tim simply grinned down at his teacher. Then he took his shoe off, while she watched, and his sock, and now he was able to let his toes play, wiggling and poking, in her panty covered pussy.

Margaret Karney simply sighed and sat on the floor, spreading her knees out to the side, to give this lovely boy/man better access to her pussy.

"Yes, yes, Tim, do that please! I beg you do that!"

He grinned and wiggled his toes into her slit for about five minutes, and she began to shake and writhe on the floor. She was cumming, and in giving her that orgasm, Tim had a new Agnes Winfield on his lucky hands.

She stood then and clutched him to herself.

"We can't do more here!" she said urgently. "I'm sorry but we can't. But soon, I promise."

"Then give me something to seal your promise," he demanded.

"Yes," she said immediately, "What?"

"I want your underwear!" he said.

She giggled. "My underwear? Here in school?"

"Do it, Ms Karney!" he said.

"Peggy," she whispered.

"Do it Peggy!" he said.

She did. With him watching and smiling his 'I've got you' smile. Peggy Karney took off her blouse and camisole and gave him her bra. Then it was her skirt and half-slip and she gave him her panties.

He took them, grinning, and began to walk away.

"You wait five minutes now," he said, "And then dress."

"Yes, Tim," she said breathlessly, "Five minutes."

He wrote down on a slip of paper his cell phone number.

"When you play with yourself tonight," he said finally, before leaving, "Call me!"

"Yes, Tim, I will!" she promised.

"One kiss?" she asked.

"Earn it and you get all the kisses you need!" he said.

She was good with that too, since he was demanding it.

"Yes," she said, "Earn it; I will!"

He turned and was gone, twirling the yellow panties on his outstretched finger, and humming, leaving his naked history teacher in that closet behind him. She just sighed and tried to caution herself about a teacher and a student but she wasn't listening to the cautioning; she was sunk in the beauty of his eyes and the demand of his voice, especially the demand of his voice. Tim, it seems, had found a new 'Agnes'.

The call came at about 11 PM. Tim answered the phone:


"Um, Tim, Mr Murphy?" came the soft woman's voice.

He recognized Peggy Karney's voice right away.

"Why, Ms Karney the history teacher," he said. "Is that you?"

"Yes, sir," she said very quietly.

"You are so polite," he said.

"Thank you, sir," she responded.

"And?" he asked, prompting her.

"I just, uh, finished playing with myself," she said, "And am calling you, as I promised."

"What were you thinking, while playing with yourself?" he asked.

"I was thinking of your toes in my pussy and anything else that you'd want to do!" she said next.

"Wonderful!" he said, "Thanks for the call; you're getting closer to the kiss!"

"Oh, good," she said, "Good night, sir!"

Dealing with Mom:

It was the next afternoon, a Saturday. Tim and his Mom sat and were talking; Judy had had a cup of tea and Tim a coke.

"So, big guy," she said, her voice light, "Who was calling you at 11 PM last night?"

"Oh, a friend," he said.

She got up at that point to put her tea cup in the sink. "Same friend whose underwear you have?" she asked.

He just laughed: "Are you spying on me?"

She laughed too: "No," she said, "You didn't go to any length to hide your trophies. I was just putting laundry away."

He smirked: "Jealous, Mom?" he asked.

She giggled: "No, not jealous!"

"Want me to collect your underwear?" he asked her.

She turned to him and said: "Don't you dare!"

Then he got a look in his eyes that told Judy that she was in trouble: "Tim! Timothy Murphy, don't you dare!"

He was grinning at her and began to move in her direction. She hurried out of the room yelling: "No! Don't you dare!"

He caught her in good time and, grabbing her around the waist, slapped her butt three times, with her squealing. They were both laughing for all that they were worth by then.

After spanking her ass, Tim, pulled up her tee shirt and grabbed at the waistband of her blue panties, that was showing above the top of her jeans.

"Noooooooo!" she wailed, as he pulled up on the fabric of the panties, giving her a 'wedgie'.

He walked away, turning to grin at her, as she stood and stared at him, trying to look disturbed and failing outright. He grinned at her, a grin matched by her own and said: "Pretty panties, Mom!"

"Beast!" she shot at him, still grinning, and wiggling to try to get her panties comfortably set again.

"Got that right!" he said. "Need any help getting those settled again?" he asked.

"March right out of here, Mister!" she barked at him, lapsing into the old 'I'm in charge' tone.

He held up his hands and left grinning at her, with her only shaking her head at him.

"What am I going to do with you?" she asked.

"I'm your baby boy!" he said as he left the room laughing.

She stood and straightened her panties then, still shaking her head.

The next Thursday there was another encounter between Tim and Peggy Karney. He stayed after their last period history class.

She was smiling at him, when the rest had left.

"Will you help with a box in the storage room, Tim, please?" she asked.

"Since you ask so nicely, Peggy, yes, I will!" he said.

They went into the storage closet and he said: "I want your panties today."

"Panties, yes," she said, still almost mesmerized by him.

She hiked up her skirt and, with the skirt at her waist, pulled her pink panties down and gave them to him. She made no move at all to hide her butt or her pussy mound from his gaze.

"Turn," he said, "Show yourself."

She did. Once her back was turned, he slapped her ass hard. She jumped and made a squeaking sound but stayed in place and bent from the waist to give him a better target. He spanked her five more times, and had her huffing and sobbing in the end.

"Kiss?" she asked, almost desperately.

"Soon!" he said.

"My house, Saturday?" she asked.

"Yes," he answered. "And I want you to answer the door naked; I mean, no jewelry, no clothes, not even a band aid! Do you understand?"

She went to her knees and kissed the back and the palm of his hand.

"Yes, sir," she said, "I understand; your Peggy understands."

Judy's Discovery and A Plan:

He left the house on Saturday a bit early, telling his Mom that he was going to visit a friend. She didn't question him any further. She was curious, however, and went up to his room to see if the yellow underwear was still there. It was, and to her surprise, there was a new piece added to the yellow set. It was a pair of pink panties.

Judy Murphy picked up the panties gingerly. Then, looking around, though no one else was there; she put the panties to her nose and could smell that they'd been used.

"Hmmm," she said softly, "Nice smell from someone."

Then she noticed it. These panties had a name written in the small area under the waistband, nor had Tim noticed the name written there.

Judy looked at it and read it: 'Peggy Karney', it said.

"Shit!" she said to herself. "That's his history teacher! The little demon is playing with his high school history teacher."

While she stood there, Judy Murphy had a thought. She smiled and nodded her head.

"It's been such a long time," she said to herself. "But those college days were so cool. Maybe it's time for Judy to assert herself again. Two can play this game. If his history teacher is as hot as I think she is, then she's fair game!"

By the time she was finished with her reverie, she was pleased with herself and with her plan. She knew that conferences with the teachers were supposed to happen next week, and, she thought, she'd put her plan into action then. Judy Murphy was pleased and on the prowl.

At Peggy Karney's House:

While his Mom was making her discovery, Tim arrived at Ms Karney's house. He was all anticipation this morning. He had with him the black bag that he'd assembled for his dealings with Agnes Winfield. He knew that he'd need it that morning.

He went up onto the porch and rang the bell. The door opened and Peggy Karney's voice said: "Mr Murphy, welcome!"

He stepped inside and simply smiled. There she stood, his history teacher, Ms Karney, totally naked.

"Hands in the air!" he said.

She complied immediately, putting her hands in the air.

"Turn slowly!" he said next.

She did.

"Are you pleased, sir?" she asked.

"Totally!" was his answer.

(It should be said that Margaret Karney had a gorgeous body but she was not a pretty woman. She knew that much about herself and, in this instance, was pleased with the attention that she was getting. She was also even more of a submissive than Agnes had been. Tim had already discovered that. She loved, craved the attention and was prepared, that morning to do whatever she was told to do.)

She waited for him to tell her what he wanted. He was anxious, after Agnes' departure months before, to be in charge of a woman again. Peggy Karney seemed to fit that bill exactly.

"Living room," he said, and she walked before him, her ass swinging from side to side, to the living room.

"Nice ass, Ms Karney!" he said.

She stopped and smiled at him. "Thank you, Mr Murphy, sir!" she said, getting totally into her role with him.

When they reached the living room, he took her to the middle of the room to prepare her.

"Okay," he said, "We'll play here."

"Yes, here!" she said, echoing him and showing him that she was going to do what she was told. It made him smile.

"Now I want you down on all fours," he said.

She went to the floor obediently, and waited while he opened his black bag.

"My bag of tricks!" he said.

"Tricks, goodie!" was her response.

"Other women have really liked what I take out of this bag for play time," he told her.

"Other women?" she asked softly.

"Yes, I had an older neighbor lady, Mrs Winfield, who was my plaything and all the things in the black bag were from play times with her," he explained. "But she moved from the area."

"No plaything now?" she asked softly, looking up at his face.

"You now!" he said, and she gave him a beatific smile.

"Oh, good, me now!" was her response.

He took out a roll of duct tape and went to her. In a few moments he had her hands taped to her thighs, leaving her in a bent double position. She looked up at him from the floor with kind of sheep eyes. She watched him retrieve from the bag a ball gag, which he used on her then.

"Part of this will be painful!" he said, showing her the ball gag.

Peggy Karney was determined to be totally honest with him and said: "I'll like the painful part!"

It made him grin. "We're going to be fine together!" he said.

"Oh, good," was her response, "I hope so; I want this so!"

He propped her up then and went back to the bag. She was there on her knees, her hands taped to her thighs and totally exposed to whatever he had in mind.

He reached into the bag again and came out with the long handled hair brush.

"We'll begin with this," he said.

"Yes, sir!" was her compliant reply.

He went to her and put the ball gag in place, and began to beat and belabor her naked ass cheeks with the hair brush. It began to make her ass cheeks pink in just a minute or two, as he continued to swat her ass. It was also causing her to make noises against the ball gag. The noises pleased him.

After about 8 minutes, he stopped and went to the bag again. She watched him to see what it was that he was going to pull out next. It was the ping pong like paddle. She groaned into the gag then and started yelling into the gag, once he began to splat her ass with the paddle. He hit her hard, causing the redness to purple up on her ass cheeks. He spent another 8 minutes or so beating her ass with the ping pong like paddle. Then he took it to the black bag.

Peggy Karney was sobbing into her gag and still gazing at him, hoping that the gaze was telling him how much she was enjoying this. She was, by then, super turned on.

He took the thin, green rod out of the bag next and she groaned and tears started running down her face.

"A few nice marks!" he said.

She shook her head 'yes' in acceptance of what he wanted.

The noise she made now, however, when he hit her with the thin, green rod was huge. She jumped around in place and literally screeched against her gag. He hit her a few more times and, as he watched, she went into an orgasm from the beating and the pain.

He knelt down then and held her, as she was shaking and making noises brought on by the orgasm. She leaned against him then.

He was ready to release her. He undid the duct tape and let her hands free, and pulled her to him.

"Kiss!" he said, and she sprang at him, he lips glued to his.

"You magnificent fucker!" she said, her lips against his lips and sucked on his tongue. She was in a fugue state just then. "Beat me! Fuck me! Make me sob and cry! Use me! Hell! Share me with others! I won't say 'no' to anything at all! Not any fucking thing at all!"

"That's the way that I want you!" he said.

"Yes, yes!" she exploded, agreeing with him.

He pushed her down then, over the arm of the couch nearby. With almost one movement, accompanied by an approving screech from Peggy, Tim was pushed all the way inside of her pussy.

This was the first point where she realized that Tim had a fairly huge erection.

"Ohhhhh, fuck!" she wailed. "Feel the size and the girth of you! Damn it! Feel it! It feels like it's sticking up into my throat from all the way down there!"

"How about this!" he said, pulling his erection out of her and, since it was already slicked up, pressing it home into her butt hole.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!" she yelled, as he pushed it into her butt hole, grabbing onto her hips with his hands and began to screw her ass.

He reached down, as he worked on her and used his hand on her pussy, seeking out and finding her clitoris. She went up like a skyrocket, shaking with another orgasm, as he stiffened and began to cum himself. For many minutes, they were both frantic with the intensity of their orgasms.

She slumped to her knees, as he pulled himself out of her butt hole. She was fairly wiped out but he wasn't finished with her. He grabbed her by the hair, getting another pain laden shout from her, and pulled her head up.

"Clean this!" he demanded, wiping his shrinking cock against her lips.

She opened her mouth immediately, and once again, Tim was pleased at how much more cooperative his history teacher was than Agnes Winfield.

She sucked on his dirty cock and got it clean but by then it was already erect again, and he simply grabbed her by the back of her head and began to pump in and out of her mouth. He wasn't trying right then for a gagging scene, only getting his rocks off again.

She didn't use her hands. She put her hands on his thighs and held on to him, as he stayed in charge of pushing himself in and out of her mouth. When he came this time, she clamped her lips on him and swallowed all of it right down. Then she sat back on her heels and waited.

"Up," he said. "Where's the bathroom?"

"Down the hall!" she said.

Tim grabbed a handful of his history teacher's hair and pulled her along in the direction of the bathroom. She stumbled to keep up with him and made mewing noises, as he kept her hair in his hand.

When he got her into the bathroom, he put her into the tub. She suspected what was about to happen and she simply knelt in the tub and waited. He held onto his dick and, in a few seconds, began to piss.

Peggy groaned, as he did it. She was certainly in a zone that she hadn't visited for many years. She kept her submissiveness a carefully guarded secret but now it was out and rampant. She drank what he gave her. He also sprayed around her face and into her hair.

"Ohhhhh," she wailed, as he finished off.

He got her up from the floor then, and sat her down on the toilet. She was starry eyed and pleased at what had happened, all of it!

He took his own clothes off then, while she watched.

"You are so beautiful!" she said wistfully. He smiled at her then.

When he was naked, he turned on the water and got it hot for a shower for the two of them.

"Oh, how nice!" she said. "Nice to be taken care of! To be used and taken care of!"

She snuggled under the hot water with him and allowed him to wash her, wincing a little, when he got around to washing off her butt cheeks, which were still reddened and sore.

After the shower, he was holding her, having dried her off. He kissed her then and she was eager for his kisses.

"Everything for you!" she said. "That's what it'll be! Everything for Tim Murphy! Everything!"

He grinned down at her. "I'll remember that!" he said.

"Please do!" was her response.

"I have to get home," he said, "My Mom's expecting me for lunch!"

"Yes, I know," she replied. "Maybe again soon?"

"Yes, soon!" he said, kissing her and leaving.

Once he was gone, Peggy simply leaned against the door and sighed. Her hand wandered quickly down to her pubic hair and she didn't move from the spot until she'd given herself another orgasm.

Judy's Plan:

Judy Murphy put her plan into operation that week at the parent-teacher conferences. Peggy Karney was interested to see what Tim's Mom was like, and was almost swept away by how much she looked like Tim and how beautiful Judy Murphy was. She had to think hard to keep her emotions under control.

"Mrs Murphy!" Peggy said, holding out her hand. "Sit please."

They talked for a few minutes about Tim and his progress in history, while Judy assessed this teacher, whose underwear Tim had brought home. Judy knew that Peggy Karney wasn't great looking but she was also aware of Peggy's body and how really fine it was. Judy smiled, and Peggy returned the smile.

Then Judy spoke: "Ms Karney," she began.

"Please, Peggy," Peggy said then.

"Good," Judy went on, "Peggy, do you know what age my Tim is?"

"Um," Peggy said, not sure what Judy meant. "He's, I guess, 17?"

"No," Judy said, "He's 16 right now."

"Oh, I see!" Peggy said.

Judy was right then picking up vibes from the teacher, who was getting nervous. Judy smiled inwardly and said to herself: "This bitch can be had! Tim's had her and I'm going to also!"

(It was an old semi dominant part of Judy Murphy that was asserting itself right there. She'd been that dominant person with her roommate in college and was feeling the thrill of that kind of possibility again.)

"Yes," Judy went on. Then she was ready for her big revelation: "Do you realize that you have your name written in your panties?"

Peggy Karney blanched and simply stared.

"I do?" Peggy asked.

"Yes, you do!" Judy said. "In the pink ones that Tim took from you last week and I'll look, but probably in the yellow ones that he got the week before, that match the yellow bra that he brought home."

She hesitated then and there was only a silence.

Then she began again: "Ms Karney, are you fucking my son, and don't you dare, don't you dare lie to me!"

Peggy felt trapped. She could sense from this woman the same kind of attitude that made her knuckle under so quickly and completely to Tim.

"Yes, I have, Ma'am!" Peggy said.

"Very nice, very polite," Judy said, "But I think that you want to be very polite for me. Don't you, Peggy?"

"Yes, Ma'am, I do!" Peggy admitted.

Judy smiled then and changed her tactics: "Do you do women, Peggy?"

Peggy Karney blanched but also began to breathe a little heavily. Judy leaned across the desk and put her hand over Peggy's and said: "But of course you do! You do women because you do what you're told. Don't you?"

"Oh, yes, Ma'am," Peggy said, caught now by this lovely woman and getting the same kind of sinking feeling that she'd had with Tim.

"Then here's what I want," Judy said. "I want you to come and see me on Saturday morning. Tim will be away for the morning on a bike hike."

"Yes, Ma'am," Peggy said immediately, "Saturday morning!"

"And right now," Judy went on, "I want you to take off your panties and give them to me!"

"Yes, Ma'am," Peggy said, getting up from her chair immediately. She retreated to that part of the room, from which she couldn't be seen by anyone looking in at the window of the door. She raised her skirt and pulled her pink panties down. Then she went and gave them to Judy.

Judy took them with a smile and put them to her nose, causing Peggy to shake with the kind of desire that was overwhelming her right then.

"You think of this tonight, when you play with yourself," Judy said.

"I will, Ma'am," Peggy admitted.

"Now here's a felt tipped pen," Judy said, "Write on the panties what I tell you."

Judy dictated to the history teacher, who wrote: "Peggy Karney's panties; Tim Murphy's history teacher and lover!" Then she signed the panties.

"Good," Judy said, getting up. "Thank you for the conference."

"You're welcome, Ma'am," Peggy said, "And thank you."

"Oh, one more thing!" Judy said.

"Yes?" Peggy asked but by then Judy had opened the closet door, which blocked the sight of anyone looking in at the door.

Peggy all but squealed, as Judy Murphy took her into her arms and kissed her. It as a hot, wet, mouth open kiss, with spit and tongues and heavy breathing by both Judy and Peggy.

As they embraced, Judy said softly: "I want my pussy eaten! Saturday!"

"Yes, Ma'am," Peggy said, "Saturday I'll be your personal pussy eater!"

"I thought so!" Judy replied. "I can count on you?"

"Oh, yes, Ma'am," Peggy said.

As they talked, Judy hiked up Peggy's skirt and took her ass cheeks in hand and began to squeeze them.

"Ohhhhhh!" Peggy said.

"Busy fingers tonight?" Judy asked.

"Yes, Ma'am, busy fingers tonight!" was Peggys' reply.

Judy left her then, standing there, skirt still up and amazed at what had just happened to her and what was going to happen that Saturday.

Saturday's Play Time:

Tim had plans with a group of friends to go for a long bike ride that Saturday. He came into the kitchen from his shower, all ready to go, just as Judy was packing a lunch for him.

"Thanks, Mom!" he said.

She grinned at him and said: "You're welcome, my beautiful man!"

They embraced, and he playfully patted her fanny.

"Hey watch out for the way you handle the merchandise," she said to him.

"Nice merchandise!" he said.

"Okay, enough blarney and on with the bike ride," was her next order.

"Going now!" he said.

"Gonna get another addition to your panties collection today?" she asked him pleasantly, a grin on her face.

"Yep," he said,"Gonna get a pair of panties today from my best girl!"

"Name?" his Mom asked.

"Judy Murphy!" he said and swatted her butt again.

She 'yipped' and said to him, amid their laughter: "No, you're not! Young man!"

He just grinned at her, as he left.

Judy then made a prearranged phone call and Peggy Karney came over right away. She rang the doorbell and Judy opened the door immediately. As soon as Peggy was inside the house, they were in each other's arms, and kissing.

"Oh, so lovely," Peggy said. "He makes me earn kisses!"

"Earn?" Judy said.

"Yes," Peggy answered.

"Tell me! And don't you lie, girl!" Judy demanded.

Peggy described her and Tim's relationship and the way he treated her and his demands.

"Hot!" Judy said, and Peggy smiled.

"Clothes off!" Judy demanded and Peggy stripped. In no time, Peggy stood there totally naked.

"Come with me," Judy said then, taking Peggy by the hand a leading her to the master bedroom.

Once they were there, Judy spoke up again: "Take my clothes off now! Do it nice! Do I slow! Show me who you are!"

Peggy made a production of taking Judy's clothes off, kissing every part of her, as she proceeded. Finally, Judy too was naked. She held her arms out and said: "Kiss for my slave!"

"For your slave, yes!" Peggy said.

(Judy had had this kind of relationship with her college roommate for two years. The roommate was an underclassman, when Judy was already a Junior. The girl was pliable, and obedient, and willing to do what she was told. It was a two year period, a heady time for Judy, when she got her pussy eaten regularly. She gave up that life style, once she'd graduated and met the man who became Tim's father. That marriage didn't last, however. But Judy, until now, never went back to that kind of life style.)

They kissed then. Peggy had her hands at her side, realizing that Judy had not given her permission to use them.

"Use your hands, feel me!" Judy said and Peggy's hands were immediately sliding up and down Judy's naked back, and possessing Judy's ass cheeks.

As Peggy was 'feeling' her, Judy reached down and grabbed a nipple on one of Peggy's large breasts and pinched.

"Owwwwww!" Peggy squealed and Judy, grinning plastered her mouth against the moaning teacher's.

"You like that, my little school teacher slut?" Judy asked.

"Yes, Ma'am," Peggy admitted. "I love the way you treat me."

"Ready to eat my pussy?" Judy asked next.

"Yes, Ma'am, if you let me; it'll be my joy!" Peggy said breathlessly.


After Tim had left that morning, before the trail ride actually began, he realized that his bike had a slow leak in the front tire. He had nothing to fix it with, and so told his friends that he'd do it some other time with them and went home.

He put the bike around the back of the house, as he normally did and entered the kitchen. When he approached the house, he noticed a car that he thought was Peggy Karney's in the driveway.

"What's she doing here?" he wondered.

He stood still in the living room and heard a rustling and moaning that was coming from the direction of his Mom's bedroom.

(The house was a large, semi-sprawling one story with Judy's bedroom on one side of it and Tim's on the other side.)

He moved now cautiously in the direction of his Mom's bedroom, already suspecting what was happening. When he got to the door to his Mom's bedroom, he found it ajar, and looking in saw, to his amazement, both his Mom and his history teacher, Peggy Karney, naked on the bed. Judy was lounging with her eyes closed and Peggy Karney was in the process of licking her way down his Mom's stomach, toward her pubic hair.

Tim's immediate and overwhelming reaction was anger. He was seeing red, and burst into the bedroom absolutely shouting:

"What the fuck is going on?"

Both women were startled and jumped. Peggy moved away from his Mom's stomach and Judy just squeaked, pulling the blanket over her.

Tim moved into the room like a mad man:

"She's my bitch!" he shouted.

When he got to Peggy Karney, who was truly frightened by Tim's sudden total rage. He grabbed her by the shoulder and turned her over bodily, so that her naked back was facing up and her ass on display.

Judy hadn't even found her voice yet and squeaked out a pathetic: "Timmy!"

"Don't you fuckin' 'Timmy' me, damn it!" he yelled and yanked the covers off of his Mom, seeing her lovely nakedness for the first time, nice large breasts, stiffened nipples and creamy skin with a lovely contrast of dark, curly pubic hair.

"Over!" he yelled, and Judy was too startled to do anything but obey, flipping over on her stomach.

The two women were now side by side on the bed. Judy looked around and said an exploratory: "Timmy?"

But he yelled at her to shut up and she did.

They were both waiting now for Tim to leave the room so that they could dress and talk the situation out. But Tim had no intention of leaving the room. Instead, he hauled the belt off of his pants and began to beat their naked asses with his belt.

The two women were shrieking immediately from the blistering force of the beating.

"TIMMY!" his Mom wailed but only received another loud order to 'shut up'. It silenced Judy immediately.

Tim continued with the belt, causing red stripes to appear on both his Mom's naked ass and his history teacher's naked ass.

"My fuckin' bitch that you're playing with and never asked me!" he yelled at his Mom, accentuating the yell with the belt.

"Sorry!" Judy wailed but he was already addressing Peggy:

"You cunt!" he screamed, "Fucking with my Mom and never asking me! What were you thinking, shit for brains?"

"Not ... not thinking, sir!" Peggy wailed, already sobbing from the beating.

Finally, Tim put the belt down. Both women were sobbing at that point and looking at him sheepishly.

"You," he said pointing at Peggy.

"Yes, sir?" she sobbed.

"Kiss her! Make it real! Make it hot but kiss her!" he ordered.

Peggy didn't need any further urging. She locked lips with Judy, who, in response to what Tim was shouting, went for Peggy's lips just as eagerly. In the meantime, as they were kissing, Tim took his clothes off. He was determined to show both of them.

As they kissed, and when Tim was now totally naked, his erection standing before him like a weapon, long and lethal, Tim pulled on Peggy's legs, bringing her down the bed so that he could stand between her legs.

With one movement, aided by Peggy's already existent wetness, Tim pushed himself into her pussy.

She yelled into Judy's mouth: "Fucking me! He's..." but then she went off into moans and became incoherent.

Tim brought Peggy Karney in very little time; the combination of the beating, his anger, her fright and basic delight at what was happening pulled the trigger for her.

He pulled his still rampant cock out of her and then grabbed his Mom's ankles and pulled her down the bed.

"Kiss!" he ordered and the two of them did.

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