The Ward of Desires

by Marduk

Copyright© 2013 by Marduk

Sex Story: A chap on community service is sent to a corrupt country to work and finds himself drafted into a mental institute that turns out to be a virtual 'happy hour' of sexual desires.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   Rough   Harem   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Hairy   Big Breasts   .

There was no doubt in Harry's mind that he had made a shocking mistake. 'I should have paid the fine', he muttered to himself. 'I shouldn't have taken the option of community work especially in the government's new proposal of doing 'community work' in some of the basket case nations that exist'. He was still grumbling when one of the supervisors of the programme entered the small café that was attached to the hospital. "Good morning", the man said. "I have had a word with your embassy and that as we need further assistance in one of our other hospitals further inland from the coast, I have been told to advise you that you will be picked up tomorrow morning outside where you are billeted at seven-thirty". There was no chance of a question or a protest, the man turned and left, leaving Harry with an even bitter taste in his mouth.

Protest of course was useless, it was a decision he had made of course not knowing of the governments arrangement with some undeveloped countries; he thought community work was like gardening or some other labouring job, but to be placed in these god forsaken dumps was not even food for thought, it would be classified as a nightmare and in reality a nightmare it was. He threw his limited clothing into a well used leather overnight bag and then ventured down to the bar. Generally he didn't drink for a couple of reasons – one the drinks were generally so watered down they were useless and secondly the prices charges were so off the planet that only a fool would tolerate them, but then this was, like so many of the Eastern European countries that had just immerged from the dark ages of Communism, totally corrupt. Any complaint, especially by a foreigner would guarantee you a solid beating and being stripped on any hard currency that you had and then spending goodness knows how long in some vermin pit of a gaol cell till your embassy managed to get you out and only then with another massive 'payout' However, this evening he was so pissed off with the whole arrangement that he took the chance of tolerating what was on offer and avoiding any problems. "Maybe I will even take on one of the sluts that hang around the bar, really what the fuck do I have to loose", he muttered as he slammed the door to his billet.

Slamming the door was the only way to close it, there were no locks and what he had wasn't worth taking for within hours of arriving his room had been searched, his clothing thrown around but nothing was taken, for he had nothing of value to be taken and what money he had was in their useless currency, fit only to buy the local product, not what a thief would want, especially from a foreign, they wanted hard currency. He ordered the least expensive drink, a can of coke but even that was triple its proper price, but it was sealed. He finished and was just about the leave when a female voice heavily intoxicated grunted. "Buy ... Buy me a drink".

The woman stunk, her dress was almost a rag and filthy; she was braless and the dress was so low that it barely covered her sweat covered tits. She was the sort of woman that one would call the 'furniture' of this sort of hovel. However, she was also the sort that you didn't tell to 'fuck off' that is if you didn't want to spend the night in a cell or up a side alley as a bloody piece of meat. He had seen what the custom was when approached, you bought the creature a drink and it would have an expensive label but would have no association with the real name sake what so ever. It would be an excuse for a leap in profit; you then invited her to your room, naturally at a cost, and fucked her.

A condom was not generally in his luggage. At home he had a regular woman who wasn't at least interested in marriage and for that matter neither was he, but she knew how to spread her legs and could do things with her mouth that almost drove him off the planet. In fact he would prefer her to suck him off then to actually fuck her and she didn't object and willingly took a load in the mouth. However, he wasn't at home and goodness knows where this woman had been and who had been through her. "Get you gear off" he snapped. The woman just dropped the straps from her shoulders and the rag crumbled to the floor, she was naked. She certainly wasn't the sort that would grace any pages of Vogue Magazine or one you would take home to mother, but she was a woman and one of his desires was that a woman had a growth of hair at her groin and this woman had a forest and her tits although sweat stained were substantial and when he commanded her to turn around gave her another tick for her bum, in normal circumstances would be on his fuck list.

He fumbled with the condom but finally got it into place. "Suck my cock before we fuck", he snapped. She sank in front of him and as he pushed the condom covered prick against her lips; she opened her mouth. He pulled her head into his groin, pushing his entire length down her throat. The interesting thing was that she didn't gag or pull away, getting a cock rammed down her throat must have been an everyday occurrence. "Suck it cunt", he snapped. "Grab hold of my balls and give them a yank". She did what he wanted, her grip was firm as she manhandled his balls but her sucking was fantastic. She gobbled his cock till it was covered in saliva. He then pulled her up, shoved her over the bed and 'doggied' her driving that lubricated cock in one thrust to the limits of her cunt.

He was rough, but not brutal. He wasn't there to hurt the woman but he was going to fuck her and fuck her hard. He rammed away, driving his cock in, hopefully to the limits where no cock had ever been and he wasn't going to hurry. For a good twenty minutes he rode her till with a thrust that split his balls he filled that condom, slowly he pulled out and then emptied the contents over her tits. "Have a shower", he said. "If you have nothing better to do you can stay the night. I will say one thing for you your cunt was a nice fuck and I did enjoy the suck so if you stay we can have a repeat". The woman didn't reply but did give him a smile and certainly took the opportunity to have a wash, maybe the first she had, had all week. She stayed the night; she sucked till the condom was full and let him pour the contents into her mouth so that it dribbled out. He took her in a number of positions; the only item off the agenda was her bum. It was well after two in the morning when exhaustion called a stop and sleep took over.

He was to be picked up at seven-thirty, he paid the woman as he left and as she walked away he felt a touch of pity for her for he knew that one day she would be found in a gutter, bashed and brutalized for that was the fate of women like herself who were the 'furniture' for hovels like where he was billeted.

The road to the inland hospital was a road in name only; it was a mass of pot holes and broken gravel. His transport swayed from left to right as the driver did his best to avoid the more lethal holes, finally after a couple hours of a torturous journey, the transport arrived at what was classified as a hospital; its outside appearance was something that would make the advertisement for a horror movie or one associated with ghosts and goblins, it was a total disgrace. Maybe he had a slight criminal record but that didn't mean he had no idea of politics in general, especially 'foreign aid'. He didn't know of their 'community arrangements' but he did know that many millions of tax payers funds had been levelled at this 'basket case of a country' and that money was aimed at improving their health institutions. What a joke no aid money had ever found its desired goal, but had found its way into the corrupt political agenda. The hospitals had no funds but the politicians had mansions, the latest expensive car, yachts in the harbour and enough jewellery attached to them to double their weight on any scales.

He stood in the fly blown reception area; dust was thick on almost everything he touched. The transport driver had just dropped him without any introduction; he was on his own. It was many minutes before a rather bored and flabby woman appeared. Her voice was slurred and she reeked of alcoholic. He had been given a letter as he was dropped off and he handed it to this woman. He had already read it and knew what it contained. It was to inform the hospital that he was on 'community service' and was to be put to work where the administrators thought fit. The woman gave a grunt and indicated for him to follow her. The reception area was dirty but as he followed her down an array of corridors they were not dirty, they were filthy.

Finally they reached a door, labelled administrator. His flabby escort knocked and not waiting for a reply entered. It would have been useless waiting for an answer. The administrator, with his trousers around his boots was thrusting his groin hard against the face of a naked woman, while pulling her head forward. There was no other explanation to what was happening, the administrator was in the process of emptying his balls into the woman's mouth for, although invisible, somewhere down her throat was his cock. Harry could understand and appreciate the expression of delight on the administrator's face, for not that many hours ago he was in that same position, delighting in the climax of being sucked off. There was something about being sucked off that as he stood there and heard the administer gasp. "Drain it, Drain it all', he felt his own cock beginning to harden and if the administrator had said. "Well I'm finished, fancy having your cock sucked", he would have dropped his trousers and rammed his prick into the woman's mouth and like the administrator, held her till she sucked him dry.

Finally with a gasp the woman was pushed away, she fell on her backside, the essence of her work dripping from her lips. "Well don't just sit there you stupid slut, get back to your ward". The woman didn't move quickly enough. The administrator turned to the flabby escort as he pulled his trousers up. "Take this cunt back to her ward". Then without taking a breath snapped. "Who are you and what do you want?" The letter of introduction was quickly read and then discarded into a waste bin. "So you are the 'community worker', he said with a grin. "We have work for you and when that flabby nurse returns I get her to explain what you will be doing and what else you want to know". Apart from the shuffle of paper there was silence in the office, the administrator ignored him till the so called nurse return. "This man's name is Harry", he said. "He is one of those 'community workers', show him what he had to do and where he will be billeted". The nurse gave a nod and indicated to Harry to follow; she took the same door that minutes before she had taken the woman.

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