Public Transportation

by David Michaels

Copyright© 2013 by David Michaels

Fiction Sex Story: A bus ride and ogling turns into a four way of fun

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma   Consensual   Gay   Fiction   Group Sex   White Male   Hispanic Male   .

There's something about summer, warm weather, sunshine, and of course the shirtless boys and men. The warm weather had finally come to stay, so the bus ride and walk home now had promises of plenty of eye-candy. Being carless I relied on public transportation to get me back and forth to work. The ride in the evening was sometimes OK, but the morning ride was usually chock full of shirtless beauties walking, jogging, and occasionally riding the bus. Last week during a brief warm snap, I had spotted several Hispanic boys riding the 2nd bus I normally rode, and I was looking forward to seeing them this week, and I was not disappointed.

As I sat waiting on my 2nd bus, here they came, all shirtless and speaking Spanish. Tan smooth skin, dark hair and eyes, and that Spanish accent that drove me wild. They stopped at the bus stop and started counting money, I knew I was in for a NICE bus ride home. I guessed they were all still in their teens, roughly 5'9" tall, smooth and all well defined. The leader of the group had a nice 8-pack, one had a nice defined 6-pack and the third while not as defined, was still nice to look at. I tried not to stare, but I couldn't help myself, by their conversation, and my limited Spanish, I could tell I had been caught, but they didn't seem to mind. In fact they seemed to enjoy the fact they were being watched/ogled. We all got on the bus, and they made sure to sit a few seats in front of me. I caught bits and pieces of their conversation and my limited Spanish told me I was defiantly they topic of conversation.

As the bus neared my stop, I stood with an obvious hard on tenting my Chef's pants, and as I stood at the door I noticed they exchanged words, then stood to exit with me, all smiles. We all exited at the same stop, and I started home. Near the apartments where I live was a wooded area near a small stream. I had chased my dog through there several times, so I figured I'd be safe enough walking through there to get home. As I entered the woods I heard "¿Gringo, Necesitamos chupas?" With my limited understanding of Spanish I knew that meant either they wanted sucked or they wanted to know if I wanted sucked, either way it sounded like a win-win situation, so I turned, nodded yes and grabbed my semi-hard cock, and walked into the underbrush.

Not far in there was a small clearing, I stopped there and removed my shirt. The three boys soon found me and whistled as they all reached out to feel my smooth white skin. For 46 I was in OK shape, I did push ups to maintain my 40" chest, sit-ups to keep my abs solid, and of course walking kept my waist at a trim 32". As they stood feeling me, I returned the favor and reached out to feel them. All smooth with a hint of summer sweat from walking and warmed by the sun, my semi was soon rock hard. I pinched the dark brown nipple of the smallest which brought forth a moan of excitement. So I tried with the other two and got the same moans.

As the four of us exchanged mutual body admiration, I didn't notice the smallest drop to his knees and work on our pants, until mine fell to my feet, along with my boxers. I looked down into the deepest brown puppy eyes and whitest smile ever and then noticed the other two cocks. I was happy with my above average 7" thick cock and smooth balls, but mine looked small next to the others. One was a minimum of 9" and the other was over 11" and thick as a 8oz. coke bottle, both were nestled in well trimmed bushes, uncut, with nice smooth low-hanging balls. I stroked the smaller one first, watching the tapered purple head slip in and out of the foreskin. Then I went for the larger cock, as the skin pulled back, I was greeted by a fat mushroom head, bigger than the shaft. I continued stroking the two cocks as they continued to rub against my body, ass and cock. The boy on his knees said something in Spanish as he moved towards the 11" cock, but stopped when the owner said "¡No, primero Gringo!"

I knew that meant white boy first and the thought had barely registered when I felt a warm mouth covering my cock. The kneeling boy was great at his task, he took all 7" down his throat in three bobs, and while his throat milked my cock, the smaller cock to my right, turned my hear and forced his tongue into my mouth. His buddy to my left, played with my ass as he sucked on my hard and sensitive nipples. I was not going to last long with this kind of attention. I tried to pull out of the suckers mouth as I felt my load building, but he grabbed my ass and tried to pull me deeper as I unloaded into his willing mouth. He milked the last of my load, then turned to the 11" monster to my left, and I was almost surprised as he took it to the root without even stopping.

Even having just cum, I was getting hard again watching his throat swell every time that monster cock slid into it. The boy I had been kissing, placed a hand on my shoulders and pushed me down, and said something in Spanish, I caught chupa and I knew what that meant, so I dropped to my knees and started sucking. I used my tongue to clean the pre-cum from under his foreskin, I pulled the skin back and licked across the head, then proceeded to suck just the head. I did my best, but there was no way 9" of thick cock was fitting into my throat.

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