What Are Friends for?

by Eros Alban

Copyright© 2013 by Eros Alban

Sex Story: The story of two friends and their needs. A short tale.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma   Consensual   Coercion   DomSub   Rough   Light Bond   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Size   .

We were just playing around. I was over at my best bud's place and we were messing around rough housing. He had taken off his shirt claiming it was hot and since I was warm from the beers I stripped mine off too. His hands kept rubbing my chest and his touch on my nipples felt so good. Laughing loudly he wrapped what I thought was his belt around my chest and locked it. A body harness. Flicking my nips he grabbed my arms and attached them to the straps. I didn't understand his plan.

Suddenly his lips were on mine. I'd never kissed a boy before and his kiss was rough and wet and hot and he tasted so good. His hands roamed my body sliding into my jeans. He grabbed my rock hard cock. What Im hard? Oh fuck his touch feels so good. I've never been so turned on before. Never been so hard. He breaks our kiss. Im laughing and moaning in pleasure when he grabs another piece of leather strapping. What is he planning now? He moves it to my face and before I can react he slips the plug into my mouth and fastens it behind my head. Im scared for a moment than he pinches my hard nipples. I moan around the cock shaped rubber gag in my mouth.

He quickly strips the jeans off our bodies and standing proud is his huge dripping cock. I look down and see my equally huge dripping cock straining for release.

He strokes my cock coating his hand in my pre before reaching between my legs and lubing my straight cherry hole. His touch sparks my untouched boy pussy. I've haven't ever touched it myself. As his fingers breach me I stare at the massive cock before me, pre flowing freely out of the inch wide slit in the plum sized head. My best friend and soon to be lover sees my lust and begins smacking my face with his cock, covering me in his sticky pre. He rubs his juice all over my face til I'm covered. My mouth waters to taste him.

He's ready. He lifts my legs unto his shoulders and puts that cunt wrecker of a cock against my tight raw cherry hole. He's so big it won't go in, but I can feel his juices flowly into me. It's like he coming inside me, but I know he's not. His pre lubes me up and I feel my boy cunt lips spreading open to except his fuck stick. The discomfort is minimal and there is no pain as with a loud pop his huge cock head slips inside.

The world goes white and then his swollen bull balls are against my skin. His whole huge cock is balls deep inside my freshly deflowered ass. He roughly takes hold of my hips and shoves in even deeper, before beginning to fuck me.

His fucking is deep and rough and harder then I knew was possible. Its only seconds in when I feel what his is trying to reach. My joy button. His throbbing cock head just reaches it. I moan loudly around the cock gag.

He lifts my ass a little higher and suddenly he's deeper. His cock head is roughly smashing into and past my joy button and the flared flange of his head scrapes it as he pulls out. It's touch burns me up and I go wild on his cock. Bucking and thrashing about. My whole body is on fire. Suddenly my balls erupt through my untouched cock. Coating myself in gallons of cum. My boy cunt grips his cock milking it for cum. He continues his rough assault on my jizz button and my pussy, making me cum over and over, until finally he howls and fills me. Breeds me with his baby batter. My cunt is so tight around his cock shaft nothing escapes. His hot molten lava fills me, my belly distends, making my ass a cunt forever.

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