The Sexual Adventures of Abbey Orange


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Erotica Sex Story: Abbey Orange Sexual Adventures Included: M/Ff,D/S,Hj,Oral,Rim,Spank,Toys, Abbey Who Is an Adventurous Lover Who Loves to Pleasure Her Man Sj -the Story Is Written From Abbey and Sj Point of View.

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Abbey comes home from work.

Abbey's point of view

Abbey Orange is siting on the edge of the bed removing her black boots, her husband, SJ is in the bathroom getting undressed ready for to the shower. Abbey is watching him in the reflection of the bathroom mirror, as she slides her boots off. Her eyes are roaming over his chest as he removes his shirt. She likes his feel chest, the softness of his skin, his manly smell. She has started to remove her stockings and her fingers absently linger on her crutch. As if in a trance she places her hand inside her satin G-string and starts gently rubbing herself. She slowly eases a finger inside herself; she is so wet from watching her husband strip. With a finger slowly moving up and down gently rubbing herself, she finds her other hand is caressing her breasts and lightly pinching her nipples. Her hand between her legs is making and her wetter and wetter. SJ is bending over removing his pants, she likes his round firm cheeks, and she finds herself licking her lips, salivating in desire. Abbey can no longer control herself. Now naked, she stands up and goes to him, she can feel her juices flowing down her thighs. She stands behind him and pushes him against the wall and starts kissing his neck, he feels so soft and smells so nice. Abbey reaches around grabs his penis with one hand, still kissing him, nibbling on his ear, the other hand is playing with is balls, his cock hardens under her touch. She turns him around, so that he is now leaning against the bathroom wall, she gently starts licking his nipples, with the tip of her tongue, switching from nibbling to sucking. Abbeys hands are still roaming all over his cock and his butt, one hand is alternating between stroking his rock hard 8 inch cock and balls, while the other has found its way to between he cheeks of his butt and is gently massaging his hole. She slowly inserts a finger into his butt, then a second, gentle moving them in and out. Abbey reaches down and picks up the conditioner, and places a dollop of conditioner on her hand and returns to stroking him, slowly at first moving her hand up and down the full length of his thick shaft. Her fingers are still sliding in and out of his butt; her mouth is working on his nipples. Abbey can feel that is about to come and slows down her movements, she wants him to take her in the shower. They get in to the shower, Abbey lets the flowing water clean conditioner of SJ's penis, she bends down, she can feel the hot water running down her back, she takes SJ penis in her mouth, slowly sucking his shaft, playing with the tip of his penis with her tongue. Abbey makes him spread his legs wider apart and places kisses in his inner thighs, her fingers gently tracing the outline of his well shaped legs, she picks up the cloth and gently washes his penis, then his legs, she washes his feet and toes. Abbey is sitting on the shower floor, washing his toes, she sucks each toe in her mouth, as she continues to wash and massage his feet. SJ pulls her up from the floor and turns her around, she bends over, and she is flexible enough to place her hands on the ground. He enters her from behind in one quick motion; this is how she wanted him to take her. He penetrates her deeply, the more she leans over the deeper he can get. He thrusts harder, his hands are on her nipples. The water is cascading down their backs. Today she wants it hard and fast. She is close to climax, he can feel this and works faster, as she comes she can feel his penis spasming deep inside her as he shoots his cum in to her well-satisfied pussy.

SJ's point of view

It had been a long day. I came home and prepared to unwind with a hot shower. I saw Abbey getting changed and looked forward to fucking her. She was such a wild lover; no night was dull in bed with Abbey! As I am just about to get in the shower Abbey comes and takes me. Kissing me and touching me the way she knows I like. Fuck, her fingers work my arse and my cock. I am ready to cum but Abbey takes me to the water and washes and kisses me until I can wait no longer. I slide inside her and feel her push me in deeper. I squeeze her tits as I feel myself about to cum. As I find her nipple and twist as I push harder inside her she moans pushes back and cums. Her body takes me over the edge and I flood her with my cum. What a way to wind down at home!

FRIDAY the 3rd

Later on in the week,

Abbey's point of view

They had gone out dancing all night and could not wait to get home. All the close touching and gyrating on the dance floor had got her hot and ready for sex, her body was craving his touch. Abbey was still in the mood for dancing when there arrived home and decided that she would give SJ a lap dance. She placed a chair against the wall and made SJ sit there fully dressed (she knew she would need the wall for support). She walked across and pressed the play button on the CD player, she knew her SJ's favorite song was next to play ("Throw your arms around me"). With the lights now dimmed and the music playing in the background, she slowly unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor. Wearing only a lacy black bra, suspender belt and stockings and high heel shoes, she slowly walked across the room staring into SJ's eyes. Her hands were running all over her body and through her hair, her hips were swaying from side to side in time to the music. She stood between his legs, leaning her upper body forward; her hands on the wall above him, her back was arched, her butt up in the air. She was teasing him, inching her body forward and backwards, closer and closer to face. Her freshly waxed pussy was glistening in the subdued lighting; it was wet with anticipation of things to come. She liked to keep her pussy hair free so she could feel his tongue. Even now he was trying to touch her with his tongue – but she kept gently pushing him back in the chair. She rubbed herself and spread her lips wide, so he could see her pinkness glistening. She teased him with her hard nipples, rubbing them against his lips, SJ tried to lick and suck on her nipples, but again and again she kept him from touching her.

She took her hands and slowly started rubbing her breasts, she touched herself, telling him what she wanted, were she wanted him to touch her.

She inserted a finger into her wetness, and then places it between his lips to tease him with her taste, and then she pinched her nipples and moaned with desire. She then turned around and leant over, exposing her little brown hole by spreading her cheeks, she allowed him to lean forward and give her hole a quick tongue which sent tiny shivers up and down her spine She pushed back harder onto his tongue reveling in the sensations he was giving her. SJ could not take it any longer, he grabbed her around the waist and placed her on the ground, Abbey was now on all fours, He quickly unzipped his pants and his rock hard penis sprang out, pre-cum was oozing from the eye like a river. Kneeling behind her, he quickly lined up and thrust hard, feeling is penis slide all the way inside her, filling her completely. She was so hot and worked up that the initial thrust set of a mind-blowing orgasm. As she was shuddering in delight, SJ felt his balls swelling and released a full load of hot cum deep in her hot pussy. Abbey then turned around and took him in her mouth. The taste of their combined juices was heavenly as Abbey cleaned him. SJ then laid her down and leant in between her legs, Abbey felt his tongue and lips touch her, gently caressing her, his tongue on her clitoris felt warm and wet, licking, sucking and blowing on her, she was squirming with pleasure, the thought of him tasting his own cum just added to her overactive sexual delight. His fingers stimulating her G-spot, she started to lose control, once again SJ had given her a mind-blowing orgasm. She was then turned over onto her hands and knees again. His tongue started licking her rose bud as he prepared to fuck her arse she loved this dirty side of him. As she felt the head of his hard penis at her opening, she pushed back and let it slide in all the way. It was so good to feel the full width of him stretching her. Soon he was thrusting in and out hard and she new it wouldn't take much for him to come deep in her bowels. What an unbelievable feeling. As he came, I felt him rubbing my clit hard and I experienced yet another leg quivering orgasm as he emptied into me yet again. Mmmmm ... what if I could feel the powerful thrust of two hard cocks at the same time.

SJ's point of view

My lover is amazing. After a night of sensuous dancing she gives me this amazing lap dance and lets me take her doggy style. I cum so quick I am sure could not have cum. I go down on her sweet pussy and taste our combine juices. A finger or two in her and my tongue on her clit and soon she is squirming. I watch her beautiful body and wonder how else I can please her. My mind drifts to places I fantasies about but could never ask for. Will she let me fuck her while she sucks on another man? Does she wonder what it would be like to be taken by two men at the same time? Will she get off on me exploring my own sexuality?

By the time I feel her cum I have decided we should explore this option together. The thought of it has me hard again, time for a little naughty SJ. Abbey must have read my mind at what I wanted now, because she didn't resist as I turned her onto her hands and knees. My hard cock was still glistening, so I pressed it against her ass and felt her relax and push back. I was in heaven fucking this gorgeous ass. I reached around and let my fingers touch her clit and slide into her pussy. As I squeezed a nipple to the point where it just hurt Abbey lost control and rode me like a wild bronco. Fuck what a lover. We were spent and lay together for hours just holding each other close my mind wandering to places never visited before.

SATURDAY the 4th

Saturday morning

As she is remembering the details of last night and the orgasm the SJ had given her, she started think to herself what would it feel like to have your nipples sucked and played with out the same time? How would it feel to have another man or woman participating in a steamy session? How about two hard cocks to cater for her every need? Later the day as Abbey is surfing the net, she lets curiosity take her and starts to look for casual encounters. One in particular tickles her fancy. A man calling himself Charlie Paddlepop (because I love to lick), says he would love to help teach a couple the pleasures that can be experienced with a third person. There is a reply email, so on a whim, she decides to send a simple message and see what happens.

Hi Charlie,

Your name made me laugh, so here I go. I am interested in a threesome, can you please help me? A photo would be a great start.

In Anticipation.


Charlie's Story

Hi, my name is Charlie and this is my story. I am a 35yo divorced man who is just out to enjoy life. I am 187cm tall and weigh 90kg. While I am not a fitness fanatic, I do enough to keep those unwanted kilos from becoming a permanent part of my body. I have short brown hair and blue eyes and think that I am a reasonably good-looking bloke. I was married, but she decided that my wants and needs were not important and that I was there to serve her. I hoped it was a phase she was going through, but after 10 years of her being a total bitch, I finally had had enough and left her. Now here I am five years later enjoying life and all it's little treats. I have done the swingers parties and the late night pick-ups, even a prostitute or two. So I know what I like and I reckon I have a pretty good grasp on my own sexuality and what I can offer to others. It was a curiosity to see who was out there and what they were after that led me top putting myself on-line. I know that the 'Paddlepop" bit is a bit corny, but hey; why not try a bit of humour to relieve the tension.

It had been three weeks since I first placed my ad on-line and so far the responses didn't do anything to excite me, they all were to full on and demanding. Then this one from "Abbey" came through and it was short, simple and polite, so I thought I would reply and see what happens. I sent her a photo of me (not a naked one) and said that I would really like to meet her and have a chat, before going any further. We agreed to meet for a coffee at a local café on the a Saturday morning at 10am for a get to know each other better and to see what she was really after.

MONDAY the 6th

ABBEY Finds Kermit Plus More

Abbey and SJ had been discussing the email that she had sent to Charlie over breakfast, they were keen to read his response, they also decided that Abbey should stop by an adult shop on the way home to pick-up a new toy to add to their collection. Later on in the afternoon, Abbey called in to the adult shop to see what might tickle her fancy. With so much choice she was glad when a lovely young female sales assistant came over to offer her some help. She eventually decided on a Ceres G Massager, after receiving personal assurances from the assistant, who had extensively tested this particular model. It was softly dressed in a silicone that was as soft as a petal's touch. The description said its curves were sure to captivate you with 7 powerful vibrating settings, which helped to deliver an effortless, natural and arousing orgasm. To emphasize their claim, in large writing on the box was written: A MIND-BLOWING, MAKE -YOU-WANT-TO-WAKE-UP- THE NEIGHBOURS. GOOD TIME. She could not wait to get home and try it. She was having such a good time flirting and laughing with the assistant, that she also asked about new products for her adventurous man. The best selling product for him was a flexible prostrate massager that was guaranteed to tickle him to a lengthy orgasm. Between them they decided that he would absolutely love it, so into the bag it went. The lovely girl also gave her a free bottle of oil for her purchases and told her to call again soon, for anything. On the way home she called her husband to give him the details of her purchases, saying that she had a surprise for him as well. She quickly described her new vibrator and told him it was bright green and waterproof, SJ thought it sounded really good and said they should call it "Kermit", he also said that he had to work a little bit late and would see her soon.

On the drive home Abbey 's mind was racing with thoughts of sex and toys. Her time with the assistant at the shop had her surprisingly wet and as she was driving, her hand absently began rubbing the lips of her pussy, this was easy to do as she only had suspender belted stockings on under a cheeky small skirt. By the time she got home she was so wet and hot that she raced straight inside got naked and took Kermit out of his box. She quickly rubbed a bit of oil onto Kermit and then in one quick forceful motion, she forces Kermit deep into het wet and ready pussy. The size of him is just what she needed and she orgasms straight away, mmmmm. With the initial orgasm over she then starts to see what Kermit can do cycling through the 7 exhilarating patterns, it did not take her long to feel another orgasm approaching. Kermit was living up to the guarantee on the box, she continued to cycle through the patterns, high, high 2, wave then pulse which nearly tip her over the edge early, followed by the Throb, flutter and tease pattern. Hitting her G-Spot each time, she settles on High 2, this time moving Kermit in and out of her sweet pussy faster and faster, the curve of him massaging the insides of her pussy in new and amazing ways, her breathing is getting heavy and she works him relentlessly, she then withdraws Kermit and places it on her clit, this nearly drives her insane and as the message on the box claimed, she has a mind-blowing orgasm. Once her body returns to normal she notices Kermit is no longer moving. Fuck she thought, I couldn't have broken it all ready. She washes and dries Kermit and leaves him on the bed. She has a dancing class to go to and will check on him later to see if she can revive his short-lived life.

Abbey returns from dancing and checks on Kermit but he is dead, she killed him. Abbey remembers having a laugh with the sales assistant about the fact the Kermit came with a 12-month warranty. She removes the warranty from the box and laughs as she reads the following: "All claims must be supported by reasonable evidence to validate your warranty'. Tomorrow she will go back to the adult shop and explain to the sales assistance what happened. She doesn't think she will have any trouble talking to the sales assistant about what and how she had used Kermit, in fact it made her smile as she thought of telling a virtual stranger about her exploits, if needed. She then took a shower so as to be clean and ready for when SJ came home from work, if Kermit was alive he could shower with her. She then dries herself and puts on a nice kimono style dressing gown and waits for SJ to come home.

TUESDAY the 7th (afternoon)


The following afternoon Abbey, calls into the adult shop with a broken Kermit. She is pleased to se that the attractive female sales assistant from yesterday is there again and there are no other customers. She notices Abbey and comes across to her straight away. Abbey doesn't think she is into other girls, but the way she smiles and her aura is captivating. This has Abbey wondering, what if? The sales assistant says hello and tells Abbey her name is Steph and asks Abbey if she needs a hand. Blushing, Abbey tells her about the demise of Kermit. Steph asks exactly what Abbey was doing, just to see if there might be a logical reason for Kermit's, malfunction. As Abbey is telling Steph exactly what she did (she felt very, very comfortable telling her everything) she felt that familiar tingling between her legs. She also noticed that Steph was licking her lips a lot, in quite a seductive way. Steph then says to Abbey, that she thinks this needs to be investigated a bit more closely. She goes across to the main door and flips the "back in 10 minutes" sign over and locks the door. Steph then says now that they wont be annoyed she can now do a proper full test. She asks Abbey if it would like to help her evaluate the problem. Abbey momentarily hesitates, but then says OK. Steph takes Kermit out and then tries to turn him on. When she gets no response she then gets a second Kermit of the shelf and tried that one. The second Kermit works first time. With a wicked smile on her face, she then says to Abbey "Lets see if we can make this die." With little hesitation, she sits back on a chair and pulls her skirt up. Abbey is mesmerized as she can see Steph's smoothly shaved pussy in full view, through some very fine white crutchless lacy knickers. Steph asks Abbey to pass her some oil that is sitting on the corner of the desk. Abbey gets the oil and then walks over to Steph. Steph holds out the new Kermit and gestures for Abbey to rub some oil onto Kermit, which she does. The sexual tension is amazing as Abbey massages the oil into Kermit. At the same time Steph is rubbing some oil in between her smooth glistening lips. Steph then takes Kermit and slowly pushes him into her glistening pussy, while Abbey just stares as he disappears. Once he is fully in, Steph then asks Abbey to show her what she was doing. With shaking hands she grasps Kermit and begins to slowly fuck Steph with him. As she watches it going in and out Abbey reaches down between her own legs and lazily twirls her finger around her erect clit. The smell of Steph's sexual arousal is intoxicating as Abbey starts to change the settings on Kermit She does her best to reproduce the way she used it on herself and before to long she can see Steph's thighs start to quiver as her orgasm builds. She then takes pushes Kermit in hard and makes sure that the full vibration is firmly on Steph's clit. Steph begins to buck and swear; 'this is unbelievable, fuck you are so horny, I am going to cum ... aaaarrrggghhhh' she screams, this then makes Abbey pinch and twist her own clit into a simultaneous orgasm that has her dripping juices all down her thighs. Abbey leans back, she can't believe what she ahs just experienced, mind blowing, to say the least. She looks up at Steph and they both break out into big smiles, they don't need to say anything to each other, it was simply amazing. The buzzing of Kermit can still be heard as lies on the floor momentarily discarded. Steph then says, I think that one is ok and I reckon number one is broken so I will definitely give you a replacement. Abbey picks up Kermit number two and runs her tongue along him, tasting Steph's juices, they taste so good. She then says to Steph, "thank you I will take this one."

TUESDAY the 7th (evening)

Finding the Prostate

Abbey's point of view

When Abbey got home she quickly checked her emails, still no reply from Charlie, but that didn't worry her too much as she had a surprise planned for SJ. She sets about making her husband a lovely dinner. When SJ walks in the door, Abbey can tell that he has had a long day at work and needs to unwind. So she sets about making him a lovely evening meal, to be followed by a relaxing soak in their big oversized bath. After SJ has been relaxing for five minutes, Abbey quietly goes into the bathroom to join him. He has his eyes closed as she enters, so she is able to sneakily hide the prostate massager (which she has decide to call Flower) under a towel at the end of the bath. She asks him if there is room for two, so he slides forward and Abbey slips in behind him, so that SJ can lean back and rest his head on her nice firm C-cup breasts. As SJ leans back, Abbey starts to run her hands over his chest and shoulders. She gently teases his nipples as she also nibbles on his neck. She feels him shudder slightly, so she knows that he is enjoying her attentions. Slowly, she lets her hands roam down his chest and across his stomach. It is then that she feels his manly hardness against the back of her hands. Ever so softly and gently, she takes his hard cock in one hand and cradles his balls in the other. She loves that she can handle him so intimately and know that he has no concerns about her hurting him. She then whispers in his ear and asks if he ready for something new. She promises him that she will stop if he is worried. The fact that he trusts her so absolutely makes her love him even more (if that was possible). She asks him to move forward onto his hands and knees and then to keep his eyes closed. Abbey has a beautiful view of his butt, she loves how it looks and even more she loves how it tastes. She massages his butt cheeks and gently pulls them apart. She then leans forward and starts to kiss his cheeks, slowly kissing her way to his hole. She licks around his hole and then forces her tongue into him. Slowly he relaxes and she is able to tongue-fuck him. She then introduces first one then a second finger as he relaxes even more. She knows that her pussy is so wet and would be dripping down her thighs if she wasn't in the bath. All this time she has been stroking his cock and it is feeling so hard in her hand. She leans over the bath and picks up Flower (which was hidden under the towel). She tells SJ to trust her and relax as she brings the tip of Flower up to his hole. Ever so gently she presses Flower against his sphincter, at the same time telling him to relax. Her previous tonguing of his hole has him wet and slippery enough, so that Flower slowly disappears into his butt. How is that, she asks. SJ moans back to her that it feels good. As the massager disappears, she then turns on the vibrate function. She hopes that the tip of Flower is now pushing against his prostate, by the way is moaning she thinks it is. SJ then tells her that it feels unbelievable, so she knows she has hit the spot. Abbey then tells SJ to turn around, as she needs to taste his cock. As soon as SJ puts his hard cock into her mouth, Abbey can feel him starting to twitch, she knows that this means that soon he is going to cum. She is shortly rewarded as his cock erupts into her mouth. She takes him deep and feels his seed sliding down her throat. It is unbelievable the amount of cum he is producing, she cannot ever remember having to swallow so much. His cum is dripping down her chin as he slowly stops spurting. As he starts going soft, she removes Flower from his ass and cleans of his cock. She loves the taste of his cum and can never have enough. SJ then folds his arms around her and says "wow". The feeling of having satisfied her husband and then having him hold her makes Abbey feeling safe and warm.

SJ's point of view

Another day is done and I am relaxing in the bath after a great meal. Unknown to me Abbey has an ass fuelled, wild orgasm in mind for me. I feel Abbey sliding into the bath behind me and she relaxes me with gentle touches. Once I am hard she asks me to kneel forward and to trust her. I feel her tongue on my hole and it feels good. Then one or two fingers are gently sliding in and out, this is new and it feels surprisingly good. She then says to trust her as she has a new surprise. I then feel something sliding between my ass cheeks into my hole. Before I can even think about what it could be, she turns it on and the vibrations against my prostate are nearly indescribable. How awesome is this feeling! She then gets me to turn around and she takes my iron hard cock deep into her throat. Within moments I start to shoot my load. I didn't know I could cum this much and this hard. Where has this toy been? After she has swallowed my massive load, she removes the vibrator from my ass and finishes cleaning my cock. I wrap her in my arms and hold her tight. How lucky am I to have such an awesome wife and an unbelievably adventurous lover.

WEDNESDAY the 8th (afternoon)

SJ's Thoughts on the Purchase of Kermit

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