Mother Maude's House of Boys: A Salacious Tale in Verse

by Neverlander

Copyright© 2013 by Neverlander

Erotica Sex Story: Mother Maude takes good care of the poor tykes under her roof - but her maids take even better care of them.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Fa/ft   mt/mt   Consensual   Gay   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Humor   FemaleDom   Light Bond   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

Some time ago in London town
There stood a roomy manse
That sheltered boys of Wednesday's woe
And straightened circumstance.

They were the children of despair
Late rescued from the streets,
To live in warmth and comfort now
And sleep between soft sheets.

The mistress of this house of bliss,
Whose name was Mother Maude,
Before conversion seized her soul
Had been a lusty bawd.

She knew the evils men can do,
She knew the nasty tricks
That men resort to when they must
Seek pleasure for their pricks.

So Maude, on that same day when she
Renounced whom she had been,
Resolved to take in tender boys
And save them all from sin.

She gave the lads full leave to play,
To romp, to play the fool,
As long as they were careful to
Obey one simple rule:

To rise above their lowly births
And not rejoin the dregs,
At night they must forbid their hands
To play between their legs.

For Mother Maude did know full well
That boys when at their leisure
Will wander in temptation's lair
And grasp their easy pleasure.

Of boys there were a full half score,
And though Maude had sharp eyes,
As well as help around the place
She needed willing spies.

Five girls she hired, pretty maids,
To sweep and clean and dust,
And then at night to watch the boys
To catch them at their lust.

A single candle burned all night
On each bedchamber wall,
And through the keyholes girls would peek
While passing down the hall.

The boys all knew the rule, of course,
And didn't want to fail,
And so they struggled mightily
O'er passion to prevail.

Their plight was made the direr still,
Their wills put to the test;
The maids themselves were cause of this:
O'er them the boys obsessed.

For Maude decreed for every girl
The costume she required.
It was important that her maids
Be fetchingly attired.

More for herself than for the boys
She exercised her flair
For fashion that exposed the most
Of tit and derrière.

The maids were young, sixteen at most,
Each one exceeding fair -
All day the boys would stare at them
And wish that they were bare!

At night they'd lie abed and think
Of this or that young goddess,
Of tender flesh that almost 'scaped
From tantalizing bodice.

Each in his bed would clench his teeth
And struggle to resist;
But being just a boy he'd then
Find heaven in his fist.

The maidens, too, knew well the rule,
They knew just why they spied.
All naughtiness they must report,
Maude must not be defied.

But, truth be told, when if perchance
A maid saw boy transgress,
With bated breath she'd linger just
To watch his hot progress.

It was a treat for girls so young,
So long before they wed,
To see a lad expose his shaft
And stroke its rosy head.

They'd listen to the blissful sighs
Of boys in passion's grip,
Then reach between their girlish legs
And into rapture slip.

You'd think the maids would all keep mum
To hold on to their fun;
And so it was for four of five,
But not, alas, for one.

Elvira was the mistress' pet,
Maude's favorite of the girls;
She loved her for her clever tongue,
Not just her jet black curls.

Elvira's was the tongue that wagged
Alone of all the spies;
And that same tongue the one that flicked
Between Maude's open thighs.

What's this of Mother Maude, you cry,
Is this propriety?
Well, yes, to her it is, in fact -
It is true piety.

Well-churched she is, our Mother Maude,
She knows the Bible's tales,
From Eve and Adam's sinful fall
Right through to Jesus' nails.

The fault was Eve's, not Adam's, that
Brought both of them to woe,
Hence man is good, but woman not,
She is by nature low.

Thus, boys are pure, they must be taught,
And from temptation led;
While she, already damned, may lead
Elvira to her bed!

So one fine day Elvira came
To Maude, but not to prattle.
She had a story hot to tell,
She'd come, in fact, to tattle.

"Oh, Mistress dear, it's true I fear,
I saw Tom's cock all bare!
He rubbed it hard and as I watched
It spurted in the air!"

"Oh, what!" cried Maude, "can this be true?"
All seething in her ire.
"We'll watch you squirm, my bonny lad,
Your feet shall feel the fire!"

She gathered round the maids all five
For heavy consultation.
She told them how one boy, this Tom,
Had yielded to temptation.

The girls feigned shock, "Alas, oh no!"
On hearing Maude's narration.
(Though each to her delight had seen
Tom in his delectation.)

"His penis spurned my gifts, my weal,
It spit upon my rule!"
A smile then spread across her face,
An evil one, and cruel.

Now, Maude had once a wanton been,
As we have lately said.
She'd learned to keep men hot and hard
And moaning in her bed.

She knew them all, from boys at school
To roughnecks on the docks.
She knew their needs, their lusts, their wants,
And how to tease their cocks.

"I have a plan, I'll now explain
Just how you shall proceed.
That boy will rue the day that he
Felt free to spill his seed!"

"We'll bind him fast, both hands and feet,
So he can't thrash or kick,
And we'll make sure he cannot reach
To touch his little dick."

"And then, my girls, it's up to you
To make the rascal pay:
With taunting smiles and wicked wiles
Torment him through the day!"

"Display to him your girlish charms,
Your bodies firm and young;
Then purse your lips as if to kiss
And lick them with your tongue."

"And if you've done your job quite well
This is what to expect:
His cock will rise up from his lap
All stiff and hard, erect."

"The best is yet to come, my dears,
For now he'll feel the sting:
If you do play your parts aright
He'll groan, his cries shall ring."

"Because of how you've teased the boy,
The way he's been provoked,
He'll be in desp'rate need by now
To have his penis stroked."

"He'll twist and turn to reach his cock
But ropes will grip and pinch,
The bindings will allow his hands
No closer than an inch."

"Then when you've watched him writhe in vain
And smiled at his frustration,
With coos of pity you'll reach out
To offer sweet salvation."

"Or so he'll think as your soft hand
Wraps round about his prick,
Then gives it just a little tap
And moves away: a trick!"

"The wisp of pleasure from your touch
That seemed about to please
Shall serve to deepen his despair
And drive him mad with tease!"

And so they fell upon the boy
And lashed him to his bed,
Two girls held arms, two sat on legs,
Elvira held his head.

And after Maude had tied his bonds
They left him to his plight,
To plan the ways that he would ache
All through the day and night.

"Now you, dear Katie, you have got
Such lovely bouncing tits,
Undress for him at one o'clock,
It's sure to give him fits!"

"And Gwendolyn, your tongue is sweet,
It's pink and lithe and quick,
So you'll go in at two and give him
Just one little lick."

"Dear Elsie, you'll steal in at night
To suck him in his sleep,
And when he wakes and begs for more
You'll leave him there to weep."

And so the girls set in on him
Each one a little bitch.
Was he in heaven or in hell?
He surely knew not which.

They teased and taunted, petted him
To see where it would lead.
And when his cock rose trembling up
They mocked him, and his need.

Sweet Katie swung her soft pink nips
Just inches from his face,
While fingertips with merest touch
Around his prick did race.

Gwen used her tongue in just the way
That Mother Maude had taught:
She smiled and licked her lips and then
A flick, a swirl, then naught!

Elvira was the worst by far
Her tricks were cruel and tougher.
She tempted men, seduced them, and
She loved to make them suffer.

She laid herself between Tom's legs
And then began to blow,
Her breath so warm along his shaft,
A tantalizing flow.

He begged and pleaded, thrashing now,
He writhed upon the bed,
While she sent puffs of warm wet air
Around his penis head.

She knew the torment that she caused,
Exquisite and sublime.
She wanted his sweet agony
To last a long, long time.

And when she finally turned to leave
She looked at him and said,
"It really is too bad that I
Can't stay to give you head!"

She laughed to hear him whimper so
As out the door she went.
She knew vain reaching for his cock
Would add to his torment.

Now, Bridget was an orphan lass,
Her Mum and Da deceased.
She'd crossed the sea just to escape
The groping of her priest.

She'd come to Mother Maude to ask
If she might find employ.
And Maude at once said yes - this girl
Was one that she'd enjoy.

For Bridget was a striking girl,
Her breasts were high and lush,
Her arse was firm and round and wide,
Between her thighs red plush.

This last Maude could not see, of course,
But thus did she surmise:
Since Bridget's hair was red and wild
The rest is no surprise.

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