Dick and Jane Visit Their Cousins - a Randy Reader

by Lubrican

Copyright© 2013 by Lubrican

Humor Sex Story: In this edition of the Randy Readers about our friends Dick and Jane, we get to see them go on an airplane! And they visit a foreign country! With different customs and traditions! Like, did you know you can protect a girl from gorillas by breeding her? I didn't either! Come along for the ride, boys and girls, and we'll have fun!

Caution: This Humor Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Humor   Incest   .

See the big airplane? It's really huge, isn't it? Have you ever been on an airplane, boys and girls?

Well Dick and Jane get to go on one, because they're visiting their cousins way off in New Zealand.

How far away is that? Who knows? I don't. All I know is that it's far enough they have to get on an airplane to get there.

See the pretty women at the door of the airplane as Dick and Jane get on the plane? They're called Stewardesses. Or Flight Attendants. Or Air Hostess. Or Cabin Crew. Or Cabin Attendants. Goodness, they can't seem to decide on what they want to be called, can they?

It doesn't matter. All that matters is how well they take care of the passengers while the airplane is flying through the sky.

See the handsome men lounging around the entrance to the airplane? Those are the Pilots, and Flight Engineer, and Navigator. They know what they want to be called. They fly the plane. Why are they staring at all the women getting on the plane? I bet they're worried about terrorists.

Fasten your seatbelt, because the plane is about to take off!


Here we are ... five hours later ... up in the sky ... just humming along. Only twenty-six hours to go before we get there! Are you as bored as I am? Are you as bored as Dick and Jane are?

See Dick get up to take a walk around the airplane. See him saunter back towards where some of those stewardesses (or whatever) are fiddling around in a tiny little kitchen. See him stop and stare as one of the stewardesses bends over to do something. What is he staring at? Could it be her panties, which her short skirt is high enough to show?

It very well could be, and we know Dick would stare, because Dick is a teenager, whose body is flooded with adolescent hormones, and whose sex drive is extremely high. Dick is a normal teenage boy.

Did you know that means he only thinks of sex every 78 seconds or so? So it wouldn't be odd for him to stare at the stewardesses panties at all, now would it?

Except this stewardess is wearing a thong, instead of panties! So all Dick could stare at would be her round, naked, firm ass cheeks! Oh boy!

See the lump suddenly appear in the front of Dick's pants? That's his erection. Do you know what an erection is, boys and girls? You don't? Oh goody! We have a chance to learn something! An erection is when Dick's penis gets long and hard, so hard it won't bend even a little bit any more. Isn't that odd? Well, not really. You see, boys and girls, an erection means the penis is ready to be used for something. Think about it. You use your arms and legs, right? And they are very stiff because of the bones inside them, right? Well a penis has to be soft so you can move it and aim it when you pee with it. But for sex it needs to be hard, like it had a bone in it. And when a boy has an erection, it means his penis is ready to be used for sex!

See one of the other stewardesses look at Dick? See her eyes widen? See her pearly white teeth become visible as she smiles? That's because she has seen the evidence of Dick's erection. His erection seems to make her happy for some reason. Why could that be?

Well, you could ask your mommy why she smiles when she sees your daddy's erections. She could tell you why those erections make her happy. But Dick and Jane are travelling alone, and Mom and Dad aren't here. Mom and Dad are alone, back at home, where the headboard of their bed is knocking against the wall rapidly. But we'll talk about that later. Right now we're interested in what's happening to Dick and Jane.

See the stewardess point to Dick's pants, showing the one with the thong what happened? This is because the air crew works together, to ensure the comfort of the passengers. And that erection looks pretty uncomfortable, all cramped up inside Dick's tight jeans ... don't you think?

Never fear! See the stewardesses take Dick to the part of the plane where the air crew can sleep during the flight? There are little beds there. Isn't that neat? See them take Dick's belt loose, and pull his pants down? They want him to be comfortable. See one of them put her mouth on his erection? What's she doing?

I bet she thinks there's something inside Dick's erection that is making it stay hard like that, and she thinks maybe she can suck it out, and make him more comfortable. What do you think, boys and girls? This is a chance for you to form a hypothesis, like a real scientist! Isn't this exciting?

Wait! Maybe she was right! Something is coming out of Dick's erection! It's white and creamy, though. It doesn't look like it would make anything stiff. And why is she swallowing it and licking it all up like it tasted good? Maybe she has something inside of her that needs to get stiff.

Uh oh. This is a good example of what is called Trial and Error, boys and girls. She thought she could suck out whatever was making Dick's penis erect like that, but even after all that white stuff came out, his penis is still stiff! So she tried ... but there was an error.

It must be the other stewardesses turn to try to cure Dick. See her take off her uniform? Why is she getting naked?

Oh, I see. How could I have forgotten? An erection means the penis is ready to have sex! So she's going to have sex with him! See how well stewardesses take care of their passengers?

What's that she's saying as she squats over him and lowers her girly sex parts down on Dick's erection? What do you think "Oh damn! He's hung like a fucking bull!" means? Is she confused? How could she think Dick is of the bovine family?

See how excited she is? Just like a little girl, she's jumping up and down with excitement. Except, of course, she's sitting on top of Dick. But she's still bouncing up and down with excitement.

What's that she's saying? "Oh fuck, he squirts like a fucking fire hose!" This stewardess is very confused, isn't she? First she thinks Dick is a male cow, and now she thinks he's a fireman. Dick isn't old enough to be a fireman. Maybe there's less oxygen way up high in the sky, and she can't think properly.

Never mind. The stewardesses seem to be taking good care of Dick. But what's been happening to Jane?

See the handsome man with the stripes on his uniform sleeves walking down the aisle, talking to the passengers, occasionally? He is one of the pilots. He's called the third officer. Why is that? Well, we'll find out about that later. Right now let's just watch him.

What does this have to do with Jane? Be patient! You'll find out.

See us notice that he's only talking to the female passengers? See us figure out he only talks to girls or women who are not sitting with a man who looks like he's their husband, or father, or something? See him smile and exude all sorts of masculine sexuality? If you're a boy, this makes you want to smash his face in. But if you're a girl, it might make you want to get to know him better.

Is that why he's only talking to the females? Probably so. I don't know about you, but I'd much rather talk to someone who wants to get to know me better, than to someone who wants to smash my face in.

See him get to Jane's seat? See him lean over her and smile and ask her if she's comfortable? Why is he staring down the front of Jane's blouse? The only thing he could see there is her bra. Wait! Someone once told me that bras are uncomfortable! Maybe that's it. He's looking to see if she's wearing a bra and might be uncomfortable!

See him invite her to the cockpit?

What's a cockpit?

Let's observe. Maybe we'll find out.

See the Third Officer help Jane walk down the aisle of the plane toward the front. The plane, being up in the air, bounces around a little bit. He's making sure she doesn't lose her balance. He does this by putting his hand on her bottom, and squeezing. That must help stabilize her while she walks.

See him take her into the very front of the plane? That's where all the male flight crew are. Remember we talked about them earlier?

See the Pilot turn around in his big, comfortable seat, in front of all those dials and knobs and things? Hear him say "Welcome to the cockpit, young lady!"?

Hear Jane say "Why do they call it a cockpit, anyway?"

See the men all stand up and unzip their pants? Oh look! They all have erections too! But there are no stewardesses around to help them. Oh no! How uncomfortable they must be!

Hear the Co-pilot say "We all have cocks, you see, and this is the room we like to keep them in."

Hear Jane laugh and say "My brother has a cock. Sometimes it's just like yours ... all stiff and yummy looking. But he doesn't have a cockpit to keep it in."

Hear the pilot ask "Well what does he keep it in, pretty lady?"

See Jane blush and look downward. Hear her say "Sometimes ... he keeps it in me."

See all the men grin like idiots? See the Third Officer do a fist pump and hiss "Yesssssss!"

Now we find out about all those funny titles. See the pilot take his clothes off first? That's because he's the First Officer! And he gets to have sex with Jane and spurt his sperm in her first. See the copilot taking his clothes off too? That's because he's the Second Officer. He gets to have sex with Jane and fertilize her second! So now we know why the Third Officer is so happy, right? He gets to have sex too, and by then Jane's pussy will be nice and hot and slippery with all that sperm in there.

Feel everybody sigh and relax as the wheels of the plane touchdown in New Zealand? It's been a long flight, and everybody is really tired. The stewardesses are tired, because none of them got a chance to take a nap. That's because every time one of them went to the bedroom to take a nap, Dick was there with his horse cock, and it's pretty hard to sleep when a horse cock is sliding in and out of your pussy. I'm not a girl, so I don't know that from experience, but it's my hypothesis.

The pilots are all tired because it turns out Jane loves to play with what pilots call "The Stick." This airplane didn't have one - it had what they called a yoke instead - but all the pilots used their erections to show her how a stick would work if there was one, and she played like she was flying the whole trip.

In fact, the only people on the plane who aren't tired are Dick and Jane, who are both rosy-cheeked and happy that the flight was so much fun!

See the people in the terminal waiting for the passengers? I wonder which of them is waiting for Dick and Jane?

I bet it's the group of three girls and three boys, holding the sign that says "DICK AND JANE' on it.

I was right. There they are, hugging their cousins from America.

My goodness, those look like good hugs. The boy cousins must have flown before. They are holding onto Jane's bottom as they hug her, just like they're trying to help her walk down the aisle of an airplane.

See how the boy cousins are taking Jane to a Land Rover, and the girl cousins are taking Dick to a regular sedan? I wonder what's going on about that?

Let's watch, and maybe we'll find out.

See how the Land Rover heads out into the jungle that covers the mountains? See them drive to a very remote and lonely place in the jungle? See them setting up a big tent? They're taking Jane camping! What fun!

Hear them patiently explain that there are gorillas in the forest... dangerous gorillas. Hear Jane ask why they are so dangerous. Hear her cousins explain that gorillas like to have sex with human teenaged girls. Hear Jane gasp and remind them that she is a teenaged girl. Hear them all swear oaths to protect her?

How will they protect her? How could three teenaged boys protect one teenage girl from a big, hairy gorilla?

Hear them explain that the gorilla has a wonderful sense of smell, and can tell if there is an unfertilized female in the forest. Hear them offer to fertilize her, so the gorilla won't pay any attention to her any more. Hear them say that after she gets good and fertilized, they can go for a nice hike and see the beautiful forest.

Why isn't Jane telling them that she has been pretty much constantly fertilized for the last 24 hours?

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