Nancy's Guys
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2013 by Paige Turner

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - An open relationship can be interesting. Walking in on someone getting it on in your bed can create scenes that can be awkward at times. But every once in a while, things turn out very well. And well well well, guess what kind of a fantasy Nancy helps out a lover of Tony's with? Life is never boring with Nancy around!

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   BiSexual   Gang Bang   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Double Penetration  

The problem with infidelity in an open relationship isn't fucking around on the other behind their back, but rather the complications that sometimes come with the 'new' relationships.

Nancy isn't coy about going to bed with guys but it has to be on her terms. It sometimes happened that she would pick a guy that seemed okay at the time but who would suddenly see a little casual sex as falling in love, part one, followed by 'as soon as you leave Tony' and then, well, sometimes it's just takes a 'let 'em down easy' talk, or sometimes it takes a bit of a shove off. What she sees in me, well, hmmm...

I guess one of the things about our relationship is that she's very comfortable around me. We both know that there are going to be a lot of sexy strangers in the world, and we didn't sign up to be each others ball and chain, but rather, running buddies on life. There aren't too many guys that don't get hung up on her, sooner or later, but while she'll be there for a guy friend, it's being there as a friend who happens to be a girl. Sometimes my pals have asked her for relationship advice, and sometimes she's been able to hip them to 'what the hell is pissing her off' details. Sometimes they survive the advice, sometimes they take it to heart, sometimes it helps, sometimes it's so far gone that 'it just needed shooting' to put two people out of their mutual infliction of a miserable life on the other.

Running with Nancy can be a gas, no two ways about that, but you have to take the good with the bad. I'm not saying that life with Nance was all a bed of roses, but we both had this very direct ability to talk to each other about what was important and what wasn't important.

Nancy's guys ranged from falling in love with her to casual friends she'd fuck when the mood was on her, to the occasional jerks that thought she was as good as packing her bags to move in with them as soon as she could dump me and the very, very, few that climbed out of the sack and instantly started to brag to their friends, or started this strange, strange thing where they would think she was a slut and suddenly she wasn't good enough for them. She kept the occasional casual friend she'd fuck, and the rest of them got eased out of her life as they weren't a big enough dogs to run with the pack. Runts and stunts, and the 'stunts' part was Nancy short hand for 'stunted development.' They couldn't believe that they had bagged such a babe and would immediately brag to their horny friends who would start hitting on her. I once had the privilege of watching her do some psychic surgery on a guy who had his shot and blew it. Young, rich, handsome, Porsche prick who thought that she was going to be his play toy because of his family's money. Without raising her voice, and ignoring his whole 'look at who I fucked, guys' she took him apart in front of his pals and stroked my ego at the same time. "Yeah, it was nice Kenny, but while you're a good lover and all, you just don't give me what I'm looking for." She then proceeded to tell him that she wasn't looking for one night stands that weren't going anywhere, and she was looking for a guy that made it on his own, because there wasn't any bullshit about insecurities on the guy's part about his self worth. Then she had basically psychoanalyzed the guy to make him 'get' that no, she'd been in richer places, had seen all of the same 'poor little rich kid' attitudes she cared to, and didn't want to have to suck up to anyone's parents that would think she was a dumb assed shit kicker red neck social climber with just a great bod that was trying to lead poor little junior to the altar so she could latch onto the family trust funds. Without doing anything besides being nice, she'd made him understand that while it had been nice, it wasn't him she was looking for and he'd suddenly 'got' Nancy and realized what a self important little jerk he'd just been in front of his friends and realized that while 'he'd had her', he'd not really behaved real well about it and had just been told something about himself that he had to think about. And he also realized that he wasn't grown up enough to be making it back to her bed in the near future, that was for sure, and he started to value her more highly in retrospect. Once in a while, their paths would cross and she was always nice to him, and nice in a way that didn't get his hopes up. He'd occasionally run into me on my own, and we'd talk and he'd always be polite and tell me to say hi to Nance when we'd split. Yeah, he went into his great whatever grand father's banking business, but he realized that there was more to life than Ross and being richer than the guy next door.

Nancy's guys were generally fairly together, and that 'and this is my old man' introduction scene mostly went down very cool. Sometimes it was kind of funny, in a low comedy way. I had one guy jump out of bed all ready to try and punch my lights out when I came in at three o'clock and went to climb into bed and found someone sleeping in it with Nancy. I was half in the bag, and it took a bit of dodging to fend off the defender of her honor. Or I'd come up the path beside the house and she'd be fooling around in the tub with a guy and he'd go into this 'oh, oh, the boyfriend!' chagrined about putting the moves on Nancy and she'd be very cool and I'd be very casual and make myself scarce for a few while she hipped him to the way we were and have him cool down a bit about the 'getting caught' scene and loosen up and kick back. That was somewhere out of the Twilight Zone for some of them, but most of the guys she nailed were pretty laid back and it was usually enough that I wasn't uptight about them at all. Some of them couldn't handle it and made their excuses and split, some of them I thought were pretty nice and I'd split for a while, or whatever the prevailing mood was and that depended a lot on how it was going with Nancy and whomever. She and I could send signals to each other pretty well, and I'd usually pick up her cues.

Sometimes it got into being a bit strange, like when I came home one time and she was fucking a guy in the living room and I was just wiped out and bent over and gave her a kiss and said hi and went to bed for some much needed sleep.

Scheduling this kind of thing; ha! You had to be pretty fast on your feet to deal with some of these scenes, but she was always so cool if the roles were reversed that most of my lovers would stay and hang out and we'd get it on and they understood that she was okay with it, and it was just something that happened and kick back, and let it flow. Once in a while, we'd get into a scene with one of our lovers and do a group scene, if they were really cool and understood the difference between love and casual 'sport fuckin' and could really relax about having a couple to frolic with.

I was in the sack one night with a girl that knew we both liked to sleep around when Nancy came home from a party she'd gone to by herself. I'd picked up the girl at a gig, and one thing had lead to another and I hadn't figured that Nancy would be back for the night, so brought her home with me. Nancy'd come in and kissed the hell out of me and I could taste sperm in her mouth and she had that 'god, I just got my socks fucked off' look on her face. She'd timed her arrival just right, as we were basically cuddling there in after glow and Karen and I were just talking when she bounced in, hot and smelling like sex.

"I'm going to take a fast shower, you're not going to believe the night I just had!" She'd stripped unselfconsciously in front of us and tossed her clothes in the laundry hamper.

I'd smiled at her, knowing as soon as she got out of the shower, she'd be wanting to tell me all about it.

"Give me a kiss before you jump in the rain locker" I told her. Karen was just smiling at her, and the vibe was right. She came over and leaned into my face, giving me another taste of her mouth. I reached out and felt up her pussy. I slipped my fingers inside of her and felt all the juices floating around in her. She moaned as I fingered her. Then she broke away and said, "Sweetie, just as soon as I get out of the shower, I'm going to fuck your brains out! I'm wound up like a two dollar watch!"

I glanced at Karen, who was pretty easy going and not shy about a lot of things that would gross out the uptight. She had been holding my dick in her hand, kind of holding it and fondling it as it softened. I think it was the smell of Nancy that started it growing in her hand, instead of the slow shrinking it had been doing just a moment before. She was looking at either my hand or Nance's tits, and I caught her licking her lips with my glance.

"What the hell, Nance, why bother with the shower when your just going to get all sweaty again?" She checked out that Karen was cool with her reeking of sex.

"You sure?"

"Fuckin' A." I pulled my hand out of her snatch and put it around her and pulled her into bed with us.

"Sorry about taking cuts in line here," she apologized to Karen, "but I just gotta tell him about hot it was tonight and we usually talk about this kinda shit while we're getting it on."

"Go for it," Karen said with interest. She held up my mostly firmed up dick and Nancy slid her leg over me as Karen moved a little away and leaned up on her elbow to watch. My dick slipped up inside Nance in one slid and Karen pulled her hand away as soon as Nancy was seated.

"Ah, god, that feels good," Nance said breathily.

"You're getting sloppy thirds," I kidded her, and hipping her to the fact that her chances of doing an all night fuck-a-thon were about zip. I could feel a lot of stuff adding to the slipperiness of her pussy, and she giggled at me.

"Well, your getting sloppy ninths or so, so I guess I can deal with that."

"Shit, who did you go out with? The Incredible Hulk?" She grinned.

"Actually, it was three guys!"

"Whoa! Why, you little slut!" I teased her. "And her I just thought I was so sexy you were so turned on it was your juices I was feeling."

She gave me back this really sexy leer and moved a little on my dick. "Grrrr!" she growled at me. She leaned down and gave me a really sexy kiss. "Who says I ain't turned on just 'cause of lil' ol' you?" She looked over at Karen. "You see why I like this big lug? I come home with a cunt full of sperm and he just says the nicest things and my little heart just goes pitter patter!"

"Yeah, and you know your just dying to tell me all of the sordid details."

She grinned back at me and slid up and down on my stomach, softly stirring me around inside the soup. Karen slipped up on the bed so she was laying back on the head board with me, but over a bit. Nancy glanced over at her. "Hope you don't mind while I do some bragging, honey, but this is too good not to share."

"Brag away, Nance, I'm pretty open minded." Karen gave her a pretty good leer of her own. "Inquiring minds want to know!" Nancy laughed at the newsstand ad.

"Remind me to have you invite this one back, T, she's a keeper."

"Yeah." How many girls do you know that wouldn't have gotten up tight in that situation? My dick was barely dry from the last loving we'd been doing and here comes this guy's old lady barging in and saddling up right next to her and reeking like she'd just pulled a train. "So. Tell me all the gory details, Nance."

"You know Tom and Mark?" I nodded. "Well, they threw this birthday party for Jill, and about fifty or sixty people showed up. Things were rolling along pretty well and Bill showed up. You know Bill the guitar guy? Worked with what's his name?" I nodded. "Well, we hit it off pretty well and went and found ourselves some space in Tom's bedroom." Tom and Mark were roommates down the hill, over on the next street from us and good friends of ours. Nancy asided to Karen, "Tom's cool about stuff like loaning his bed out to friends of his." She looked back at me. "We got it on about three or four times, Bill and me, and after that, I kinda took a nap for a while. The party got to be over and then Tom came in and woke up Bill when he tried to get into bed, and you know how that waterbed of his sloshes. Good thing he did, as Bill had to work tomorrow and had to get going. So he got up and left and I cuddled up with Tom. I was going to go back to sleep, but I could feel his dick poking me in the ass, and well, I thought, if he doesn't mind sloppy seconds, I could put him into the frame of mind to go to sleep and why not?" I nodded. "So I kind of encouraged him and one thing lead to another." She grinned. "You know he's got a really long cock?"


She looked over at Karen. "Hope this aren't grossing you out. Tony calls this my 'locker room sex' side."

"You're not grossing me out at all. You got him to come five times? I think I'll let him know I'm interested."

"Naw, I got ... let's see, three ... no, it was four, comes out of him." Nancy said with a shit eating grin. Karen gave it back with interest.

"This is going to be good," Karen said. "Hope you guys don't mind if I entertain myself while I listen to this?" She slipped her hand between her legs.

"Make yourself at home," Nancy said. "There's some toys in the night stand."

"No, there aren't. I think they fell on the floor." Karen leaned forward and slipped her hand under the covers and dug around towards the bottom of the bed. I reached out and stroked her back while she was doing that. Nancy grinned at me in delight. She not only got 'to brag on it' with me, but now knew that Karen was going to get into it with us and she didn't have to pull any punches.

"So your fucking Tom. Then what happened?"

"Well, we did the horizontal mambo a couple of times, then I got up to go use the john. I found Mark out in the kitchen in his bathrobe cleaning up the mess from the party. I asked him why he didn't wait until morning to do that and he said, 'how the hell can I sleep with you two going at it?' but he said it in a nice way, y'know? Not like he was pissed we were keeping him up, but like it was a big joke."

"Well, I was in a pretty horny mood, you know? So I said, 'Well, I got something that will probably get you relaxed enough to sleep.' I could see that he pretty glad to see me, you know?" She leered, "So I got down on my knees in the kitchen and got him pretty interested in my little old ass in a hell of a hurry."

"Bet he appreciated it," I said dryly.

"You betcha!" Nance said, bucking herself on my pretty stiff dick a few times for emphasis. Karen had found a toy and was laying beside us, playing with herself and watching my dick slipping in and on those bucks Nance had just taken. A soft purr started from the sex toy she'd found to play with in the sheets. Nancy glanced over beside her and Karen looked up. "You like to watch?" She didn't wait for an answer. "Slid up here and put your head on Tony's shoulder and you'll get a better view." Karen looked a bit surprised. "And that way I don't have to turn around to include ya in the conversation."

Karen gazed at her for a second, trying to decide if Nancy was serious. "And that way, Tony can finger fuck you while he's listening to my story." Karen didn't need a second invite. And she wasn't shy about having to lean her chest on Nancy's knee to get her head comfortable on me. I slipped my hand down her side and between her legs and cupped her mons. "I'd say climb on his face, but then he wouldn't be able hear much of the story, but soon as I'm done, whatever piece of his ass I ain't using at the moment is yours, sweetie." I got a good angle on my hand and started to slip my fingers around on her pussy lips, getting them good and wet and bringing them down into her pussy, which was evidently digging this down and dirty little domestic scene of ours.

"So what happened next?"

"Where was I?"

"Kitchen," Karen said. "Doing Mark."

"Oh yeah, right. Well, there I am, skin fluting Mark." Karen cracked up. "You ain't never heard of skin fluting before?" Nance asked conversationally. Karen rolled over a little so I had better access and lifted one knee up. I started rubbing her softly, pulling my fingers out of her and putting them back in while I kept a pretty good pressure on her clit. "Anyway, oh yeah, Mark's not circumcised," she said to me, " and I kinda got into playing with his turtle neck a bit, instead of getting him off quick like I was intending on. Tom was still in the bedroom, and he got up to find out what had happened to me and walks into the kitchen and there I am, slurping his roomies schlong." Karen giggled at that, and I could tell she had gotten turned onto Nancy's story. Either that, or she had the wettest pussy I ever saw. "So there is ol' Tom, who kinda went 'huh?' when he saw what I was up to." I looked over at him and said, 'Well, it was either this or listen to him bitch all day tomorrow about us keeping him up, ' and Tom said, 'well, I can see he's up, ' in that low key way he has. He didn't sound pissed, so I said, 'well, if Mark get sup on the counter and you ain't too shy and want to joining in, be my guest.'" She licked her lips. "To make a long story short, he's the kind of guy who's not too hung up about a little sex in the middle of the night between friends, y'know?"

"Yeah, they always seemed to be pretty laid back."

"I gotta feeling this ain't the first time they got lucky together," Nancy said.

"So you got to do the two of them at the same time?"

"Oh yeah!" She said enthusiastically. "I got to hand it to them, they both took it in stride and we all had a swell time!"

"So what was the most amazing thing you three did together?"

"Most amazing? Let me see. You know that foam chair they got in the living room?" I nodded. "They had me on that and I was getting nailed missionary position and sucking the other guy off at the same time. Lotsa guys get kinda shy in that kind of a deal, looking at some other guy's pecker going down my gullet right in front of their face, y'know?"

I nodded and Karen said ruefully, "Tell me about it." We both looked at her, and Nancy gave her a sympathetic smile. Not all adventures turn out all right and we knew from her remark that she'd been in a similar situation sometime before in her life.

"Well, these guys didn't have any trouble with that, nor many hang ups, either." Nancy sighed. "I gotta see them more often."

Karen murmured something to the effect that Nancy had to introduce her to them. Nancy grinned at her. "You betcha. I think you'd like em a lot."

"So then what happened?"

"Well, we rolled around in the living room for a while. I got them off a couple of more times each and then Eddie walks in from the back yard."


"Yeah, that little English guy that was their room mate a while back? Got hooked up with that girl that was into computers at the college?" I nodded, now knowing which Eddie she was talking about. "He'd been passed out in the hammock in the back yard and come into get a blanket off the couch and there we were, having a really good time all over the floor." She leered. "I could see he was into what we were doing, 'cause he was just wearing a pair of running shorts, y'know?" She started moving around on my hips a bit more. "So I said, 'hey Eddie, there's room for one more if you wanna join in.' and he said, 'your kidding!' an I said, 'hell no, go grab some butter out of the refrigerator.' I got the whole enchilada!" I whistled. It had been a thing she'd told me about once, that I think had actually happened to her one time.

"You're shitting me!"

"The fuck I am. Check it out for yourself." I'd one cheek of her ass in the hand that was free and she leaned forward on me and slipped up my body a bit. I poked around and sure enough, there was something slippery on her butt hole.

"Aw, fuck!" Karen said and she kind of grabbed my hand tight and fucked up on it for a moment and cried out and her pussy sucked my fingers. "Ah, shit, that is so hot!" she moaned as she came. Nancy reached over and rolled her nipple around as that was going on. She'd kind of clenched up during her quick orgasm then leaned her head back against me. "Whew! Just picturing that scene!" She moaned again. "Damn, I am so jealous!"

"Well, what the fuck. You're here with the two of us. Don't that count for something?"

Karen laughed. "Well, it did until you mentioned Eddie coming in and completing the hat trick. You sure do lead an interesting lives."

"Well, keep hanging around with us. I'm sure we can steer some people your way that might be into that kind of a deal."

"I'll volunteer." I told her.

"I'll just bet you would!"

"Hell yeah. Anytime you want to pull a train, let me know. I'll be the engineer or the caboose, I don't care."

"Hmm, that sounds real interesting to me. Like something that just might happen, instead of just being a fantasy." She looked thoughtful for a moment. "Well, well: Learn something new every day."

"You want to do that, just let me know, I'll set it up for you." Nancy offered generously.

Karen kind of mulled it over for a minute. "You know, I think I could actually do something like that, so don't temp me."

"It's up to you, this one kind of just happened."

"This is kind of fun. Just listening to you tell about it, wow! I didn't think I was anywhere close to coming and then when I heard you say about grabbing the butter of the fridge. Whammo! That one really got to me."

"You want me to call Mark and Tom right now? I don't know how good they'll be after what I put them through, but they live real close by."

"Hey, I gotta think about this one some more. I'm not used to just spreading my legs and sayin', 'Hi, I'm Karen, here it is guys, come and get it!" She giggled. "Not that I don't think about that sort of thing a lot."

"Well, I can lead you the water, but it's up to you to figure out if your thirsty or not."

"Thirsty? I'd say 'sopping' is more like it." I tossed in.

"Well, good for her. That's what sex is supposed to be about, right?"


"Your totally serious about this, aren't you?" Karen asked, knowing we were.

"Yup. Just say the word." Nancy gave her an evil leer. "Can't knock it if you haven't tried it, can you?"

Karen looked like she was going to come again, and her pussy was making these slurpy sounds as I stirred her. "Oh fuck!" her hips heaved up and Nancy leaned over and sucked on her nipple to help her get off a little better.

"OH!" Karen groaned. "Fuck, ohhhhhhhhhh..." She came down and lay back and went 'Whoo!' as she exhaled. "Wow, that is so hot."

Nancy leaned up and rode me for a bit, not trying to get herself off, but just diddling me a bit to make sure I stayed hard. I could feel the come inside of her slowly sliding down over my balls. I worked my finger around outside her asshole for a moment, feeling her clench a little as I did so.

"So. What's holding you back?" Nancy asked Karen. "Fraid of being a bad girl?"

"Uh huh."

"What would your parents say if they ever found out?"

"Yeah, something like that."

"If you knew the guys would be cool and not spread it around though, you'd go for it?"

Karen thought about it a bit. "Yeah, I think I would."

"Kinda turn you on? Thinking about all that hard dick?"

"Oh yeah," Karen said in a rueful tone. "My favorite fantasy."

"Tell you what. If I can get five guys I know to just come over and fuck your brains out, would you go for it?"

"Oh, shit." Karen clenched up again.

"I think her pussy just voted yes on that one." I told Nancy with as straight a face as I could manage.

"How about this. I'll put you together with these guys and we'll keep the options open, okay?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, I think I can get a situation together where it's fairly open if you want to go through with it. So you can back out if you need to, y'know?"

"Oh? And how would that work?" Karen was curious, but I think she was thinking Nancy was just running a mind game on her. A 'get her hot and bothered and make her admit she's got slutty fantasy's so she can make fun of me later' thought had probably crossed her mind, but considering the circumstances she found herself in, I think that one had lasted a half a millisecond at best. The next one, 'how the hell could she pull off something like that' had stopped by for a while and brought with it 'and if she could, would I go for it? Would I? Would I if it was even half way safe?' and that one was bringing with it: "So tell me how you'd go about setting up a gang bang for me?"

"Hey, your sayin' that like it's a bad thing." Nancy chided her.

Karen took a second, then totally lost it. I could feel her cunt squeezing my fingers like it does when it's coming while she laughed. She pulled my hand a little and I removed my fingers and slid my hand up to her waist.

"Damn, girl, you sure got a big clit." Nancy said. "Must be why you come some quick, eh?"

"Stop jerking her chain, Nance, she came quick because of your dirty story."

"Well, I did offer to shower before I got into bed." She batted her baby blues at me. Actually, they weren't blue, but this kind of pale grey color that changed a bit according to the light. Her 'I'm am so innocent' act got a chuckle out of me.

"Aw, hell," Karen said.

"Hell what?" I asked.

She looked at Nancy. "Not fair. Here you went and got my hopes up, and now I find out it's just a put on? Not fair!" She mock pouted up at her like a little kid and gave her a 'I want my way' kind of glare.

Nancy stopped moving on me and looked her square in the face seriously. "I ain't putting you on, honey. Say the word, I'll set you up."

Karen's mouth kind of opened, like she had just had absolute scientific proof of the existence of Santa Claus. She looked at Nancy, a half dozen unasked questions danced across her face, then she drew in a quick breath and said simply, "How?"

Nancy slowly grinned at her. "Exactly how many guys you ever had in your best fantasy?"

Nancy outlined the broad strokes of her plan, and Karen started to seriously start thinking about the possibilities of this whole thing, and with them came a self doubt. Nancy walked her through the general outline, which was pretty fool proof, then she got into how great it felt to have a dick come and pull out and another hard one slip in and keep the ol' orgasm come-a-thon train a going. She got pretty graphic about it, and Karen mounted up on my face. The last clear thing I heard was her saying "Of course, you gotta get the right group of guys, the ones that aren't totally hung up when it comes to the juicier things in life, y'know?"

"Talking about juicy," Karen said as she swung her leg over my head.

"Boy! I'll ssssssss"

And that was how I got roped into a gang bang.

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