Diane Learns a Lesson

by dawn1958

Copyright© 2013 by dawn1958

Erotic Mind Control Sex Story: Diane's husband is posted overseas after he joins the army. She is frustrated and lets the separation get to her, as she seems to lose her temper all of the time. Her neighbors learn to stay away from her, but not two eighteen year old teenagers.

Caution: This Erotic Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including NonConsensual   Blackmail   Mind Control   Slut Wife   Interracial   mc sex story,mc story.

This is a story written about a reader's fantasy, but please don't consider it as reality. He knows it is wrong to rape someone but it still doesn't stop his dreaming about it.

Diane had a foul mouth and her temper was just as bad. Everyone in the upscale condo complex knew her and most of them tried to stay out of her way when something didn't go her way. You could always tell when Diane was in a bad mood, as her pretty face was etched with anger and hatred. It wasn't so much she hated the world, but rather she hated being left alone. Her husband was in the army and stationed in Afghanistan on an overseas mission. They had been married two years and loved each other; yet it was funny how time apart affected any love.

One fateful day when Diane was in the basement laundry room, she picked on the wrong person. "You little asshole! GET OUT! Get the hell out of here and take your little fag friend with you," she screamed. The constant harassment from certain tenants in the condo complex finally got to her and she lost control. "Nobody touches my clothes ... especially two little creeps ... perverts!"

The two teenage boys were well aware of Diane's routine and knew she spent Monday evenings doing laundry. Jeff and his closest friend, Danny, would do anything to get a look at the sexy married woman. They often pretended to create chance encounters with Diane just to get close to her and be able to ogle Diane's seductive body. Jeff and Danny watched the complex's laundry area as well as the exercise, sauna and hot tub areas like hawks and they loved secretly spying on her whenever she used any of the spots.

Diane foolishly assumed her schedule matched the teenagers' regime, as they seemed to be using the exercise equipment whenever she worked out. The teens absolutely loved catching her dressed in skimpy attire and nothing accented her seductive curves like tight Lululemon and spandex. The total absence of any panty line or undergarments did wonders for the teenagers' sexual appetite.

Both teenagers could barely contain their enthusiasm whenever watching Diane workout. Jeff ogled her luscious breasts and he noted every time her overly pronounced nipples showed. He couldn't take his eyes off her bouncing boobs, which seemed to put great stress on her stretchy outfits. Danny was a leg and hip guy and he couldn't take his eyes off her long muscular legs and shapely hips. He often fantasized about catching Diane naked and actually caressing her tantalizing thighs and perfectly well-rounded butt. He marveled at how the tight attire made her appear extremely desirable.

Because the teenagers were from the complex and she knew them, Diane wasn't offended whenever she caught them admiring her. She was used to men staring because of her ravishing sexy appearance and she actually reveled in any attention now that her husband was stationed overseas.

The teenagers had the silliest notion that Diane was attracted to them. Jeff considered her the best looking woman in the whole building and he let it affect his judgment at times. Not only was she young and radiant; Diane was seductive and dressed to show off her womanly delights and her clothes seemed to get sexier with each passing day her husband was away. No matter what she wore, Diane was alluring, especially to two eighteen-year-old teens.

Jeff glared at the infuriated woman who had just yelled at him. "But ... but ... I was only," he said, as he tried not to look at the fancy bra he had removed from the dryer. "I was just trying to help."

Diane grabbed her lacy bra out of the teen's hand and quickly shoved it into her laundry basket. She looked at the frightened teenager and felt a little bad for losing control. "I'm very capable. I don't need help with my laundry," she said. "Leave ... get out and stop staring at me."

Jeff reacted without thinking. He grabbed another garment out of the dryer and his heart stopped, as he fingered the skimpiest pair of thong panties. His eyes shifted from Diane's to the panties and back again. He was dumbfounded and timidly handed her the garment. "Sorry ... yes, sorry. I didn't mean to offend you ... just help," he whispered.

She grabbed the panties and threw them in the basket. "You heard me, asshole. Get out ... leave me alone," she yelled again. "Stop staring at me."

Jeff felt totally embarrassed. He responded in a fashion of an irate teenager who had been humiliated in front of his best friend. "I'll get you. I'll get even! You're the biggest bitch around here and you think your shit doesn't stink," he said. "You swing that pretty ass around like you're the Queen of Sheba. I'll get you ... I'll get even with you!"

The teenager quickly decided to cut his losses. Jeff motioned at Danny and then he turned around and departed the cramped laundry room area. "C'mon, lets go. We'll get even with the bitch. One way or other ... I'll fuck that gorgeous piece of ass," he whispered to his friend loud enough for Diane to hear him.

They hustled down a long hallway and out into the complex's backyard. "Holy shit, the woman is crazy. We were just trying to help and she goes nuts on us," Danny said.

"Yeah, Christ I was just helping ... I didn't know her fucking undies were in the dryer," Jeff stated. "I was just going to get her clothes out and put them in the fucking laundry basket."

"Man, I'll never forget her look when you held up that sexy bra," Danny said. "When you looked at her boobs, that's when she went off the deep-end."

"Yeah, I was imagining her wearing the fucking bra and that's when I looked at her. Did you notice her fucking nipples showing," Jeff asked?

"That was the skimpiest bra ... and see-through. Christ her tits would show and I get the biggest hardon just thinking about it," Danny replied.

"Fuck, I wanted to grab her big knockers and feel the shit out of them."

"Christ I'd give a million bucks to get close to those tits. She may be the biggest bitch in the area, but she's definitely got the sexiest body."

"Well I'll get even with that bitch if it's the last thing I do. Mark my words," Jeff declared.

"Geez, when you grabbed her panties, she really lost it. Fuck, that thong would barely cover her cunt. Can you imagine what a wife wants if she wears something that skimpy," Danny asked. "She wants to get screwed!"

"You ain't fucking kidding. That bitch wants some hard cock. You just wait," Jeff promised, as he grabbed the bulge at the front of his crotch and made a lewd gesture. "We'll get into her pants one way or other."

Diane watched the teenagers leave the building and she was instantly filled with regret. She wasn't sure what had caused the horrible eruption at two innocent teens. Defiantly, Diane shrugged her shoulders and went back to folding her clothes. 'Oh well, the little asshole shouldn't have tried to help. I didn't like the funny look on his face when he fondled my bra ... and the damn grin when he touched my other clothes, ' she whispered. 'Christ, I think the little bugger was hitting on me.'

Guys were always hitting on Diane. She wasn't stupid and knew that she was a very desirable woman, especially when she wanted to be. Lately it seemed that she dressed in an increasingly provocative fashion for a married woman with her husband far away, but she deemed the reason was because of the lack of attention from the man she loved. 'That damn little shit-head has been pestering me for months ... trying to seduce me, ' Diane thought, as she relented and felt bad for being rude to Jeff.

Deep down Diane knew the reason for her unusual actions, though it shamed her to think about how she found the attention from men quite desirable. She was a woman with extremely high sexual needs and her husband's absence left her with no relief. Seemingly every week that passed, her desires increased. At first she was able to resist any temptation, but with the passage of time her willpower gradually weakened.

One day Diane discovered the perfect remedy for her pent up emotions. She masturbated and it was such a mystical experience that she used masturbation thereafter on a daily basis to relieve the tension. Whenever she didn't finger herself, the desire built and became very evident in her attire, with shorter dresses, lower cut blouses and sexy lingerie. It even showed up by her having a seductive sway to her hips when she walked, which gave many men and especially teenage boys reason to lust after her.

Diane found her behavior mystifying and she developed a deep fear that she was losing control of her desires bubbling ever stronger within her body. She finished folding her clothes and her mind kept going back to the teenager's brazen comments when he departed. 'I bet you want to get into my pants ... but that will never happen. Gorgeous piece of ass! Well you little asshole, you can dream, but you'll never have sex with me.'

She decided to walk up to her condo rather than use the elevator. That was mainly because her mind was furiously going over the numerous times she was confronted by Jeff and Danny and she wanted time to reflect. 'Geez, every time I'm doing laundry they're here ... staring down my shirt ... staring at my butt. Every time I look at them they're ogling me, ' she reflected.

'Geez, that time in the exercise room when they kept staring at me. Gawd, I thought my boobs were showing, ' she thought and chuckled to herself. 'I hope they got a kick out of me doing jumping jacks so that my tits bounced up and down. I thought the little buggers were going to blow a gasket that day.'

Diane thought of more incidents. 'And that time I was using the treadmill. I'm sure they never took their eyes off me.' She took her time going up the stairs and wanted to think. 'Oh yeah, that time I was using the hot tub. They jumped in and I'm positive the little bastards had hardons ... at least their swimsuits sure had big bulges in front, ' she thought and grinned. 'And that time I was using the sauna and they came in with towels wrapped around their waists. I'm positive they didn't have anything on underneath, but I pretended not to see.'

Diane reached her condo, as the vivid sauna images kept flashing through her head. 'Gawd, I've never seen another man's cock ... not since I've been married. I know ... I should have said something ... should have done something, but I couldn't. Anyway, maybe it wasn't ... not really his cock, as the lighting wasn't very good.' She felt better with the reasoning, but not fully satisfied that she wasn't acting overly shameless when the teenagers were around.

Every year to celebrate the 4th of July, the condo complex held a big party. Just about all of the tenants attended and with it being Independence Day, everyone celebrated. Jeff and Danny eagerly went to the gathering hoping that the sexy young woman they'd idolized for months would also attend. Most of the residents of the complex were older and the teenagers grew very excited when the gorgeous Diane sauntered into the backyard celebration.

Festivities were in full swing when Diane arrived and it didn't take her long to settle into the party atmosphere. Although she found it a little uncomfortable because there weren't many her own age, one or two drinks easily got rid of any disconcerting feelings. Diane quickly had several men around her, which was probably because of her ravishing beauty and sexy appearance, and there seemed to be someone shoving a drink into her hands at every opportunity.

It didn't take long before Diane felt light headed and quite tipsy. She definitely drank more than usual and before long she was relaxed and ready for more socialization. Diane chatted with some of the men and she was having a good time for a change. Being separated from her husband was hard and she still hadn't fully adjusted to living alone. Diane attributed her foul manners around the condo complex to her loneliness and she was determined to prove she really wasn't a snob.

As luck would have it, the other wives didn't want their husbands socializing with Diane so she eventually found herself standing with two zealous teenagers. When the scrawny kid who she considered weak and incompetent handed her a fresh drink, Diane readily accepted it without any hesitation. She looked at Jeff and noticed a warm smile on his face, which put her at ease. Diane had already toasted with many guests since her arrival so when Jeff raised his drink in a toast, she willingly raised her glass.

The teen wished her the happiest Independence Day and then they both gulped their drinks in a celebratory fashion. She was already giddy so when they both laughed out loud, she had no idea what was so funny. Within a matter of seconds, her legs felt wobbly and she wasn't sure if she could remain upright. When one of the teens grabbed her elbow, she welcomed the helping hand, as her head was spinning a mile a minute. The last thing Diane remembered was glancing to her right and noticing the smiling face of someone she knew was harmless so she didn't resist.

Her feet started moving and before she knew what was happening, she wound up in the most secluded area in the large backyard. Without thinking, Diane allowed Jeff to steer her behind a big clump of trees and that was the last thing in her conscious mind. A fresh drink was shoved into her hand and she drank when her arm was forced into the right drinking position.

Diane woke up in her own bedroom with a splitting headache and she knew something wasn't right. She never slept in the nude yet she was not wearing a stitch of clothes this morning. One second she was staring up at the ceiling and the next she was running frantically for the bathroom. Diane barely made it to the toilet before she threw up. When it was over, she slowly straightened up and glanced into the big vanity mirror. The throbbing at her temples was excruciating, but not as bothersome as her next observation.

Her eyes bulged when she noticed numerous marks and blemishes down the entire length of her torso. There were dark, red hickies shamelessly sucked onto her velvety flesh and her eyes focused on one that was boldly engraved right next to her right nipple. She gingerly pinched both nipples and pulled upward to expose the rest of her boobs and she gasped out loud at the sight of more disparaging red marks. Then her gaze drifted downward and over numerous hickies on her stomach and more on her pelvis and thighs.

Suddenly she felt unordinary dampness in her crotch area and with great reluctance, she reached between her legs. "Dear gawd, dear gawd, what happened? What did I do last night?" She moaned and a shiver went up her spine at the thought of not knowing what happened.

Not only was the evidence of her having sex very apparent; Diane also struggled to understand how anything so drastic could happen and with whom? The day was probably the worst of her life as millisecond clips of being ravaged kept running through her confused head. She didn't dare go to work and stayed home trying to putter around the house doing things that didn't require much thought or concentration.

Everyone in the condo complex looked guilty. When she went down to the main entrance to get the mail, she met some neighbors and their warm smiles and greetings seemed to have devious connotations. Diane didn't dare ask anyone what happened at the July 4th party last night for fear of embarrassment. She dazedly struggled through the day trying to piece together the sporadic flashes that kept blazing through her memory.

The fog only got thicker and Diane wrestled with the thoughts of infidelity. How was it possible? How could she betray her marital vows? How could she spread her legs for pleasure with a stranger, she wondered? Diane put her hand on her stomach and she felt an awful trembling, which was eerily similar to that of her having a sexual desire for something or someone.

Finally in the afternoon, she decided to lie down. Diane was determined to recall the events even if they were bad. She closed her eyes and let the dream take over her mind. The images were fuzzy and not very clear at all, but they did reveal the start of her nightmare. She remembered standing in a very dark area with the two friendly teenagers. Then the words of one shook her to the core. "I told you I'd get even. You're going to be my whore and we'll have sex all night," Jeff whispered.

Diane remembered shaking her head and then the teen slapped her across the cheek. At the time she was frightened and didn't want to upset the friendly teenager so she let him guide her back into the building. The memory came in glimpses, but it was clear enough to know the teens literally carried her into the elevator and up to her third floor condo. She recalled having trouble walking and then somehow she was standing at her front door. When she fumbled for the keys, it took one of the teens to unlock the door so they could enter.

Diane lay on her bed and let the daydream continue. Her body trembled because suddenly it was apparent that she had been duped and her drinks must have been spiked with something very mind numbing and powerful. She wasn't the type of person to get totally inebriated to the point of losing control and that had never happened before.

The next recollection of her lost evening was standing inside the front door of her condo with the realization she was paralyzed. Diane remembered not wanting to stand and welcoming the strong arms that picked her up. She couldn't hold up her head and it rolled from side to side when she was carried down the hallway to her bedroom. Her eyes filled with tears, as faint images of being naked filled her head, and then her memory went blank. Try as hard as she could, nothing came back and she drifted into an uneasy dreamland.

It was about five in the afternoon when her doorbell rang and woke her from the restless nap. Diane answered the door in a tizzy because she still didn't know exactly what happened to her at the party. She opened the door and came face to face with two familiar, pimply-faced teenagers who had the biggest grins on their faces. One teen promptly handed her a DVD in a plastic case and simply waited.

Diane knew. There was a smirk of the utmost confidence written all over the teenager's baby-face and without saying a word, Diane knew Jeff was responsible for what happened last night. Suddenly what he said to her after she embarrassed him in the laundry room came rushing back to her. 'I'll get you. I'll get even! You're the biggest bitch around here and you think your shit doesn't stink, ' he had said in a firm, direct manner that fateful day. 'You swing that pretty ass around like you're the Queen of Sheba. I'll get you ... I'll get even with you!'

She winced and recalled the parting words from the teenager, as he left the laundry room. 'One way or other ... I'll fuck that gorgeous piece of ass.' Diane shuddered and felt like fainting when Jeff's warning words from last night flashed into her head. 'I told you I'd get even. You're going to be my whore and we'll have sex all night, ' he told her while they stood in the darkness under some trees.

The door remained open and without an invitation, the teenagers simply walked into her apartment. "Watch the movie. You'll see a real whore ... see what a whore you are," Jeff stated. "You can watch the Queen of Sheba in action, as she celebrates Independence Day."

She reluctantly stepped towards the teens and decided to stop the foolishness right away. Diane had her fill of the teenager's brashness and she glared at Jeff when she spoke. "Get out! Get out this minute or I'll call your parents ... the cops."

Jeff quickly reached for the door and slammed it shut. He had the meanest expression on his face, as he moved towards the frightened young woman. Diane backed up each time the teen stepped closer until she hit the living room sofa. Then Jeff put his hand in the center of her chest and pushed her down. Diane landed with a thud and she looked up at the teenager with a dumbfounded expression after his sudden show of supreme power.

The teen looked straight into her eyes. "Let's watch the movie ... then you'll change your tune," Jeff said. "Try to remember last night. What you did ... what we did."

Diane thought back. The last thing she remembered clearly from her daydream was returning to her condo with these two teenagers. She could not understand why she was with the dimwitted kid who she thought had the brains of an idiot. Then she recalled being in her bedroom and it was very, very quiet as her clothes were slowly stripped from her body. All of a sudden a fresh image flashed through her brain. She was completely naked and having sex with someone other than her devoted husband. Diane shuddered and quickly blocked out the raunchy illustrations of riding the penis of a stranger.

The sofa was big and had plenty of room for three. The teens sat down on either side of Diane and Jeff immediately took control. He put one arm around her neck and the other went to her chest. When his daring fingers went to the front of her shirt, she quickly slapped his hand aside. The protest came out before Diane realized what she was saying. "Stop, you little bastard. Take your filthy hands off me."

Jeff merely grinned at her, as his fingers returned to the loose fitting t-shirt. "You act like the biggest bitch ... now you can fuck like the biggest bitch," he said. "Just like we did last night."

She grabbed his hand but couldn't move it away, as the teenager proved to be much stronger than she thought. "If you don't stop, I'll call the police."

Jeff paused, giving her time to digest what was happening, and then he continued. "You came all over my dick last night," he said. "I've never seen anyone so hot and horny."

"No! No, that's impossible." Then her head started spinning and filled with random pictures of naked bodies. One of the illusions was of her nakedness and then there were others of mysterious men.

"Oh baby, you came. Just like the biggest whore in the world, you came all over my cock."

"No, no, I didn't ... I couldn't. No, I couldn't ... never!"

Jeff simply reached for her hand, which still held the DVD, and snatched the case. "Once you see what is on this disk, you'll understand," he informed the shocked wife and waved his hand in front of her face. "This is a movie of everything you did. A movie of you having sex with a teenager!"

"You're crazy. I went to the party and celebrated with everyone," Diane replied. Her headache throbbed and she wasn't sure if she was getting sick to her stomach or if her stomach was merely quivering like crazy. "Nothing happened!"

"Once you see this, you'll understand," Jeff said, as he waved the DVD back and forth. "Blackmailing you and making you my little bitch is making my dick hard ... just like last night."

Diane wanted to slap his face so bad that she virtually fumed with rage. She looked into his dark paralyzing eyes and then down at the disk. With great reluctance, she grabbed the DVD. "Nothing happened ... nothing!"

"Play it. C'mon, pop the fucking thing into the player and let's watch the neighborhood slut in action," Jeff said and laughed. Then he pushed Diane to her feet and towards the entertainment unit to indicate his urgency. "Play it!"

Diane slowly walked over to the DVD player. She slid the disk into the narrow slot and stood motionless for several seconds before hearing the teen prodding her to continue. Diane hit the play button and stared in utter disbelief when the first images of a naked woman flashed onto the television screen. No one had to tell her that she was the actress in the movie and her heart started racing out of control.

She stood silent in front of the television and only vaguely sensed the awareness of the two teenagers who were standing right behind her. Diane desperately wanted to hit the stop button and end the drastic turmoil, but she couldn't. The evidence was far too overpowering and she watched, as her womanly body seemed to ride a slender set of male hips. The camera angle was perfect. Plainly visible was the entire front of her torso and even the small narrow space between her thighs was fully exposed. Her dainty fingers surrounded the tiny clitoris and they rolled and twisted the morsel like a loving angel, like they did almost everyday since her husband departed.

Diane looked closer. The movie had to be a fake. Her eyes were only half open but that didn't matter, as the expression on her face appeared to be one of heightened stimulation. Diane knew she wasn't aroused, but she also realized that any viewer would think differently because of the explicit sexual position. She listened and every word and sound sent shivers up and down her spine. "Ride me, baby, ride me. Move that hot pussy over my cock and fuck me," came over the speakers and each word sent a knife into her stomach.

Then the camera zoomed in and focused solely on the one thing. Her fingers only moved slightly, but enough to show that she was molesting her own clitoris. "Haaaggh ... haaaggh," came from deep in her throat and sounded like she was actually extremely aroused in the movie.

"Do it, baby, ride me hard. Can you feel my cock in your hot belly?"

"Naaaggh ... naaaggh."

"Sweet Jesus, baby, you're hot ... so fucking hot."

"Naaawww ... Naaawww."

"Are you ready ... ready for some hot cum?"

"Noooo ... noooo." It may have been a drunken protest or a drugged response, but it sounded more erotic than if she had yelled for him to take her.

"Holy shit ... baby, you're cumming ... cumming ... cumming all over my big cock!"

Even though it was a lie, no viewer would know because her hips started gyrating and bouncing wildly up and down in a shear random fashion. Despite the supposed charade, there could be no believable defense for the intercourse, as it looked like she was a willing partner. The teenager had wisely used the perfect sexual position with her on top of his outstretched body and clinging to his bucking torso. It was impossible to tell Diane was sedated, as her body bounced up and down when the teenager pumped his hips at her with an out of control fucking fashion.

The scenes swiftly turned into a lewd porno movie, as the woman's naked torso collapsed on top of the horny teenager. The camera panned over the sexy bare back and along the sides of the two thrashing torsos. Glimpses of her bare tits were plainly flashed on the screen whenever her chest bounced and the viewer got the odd peek of an extremely large and erect nipple at the same time. Then the absolute worst moment of her life happened. The camera shifted downward and showed a close-up from behind the two crotches, which were melded together in a most vulgar fashion.

Tears came to her eyes when she noticed the long hard cock slowly moving in and out of her honey-hole. What made the sight horrible was that there were obvious streams of thick white cum along the cock-shaft that were visible whenever the cock pulled out of the leaking hole. Then the thick shaft would slowly thrust to the hilt and loud moans of obvious pleasure sounded. Goosebumps covered her arms and face, as it was apparent who was moaning. Diane deemed it was from distress, but the sounds in the movie appeared to be the result of some kind of raging desire or even some kind of animal lust.

Whether the closing scenes were captured on purpose or it was just the way things happened during the rotten intercourse, no viewer would dispute the erotic dramatization. The extended cock plopped out of her hole. Three or four jets of cum erupted out of the penis head before a hand grabbed the upstanding shaft. Then the head was craftily reinserted into the burning inferno and the male hips gave three or four powerful thrusts before the two bodies went still.

Diane noticed how her body remained motionless, as the movie continued. The muscles of the male's groin jerked randomly and it was apparent he was still pumping cum into her unprotected vagina. Diane thought she had witnessed the absolute worst encounter of her life, but she was wrong. Her naked body was crudely rolled off of Jeff's outstretched torso and fully exposed to the world. It was hard to tell if she was awake or fully aware of what was happening because the cunning teenager embraced her head and shoulders.

Jeff rained kisses all over her face and head, as the two appeared to be hugging and kissing. Suddenly another slender teenager was on top of her and it was apparent he was horny. Danny held his impressive erection in one hand and there was about four or five inches of steel poking out above his fist. When he rubbed the bulbous head up and down through her leaking slit, Diane simply cried, as she watched the horrible sight.

No one in the world would believe her if she said the intercourse wasn't consensual. She was kissing one teenager and another was about to ram his cock into her opening. Her hips jumped and jerked wildly and then an eerie guttural groan erupted in the movie that sounded like an animal getting satisfaction. Several inches of ramrod disappeared inside her vaginal canal and then she muttered more incriminating noises. Her legs remained fully splayed and Danny rode her fast and hard, which made the movie appear more authentic than Diane cared to believe.

The teenager seemed consumed by an orgasm and then her naked body sort of went out of control. Again Diane could find no plausible way to explain how the sex could be completely nonconsensual so she sobbed and sobbed until tears ran down her cheeks. "But you changed it ... edited the movie to make it look like I was willing. You changed it," she whispered.

Jeff was beside her and he had a firm grip of her arm. He glared into her teary eyes and burned a hole into her delicate soul. "You saw the evidence. How a sweet, innocent wife fucked two teenagers ... willingly had sex with them."

"But I didn't ... not like it looks. I drank ... you put something in my drink ... made me do it," Diane whispered, as her legs started to quiver like mad. Jeff noticed her discomfort and he swiftly guided her back to the sofa. He pushed her down and then he sat on one side and Danny on the other, just as they had earlier.

If there was one sexual experience that always ended with her achieving a tremendous orgasm it was cunnilingus. The movie continued and Diane stared straight at the vivid images of the naked female's seductive features. Her tits swayed wildly from side to side and then the worst thing in the world happened. Jeff brazenly spread her legs, as wide as they would go, and he jumped between the shapely thighs. When his face hit her crotch, Diane let out a desperate cry.

She couldn't believe the images, as the camera captured the dramatic cunnilingus. Diane watched the tongue lash through her clearly exposed pussy slit several times and then fingers held her labia apart. She noticed the well-defined clitoris just before the teen's mouth closed directly on top of the pink morsel. Diane saw the teen shove her legs up in the air and push her thighs out to the sides. When the tongue started a furious licking motion, she could only imagine what it felt like last night even in her drugged or inebriated state.

Then the camera lens zoomed out enough to catch the expression on her face. There was nothing more devastating than witnessing her face etched with what appeared to be lust or some kind of sexual desire. Diane was positive she hadn't reached an orgasm, but in the movie there was no way to tell whether she had or not, as her sweat-covered body kept thrashing all over the place. Her thoughts of telling people she wasn't an eager partner were forgotten when the next scenes appeared on the screen.

You could see her stomach heaving in and out, as if she was experiencing a very profound lack of control. Clearly captured were her fingers clawing the bed and her sharp nails piercing the sheets because of the desperation roaring through her loins. Diane had no recollection of a climax yet her body appeared consumed by ecstasy, as the cunnilingus evolved.

It had to be the worst orgasm of her life. The damning video continued and Diane was positive she was going to throw up. She watched the dramatic expression on her face and noticed how her eyes sort of rolled up into her forehead. The theatrical appearance could have been from lust or desire; or from pain or agony, but in the well-edited movie it was impossible to tell the difference.

Diane knew that anyone who watched would most likely assume the woman freely had intercourse with the teenagers. She cringed. "What ... what do you want from me?"

Jeff put his forefinger under her chin and forced her to keep looking at the television. "You can see what happened. No one will believe you if you say you were forced," he stated.

The womanly hips jumped and jerked wildly on the screen. "I wasn't conscious ... able to give permission. You raped me," she whispered.

"Call it what you want, but when people see the movie, they'll know you're a slut ... a married slut."

"No, no, they won't."

"Oh, they will and you know it."

Diane closed her eyes to block out the illustrious orgasm, as she tried to find fault with the teenager's logic. Slowly she opened her eyes again and the visions of her naked body in the throes of a violent climax wouldn't go away. "Oh gawd, oh please, please have mercy," she said hoping the teens would listen.

Something brushed across her chest and Diane glanced down. Nimble fingers grabbed the bottom of her baggy shirt and rolled the garment up to her neck. She wanted to scream or at least grab the teen's hand, but her body remained frozen. She heard loud gasping sounds coming from her right and realized Danny was desperate. "Last time was great ... this time will be even greater," Danny moaned.

Suddenly she was on her feet. Hands cupped her elbows and made it possible to walk, as her knees wobbled and her legs felt extremely weak. The teenagers knew where to go and they escorted Diane down the long, dark hallway to her bedroom. "Dear gawd, no, no ... no!"

Her feet barely touched the floor, as the teens carried her into the room. Everything stopped and the room became deathly quiet. The only sounds were those of two teenage boys breathing fast and in an aroused manner. Diane's arms were petrified and dangled at her sides when her top was stripped and then her loose fitting gym pants were removed. She hadn't bothered to put on a bra or panties because of her troubled state that morning so she stood naked and shivering in front of two horny teens.

The bedroom was very dimly lit, which made her feel a little better. Jeff grabbed her shoulders and pushed her up face-first against the nearest wall. Diane faced the bare wall and felt like she was being scolded, as the teenager put his hand in the center of her back and pushed. She turned her head, as her face and chest hit the wall, and felt the hot whiffs of the teen's breath wash across her flushed cheek.

Jeff grabbed her wrists and placed her hands about two feet apart on the wall. He leaned forward and put his mouth next to her ear, as he held her arms outstretched. "I hope you're ready, my love. Hot and ready like you were last night," he whispered, as he straightened up and stood directly behind her.

Diane was afraid to move. When the teenager let go of her arms, she remained plastered against the wall, too afraid to make him mad if she moved. She heard the almost silent noises of clothing and knew Jeff was stripping. It took only seconds for him to remove all of his clothes and her heart pounded waiting for something to happen. Then he leaned in again and kissed her ear. "Put your hand down ... around to the back and on my penis," he said in a soft yet demanding voice.

She remained petrified and merely flinched when her arm was yanked around and behind her back. Something hot brushed across the back of her hand and Diane had difficulty breathing. "No ... no ... no," she whispered.

Suddenly the hottest thing was against the palm of her hand. "Touch me. Put your fingers around my cock," Jeff said directly into her ear. His face sort of pushed against hers and pressed her cheek into the hard wall. "Yes, like that. Wrap your fingers all the way around my cock."

Diane realized her fingers tightened around the thick penis. She tried to use her one arm to push away from the wall, but Jeff refused to let her move. "Oh gawd, no, I can't, no, I can't."

"Squeeze, baby ... squeeze my cock."

Her fingers tightened despite the resolve to resist. "No, please no."

Suddenly Jeff grabbed her arm and returned her hand to the wall. He placed his big hands over top of hers and acted as if he was holding her captive. He adjusted his hips and ensured the entire length of his extended cock pressed along the crack of her ass. "Are you ready ... like last night. Ready to get that gorgeous pussy rammed full of cock," Jeff whispered, as he dropped his arms.

Diane was free yet again she remained frozen. She felt the teen's hands rub the sides of her hips and caress all of her burning flesh from her waist to her thighs. Then Jeff arched his back and guided the tip of his illustrious cock to the compressed crack at the top of her velvety thighs. "Oh ... oh gawd, please don't, please don't."

Jeff kissed her ear and used his tongue in a taunting fashion, as he forced her face against the wall. "Spread your legs ... spread'em."

Diane would never understand how or why she obeyed. Her arms were free yet they remained outstretched against the wall, just as the teenager wanted. Suddenly there was a minute space between her thighs and it enabled the ramrod to slip into her crotch. The steel shaft straightened and ran along the slick opening all the way to the tip of her pelvis. When her delicate labia spread, Diane cried. "Gawwww ... gawwww, no, please, no."

"Wider ... spread your legs wider."

"No, you can't ... I can't."

"Yes, higher, stand higher ... on your tiptoes."

"Gawd, no ... not there ... no."

"That's it ... now spread your legs more ... wider!"

"No, no ... no."

"Yes, like that ... wider ... spread your feet."

"Gawd, no, please don't."

"Oh fuck ... YES ... FUCK YES!"

Diane was on her toes and her feet were about two feet apart when her heart stopped. The clever teenager dropped his hips and then gave one powerful thrust. The head of his cock hit the flaming hole and surged into the inferno. "Aaaggghhh ... aaaggghhh."

Jeff put his teeth on her ear and whispered through clenched teeth. "Are you ready? Push back ... back hard ... harder!"

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