A Foursome With a Twist

by Alex Esqtobe

Copyright© 2013 by Alex Esqtobe

Erotica Sex Story: Playtime with three friends

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   True Story   Group Sex   Safe Sex   .

All girls have fantasies about men. But there are few who like to make their fantasies come true. This girl wanted to know what it would be like to have several men all to herself. She contacted two of her male friends who were more than happy to accommodate, but where to get the third? Lucky for her, men have friends. She started to get turned on even before she got there. As she was driving she felt a stirring of a very exciting itch in her vagina. Lace of her underwear provided a very satisfactory friction on her clit. She fidgeted slightly in her seat to stimulate that was pleasurable spot. Surreptitiously she would slide her finger over her aching clit just for extra pressure. She could feel her moisture already, she licked her fingers to taste herself, but she knew she wanted the satisfaction to be provided by her partners, so she would built the pleasure but not give herself the release. The thought of three cocks waiting eagerly for her kept her foot firmly on a gas pedal.

She met them at the hotel lobby and all four of them walked to the room. She walked like a queen being followed by her faithful subjects. She was excited and could feel the wetness between her legs and hardness of her nipples. They tingled with anticipation for attention they were about to receive. As any royalty her demeanor was cool and restrained when inside she was like a Mountain Vesuvius hot, simmering on a verge of explosion. They reached the room. Leaving her subjects behind she went into a bathroom to take her outer garments off to reveal yet another ensemble to entice them. Today she was wearing white lace with little rhinestones on her bra and matching panties and her signature high black patent leather heels. As she was changing she heard men chatting getting to know one another. She smiled thinking these men would get to know one another much more intimately any moment. She had plans for them. Regally, she walked into the room and hush settled over the group. She wasn't shy about her figure or her beauty. She worked hard to maintain it. An hour at the gym or three miles running was her daily routine. Except for the times when she allowed herself to slack off a little.

Slowly she walked over to the bed and settled herself on it, daring men to make the next move. It is possible that they beat the world record on getting undressed. The bravest of them slid onto bed next to her, his erection beckoning her. Yet she would not move. After all it was not about them. Slowly another man slid behind her and wrapped his hands around her breasts rubbing her sensitive nipples with his thumbs. The pleasure was unbearable, as the rubbing of her nipples over her bra was providing additional sensation that was making her even more aroused. She leaned into him offering full excess to the swell of her breasts and directing him to take off her bra. No men ever defied her wishes, and this one obliged as well. She leaned on the pillow as he wrapped his lips over her nipple. At the same time she reached for a hard cock that was robbing against her left hand. The third man, not to be left behind, leaned between her legs and was running his tongue over the panties in all the right sensitive spots. The circuit was complete. Her nipples were sucked, and nibbled in rhythm with a man licking her pussy through her underwear while she was driving the third man wild with running her hand up and down his hard shaft also following the tempo set by other men. She arched her back, she need more.

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