Band Trip

by Smoothie75

Copyright© 2013 by Smoothie75

Coming of Age Sex Story: Brian is a popular high school freshman who has made quite a name for himself as a sex stud for girls throughout his high school. After being out of town for 2 weeks, he returns to a multitude of sex-deprived girls who want him any way they can get him. He has to take turns catching up with them during the school day, plus that afternoon and evening on a school band trip, and...afterwards.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Ma/ft   ft/ft   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Exhibitionism   Double Penetration   School   .

I had just returned to school after being out of town for nearly two weeks, and had gotten permission to go on the band trip to the district basketball tournament game that night. I was so happy to get to do something fun with my friends. I'd been forced to go with my dad to my grandmother's funeral across the country, and it had been two mind-numbingly boring weeks stuck with sad family members and lots of bratty younger cousins, plus taking care of my little sisters a lot. I was SO very happy to get back to my friends and my activities. My name is Brian, and I just turned 15 a few weeks ago. I'm a short little 5'4" guy, but I do have tightly built muscles for my size and a "cute boy" face that gets me a lot of female friends ... and several have become "friends with benefits". I might look like the classic, innocent young virgin boy with the sweet smile, dirty blonde hair and 2% body fat, but I know I get more action and have had more girls than most of the guys in the school, including some of the bigger jocks and seniors.

A few of the girls in the band are "regular" playmates of mine, who make sure I "service" them at least a couple times a week at places and times we long ago identified for privacy. Most know I'm not exclusive, and its "just sex". However, for some of these girls, the only sex they get is from me, and they had gone without for two weeks...

Already that day at lunch, Brianne and I had snuck off to our usual private study room in the back of the library. I had long ago charmed the elderly, half-deaf school librarian, and she always let me go back there to "study" at lunch whenever I asked. Never once had she come to check on me, so this had become a pretty frequent sex spot for me. Brianne managed once again to sneak past her when she was helping someone else, and when she got back to the study room she nearly ripped my shirt trying to get it off as she shoved my light young body back on the table. I stuck my tongue deep in her throat and nearly came in my pants right there. No sex for almost two weeks! I had literally thought I was going to go insane, and even all the jerking off I'd done, 2 - 5 times a day, had not satisfied my teenage craving for the large volumes of real sex I'd become so accustomed to!

Brianne's hands were down my pants, grabbing my shaft and desperately trying to get my pants off. We stopped grabbing each other long enough to strip naked, and fell to the floor kissing and groping ... but we had little interest in foreplay this time, especially with only 25 minutes before we had to be dressed and back in class, so I quickly shoved my young cock up her in one firm thrust. The satisfaction this brought to my beautiful, horny young woman caused her to nearly lose her composure and she had to struggle really hard to muffle her vocal reactions. Despite my short and lean stature, I have a damn nice 7+" cock, smooth and cut, and very hard and straight. Brianne was a senior who had fucked many guys, but had declared me, a lowly freshman, the best she'd ever had. Not a bad ego boost at my age, I'll admit.

I fucked her missionary style, then rolled over and let her ride me, then laid her back with her legs over my shoulders and rammed away until we both came. I felt the orgasm coming over me just as hers hit her, and braced my self for something powerful that I could not exclaim loudly ... and I barely contained myself as some very desperate thrusts of my cock released an enormous amount of cum that was under high pressure. 6, 7, 8, at least 9-10 spurts I counted, as my eyes rolled back in my head and I gasped for air.

We realized we had about 6 minutes until class started! Brianne grabbed some paper towels and shoved them in her underwear for when all my deposit would start leaking, pulled on her skirt and blouse, and stumbled out to run across the building to her next class. I laughed to myself as the bell rang, and laid there for a moment longer, fondling my happy cock. I had PE the next hour anyway, and it was a short distance from the library. With my t-shirt and jeans barely pulled back on, I strutted into the locker room and took them off right away and changed. I'd done it before, and you'd never know my being flushed and sweaty was out of the ordinary when we started our workouts.

By the end of that class though, I was desperately horny again ... I was still due for a lot of catch up sex, and the one lay at lunch had only wet my appetite for more. My last two classes that afternoon were endured with a raging hardon uncomfortably lodged in my pants.

However, after school we had almost an hour until the bus left for the game. Several kids were eating or studying, while others were practicing or loading all the percussion and sound equipment on the bus. Me? I grabbed Ashley, the closest thing I had to a real "girlfriend" and rendezvoused in the choir's storage room down the hall from the band room. I leaned back against the counter, and she pulled my pants down and engulfed my manhood in her mouth. Ashley is one of the best cocksuckers I have ever enjoyed, and she absolutely craves getting to suck me off. I moaned and gasped as she sucked and slurped my cock for a good 10 minutes, suckled my balls, and ran her hands over my body under my shirt. I removed the shirt, as well as Ashley's, and she pulled her shorts down and assumed the doggy style position in front of me. I worked my thick cock into her wet pussy from behind, and fucked her desperately. She was beyond horny, and literally melted on me in a continuing series of orgasms for at least another 10 minutes while I treated her to some incredible thrusting ... and finally a very hard-shooting load of hot cum! Yes! I was SO happy to get this fuck in! Now maybe I'd be okay for the day.

A half hour later though, I found myself in the furthest back row seat on the bus, across from my two best friends, with Jenna seated beside me. She was a fairly new sex partner of mine, who had raced two other girls for the seat by me. Daylight was quickly turning to dusk, and the only two chaperones were up at the front end of the bus, which was loud with everyone's music and laughter. With a sweatshirt loosely placed over our laps, Jenna had already unbuttoned my fly and reached her hand in, and discovered my cock was still a bit cummy. I looked at her and shrugged, and she gave me one of those "you've been a naughty boy" looks and started stroking my cock. The best thing about being this age is that hormones and hardons are very easy to come by repeatedly, and I enjoyed her loving and lusty attempts to bring me to full hardness again. My left hand reached up her back to undo her bra, and I pulled her closer to me so I could reach around to fondle her breasts and tweak her nipples. My buds across the aisle were more than happy to accommodate our seclusion since they knew I'd give them the details later.

As it became fully dark, Jenna ventured even closer. I slumped down against the wall with her lying between my legs, and we managed to work her pants down ever so subtly. I winked at my buds, and quietly managed to slide the head of my cock into Jenna's pussy from behind. The angle was awkward at first, but as Jenna got braver and realized it was getting really dark back there (and the two girls in front of us were both falling asleep with their iPods on), she raised herself up just a bit more, and my whole cock slid in. She gasped, but with all the noise on the bus, no one noticed except my friends. She slid back and impaled herself on me, and somehow, we managed to ride that way for the next 30 miles! I was slowly sliding myself in and out when I could, even though I could only pull out about an inch, and Jenna shifted her weight from time to time. Whenever the bus went over a bump or a rough spot in the road, Jenna felt my large pole thrusting deeper. We were so VERY quiet and it was driving me crazy, but it was so much fun getting away with this! Finally I grabbed her hips firmly, rammed my cock in quickly several times, and held my breath while I emptied another load of cum.

Afterwards, Jen daringly ducked her head down and licked my crotch clean of our fluids. Inevitably there was a little cum on my pants in a couple places, but I'm sure most people couldn't tell what it was.

An hour later, we were set up at the game in the bleachers, cheering for our team and playing all our pep music. Joe and Casey, my friends who were across from us, begged me for details in between songs, and I shared bits of my day thus far with them. Casey couldn't stand it, having been without a girlfriend for over a month, and had to relieve himself with a jerkoff in the bathroom during the game. I myself had to deal with a desperately horny flute player named Nikki, who was one of my "regulars" and also was one of the girls fighting with Jenna to sit by me. During the game, we were supposed to stay in our seats of course, but during half-time we found ourselves in a strange school with a thousand people swarming all over it getting concessions and whatnot. Nikki grabbed my hand and pulled me outside. I told her I didn't think I could perform for her fast enough in the 20 minutes that we had, but she insisted that she'd be happy with anything I could give her, and that she planned to find more time with me later.

Now ... of all the girls I've been with, Nikki has got to be one of the very hottest. This girl drives me crazy with her firm figure, large breasts, gorgeous eyes and tight clothes. So, even though she pulled me behind some bushes in back of a building near the gym, in the night air that was cool enough to see our breath, with several people walking not too far way around the corner from where were, and with just maybe 15 minutes of time ... my cock was still able to rise for the fourth time and both accept and relish her oral servicing with my jeans pulled down to my knees. I breathed deeply and looked up at the stars, loving the lust she was pouring forth on me, and got harder and harder from her stimulation. There was no way we would really be able to fuck here, and I wasn't even sure I could cum yet, but Nikki devoured my cock and made me feel so sexy and desirable, and her tongue is as incredible as her sexual appetite, which was ferocious. I'm happy to have sex with lots of hot girls, but Nikki is truly the one that I feel most lucky to touch. However, I didn't get to touch her much out here in the bushes. Unbelievably, about 10 minutes of sucking brought forth that distant sensation that another orgasm could be coaxed from the deep recesses of my balls, and she sensed that when I groaned and gasped. She accelerated her sucking and fondled my balls, grabbed the base of my cock and started jerking it into her mouth in a motion that no man could resist, and with an overwhelming sensation gripping me, I brought forth another load of cum which she happily swallowed. Wow! What an awesome day!

I was truly satisfied. I had never had sex with more than three girls in any one day. I had had sex more than three times in a day many, many times ... but never with more than three girls! I was ecstatic! I sat there the rest of the game with a huge shit-eating grin on my face, and surprisingly, a semi-hard cock shoved in my pants. All my hormones were raging with the realization of what I'd gotten to enjoy so far!

On the bus on the way back home, I'm certain there were at least three other guys having sex or getting blow jobs in the back half of the bus, maybe more. I was pretty sure I did NOT need any more sex now, especially if Nikki planned to hook up later that night, but somehow, I ended up with Jenna in my seat again, and she certainly planned to repeat our earlier activities. I tried to tell her no, and I really did want to sleep, but as I lay there trying to doze off, she couldn't help it and started unbuttoning my fly again. Soon she was on her knees, servicing my cock once again. I sighed and sat there letting her do it. Of course it felt good, but I was a little annoyed at first, and my cock was finally worn out and not interested in rising for awhile. She licked away at my soft cock, and sucked it down her warm throat, while gently massaging my balls, and I just couldn't get myself to really tell her to stop. I mean, who could turn down a blowjob in the back of a dark bus full of teenagers on the way back from a game?

It took about 15 minutes, but finally a little life returned to my cock, and it started plumping up again. Jenna switched to a pretty aggressive and damn fine hand job with my slicked up cock, pulling and stroking it to full mast. It ached a bit, but in a good way ... and I did not mind at all when she took off her pants entirely, slid mine off, and repositioned us to slide my cock in her from behind as we'd done earlier. I was pretty turned on by this point, and with half the bus asleep (including the chaperones) and the other half either listening to their music or secretly making out or fucking and sucking themselves, we went at it a little more vigorously.

After about 10 minutes of fucking, Jenna's best friend Allie, who I had also fucked several times before although not regularly, figured out what we were doing, and quietly crawled back to our seat. In a very daring move, while sitting partly below us and partly in the aisle, she managed to get her mouth up between our crotches and suck my balls into her mouth while my shaft was rammed up her friend's snatch! Now ... I've had some exciting sex before, and even a few threeways, but this situation was getting out of control!

"Girls! We're on a fucking bus here, c'mon!", I whispered desperately. "I can't contain myself like this! Allie I'm going to scream!"

"Oh Brian, no no no no, sweetie, you don't want us to get caught, do you? Just let us enjoy you a little longer – you can keep quiet longer, can't you?"

Its not like I had a lot of choice! Allie licked all around our adjoined crotches, up the first inch or two of my shaft that protruded from Jenna's cunt, and sucked her friend's clitoris a bit too, which I found terribly exciting ... as did Joe across the aisle who was unabashedly jerking off the whole time while watching us. I couldn't stand it more than another few minutes though, so I grabbed Allie's head and turned her attention towards Joe, whose own hard on was jutting gloriously up from his lap. She had never been with him before, but he has a truly enormous cock, and when she noticed it, she was happy to move across the aisle and suck him off.

I continued fucking Jenna, even sitting her on my lap facing me and lifting her up and down in the dark for awhile, and when I finally came, an audible gasp and grunt did escape me, but no one was listening. It wasn't a high volume cum load, but it was incredibly strong and intense. A moment later, Joe was quieting his own orgasm in Allie's mouth.

When we finally pulled into the school parking lot at 10:30 pm, I was grabbed by Nikki on my way off the bus. She had a plan that I can't believe parents ever still fell for, but she had called her parents on her cell phone and gotten permission to spend then night at Lisa's house. Lisa was a friend of hers that I didn't know well, but it turned out that Lisa's parents were gone and she was being "watched" by her 18 year old sister Leanne. Leanne's boyfriend had been coming over to fuck her all week, and they had made Lisa promise to keep it quiet, so she had some leverage to get the favor returned. All I had to do was get my dad (who was a single parent to me and my three sisters) to let me spend the night at a friend's house, which he was more than happy to do instead of trying to load my young sisters into the car to come get me at that late hour.

An hour later, we walked into Lisa's house, and immediately heard the sounds of Leanne and her boyfriend having very noisy, boisterous sex in her bedroom. The three of us made our way to their basement rec room, and there on the large leather sectional we began undressing. Lisa was a new girl for me ... and no matter how tired I was sure I should be by then, a new girl, especially a hot blonde like Lisa, getting naked in front of me for the first time and wanting to fuck me is something that had me hard and horny right away nonetheless ... not to mention that my "dream fuck" girl Nikki was doing the same thing!

A double blowjob! I'd only had a couple. Both of these bombshells knelt between my legs while I sat on the couch, and took turns sucking my cock and my balls with vigor and passion!! I was finally able to scream in delight and gasp and cuss and holler, making it all the more exciting!

"Oh fuck yeah Nikki, I can't believe it again, again, again ... yeah! Lisa! Oh yeah, that's it, right there, right like that ... oh fuck yeah ... I'll fuck you two all night!" I felt so virile and horny, you'd think I still hadn't gotten laid yet today, instead of being on round 6 right now.

Nikki straddled me from above and rode me like her life depended on it. I kept up the best I could, and she came and came and came. Lisa massaged by balls while I fucked her, and kissed and rubbed me everywhere. I came hard in Nikki's sweet pussy, and rolled away gasping for air and glistening with sweat. But ... Lisa had been waiting patiently for her turn, and after just a couple minutes to catch our breath, she laid her gorgeous, fresh, shaved pussy down right in front of me and begged me to fuck her.

"Come on Brian, you can't leave me like this any longer ... I MUST have your cock too!"

My slender body should have been running low on energy, but certainly not on lust ... and my cock was still fairly hard, and I LOVED my FIRST time with a new girl. Nikki sucked me for a minute to get me a bit harder, and I rammed it into Lisa's incredibly warm, wet pussy, hollering in delight.

Lisa's pussy was like none other that I'd had. I can't describe it, but it had a unique feel to its shape that squeezed my dick with a different pressure when I thrust forward, and it was extremely tight, warm and sensuous. My cock is very sensitive, even after this much sex, and I was astonished at how good it felt to be sliding it in and out of her pussy. Lisa was also hyperorgasmic, and rabidly lustful and vocal... "oh fuck, fuck, yeah, yeah, yeahhhhhhhhh ... fuck me fuck me fuck me Brian, fuck, that cock, harder harder oh oh oh oh oh ... AHHHHHH!!!!" She was wild, frantic, hot, and so vigorous that it took me by surprise! I fucked her for all I was worth, while Nikki rubbed her own clit in front of me, and groped us and sucked Lisa's breasts.

I was rutting away like a maniac and Lisa had just cum for the umpteenth time when she finally put her hand on my lean, sweaty chest and wanted me to back off for just a moment while she caught her breath. I kept sliding my cock in slowly, and at the same time got into deep French kissing with Nikki. We were startled by a voice above us...

"You kids have even wilder sex than we do!"

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