Jane Poole

by Pope Perv

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Sex Story: Jane finds an adult DVD in her husband's dresser drawer with unexpected results

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   .

Jane Poole was sitting in her living room with her head leaning against the back of the sofa. As she was staring blankly at the ceiling, her thoughts were interrupted by a soft knock on the back door, followed by Sandy's usual cheerful voice. "Hello?"

"In here," Jane said, sitting up but still looking a bit glum.

It was their usual morning ritual. Jane would get her husband, Brandon, off to work, have a few minutes to herself until Sandy would step through the back door with two cups of coffee.

"You get Sara to school okay?" Jane said, taking the offered coffee.

"What's wrong?" Sandy asked, seeing the glum mood her friend was in.

"It's ... nothing," Jane responded.

"Come on. We've been friends too long. You can't hide things from me."

Jane took a long sip of her coffee. "I found something in Brandon's dresser drawer."

When Sandy didn't respond Jane looked at her. "And?" Sandy said with raised eyebrows.

Jane took another sip of coffee then a deep breath. "It was a porno DVD. We agreed that that filth would never enter our house."

"I see," Sandy said.

"I just don't know why he would want to watch crap like that. I mean we ... I give ... well, I just don't know what to do."

Sandy was ten years older than Jane. They had become friends from almost the first day Jane and Brandon had moved into the neighborhood five years ago. Since then, Sandy had become a big sister and best friend wrapped into one and Jane often asked her for advice.

"Jane," Sandy said calmly, putting her hand on her friend's shoulder. "Have you talked to him about it?"

"I found it after he left for work this morning," Jane told her.

"Stan and I sometimes watch videos like that," Sandy said softly, rubbing Jane's shoulder.

Jane's head spun around to look at her friend. "Really? Why?"

"Sometimes it helps set the mood," Sandy said, with a shrug of her shoulders.

"But ... you wouldn't understand," Jane said shaking her head.

"Understand what? May I see it?" Sandy asked. "Please? It will help me to understand."

Jane got to her feet and was slightly surprised when Sandy followed her to her bedroom. She glanced at her friend as she opened Brandon's dresser drawer and removed the offending video. She felt her cheeks flush as Sandy took it from her hands.

"All lesbian?" Sandy said with a smirk then added quickly, "You want to watch it?"

"No!" Jane almost shouted.

"It could be fun. Come on lets watch it," Sandy smirked.

Jane was about to refuse when she noticed that Sandy had turned the TV on and had opened the DVD player. "We really shouldn't. That stuff is evil."

"Let's get comfortable, shall we?" Sandy said, as she positioned herself on the bed, leaning against the headboard. She smiled as Jane did the same next to her.

Little more was said but Sandy soon noticed Jane wiggling on the bed. She slyly glanced her way and saw her younger friend squeezing her thighs together and noticed her breathing was coming a little more rapidly.

"Exciting, isn't it?" Sandy asked, in a soft whisper as one woman in the video knelt between the wide spread legs of the other and lowered her face to the wet pussy.

Jane didn't say anything but nodded her head in agreement.

When the video stopped neither Sandy or Jane moved for several moments. Then Sandy turned toward the young woman and placed her hand on her thigh. When Jane didn't jerk away, she leaned in and whispered in her ear. "Are you as wet as me?"

Jane turned her head and was surprised by the contact of Sandy's lips on her cheek. She felt her tongue flick across her skin and was about to get up when she felt Sandy's hand slid up her thigh and stop just below her crotch. "Sandy?"

Sandy lowered her face and kissed Jane's neck lightly. She could feel her nervousness but was glad she was not pulling away. Taking the risk, she moved her hand and started undoing the button at the top of Jane's blue jeans.

"Sandy." Jane sighed. She was really nervous, scared and excited all at the same time. Nothing in her experience had prepared her for what she was feeling at this moment. She had never thought about another woman like this before and knew that she shouldn't be thinking about Sandy now. She felt the button of her jeans open and then the zipper being pulled down. She thought back to her freshman year of high school when Billy Simonson had asked her to the movies. Afterwards they had parked in an out of the way part of the city park and started kissing. She had put a stop to it when Billy slipped a finger inside her.

Sandy continued to lick and kiss the side of her friend's neck as she slowly slipped her hand inside her panties. She could feel her heat as her hand inched slowly further inside her friend's pants. "Do you want me to stop?" she asked, very softly as her fingers just barely touched the top of Jane's pubic hair.

Jane was a married woman and loved Brandon very much. How could she cheat on him? How could she cheat on him with another woman? It felt totally evil, totally shameful as her lips touched those of her best friend. But as she opened her mouth to accept Sandy's tongue those thoughts faded quickly away.

Sandy felt Jane spread her legs and she slipped her hand the rest of the way inside. Her finger ran through the groove of her gooey slit and teased at the opening of her womanhood. She pulled her face away from her friend's and looked into her eyes and saw the lust and desire staring back at her. Without breaking eye contact, she pulled her hand from Jane's pants and started unbuttoning her lover's top. Only after she slowly pushed it off her shoulders, did Sandy lower her eyes and take in the sight of her braless breasts.

Jane watched as Sandy licked her lips and lowered her head. She took in a quick gasp of breath as her friend's lips brushed over her erect nipples. She raised her hand and gently cupped the back of her lover's head as she softly wrapped her lips around her hard pegs.

"Ohhhhhhh Sandy," she softly moaned.

Sandy felt the elation run through her as her lips encased the hard nub and as she cupped the other breast with her hand, squeezing it softly and gently. She then pinched the nipple between her thumb and forefinger and tugged gently on it.

Jane relished the sensations that Sandy's mouth was giving her sensitive nipples and groaned in frustration when she pulled away. "Nooooooo."

Sandy sat up and straddled her friend's legs. She placed her hands on her lover's naked breasts before slowly sliding down her flat tummy. A lust filled grin came to her lips as her fingers hooked in the waistband of Jane's blue jeans.

"You are very pretty," Sandy whispered, as she tugged the pants down Jane's hips.

Jane closed her eyes and raised her hips to allowed Sandy to continue to pull her pants down. When they were mid-thigh, she felt her stop and slide her palm over her panty covered pussy. An hour ago, it would have been mortifying to let another woman stimulate her like this. Now, she could only moan in pleasure. She felt her new lover's hands on her hips and her hot breath on her thighs as Sandy leaned forward. Another moan escaped her lips as Sandy's lips barely brushed the crotch of her panties. Then her lips were trailing down her thighs as Sandy slid down, pulling both the pants and the panties with her.

"My God, Janey," Sandy said in a hoarse voice as she sat up. "You are even more beautiful than I dreamt about."

"You, you ... dreamt about me?" Jane asked.

Sandy pushed her younger friend's legs apart and slid between them. Her hands were sliding up and down her warm soft skin as she drank in the sight of Jane's naked body. "Many, many times."

Jane watched Sandy as she knelt between her legs. She watched as Sandy raised her hands and started unbuttoning her blouse and then pushing it off her shoulders. She watched as Sandy silently reached behind her and opened the clasp of her bra and felt her breath catch in her throat when her friend's tits came into view. She watched as Sandy took her hands and placed them on her breasts, pushing them into the soft, warm flesh.

Jane felt Sandy's nipples harden in her palms. She could not believe how sensual it felt to be fondling another woman's breasts nor could she believe how wet her pussy suddenly got.

"Let me," Jane paused and took a breath, "let me see all of you."

Sandy smiled as she slipped off the bed and watched as Jane rolled to her side. Her fingers opened the button of her pants and slowly slid the zipper down. She bent forward, letting her breasts hang, as she pushed her pants down her thighs until they fell to the floor. She then stood up and smiled when she saw Jane's eyes were locked on the front of her black panties.

"If you want to see more," she whispered, "you have to take these off."

Jane hesitated only for a moment before slipping off the bed and kneeling in front of her friend. She placed her hands on the front of Sandy's thighs before sliding them up to the waistband. She could smell her friend's arousal and as she looked closer, saw the wet spot forming on them.

"Is this what you want?" Sandy whispered.

"I ... I never done this before."

"I know," Sandy sighed, as she felt Jane pull her wet panties over her hips, down her thighs and off her feet.

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