The Two Wimps
Chapter 1. The First Wimp

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The word wimp is used only for husbands, but I think the usage would be good for wives nowadays. We women work in such jobs that only men did hundreds of years ago, for example, we even go to war with men, so the word wimp is good for us wives as well. Yes, for thousands of years we women were at home, we were homemakers and we did the lion's share of bringing up the children, but many husbands of ours went to whorehouses, were seduced by the neighbor women, or were womanizers, etc. Naturally, not every husband was such a cheating bastard, but there were enough to get History full of them. So I think the word wimp is neutral and gender free today.

If the word wimp is gender free, as I explained, then I was definitely a wimp. I was born as Beth Clark in this Mid West city in a middle class family. I have an elder brother. I attended a local High School during that time when women's soccer was less popular in the States. However, my school was the pioneer in this sports activity. I began this sport and I was a good free defender on the team. I became an excellent free kick scorer. I kicked some very important goals from free kicks. I scored penalties as well. I was famous for my very strong free kicks and penalties.

Then I went to college to learn business administration. I played on the women's soccer team for the college and I kicked my strong free kicks, penalties and the goalkeepers did not like me at all. Sometimes I ran with the forwards, midfield players and I kicked strong goals far from the goalpost and the audience was excited by my goals. I liked playing soccer, I was a skilled free defender but I was far from being a member of the USA women's national soccer team.

I dated some guys, but I did not find the right man. I was a blue-eyed, tall, golden blond haired girl with C cup breasts. I also got good grades in addition to my sports activity and I got good job opportunities in my home town. I worked hard and I got promotions and pay raises.

I was at a meeting with some other company representatives when I met with John Warden. He worked at a partner company which was in the same city where I lived.

John was a handsome, charming man. We met several times and felt the chemistry with each other. We began dating and we fell in love. He asked me to be his wife and I accepted it with pleasure. John was a tall, dark haired, blue-eyed man, and he was divorced. He told me he and his first wife had not clicked so they had divorced amicably and they had not had any children. I did not get any information about John's first wife as she was a southern girl and she went back to Alabama after the divorce.

We dated for a long time and John did not show any negative traits, so I was happy to be his wife and I did not doubt his words. We had a big wedding with parents, relatives and friends. We had a lovely house in the suburbs that we had purchased together. We were in love and we made love in all the rooms in our house. I was happy with John. I stopped taking the pill and we had two sons. Our first son was George who was named after John's father. 1 year later we had Ed who was named after my father. Though I was at home with the children, our financial background was still excellent, because my husband got promotions and he became the local CEO where he worked. He worked hard and he was successful. Typically, we went on vacation to Europe or a tropical paradise alternately every summer.

One day doing laundry, I noticed lipstick stains on one of John's shirts. Ed was five, and I felt my seven year happy marriage was falling apart. I cried, dried my tears and evaluated my options. John was a good provider and for the time being I decided on the wimp solution. It became clear to me after a time, that not only was he a womanizer, he was a serial cheater husband. I came to know two of his lovers, later I will tell you how that happened. In such circumstances many marriages become a non-declared or sometime a declared open marriage, but I did not look for extramarital activities. I lived for my children.

The reason for this was very interesting. Before John I had dated a man who told a funny story to me when we broke up. He, Mark, told me his Mom was a cheater and he discovered this accidentally, when his father was seriouse ill and he attended college. But his Mom did not kow Mark was aware her cheating. His father was a strong smoker and he got lung cancer. His father was clueless and Mark did not want to reveal this secret to him, because his Dad's cheating wife, Mark's Mom, looked after him well during his illness. Mark did not want to spoil his daddy's last days before his death. However Mark did not like his mom and he looked for a job far from her. She lived in Maryland. Mark told me he did not want an American wife like his mom was, so he looked for a wife in Asia. He found a Christian Indonesian girl, her name was Maria, who converted from Catholicism to Protestantism for Mark. Later, we were in the same church as them since they lived near us. Mark and Maria had two beautiful daughters and my younger son married their younger daughter, Ann. How strange life is! I know now that Mark and his Indonesian wife have been living a happy life since that, but Mark did not invite his mom to their wedding and Mark's mom was not at the wedding of my son Ed and Ann. I did not want my sons to think of their mom as a whore, like Mark thought of his own mom.

I was a betrayed wife and a wimp for a long time. Other events also caused me to remain with my husband- the sad experiences in my distant family and among friends, schoolfellows. Such was the divorced life with children and the negative effects on the life of the children in the broken family. I did not want the difficulties of a broken family to impact my sons, so I remained married to John. John liked his sons and he was a great dad at home. This was the second reason why I decided to stay.

When Ed was twelve years old I looked for a job and found one at a local company. I worked hard, and when Ed was fourteen years old, I thought of divorcing. I gathered a little secret money and I asked a PI firm to look at my husband. They found evidence of an affair between my husband and a colleague of his. The PI firm gave me a DVD with a video and some photos on it. They gave information about this woman and her family. She was Heather Jones and her husband was Joel Jones, an engineer. They had two daughters, the younger was same age as Ed. I got photos of the husband and the children as well.

However, at this time George was in trouble with his friends in High School, as they all had begun using dope. John and I had to struggle with George to avoid the drug abuser life. The local Police arrested the source and we were lucky George did not become a drug addict. If I had begun the divorce George would have become a drug abuser, I thought several times. John broke up with Heather and he struggled for George as well. When George went to college, John found a newer cunt for himself. I had his affair investigated by the same PI firm that spring, which I used earlier. I had videos and photos on thumb drive and DVD.

George went to college and he wanted to be a lawyer. Ed began the last year in High School when I got an offer for a one-week training in Calgary, Canada, in September from my boss. There would be a trip to Banff as a socializing program in the training on Tuesday, and I was very interested in the Rocky Mountains before wintertime. I went to the airport by cab and I flew to Calgary, Alberta on Saturday morning. The training began in a hotel on Sunday morning.

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