Cashing In

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2013 by Wayne Gibbous

Coming of Age Sex Story: Turning sixteen isn't so bad after all.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   White Couple   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

Chapter 1

Ronnie, when he turned thirteen, three years earlier, was all excited about becoming a teenager. It seemed to him to be the big step beyond childhood on the road to becoming an adult, where he really wanted to be.

But now, just on the cusp of turning sixteen, he was sick of being a teenager and was just marking time until he came of age. To him, that meant an age without the term, teen, in it ... twenty.

So, when his parents threw him a sixteenth birthday party, he really wasn't so enthused. Sure, all his friends were there along with his sister, Melissa, a year older and, it seemed to him, years closer to that magical age without 'teen' in it.

It was a nice party and he did enjoy it and it left his parents feeling good about putting it on for him. He did try to be appreciative, at least.

But, he still wasn't twenty like he wanted to be and, after the party was over and cleaned-up, he went upstairs to go to bed.

"Ronnie, can you come here a sec?" his sister Melissa called out as he walked past her door.

"Hmm, sure, what's up?"

"It was a nice party, Ronnie, congratulations on being sixteen."

"Oh, yeah, thanks," he mumbled distractedly.

"Here, these are from my friends. For you on your birthday," she said as she held up three envelopes.

He took them, looking at each one saying, "Anna, Krissa and Roxy. Gee, that's nice. Should I open them?"

"Um, you can look at them in your room. And, uh, don't leave them laying around, okay? They're just for you from my friends. Happy birthday."

He thanked her and went down the hall to his room and got down to his briefs which he always slept in.

Ronnie had tossed the envelopes on his bed and as he got under the covers, he opened the first one, it was from Anna.

As he was pulling it open, he was thinking of Anna, a pert little curly-haired blond who was so sparkly and effervescent.

Out came a small piece of thin cardboard.

"Happy Sixteenth Birthday, Ronnie. This coupon entitles you to a blow job. Anna," it read and there was a cell number after.

He sat there in his bed, cross-legged, looking at the coupon, a coupon from a girlfriend of his sister's for her to suck him off. Surely it was a joke he thought as he opened the next envelope and shook it out.

This next card read, "Happy Birthday, Ronnie. The coupon entitles you to spend an afternoon in my bedroom doing whatever you want. Yes, whatever you want. Roxy."

He now tore open the last, looking at it in his hand.

"Happy Birthday, Ronnie. This coupon entitles you to have me for whatever you'd like to do. I'm all yours, Krissa.

He sat there, his cock tenting up the sheet over his lap, thinking about these three friends of his sister.

Anna, we know, is a doll of a blond and Roxy, also a blond, was taller and very curvy with a round, pretty face, while Krissa was dark-haired and really beautiful with a hot figure and killer-boobs.

But, this must be a joke. He would go ask his sister but there was no way he could walk into her room without his erection being so obvious. So, he slid the coupons into a book he was reading, put it on the nightstand, pulled out the bottle of hand lotion and jacked-off three times; not because it was three girls, no, it took him that much to calm himself down so he could sleep.

It was the next morning, a Saturday when he came downstairs that he saw his sister eating her cereal at the kitchen table.

She smiled at him and asked, "Did you look at their presents, Ronnie?"

He wasn't sure what to say, after all, it was most likely a joke.


"And... ?"

"You really think they meant it?"

His sister laughed, telling him, "Oh, I know it's not a joke, they did those up when we were all at Roxy's house last week. No, little brother, they meant what they said and I think you're in for a very good time."

"That's part of the joke, right," he asked skeptically.

"I can tell you that it's no joke, birthday-boy. Just call one of them and see. My little brother is going to have the time of his life, I expect. Just don't let Mom or Dad ever see those coupons. They'd kill me even before they killed you," she laughed.

"Yeah, don't worry about that," he told her as he began shaking the cereal into his bowl, still kind of sleepy but also trying to face away from his sister for the obvious reason showing in the sweatpants he'd pulled on before coming downstairs.

"So, which one are you going to call first?"

"You're telling me this is all serious, what was in those envelopes?"

"I was there, Ronnie, when we were all talking about your sixteenth birthday. Roxy, I think it was, asked me if you'd ever had sex and I told her I didn't think so; well, they all offered to make your sixteenth a special birthday. You need to call one of them or you're crazy."

"Okay but it still sounds like a joke," he said as he finished his cereal.

"Just call one of them and you'll find out, that's all."

So, our new sixteen-year old went up and showered then, back in his bedroom dressed for the day, he shut his bedroom door and punched-in Anna's number.

"Hi, Ronnie, Melissa must have given you our presents. So, what do you think? When do you want to come over and collect on it?"

"So, it's not like a joke or something?" he asked, still skeptical.

She laughed and said, "I guess you'll just have to find out exactly how serious I am, Ronnie. I don't think you'll be disappointed. I could do it tonight; my parents are going out to a party and I only live two blocks from you."

"Um, yeah, I could come over, what time?"

"Make it eight o'clock just to make sure they've left, okay?"

He said he would and she also told him to make sure there was just one car in the driveway before he rang the bell. So, Ronnie had a date ... a date for sex or a date with a joke. He would soon find out for himself.

He was hoping, of course, in two things: that the promise of a blow job was correct and true and that the hours until eight o'clock would speed by. The former he would know before the day was over and the latter, well, like any eagerly-awaited event, the time dragged-by second-by-second, minute-by-minute.

But, the hour did come and turning into Anna's front walk he saw that there was only one car and that the front light was on. He trotted up the stairs and rang the bell.

He heard someone coming and, then the door opened, there was Anna standing there in a cutoff tee and tiny denim shorts.

"Hi, Ronnie, come in, it's just you and me, come upstairs, let's get you out of your clothes," she said and she closed the door and he followed her upstairs wondering if she was going to get him naked then have a bunch of his sister's friends, maybe even including Melissa, come in and surprise him as a joke.

They turned into her room and there was no one there. She turned to him and pulled off the tee and stood there showing him her beautiful boobs.

"Have you ever had a blow job, Ronnie?" she asked as she pulled her shorts down, now completely naked.

"Um, no, you're, you're really beautiful," he managed to get out for she was truly a beauty. She stood there, her curly blond hair on top, smooth white shoulders, boobs that were so nice, round, full, tipped with light pink nipples, narrow waist and curvy hips. Her pussy was so pretty, plump, split down the middle so delicately.

"Come on, Ronnie, get your clothes off. Maybe we'll have time for even more."

It was looking like her promise of a blow job might be real and that our birthday boy was headed for his first sexual experience and it was with one of his sister's best friends.

"I guess we should start with a birthday kiss," she said as she opened her arms. He stepped forward and there they were kissing, her mouth open, her tongue sliding around as his hands were touring her backside, feeling so smooth and lush.

Her hand snaked between them and took hold of his dick. So far, no one had broken in on them, no surprises, just this naked, hot friend of his sister's playing with his dick as they kissed in her bedroom.

Then, she pulled her head back and sat down on her bed, took his dick in her hand and asked him, "Have you ever been sucked-off before?" He shook his head nervously and she began licking around the tip and all along the length, over and over.

"Oh, wow, that feels so good," he moaned as she began sucking just on the tip, her eyes looking up at him, no doubt enjoying how she was making him feel.

Anna loved to suck boys ever since the first time. It was with Nathan Oates, a tall, skinny boy she went to school with. He was tall and skinny in the dick department, too, she found out but she also found out how powerful a girl's mouth can be when used on a boy's cock. She's loved it ever since.

She knew to lick around the top, up and back along the length, suck as much into her mouth as she could and to suck the tip and sideways on that spot right beneath the tip that was so sensitive, rubbing her tongue right there. And, when she was in the mood, she loved to make it last and last and last until the poor boy simply exploded in ecstasy.

This was Ronnie's first time so she decided to make it a good one, one he'd remember forever; she was going to make it last as long as she could.

She did her best but it was our boy's first suck so in under two minutes, she felt his cock throb as his warm cum began spurting into her mouth while she swallowed and swallowed.

"Ooh, ooh, uuh, oh, so good, feels so good," he groaned and she just knew the poor boy needed another cum so she just kept going until he did.

They were in her bed, both naked, their hands enjoying each other while she kissed our deliriously happy young man.

"That was wonderful," he gushed, "I just thought it was a joke but I couldn't have been more wrong. You really made me feel so good. You're awesome, Anna."

"And you're feeling hard again, Ronnie. Would you like me to suck you again?"

Can you imagine any healthy young man turning that down? And, indeed, he did not turn down a third blow job of the evening as he played with her nice, firm boobs until she got her third helping of his healthy, young semen.

It was getting late so she had him dress, then led him to her door, still naked, and kissed him goodbye and he walked home in a daze, a once-in-a-lifetime kind of daze having just had his first sexual experience.

He got home and went upstairs past Melissa's open door.

"Psst, Ronnie, come in, close the door, how was it, tell me all about it," he heard her say and he went in and told her all about his first blow job, how it made him so hard, how he almost felt faint from the force and power of his cumming in her friend's mouth. He held nothing back, he was on cloud nine and didn't want to leave out the slightest detail.

Chapter 2

The next afternoon he called Roxy.

"Hi, Roxy, this is Melissa's brother, Ronnie."

Before he could go any further, she leapt right in with "Oh, sure, you're her cute brother that had his sixteenth birthday. You got my coupon, huh?"

"Yeah, I did... ," he tried to get out but she just kept on.

"Do you know which friend I am of your sister's? Tall, blond, big boobs? You calling to collect on the coupon? I'm feeling kinda horny right now, do you know where I live. I'm here alone so right now would be good. Go ask Mel where I live. Can you come over right now?"

He told her he could and she said, "Oh, great, I'll get naked right now, Ronnie. My pussy needs some loving and I hope you're ready. Hurry over."

The call ended after that and Ronnie went and to get directions to Roxy's but Melissa said she'd drive him over instead.

She kidded him all the way over that Roxy was the hottest, sexiest girl she knew and that he would be in for one hell of a good time. She dropped her brother off and he trotted up the front porch, all eager for it all to begin and even before he could ring the bell, the door opened and there she was. Naked.

She was about the same height as he was but, boy, everything else about her was spectacular. Like Anna, she was blond but her hair was long and silky. Her figure was very curvy and her boobs were large, perfectly round and full; they looked like they were about to burst. And her nipples, mmm, they were large, pink circles that were all popped-out in the middle. Below, between her legs, she was smooth and plump; her pussy was perfectly beautiful.

"Hi, birthday boy, ready to collect? What do you want to start with? My parents won't be home until late. We've got lots of time. Come in, I don't want people seeing me," she asked over her shoulder as he followed her beautiful butt up the stairs. Her pussy lips were looking back at him, right at face height as she added, "You can probably see that my pussy is all wet thinking about fucking you, Ronnie. I promised your sister you'd never forget this, not ever."

"Yeah it's already pretty incredible, you're really beautiful. I love seeing you naked like this," he told her as they went into her room.

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