My Accommodating Mother

by niteowluk99

Copyright© 2013 by niteowluk99

Erotica Sex Story: Synopsis.... How my beautiful slender forty-four year old mother has a maternal nature which I am happy to take advantage of; this leads me to a relationship which is out of the ordinary to say the least. It started with her still letting me breastfeed even though I was now at school aged 16 years of age; not only that be she allows me to do it whenever I want.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Son   Gang Bang   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   .

Chapter 1: How it all Began

I suppose you could say it started even before I was born; for my father has told me that mum loved having her tits sucked ever since he had known her and this led to a promise which happily for me she has kept. She promised Dad that if she had any children she would allow them to decide when to stop breast feeding. Dad spent many hours telling me how he would turn Mum into a quivering wreck just by sucking on her sensitive elongated nipples; sometimes for over an hour before he would finally satisfy his own needs by fucking her. Dad let me into his secret that he could fuck her in any hole he chose if he spent enough time sucking on her tits; this was to prove invaluable to me in later years.

As soon as she knew she was pregnant; she not only allowed Dad to continue sucking on her nipples but whilst home alone she would often run brand new batteries flat in her breast milking machine and where ever possible would walk around the house with this contraption whirring away inside her loose fitting bra. On more than one occasion she has actually had an massive orgasm clutching her cunt tight to a washing machine on its spin cycle whilst having this machine sucking artificially on her nipples. My first memory of sucking mum's tits was as a young child; when I was about two years old and I remember it being a regular event ever since; frequently seven or eight times a day. You have probably heard the joke about sharing mum's tit with a man who smokes; well I can honestly say I did share my mum's tits with my dad. Several times it led to me often sucking on one breast while he was gorging himself on her other one and this after Mum had stopped lactating.

So you see I grew up with the understanding that if I wanted comforting or an instant drink I only had to tug on mum's top and she would flop out her great tits and I would be allowed to suck myself silly. When I reached sixteen it suddenly took on a new exciting aspect because I began to understand the effects it had on her and more importantly on my young hormone ravaged body. I should point out that when I was twelve I lost my dad in a motoring accident and I without realising it became the head of the family. I never realised until my sixteenth birthday that mum was actually getting herself off on me sucking her tits but boy it did not take me long to put it to good use.

Just after my birthday; I wandered into Mum's bedroom after she had gone to bed and asked if I could have a drink; smiling she threw the bed covers back and eased her left breast out of her low cut nightdress. Climbing in on the left of her body I lay my head on her arm and began to suck; only this time as I sucked I flicked her nipple with my tongue causing her to whimper slightly. Applying more pressure to her nipple and now almost gripping it between my teeth had her squirming even more; I could just about see her trying to rub her legs together as if trying to discreetly massage her cunt.

I stopped sucking and she looked at me longingly; almost pleading with her eyes for me to return to giving her the pleasure she had been enjoying just moments ago. I suggested that if she wanted me to continue she should remove her nightwear and without hesitation she agreed; quickly divesting herself of the soft fabric nightwear; this was the first time I can recall seeing my mother naked. Instantly my cock ached and began to stiffen; oh I knew about sex and what was supposed to happen but the best I had done up to that point was rubbing my own cock. Both mum and I knew we were going further than we had ever done before and in a way that added to the thrills.

I was intrigued to see a gossamer sheen between her legs and I quickly learned that Mum shaved her cunt even thou there had been no man to enjoy it. Mum actually shivered as I scanned her body and then she held her arms out to me. I quickly moved forward and was enveloped by those arms; mum bent her head down and whispered that if I am to be naked then it's only right you should be, son.

She then helped me lose my pyjamas and underwear; smiling as she saw my young hard cock spring almost upright. Oh baby its beautiful; she said in a low guttural way which almost scared me. Then hand in hand she led me back to the bed and held out her right breast inviting me to return to suckling her delightfully elongated nipples. I noticed as I returned to sucking that mum now openly allowed her left hand to slide down to her cunt and slightly opening her legs she began to stroke the slit that formed her cunt.

Pausing from sucking I asked what she was doing and lovingly she said she was strumming. Puzzled I asked what strumming was and she said be honest baby; have you never wanked off your cock when in your room. What's wanking I asked and she stopped playing with her cunt and using the same hand she lightly gripped my cock and began stroking it.

The sensations going through my cock were even better than when I rubbed my own cock; she purred that wanking and strumming is the female equivalent of wanking. But she never stopped stroking my cock and suddenly I felt a tightening in my balls and a strange tingle in my cock as just as suddenly a gush of white spunk erupted from my cock and splashed across my mum's body. There were traces on her neck; chin and tits and a much larger pool of it gathering in her navel; mum simply scooped it up in her fingers and popped her finger into her mouth making gurgling sounds as she sucked her fingers clean.

Then mum took my hand and gently pulled it down towards her cunt; gently she told me to feel her warm wet cunt and directed me how to find her clit and saying that it was just like a little cock she asked me to rub it. I stupidly tried to rub it like she had just done to my cock but obviously I could not wrap my fingers around it until mum gently explained the best way to arouse it was too lightly run your finger along it. She teased me by saying one day she would show me an even better way to arouse a woman's cunt.

Well what with sucking on her tits and stroking her clit; mum suddenly went stiff for a split second and then cried out as my fingers got covered in a silky feeling liquid. Mum explained that I had made her cum and the liquid was her cunt juice; hinting that one day my wife would love me to eat that juice direct from her cunt.

We both laid there silent; I know I was lost in thoughts about sex; making a woman cum and eating the produce seemed so thrilling to me that my cock soon became hard again. Mum smiled and told me to stroke it like she had done and see if the feelings were the same as she had given me. I nervously began stroking my cock and although it felt good it just did not feel as good as when mum had done it and I told her so. She kissed my forehead as she said you will find much of the sexual act feels better when there are two of you doing it.

We seemed to drift off to sleep still naked side by side; and in the morning we kissed as mother and son should before I disappeared to my room to get dressed. Twenty minutes later I walked into the kitchen to find mum in a silk dressing gown; she turned and smiled as she told me breakfast would be ready soon. I am afraid the words were lost to me as I could not help but notice her stiff nipples causing lovely bumps in the silk material. Mum seemed to follow my gaze and smiling she said one word ... Later.

After breakfast I was sent off to school as normal; but my mind would not allow my day to be normal; I could not get the images of my mother naked out of my mind and walked around most of the day with a semi hard cock.

Chapter 2: Things get Wild

No matter how hard I tried; I just could not get rid of my two best friends from school; we had a long standing agreement to go swimming every Wednesday after school and today being Wednesday they would not take no for an answer. So this was why they came home with me to get my swimwear; but we never got to go swimming.

Charlie and Jake followed me into the house and when mum appeared they both said hello Mrs Drake and mum simply replied hello boys but there was almost a definite sadness in her tone as she said it. As she gave my two friends a cold drink I started to make my way upstairs to get my swimwear; mum suddenly appeared behind me and asked why was I going swimming tonight as she had wanted to experience some more of what we had experienced last night.

Suddenly I had a really wild idea and without saying anything to mum I walked back downstairs and informed my school pals I was not going swimming tonight because I was going to have a first class sex lesson. Intrigued the boys asked me loads of questions but I gave nothing away. Both Charlie and Jake begged and pleaded with me to allow them to come along too; I eventually laughed and said but I am not going anywhere.

When mum came down with my trunks; I told her that I would not be needing them as I had explained to my friends I would not be going swimming and instead I would be have sex education. Mum blushed but said nothing; not even when I simply declared I was thirsty.

She simply undid her blouse and exposed her right breast to me; you should have seen the look in Charlie's face as I stepped forward and began suck on her stiff nipple. Mum anxiously watched the two boys until she heard Jake say I wish my mum would do that for me and Charlie said yeah but your mum isn't as sexy as Mrs Drake. Feeling bolder I now told mum to undress so we could look at the female form and let's begin our sex education.

Mum physically trembled as she removed her clothes in front of three adolescent boys; but secretly I believe she loved the attention. Now here was mum standing naked in front of three young men; Taking one of her red lipsticks I wrote on her left breast the word tit; repeating this on her right breast she giggled. I handed the lipstick to Charlie and asked him to mark where he thought a woman's clit was; I do not know who trembled more, mum or Charlie as he placed a red dot on mum's navel. Without saying a word I took the lipstick and asked Jake the same question; he placed his red dot on Mum's pubic bone.

Again taking the lipstick I told mum to open her legs and spread her cunt lips and I placed the tip of the lipstick against the head of her clit. The two guests could not believe their eyes; especially when I began massaging her clit and mum began biting her lip as she tried to hide the rising feelings. I then ordered mum to show them the held open lips of her cunt and we all marvelled at the amount of juices she was producing; I slid my finger into her cunt; accompanied by the ooh's and agh's of the two voyeurs. Neither of these two looked as surprised as mum did by what happened next; I added two more fingers to the one now coated in her lovely feeling juices and before anything else was said I raised them up and sucked them clean; just like I had seen mum do and I marvelled at the wonderful taste.

I could see both my schoolmates had hard cocks forming tents in their pants so I told them if they wanted this session to continue they should undress same as mum was. Charlie looked shocked but Jake just smiled and began undressing. I turned to Charlie and asked him if he really wanted to leave right now and he shook his head; before nervously beginning to undress. Mum looked at me and smiled as she mouthed the words thank you; she quickly reverted to watching my two school friends undressing and I genuinely believe; she was hoping that she was going to get to play with three young virile cocks.

Once they were undressed, I told them they could now step forward and feel mum's cunt for themselves; mum shot me a look as if to say can I touch them too. I shook my head and mouthed for her to wait; she looked puzzled. I quickly removed my clothes and had mum knee down; after she had done so I invited Charlie and Jake to suck on her tits and mum to massage both their cocks. Eagerly mum grasped the two young cocks and slowly began to stroke the cocks and this encouraged the two boys to begin sucking on her tits. I don't know what came over me but I found myself standing in between my two school friends with my own hard cock in my hands pointing directly towards my mum's mouth.

Without a word being spoken she opened her mouth and began sucking my cock. Wow my mind went into outer space and the sensations were beyond my wildest dreams; so much so that I lasted only a few minutes and did not even have time to pull out before I filled her mouth with my spunk; I was gobsmacked that she simply swallowed the lot without losing a single drop.

Almost as quickly Charlie and Jake spurted their loads over mum's waist and hips; the last strands of their spunk coated mum's hands but she simply raised them slowly to her mouth and lapped up the white stringy liquid. Jake and Charlie quickly grabbed their clothes and rushed out of the living room; I could just imagine them running down the road trying to get dressed but of course they did not run out of the house naked. They dressed in the kitchen but still disappeared without saying goodbye.

Mum looked at me and quietly said you have gone too far this time, Rob, what happens if they tell their parents or worse a school teacher. Mum I replied do you honestly think they would tell and risk never being able to repeat the session, trust me I know them and they will be begging to come back for more; besides you enjoyed being a cock slut for an hour, didn't you?

Chapter 3: Point Proved

Next day at school Charlie and Jake could not wait to get me alone and once they did they asked what had; my mum said about the whole episode. I told them that firstly she was annoyed; not at what happened but at the fact they both dashed off without thanking her or even asking if she was satisfied. I lied to them saying that they left me with the job of finally satisfying her; to which they asked how I had managed to do that. I responded that if they had stayed then they would have seen how I had managed to satisfy a grown woman.

The rest of the day the two kept trying to find out what had happened after they left and Charlie asked did you fuck your own mother. I knew I had not but it planted the idea firmly in my mind that I should do so; just to see her reaction to going all the way. I kidded them on that I had to use my tongue, my fingers and anything else you could think of to satisfy her lustful state.

As school broke up for the day; Charlie and Jake were never far away from me and soon rushed over to see if they could come over to my house. I told them best not to tonight as mum may still be annoyed with them and they should give her time to calm down. I knew that both of them would look at their own mother's differently from now on; although I can honestly say neither of their mother's could hold a candle to my own sexy accommodating mother.

When I arrived home and entered the hallway; mum came rushing up to me and seemed rather disappointed that I was alone. No friends coming over today she asked trying to sound almost disinterested. No Mum, Charlie and Jake were a little shy about coming over so soon as they were worried about the reception from you after yesterday. All she said was silly boys; after all nothing serious happened; did it?

No mum I replied sensing the disappointment in her tone of voice; however I am here mum and I am awfully thirty, I added. Without a word she led me into the living room before undoing her blouse buttons and lifting her left breast from its bra cup. No mum; I said I want you to remove all your clothes before I decide on which one to drink from! Not that she was still lactating but it was my usual comment to tell her I wanted to breast feed.

Mum duly obliged and was soon as naked as she had been the day before; I took my time feeling both her tits as if trying to decide which one to suck but as I decided I continued to talk to her. Mum which bit of yesterday did you like the best and please be honest with me? I asked. She blushed before admitting that when both Charlie and Jake were sucking her tits as she played with both their cocks was good but not as good as when I joined them and she was sucking on my cock. Would you like to suck my cock again mum; I continued. Again she; blushed a deeper shade of crimson; as she finally nodded her head; before or after it had been in your hot wet pussy; I added.

Rob you can't mean that you would fuck your own mother! But that is incest and against the law as well as being morally wrong; she implored. But mother; it's only wrong if we get caught and as for the morals of it; it is a slim degree of change from sucking my cock to taking it in your cunt; surely. I challenged. Mum sat silently for a short while before meekly asking would you really want to fuck me, Rob. More importantly mum would you want to be fucked by my rock hard youthful cock? I teased. Again more silence before Mum finally agreed it would be great if she could feel a hard cock in her cunt again as there had been no one since dad passed away.

I looked down towards my mum's face and asked to tell me that she wanted me to fuck her wet cunt. Instead she simply said Son; please fuck your horny slut of a mother in any position you see fit; but take me to heaven. Suddenly I felt full of pride that my own mum was begging me to not only fuck her but was giving me the option of deciding where, when and how I did it. With my limited experience I only knew two positions one was the missionary position and the other was doggie style; so I turned to mum and said I will fuck you later tonight in your bed but as you know I am not very experienced at this so I will fuck you doggie style and see how we go!

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