Angel's Adventures

by mattwatt

Copyright© 2013 by mattwatt

Erotica Sex Story: A story that follows the character Angel from expatdad's 'An African Seduction'. It's written in his honor. Angel continues her wild adventures, only now she branches out on her and has adventures of her own.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Slut Wife   Light Bond   Gang Bang   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   Oral Sex   .

(This story is derived from the storyline of 'expatdad's story 'An African Seduction', and is offered as a tribute to his writing.



(In the story 'An African Seduction' the wife, Angel, is excited by seeing white women with African men, and decides to explore that by simply walking out one night to see what happens. This is my take on Angel's Walk. M.W.)

Mark sat on the bed and watched what had almost become a ritual. He couldn't deny that he felt a stirring in his cock as he contemplated that Angel was going out for another evening, probably with Igwe. It never ceased, after all this time, to make him both morose and also edgy, as well as turned on.

Angel was putting the finishing touches on her hair. She looked in the mirror and saw Mark watching her. She smiled. She was naked except for her heels, high five inch heels--her 'fuckme's' as she called them to herself, realizing the truth of what the heels were named, at least the truth for her this night.

When her hair was done, she turned to him and said softly: "Are you okay?"

"Oh, the usual!" he said and hesitated and added: "But yes, we both know that I am."

"I need you to be okay," she said, "I'll need you, when I get home. I'll need taking care of and services. I'll need that."

He closed his eyes and let those words play with his mind for just a minute or two and shook his head 'yes'. When he opened his eyes, she was kneeling on the carpet. He never got used to seeing her this way, kneeling, sometimes, like now, naked and eager. She'd become so eager after these months of being available for Igwe's big black cock, and, he knew now, other black cocks also.

"Let me do this!" she said, "It gets me started so well."

"Mmmm," he said, and watched, almost as an impartial observer, as she opened his zip and took out his already formed erection. He watched as she smiled up at him, planing a kiss on the underside of his cock's head, and then took the head of the cock in her mouth.

It caused an involuntary moan from him and he growled at her, before thinking at all: "Cock sucker!"

"Yes," she said, taking his cock out of her mouth and licking it, "Call me that! Call me Mark's cock sucker! It doesn't matter whose else; just call me that!"

He did: "Mark's cock sucker! Angel is Mark's cock sucking wife!"

"Yes, yes!" she said, and returned immediately to serving him, bobbing her head up and down.

He was so far into this fantasy world that they'd woven around themselves and their life here in Africa that he came quickly, amazed now at how well she did this, and remembering her reluctance to ever do it before. Perhaps he did owe Igwe thanks for some things.

She looked up at him and smiled. His gaze took her all in: the slope of her grand tits and hardened nipples, the hint of her pussy hair between her legs and the outside slope of her ass cheeks, as she sat back on her heels.

"Angel," he said, "You are so beautiful!"

"Thank you, honey!" she said. "It pleases me so much that you're patient with me."

"Yes, patient," he said softly, never truly sure of that at all but always trying.

"I'll want you later!" she said. "After I've been cleaned."

"After you've been cleaned!" he said, still being half an automaton to help him get through the idea of her going out to Igwe for sex, and maybe to Igwe's friends too. He certainly never forgot her declarations, when she came home that time, of having been truly and totally 'fucked'.

She stood then and kissed him lightly on the lips. Then he watched the rest of her ritual of dressing, dressing for 'going out'.

He chose pale pink, bikini panties with an abundance of lace at the waist, and a matching soft, under wired bra, that not merely held her breasts in but rather seemed to 'present them', push them up and a it out.

Then it was a light summer dress, flowered and flowing. It buttoned all the way up the front. In her own mind, Angel was thinking that it would make it easier to get access to her. Even the thought and her plans for the evening were already causing a wetness between her legs. Because Angel did have plans.

Ever since that night in the car not long ago, when the thought crossed her mind that she should go walking one night, she'd been almost captive to the idea. This was not about Igwe and being given by Igwe to his friends, and his dogs, this was about her getting out and just being available. The thought haunted her, since that time and now she was going to do it.

She embraced Mark then, who was careful not to muss her up, since she was ready for her night.

"I'll be waiting, Angel," he said. "Late?"

"Don't know, honey," she said, and lightly kissed him again but then she went to the bureau again and re-applied her lipstick. He knew that she was from that moment on no longer his, until she came home, weary but horny and wanted to be cleaned and serviced. He thought of it and it made him hard again, the idea of kneeling and servicing her nakedness with his tongue, cleaning her pussy and maybe her ass crack too, where Igwe and his friends had been fucking her that night. The thought haunted and yet excited him, as he watched her walk out of the bedroom. He followed her to the door to the garage and just waved back at her, as she waved at him. Then she was gone and he settled down for his evening.

Angel was excited. She let a series of thoughts bounce around in her mind; they were thoughts of having big, black cocks to suck and of being fucked by those big black cocks. This was the new Angel, no longer the shy, sexually immature Angel. This was the Angel that Igwe had made or at least helped to emerge and it was an Angel that she realized more and more that she liked.

And not for a minute did she underrate her love, her affection for Mark, who had turned out to be the patient witness to this blossoming of Angel, witness and partner in the new ways that they'd established, for all the while that Angel was becoming the plaything, sexual toy almost of Igwe and his friends, she was giving herself with new abandon and passion to her Mark, who waited for her and, it seems, was turned on by his new role as the one who cleaned her used pussy and ass hole with his mouth before exacting his own passion on her. It made Angel shiver just to think of it right then.

She was excited, and had to force herself to concentrate, as she got into a more populated area of the town. As she drove down the street, she could see solitary men in doorways, sometimes smoking and always looking. They noticed her, a lone white woman driving around at this time. She liked that. She was ready for her walk.

She went to the south part of the town, where she knew there were some bars, more often than not, working men's bars. It was the kind of area that she was seeking for this walk. She picked a fairly deserted street, lined with some shops and simply parked her car and got out. She took a deep breath, realizing that this was potentially dangerous but also realizing that the silky crotch of her panties was all wet from her anticipation. The wicked thought crossed her mind to get out and shed her dress, walking in her panties and bra; it made her giggle, just the thought of it, and, she reflected, the correctness of the thought, She got out and went to a store front and looked in at the merchandise.

It wasn't long either. She saw him, 'the first one' she thought, coming. She didn't move; she just continued to feign her interest in the goods in the store window. Then he was right behind her. She looked at him in the reflection in the window and he nodded at her. He was hesitant and she liked that. She liked the idea of him being shocked that she would allow him to 'handle' her, 'feel' her. But he didn't know that right away.

He stood and then she felt his hand. It touched her waist lightly and she did nothing. It encouraged him. His hand stroked downward then and Angel had a shivering thrill, as the hand reached down and cupped one of her ass cheeks. She sent a sign then, almost imperceptibly but it was there for him to feel. She very, very lightly shook her ass cheeks against his hand. He smiled.

"Lovely white lady with a lovely ass is out on her own tonight?" he said softly.

She liked the musical tone of his voice as she said a soft: "Yes!"

Then there were two hands on her ass, once rubbing each of her ass cheeks. She closed her eyes for a moment and let herself feel, as his hands picked out the tight edges of her panties and pulled the elastic material out, letting it snap back against her skin. She giggled.

"Lovely white lady with the lovely ass is wearing pretty panties this night," he said, almost rolling the words in his musical tone.

In moments like this she was totally aware of the journey that she'd made, that Igwe had been instrumental in providing for her, her journey from being almost sexually ignorant to where she was now: loving her husband still but loving, adoring sex in all its forms, and with as many partners as Igwe had provided for her, even those dogs! And now she was providing for herself. She was on her walk, and there were hands on her ass, African hands; and those hands were playing with the edges of her panties, playing with them, snapping them and feeling the tightness of those edges against her ass cheeks.

She turned to go to another window and walk down the street and she felt him move back, unsure once again. But she reached out and put her arm around his waist and, while she was walking now, she felt his hand on her ass, resting right on the ass crack to feel the movement of her ass, as she walked.

"Beautiful assed white woman!" he said, and kissed her neck.

Then there was another voice, a male voice saying softly: "Lovely white woman you have, brother!"

Angel and her man stopped and he nodded to the friend who'd come up.

"And such a lovely ass this beautiful white woman has," her man, who said his name was Joseph said.

"Beautiful ass!" the other, saying his name was Nelson replied.

Then Angel had another hand on her ass, one on each cheek. But Nelson's hands moved, while Joseph stood there and stroked her ass. She felt Nelson's hands take possession of one of her breasts, and realized that he felt her nipple harden. Then there were two hands on her and both of her breasts were being stroked, and the nipples teased.

Angel was moving almost beyond excitement now. On demand, she would have, she thought, taken her dress off right then, right here on the street and continue her walk with cock sucking, right now. She made and inward smile then, realizing that it might cause some kind of riot. Angel was steaming. All thoughts of Mark were flown from her head just then. This was simply Angel in lust.

They had passed the shop and Joseph pushed Angel into an alley that came up next. She moved according to his will and allowed herself to be taken into the alley but only a little way, since Joseph wanted the light to continue to shine on her.

As soon as they were in the alley, Angel, in a whim, lifted her arms up into the air, allowing them freedom with her. She felt the night breeze on her thighs as Joseph pulled her dress' skirt up to her waist, exposing her pink panties.

"Beautiful, beautiful white woman!" he said.

And Nelson was unbuttoning her dress, and soon had his hands on her tits, encased in the softness of her pink, satiny bra.

"Lovely tits on this woman," Nelson said.

"Angel!" she said, in almost a moan, "My name is Angel!"

Angel then pressed herself against Joseph, and, lifting her head, captured his lips with hers. She licked at his teeth and sucked on his lips, top and bottom. Angel was in heat.

While kissing Joseph in front of her, she felt Nelson, who was standing behind her and had lifted her dress up past her waist to expose her panty covered ass, run his hands down the middle of her back, giving her shivers. She waded even further into the kiss as Nelson ran his hands down the slopes of her panty covered ass, gradually slipping both hands down inside her panties to grab hold of her wiggling ass cheeks.

Angel whispered into Joseph's lips: "Nelson has raised my dress up to my waist."

Joseph's response was to kiss her again. After that kiss, Angel whispered into his lips again: "Now Nelson has his hands inside my panties and is playing with my ass with both ass cheeks. He's pulling and separating, and poking his fingers into my ass right now."

"Tell me, woman!" Joseph moaned, as Angel made her declarations.

It was a lesson that she'd learned from Igwe and Ngorro both. The African men, with their large cocks, wanted their white women partners asking for things, telling things, using the, somewhat out of place, dirty words. She'd learned that lesson; she'd learned to ask for what she wanted; she'd even learned to beg--she remembered begging Ngorro to get on top of her and fuck her with his fat, fat cock, once he'd gotten her so hot. It's what they liked and it's what Angel was willing to do.

She reached down, still kissing and still having Nelson playing with her ass inside her panties, and she grabbed Joseph's large, stiff cock with her hand.

He broke the kiss and smiled down at her. "Is that what you want? Is that what Angel wants?"

She knew that now was the time to say it, make her declaration.

"Yes, please, Angel wants your black cock! Please, please!" she said in an almost whiney voice.

Joseph chuckled, and said: "Nelson, do you hear this white woman begging? Begging for our cocks?"

"It's our cocks that you want, Angel, isn't it?" Joseph asked.

"Yes, yes," she whined again, "Yours, Nelson's! It's what I want! Please! May I? In my mouth! In my pussy! Please!"

Both men chuckled but Joseph teased her: "But what about our friends? They have nice big, black cocks too!"

"Yes, yes," Angel said, licking his lips and straining to push her ass back at Nelson, whose fingers were delving into the crack of her ass. "Your friends too!" she said.

"Nelson," Joseph said then. "Let's take her to Piggy's! Let them see that this lovely, eager white woman is our woman!"

Nelson's eyes lit up and he said: "Yes, let's take her to Piggy's and we'll both fuck her there!"

"And pass her around!" Joseph said.

The words pounded through Angel and were exactly what she wanted to hear.

"Yes," she said eagerly, "Piggy's", not knowing what that even was, but giving herself over to these two totally. "You can fuck me there, both of you; and then you can pass me around!"

"Yes!" Nelson said, squeezing her ass cheeks with both hands.

"Come, right yourself," Joseph said.

She did but before moving, she turned around and was kissing Nelson next, with Joseph playing with her ass cheeks. During the kiss, Joseph gave Angel's ass a sharp slap. She made a squeaking noise and jumped as the two African men just grinned at her.

They liked the sound of her as being slapped and the noise that she made, when Joseph had done it. He pushed on her back and made her bend over at the waist just a bit, and then the slaps cascaded one after another onto Angel's panty covered ass, getting squeal after squeal from her.

Joseph looked up and grinned at Joseph; then he said to Angel, still bending from the waist with her ass prominently displayed: "Now do as you're told, woman!"

"Yes, Joseph," she said meekly, "I'll right myself now so that we can go."

"And don't you disgrace us at Piggy's!" Joseph said.

It was the same concern that she'd learned from Igwe and she knew how to respond, her experiences had taught her that, the times with Igwe and the belt, though she had to admit that the belt beatings turned her on even more.

"No, no, I promise!" she said, kissing first Joseph and then Nelson, "At Piggy's I won't disgrace you in front of your friends. I'll show them who's woman Angel is tonight!"

Joseph and Nelson both grinned and walked Angel, now 'righted' with her clothes, out of the alley. They walked arm in arm, with Angel's arms around both Joseph's and Nelson's waists, and each of the eager men placing a hand on her wiggling ass cheeks, making her giggle.

Piggy's, which turned out to be a workingman's bar for African men, was not far. Joseph went in first, and next Angel, holding Joseph's hand and also Nelson's hand behind her. As soon as they entered the bar, there was a total silence, as the group, about twelve men, simply stared at the grinning faces of Joseph and Nelson.

The bartender, a huge African man, whose missing front teeth showed, as he scowled at Joseph, Angel and Nelson.

Joseph spoke up first, both to the bartender, who was indeed Piggy, and the men in the bar: "Piggy, look who Nelson and I have brought! Our lovely white woman, Angel. She's so fine!"

"Have you brought trouble to my bar?" Piggy asked in a husky voice, coming from behind the bar and going to where Joseph and Nelson were standing.

"No, no, Piggy," Joseph answered. "Angel was anxious to come here with us!"

As Piggy was advancing on them, Angel realized that there might be trouble. She took Joseph's wrist and pushed it down so that his hand was resting on her ass. Then she took Nelson's hand and did the same thing, smiling at Piggy all the while.

Piggy just stood and looked at the beautiful, white woman, who was allowing Joseph and Nelson to play with her ass cheeks. He shook his head and then he made a decision:

"Okay," he said, "Closing time. The doors will be locked. Anyone leaving, leave now."

No one moved at all, as Piggy put the outside lights out and locked the door. The interior of the bar was a bit dimmer then. When that was done, Piggy smiled and said: "Come, Joseph, let's give your beautiful, white woman a drink."

They walked to the bar, as Piggy went back behind it and made Angel a gin and tonic, which she asked for. All eyes were on them, as the stood at the bar. It was Nelson whose hand went down and, grasping the hem of Angel's dress, raised it to her waist, showing the room and all the men in the room, her panty covered ass.

There was a chorus of 'ohs' and 'ahs' as Angel was put on display. Her reaction was to get on her toes and kiss Nelson on the cheek and then Joseph. Piggy was watching closely and she crooked a finger for him to 'come here'. When he bent forward, she planted a kiss on his lips and licked them with his tongue.

"Thanks for letting me come in, Piggy!" she said.

"Of course, beautiful Angel!" he said, grinning at her.

Most of the men in the place were on their feet by then. They began to drift over in her direction, where she was sipping her drink and talking to Joseph and Nelson and answering questions about herself.

She would grin every time a hand passed slowly over her ass, at times lingering and squeezing her ass cheeks.

"You're very popular here, out Angel," Nelson said.

She smiled and thanked him but she was waiting. She knew that they would make the demand at some time, that they needed to do something to show, show everyone, that, for this night, she belonged to them, and she thought that it would be soon. She didn't know if it was a matter of courage or what. She put her arm through Joseph's. He moved his arm so that his forearm was brushing against the side of her tit. It made her giggle. Joseph smiled down at her and seemed to be gathering courage from the way that she was reacting to him.

Then Joseph looked around, and Angel knew it was time, right then.

"Look at what this beautiful woman, Nelson and my beautiful white woman, likes!" he crowed to the crowd of gaping men.

Angel felt his hand on her back then, pushing her upper body forward. Piggy was still standing there and watching.

"What are they going to do, Piggy?" Angel asked in a small voice. Piggy just smiled.

Then Angel's explanation went on: "Oh, Piggy," she said, "Joseph's lifting my dress again. They'll be able to see my panties!"

"Yes, pretty Angel," he said, nodding, "They'll all be able to see your panties now."

Then there was a loud sound. Joseph slapped Angel's ass hard. It made her jump and squeal. Just then, Piggy leaned across and grabbed hold of her wrists and kept her in place.

She looked at him with soulful eyes, and Joseph, whose first slap was a triumph, continued. He was slapping each ass cheek then and Angel was constantly writhing and crying out. The men were cheering.

Nelson began to slap her ass then too. Joseph hesitated for a few seconds and a rousing cheer went up from among the men, as he pulled Angel's panties down to her knees, exposing her beautiful, but reddening ass cheeks.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh!" Angel wailed, "Joseph, it feels so hot, when you spank my ass, and Piggy won't let me get away at all!"

There were general cries then of: "Slap that white woman's ass! Spank her! Make her cry for us!"

In no time, with the ass slapping that continued, Angel was indeed sobbing, and it was only then that Joseph and Neslon stopped worrying her ass with their hard slaps.

The other men in the bar were all standing around. Joseph looked at the in triumph and said, smiling broadly: "Brother, maybe everyone should get a chance to slap this lovely white woman's ass. Come and do that!"

Angel braced herself, as they hurried to line up and take a swipe at Angel's ass. Piggy still held her by the wrists, while the men, one after another, stepped up and slapped her ass. Some rubbed her reddened ass cheeks first; all gave her a good hard slap.

The men were now bunched around. They were no longer drinking at the tables, as they had been before. They stood and watched every movement that the lovely, white woman, whose ass they had just been belaboring, and who seemed to really belong to Joseph and Nelson, made.

Angel turned to Joseph then, not bothering to pull her pink panties up at all. She put her arms around his neck and kissed him, saying: "Thank you for the spanking, Joseph!"

Then she turned to Neslon and thanked him also, next she leaned over the bar and kissed Piggy, uttering her words of thanks to him also, and, finally, she turned and thanked the throng of grinning men, who had participated in her gang spanking.

Joseph then looked down at Angel's smiling face. He nodded, and she knew. She pulled her panties up into place, with everyone watching the action intently. She lifted her face then to encourage him and at the same time give everyone a message. She kissed him again, accepting his tongue into her mouth and then sucking on it. She turned then to Nelson and did the same. As she was turned to Nelson, she felt Joseph run his hand down across her sore ass cheeks, which she wiggled appreciatively for him.

It was all of that, and her reaction that apparently gave Joseph the final courage that he needed to go ahead with what he wanted to happen.

"Angel," he said, getting a 'Yes, love', response from her.

(He knew now that this was not going to turn out badly; he knew that this beautiful, white woman was going to cooperate and he strongly believed that she would do what she was told to do.)

"Go to the center of the room and stand there," he said.

She knew the tone of voice; she'd heard it from Igwe, when he wanted to be obeyed and thought that any refusal on her part would be a breach of manners on her part and a breach that would cause him shame.

Angel was ready, had been waiting for this, knew it would be coming. This was, after all, what her walk this night was all about.

"Of course, Joseph," she said, and slipped him a kiss, as she set her drink down and walked to the center of the room, still smiling at him.

Once she was in the center of the room, she discovered that all the men there suddenly had access to her, at Joseph's invitation.

"Feel her, brothers; feel how nice this white woman is!" he said smiling.

Her breath started to be heavier and came in ribbons, as hands now were freely feeling her ass, and her tits. Fingers were tweaking her nipples, causing more groans from her, and hands were now slipping down the slope of her flattened belly to feel her pussy mound and pubic hair.

"Okay!" Joseph said in a loud voice and the men backed off, giving a kind of honor to Joseph and Nelson, since they were the ones that had brought this beautiful Angel here.

They backed off and away from Angel and Joseph, to whom she had now turned her full attention said: "Angel, strip!"

She looked at him, giving him a kind of shy smile, though she'd been waiting for this or some form of this order to occur. It turned her on even more, and increased the wetness between her legs.

"Everything, Joseph?" she asked softly, and all the men chuckled at her deference for this Joseph.

"Strip to your panties," Nelson said.

"Yes," Joseph agreed, "Leave your panties and your bra on but take off your dress. Do it now!"

Angel smiled and said: "Yes, Joseph, leaving on my panties and bra."

She looked around then at the almost sea of grinning African faces, as she began, one slow button at a time, to unbutton her dress. She got the buttons undone down to her waist and, still smiling at Joseph and Nelson, spread the lapels of her dress wide to show them her soft, pink, underwired bra and the way it presented her tits and nipples to them.

"Lovely!" Joseph said, and his comment was echoed by the other men in the room.

To make it special for them, then Angel shucked the dress off of her shoulders and let it gather at her waist. A surge of men were there at her immediately, and the hands were grasping, tugging on, squeezing and pummeling her tits and nipples.

Joseph raised his voice again. He was really feeling in charge now:

"Wait, wait, brothers, let the white woman take that dress off!" he said, and turned to Angel. "Angel," he said.

"Yes, Joseph," she answered in a sweet voice.

"Take the dress off the rest of the way," Joseph ordered.

Angel nodded and pushed the dress down past her hips and stepped out of it.

She was personally thrilled. All of her encounters with Igwe and then Joshua and Ngorro had pushed her in this direction. Now she stood in this African workers' bar wearing only her pink panties and bra. She was thrilled right to the bone. She was, in that instant, sorry that Mark couldn't see her now, and what was about to happen. She would tell him this later, with all the hot details to accompany it.

She held her dress out and Nelson took it, folding it and putting it on a chair. Then the press of men were back and now the hands were everywhere: ass, pussy, tits, her back, in her hair, probing at her mouth, pulling her cheeks wide to see how wide her mouth would open. She took it all, eyes closed and let them have at her.

Then the hands dropped away and she opened her eyes. She gasped and her breath caught in her throat as Joseph walked through the circle of men then. He was totally naked and his large, dark erection as bobbing out in front of him.

"Ohhhhh," she moaned.

"This is what you want, Angel?" he asked. "This is what the beautiful, white woman wants now?"

"Yes, Joseph!" she answered. "That is what I want. Please, please!"

The men chuckled at her begging and the way that Joseph was handling her.

"Say it then, Angel," he demanded, "Say it clearly, pretty white woman!"

"Yes, Joseph," she begged, "It's what I want now; I want your splendidly large cock now!"

"In your mouth, Angel?" he asked.

"Yes, please, Joseph," she begged, "I want your lovely, black cock in my mouth."

"And Nelson's?" he asked.

"Yes, of course," she said, "And Nelson's!"

"And everyone here?" he said.

She looked around at the eager faces, all black, staring at her and said: "Yes, and everyone here!"

"So," Joseph said then, "If you want to suck the cock of everyone here, and be fucked by everyone, then take off your panties and bra and get down on your knees."

She did it in no time, after taking off her bra and shaking her shoulders to set her breasts in motion, she was sensuously pushing her panties down, off of her waist, and past her thighs, showing her pussy mound clearly for the first time. Then she was totally naked, there in that African workers' bar, waiting to begin sucking their cocks. Then she smiled as Joseph was joined by a totally naked Nelson. Smiling at them, she sunk to her knees, and Joseph stepped up to her. It was beginning.

In that instant, Angel remembered what Igwe had said, any number of times, about being able to separate sex and love, sex and romance. She realized then that the intensity of her present sexual excitement had nothing at all to do with love, and yet that didn't diminish her desire to be here, exactly here, totally naked and kneeling, waiting for the first dark, chocolate cock to claim her mouth and her attention.

Joseph spoke up then, telling her how it was going to be: "Angel, every cock you suck, every cock you see is going to your pretty, white pussy next. Every single one."

They broke into cheers then, as though they were at the local soccer field cheering on their favorites, instead of watching this bewitchingly lovely white woman, kneeling naked and available there in the middle of Piggy's.

Joseph put his hands on Angel's shoulders then and, in doing that, his erection rubbed against her lips, and once again Angel was that person that Igwe had pushed her, forced her at times, to become, that sexual person that she enjoyed being so much.

"Mouth open!" Joseph said.

"Mouth open," she replied and complied, opening her mouth wide for his erect cock and beginning by kissing the front of each of his thighs. She put her hands lightly on the top of his thighs and engulfed the head of his cock with her mouth, running her tongue over and around the head and licking on the under side. Then someone grasped her arms and held them behind her back, rendering them useless to her, to help her, to fend them off in any way.

Angel made a noise of compliance deep in her throat, as Joseph's cock slid in and out of her mouth, further and further in with each thrust of his hips toward her face.

It also passed through her mind, as she began this service that was expected of her, that this was the last one of all of them that she would take alone. That sent a jolt through her system, knowing that everyone from that point on would be a matter of two at a time! The thoughts made her wetter and wetter, as she concentrated on sucking Joseph off.

Her work those many times with Igwe's huge eleven inch cock, all those times of sucking him off, even in the car right outside of their garage on one occasion, when, unknown to her, Mark was watching her giving the blow job, all of that work prepared her to be excellent at sucking, which she showed Joseph, and the others watching, in no time at all.

Joseph looked around with a huge smile on his face and proclaimed: "The white bitch has a fiery mouth on her! You will all see what I'm talking about." There were immediate murmurs from the crowd of men, murmurs of anticipation.

Joseph was reveling in his role of the one who'd brought this sensation of a woman to Piggy's for all to enjoy. It made his reputation with his friends.

Her skills were excellent, and she was sucking with abandon. This was, after all, what her 'walk' that night had been all about: to get out and be taken over by someone, made to strip nude and become that excited cock sucker that Igwe had in fact turned her into. And now it was happening.

She clamped her lips around Joseph's length and pulled at his foreskin with her lips, as she bobbed her head up and down on his cock in her mouth. She began the motion that was allowing her to jerk him off with her mouth.

(And she noted, during that evening of servicing all of those dark cocks that some were pleased to allow her to, in effect, jerk them off with her mouth, whereas others, beginning with Nelson, insisted on holding her head and in fact fucking her mouth. She tried, over the course of the next hour and a half, to discover which way of having a cock in her mouth pleased her more, and, in the end, came up with the knowledge that having her head held in place, and the cock pistoning in and out of her mouth was her favorite. Her efforts also had the by-product of letting her see, with this group, all sorts, lengths, widths, and conditions of cocks. That too pleased her. Every new man was a new cock to become acquainted with; every one gave her the chance to become kind of a new woman at this task. It was provided an endless, or so it seemed, variety.)

As she serviced Joseph, who, she could tell, was being quickly now led to an orgasm, she was able to glance around enough to see that all the African men in the bar were now naked. It sent a jolt of lightning through Angel and she redoubled her efforts with Joseph's cock, moving her hands, no longer being held, and reaching around and grabbing his ass cheeks to steady herself, as her movements became quicker and just a little more frantic.

Then he was cumming and she was swallowing quickly, as she'd learned with Igwe, swallowing to take it all into her mouth, and into her throat, making this blow job a complete one, as complete as she could possibly make it.

Then Joseph moved and she felt him grab her by the hips, as Nelson stood in front of her, his cock a bit wider but no longer than Joseph's but still, for her, a beauty. As Joseph picked up her hips, Nelson's cock slid across her lips, and she opened her mouth, discovering immediately this new way of sucking a man off, with Nelson holding her by the back of her head and forcing his erection in and out of her open mouth.

For from the first, as Joseph filled her pussy with his erection, Nelson grabbed a hunk of Angel's hair, gaining purchase with his grip on her and, keeping her head fairly immobilized, began the process of sliding his cock in and out of her mouth, in effect, fucking her face. She leaned herself back onto Joseph's rampaging cock and just let Nelson use her face as he wished.

The combination of Nelson's casual roughness with her face, and Joseph's efforts at her pussy, as he held onto her by the hips and pumped himself in and out of her, brought her to her first orgasm of the night.

She had never got used to the heat that being taken by two men a the same time was going to produce for her. Igwe, and his friends had provided her with this kind of treatment at times. It was fairly overwhelming, even when, with the continuation of the line of men coming to her mouth, one after another, it became the norm for that evening and that place for Angel.

As the evening went on, and Angel continued to work her way through the line of men, in each incident holding on to the ass cheeks of the man standing in front of her, at first from the joy of it, but gradually because she was becoming more and more overwhelmed with it, it was, slowly but surely, wearing her out. Toward the end of the group of the naked men that she was servicing with her mouth and her pussy, she was simply holding on and trying not to give in to the tiredness that was threatening to overwhelm her.

More and more she was giving thanks for those men who took her mouth in the style of Nelson, grabbing her hair and forcing her head back and forth, up and down on his erection. She realized that in those instances, she had to work less and could allow herself, her mouth to be simply used.

Her pussy too was getting sore, as she worked through the group of men involved but it was her mouth and her throat that were feeling the brunt of the sexual work that she was doing.

But eventually, at last, she was done. She'd gone through the whole group, all fifteen of them had used her mouth and then her pussy. She sat on her heels, having lost her shoes a while back, and simply sighed.

Joseph was there then. She looked up at him and said: "Oh, Joseph, I'm so tired! I have to dress and go home. My husband will be expecting me."

It was Piggy, who'd had his own turn at the lovely, white woman's mouth and pussy too, who spoke up: "Joseph, let her get dressed and take her to her car. We want no trouble from this."

"Yes, lovely Angel," Joseph said. "You get dressed now, Angel and Nelson and I will take you to your car."

"Yes, thank you," she said.

Someone handed her, her panties and she slipped them on, while everyone watched, enjoying this site of a white woman dressing in front of them. A hand reached out to her and handed her a glass of brandy. It was Piggy.

Angel took the drink gratefully and swallowed a mouthful, and then reached for his hand and kissed the back of his hand, before finishing the drink.

Then Nelson gave her, her bra and she put it on, and then they got her up from the floor and she put her dress back on.

Her hair, she could see, was a mess but she had her comb and brush in her car.

Angel asked for and received a hug from each and everyone of them. Many of the hugs were accompanied by pats to her ass, which only made her giggle. Then, with a wave, a final hug and kiss from Piggy, and a soft 'thank you', she left with Joseph and Nelson.

They walked her to her car, seeming to be less sure of themselves again, in the company of this lovely, white woman. By the time they got to her car, she gave them each a hug in parting.

Joseph asked her if she'd be coming back at any time.

"I don't know!" she said. "I have to see how my husband reacts."

"Yes," Joseph said, with Nelson agreeing and they both left her, once she was in the car.

Angel then locked the doors and used her brush oh her hair and put on lipstick, started the car and drove home. On the way home, she giggled over the way that she kind of squished, when she wiggled around on the seat, from all of those men working on her pussy.

She was also surprised that she wasn't more sore than she actually was. Her mind turned then more and more to Mark and his reaction.

He was waiting for her, a look of concern on his face.

She embraced him, once she entered the house.

"Where have you been tonight?" he asked.

"Oh, Mark," she began, "Come to the bedroom and we'll talk about this."

He followed her, led there by her hand in his. They sat on the bed then and she described the evening where, when she'd been driven through the town, she'd decided that she wanted some time to go for a walk in that area.

"That's what I did tonight!" she said.

"What?" he almost exploded. "That's crazy, Angel."

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