Daddy's Little Girl

by zarifa

Copyright© 2013 by zarifa

BDSM Sex Story: Lucifer's daughter, Merrick, get's it rough from Daddy.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Father   Daughter   DomSub   Rough   Humiliation   Torture   Anal Sex   Water Sports   Violent   .

Lucifer saw his young daughter, Merrick who was 16 at the time, standing on a balcony looking over the agonizing souls in hell. The sounds of the screaming and agony only aroused Merrick. Lucifer walked up to Merrick.

Lucifer: Now go and get ready for me, because I'm about to fuck you and shape you up and shape you out.

Merrick: Oh daddy, just your words are making me we.Mmm

Lucifer: How would you like me, to fuck your little body with all those souls watching?

He pushed her against the balcony and pressed his HUGE throbbing cock against her thigh. Merrick enjoyed his erection and the screaming and torment of the souls. Lucifer dragged his scolding hot tongue against her neck leaving her blood hot red. She screamed in both pleasure and pain.

Lucifer: I am about to show you, my sweet Merrick, that it's very hard you see, you tell pain and pleasure apart, you are going to cry, bleed, beg, and be ripped apart, but you're going to fucking love it.

Merrick: Just FUCK ME DADDY

She said pushing against his erection.

Lucifer: I hope you didn't like this dress too much

He ripped her skimpy green laced dress apart and she stood there gloriously in nothing but six inch heels. He grabbed her neck, and lifted her off the ground, Merrick's eyes pleaded for air, and he placed her legs dangling off the balcony and let her body dangle towards him. He opened his black robe. His cock was huge, monstrously huge, it wasn't even humanly possible. Lucifer took his warm throbbing cock into his hands.

Lucifer: Open wide baby doll, because this is for you.

Merrick opened her mouth and he slowly pushed his dick into her mouth, then into her throat, Merrick was already gagging but the sound exited Lucifer, as did the way that her throat tightened. He pushed even deeper, he fully fucked her throat. Tears ran down Merrick's cheeks, and her throat hurt from gagging and from her father's cock down her throat. She felt as if she was going to vomit. But her cunt, which was completely exposed to every single aching soul, was dripping wet. Lucifer fucked her mouth and she vomited all over him and this just made him slap her and go harder and harder till he came straight into the very depths of her throat. It was so much. It was nearly a liter of cum.

Merrick: I'll be back I have to go to the bathroom.

Death: I don't care I'm not done with you. First you have to lick my dick clean, look at the mess you made there's even blood on it, how the fuck did you manage that slut?

Merrick got onto her knees and obediently cleaned him with him tongue. She knew he wasn't even close to being done. Lucifer opened Merrick's legs wide.

Merrick: No daddy please, I have to use the bathroom.

Lucifer: I swear you piss on me and you will be in big trouble.

He was rubbing her so hard, it hurt so much but it felt so good.

Merrick: Oh faster daddy fassster

Merrick was trying hard as not to empty her bladder, so she was finding it hard to cum.

Lucifer: Cum for me or I will throw you into that pool of souls

He hissed through teeth and rubbed her faster it felt as if her poor little clit was on fucking fire. She was about to cum but first her bladder emptied, she blushed and she was embarrassed, but seconds later she came and she screamed in pleasure as her cunt was being rubbed so hard.

Lucifer: You pissed yourself Merrick. You stupid little brat!

Merrick: Daddy I'm sorry, I didn't mean to.

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