Seduced by Our Nephew

by David Michaels

Copyright© 2013 by David Michaels

Fiction Sex Story: Yes that right our 16 year old nephew seduced my lover and I after being kicked out of his mother home for being 'one of those'

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/mt   Consensual   Gay   Fiction   Incest   Nephew   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

Yes you read the title right. This is about how my step-nephew, my lovers nephew seduced him and myself. First a bit of background; I'm 46 5'7" about 160pounds, just a bit of a belly, but not much. My lover, Joseph, is only 33 5'11" right around 190. We both watch what we eat, and try to take care of ourselves, but we certainly aren't health nuts. We've been in a healthy relationship for just over 4 years now, I say healthy because the first year was a little rocky. He was trying to kick a bad drug habit, and I wasn't known for my long term commitments, but we worked things out, and he's been clean for right around 3 years. His family now accepts me like another son, and I get invited to all the family functions with him. You know Easter, Christmas, family reunions, vacations, and the odd weekend trip. My partners brother has several kids, 4 to be exact one boy and three girls, and they all know and love their Uncle David. I was off this particular weekend when my phone rang, it was his nephew Cain, and so I answered. He was frantic, he was at the bus station and couldn't get ahold of his grandparents. I knew they were out of town, but apparently he had forgotten. I told him to hang on, and I would be right there. As I got ready to pick him up, we continued our conversation, seems his mom, had taken off, left him bus fair and told him to visit his grandparents. I guess the fact they were going camping that weekend escaped everyone, but Joseph and I.

As I drove to the bus station, I thought back to when I had first met Cain. 'Mom' had thrown him a birthday party, and of course I was invited. It was his 12th birthday, and he was a little cutie, blonde hair, sea blue eyes, and an infectious personality. We bonded almost instantly and over the next four years, developed a close connection. I also watched him grow into a really hot young man. By the time he turned 16 he was smoking, he went from a long blond to a high and tight like his dad, and I swear his eyes turned got even bluer. At his 16th birthday swim party, I swear he was flirting, Joseph said it was just wishful thinking, but I know better. As I was upstairs changing, he came into the room to get changed as well. Ok, nothing wrong with that, guys change together all the time, I did notice that he had hints of hair in all the hot places, and his ass was smooth and well rounded. He stripped, BEFORE looking for his suit and instead of placing his overnight bag on the bed, he bent over to look, exposing his sweet hole, with just a dusting of hair. I had to do Algebra problems in my head to stay soft. When he finally found his suit, he turned and I swore under my breath, he had the beginnings of a hard on, which he casually stroked a few times before slipping into his suit. He gave his Uncle David a big smile as he left the room, and I had to go beat out a quick one in the bathroom, before joining the rest of the family at the pool. That night Joseph and I made out like lustful teens, but all I could see was Cain's eyes, ass, and cock.

I got to the bus station about 20 minutes after Cain had called, and found him sitting out front. "Where's Uncle Joseph?" he asked.

"He's working today, we've got about four hours till he gets home." "I'm starved, you got anything at the house to eat?" he asked.

"We need to go shopping, but that can wait till Joseph gets home. If you're hungry we pass McDonalds and Burger King on the way home." "McD's would be nice, and thanks, I don't know what I'd have done if you didn't answer." We stopped, got his food and drove in silence as he ate. Once home, we got him settled in the extra room, turned on the TV and finding nothing, decided to play some Xbox games. We took the dogs for a walk and did some house work. Working thirds I was usually asleep by now, and the extra things I was finding to do just wasn't keeping me awake like I hoped. I set Cain up with the Xbox again and went to lie down. I hadn't been in bed for more than 10 minutes when Cain came in and asked if he could lay with me. "What's wrong with your bed?" I asked "The TV isn't working and I need some kind of noise to sleep" "OK," I said, "here's the remote, but keep it down, I really need to sleep a few hours before Uncle Joseph gets home." "I promise to keep it low" he said as he took off his pants to lie down. He flipped around the channels once and finally settled on Cartoon Network. As I drifted off to a Sponge Bob cartoon I swear he turned on his side and backed his ass into my crotch. I was just too tired I thought, and rolled onto my back. Soon I was in a deep sleep, and dreamt about getting a hand job, then feeling a smooth ass, in my face, so I played with those smooth cheeks. The hand on my cock soon changed into a wet, hot mouth with a seemingly endless throat. I went from rubbing the smooth ass with my hands to licking it with my tongue, my tongue went from licking the sweet cheeks to spreading them and licking and kissing the warm hole. I tongue fucked the hole, then slipped in one, two and finally three fingers. As my fingers manipulated the ass in my dream, I felt the attached cock and balls rubbing on my chest. I awoke as I and my dream fucker came, only to find my fingers in Cain's ass, and his mouth wrapped around my thick hard 7" cock, and his 16 year old load all over my chest.

"CAIN, what the Hell?" "Don't you like getting off with a guy?" "Yes, but that's not the point. Joseph and I are a couple, and we don't play around, anyway what do you think your parents would say, especially your dad?" "Probably the same things they've already said." "Excuse me?" "About a month ago mom caught my boyfriend Jack and I in my bed fucking. She kicked him out, told his parents, and then whipped my ass for good measure. Then she called dad and they decided I needed 'straightening up' so they sent me to a shrink." I suddenly remembered my coming out and the years of therapy and torment trying to be something I wasn't. "I'm so sorry Cain, I had the same problem. So is that why you 'forgot' your grandparents were out of town this weekend?" "Most of it, I was afraid you and Uncle Joseph wouldn't let me run-away here." "I've already been through the 'straightening' out process with my parents, and Joseph had a few issues with your grandparents, but I don't think it was that severe. We told you years ago, you were always welcome here." I happened to glance at the clock, "Shit, Joseph will be home soon and we need to NOT be in bed together naked and covered in cum. We'll discuss it over dinner with Joseph and figure something out." "You won't tell him will you?" "Not right away, maybe later, but I will tell him eventually." "Think Joseph will get made about what I did?" "I'm not sure what he'll do, remember you little show last year at your birthday party?" "Yeah" "Joseph thought that was hot, and we ... well he didn't get mad." Cain and I got dressed and presentable about 10 minutes before Joseph got home. The three of us fixed dinner, ate and Cain offered to clean up. While Cain was in doing dishes, I filled Joseph in on what was happening.

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