Seizing the Opportunity

by Marduk

Copyright© 2013 by Marduk

Mind Control Sex Story: A husband and a neighbor both take the opportunity to seduce various women, one for pleasure the other to humiliate.

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Consensual   Mind Control   Slut Wife   MaleDom   Gang Bang   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Petting   School   mc sex story,mc story.

It is said there are good days and bad days, well today was a bad day as far as Colin Greenway was concerned. It had started off with a flaming row with his wife, not that, that was uncommon it was just a fact of life in an unhappy marriage, however this morning it was over finances; she had got a parking ticket and the council's grab for revenue was very steep. Finances were not there to be just given away, especially to a council he utterly opposed; he flipped. "You useless fucking cunt", he screamed. "I don't have unlimited funds for you to add to the council's coffers, especially one that is run by an entire Islamic body and is even considering introducing their own law into the town. Sharia or something like that, some ridiculous part of their stupid mythology and you go and add to their finances. "What the fuck were you thinking of?" It was a question that his wife didn't answer for he stormed out for although he had plenty of time, he just couldn't stand in her presence any longer. It was the second Monday of the month and the local volunteer organization of which he was a committee member met on that day.

He parked his vehicle in the underground car park of the major shopping centre and began to walk to the local senior's rooms. These rooms were shortly to be demolished to make way for a mosque, but for the time being it was where the volunteers met. He had left in such a fury that he was well in front of the time the committee met, he was just thinking of stopping for a coffee in a new bakery shop that had recently opened when a female voice stopped him in his tracks. "Would you buy me a coffee?"

The woman was middle aged although there were lines of hardship carved into her facial features. She wasn't a Muslim for the council was directing most of the cities welfare revenue into their own mythology and its sister organizations and anybody outside the circle of Islam was pretty well on their own. However, today wasn't a day he was ready for sympathy or compassion. "Tell you what madam," he snapped. "I'll give you twenty dollars and then buy you a coffee if you suck me off". The woman automatically took a step back, her mouth opened but no sound came forth and her whole expression was shock. It was in that state that he left and headed for the crossing. Just as he pressed the pedestrian crossing button she recovered and quickly joined him. "Could you make it thirty?" she asked. He didn't stop but as they walked he said. "Sure I can but you drop your tits out and yank my balls as you suck my cock". She just gave a nod.

The senior's room was quite close and after he unlocked the door, stepped aside and then relocked the door. He showed her into a side room that was used to keep a few extra items of furniture. He closed the door, put down his briefcase and undid his trousers. She removed a jacket, her blouse and then her bra. "Nice tits", he muttered as she got down, gripped his rising cock, grabbed his balls and began to suck while massaging that hanging sack. "Yank the fucking balls, you stupid cunt", he snapped as he pulled her head into his groin, forcing more cock into her mouth. "Oh! That's right", he groaned. "Now you're got them, now suck and yank". Her head bobbed back and forth as her mouth did wonders and the pleasure that radiated up his cock equalled the pain as she pulled and stretched his balls. He reached down, feeling her tits and squeezing the nipples which were erect and hard and in that position they stayed for a good ten minutes, till he gave a grunt and thrust his groin hard into her face as his balls exploded and their contents shot into her mouth. "Drain me dry", he gasped as he held her till every drop as been accounted for, only then was she released to fall back with cum and saliva pouring from her mouth.

As he handed her a tissue from the box on a table to wipe her mouth he didn't know that at that minute his wife was being given a very substantial feel up and later would receive a fuck that would send her being into such a vibration and eruption that it would seem as though she had been hit with thousands of bolts of electricity. That was something that her husband didn't know. But at this minute down in the senior's room he told the woman where she could wash and when dressed took her to a nearby coffee house and as they waited for the coffee, he said. "I come here on the second Monday of each month. If you were in the area then we could have a repeat and maybe even fuck". The woman was silent; she didn't comment till they were parting and then said. "If I fuck what will be my reward?"

"I could push the cost up to fifty dollars, but that would include a good sucking but I would want you totally nude. Oh! One other thing I don't like women with shaven cunts so if you do shave, forget fucking".

"I don't shave", she replied and then as he began to walk away gave a parting shot after receiving the agreed amount. "Till next month?"

The wife burst into tears as her husband's car drove out. She was lonely and wanted comfort and she turned to the neighbour who she had found very friendly, very courteous and very educated and a person she had enjoyed being with. She didn't know of his dark side, a side that delighted in humiliating women. Occasionally when her husband had been at his monthly meetings she had enjoyed morning tea with the neighbour, nothing out of hand had ever eventuated, however, this morning as she sobbed on his shoulder he began to feel and massage her very noticeable tits. So desperate for comfort she didn't intervene and as he opened her blouse and loosened her bra and found and squeezed her nipples; she gave off little moans of pleasure.

As she responded a crooked smile crossed his face; secretly he had waited for the right opportunity to degrade and abuse her. Now with that gate opened he then moved to her thigh and still working her nipple which was now hard and erect he moved to the ultimate goal, her cunt and as he worked his finger amid all the hair and into that throbbing crack, her moan became a distinct 'Ohhhhhh!'. He pumped, driving at first one finger and slowly including the others till her whole being was working in rhyme to those invading fingers. He sank his mouth over one erect nipple while working his trousers down till his cock, which wasn't small or thin, sprung free, then ripped her panties down, pulled her legs apart and gave a grunt of appreciation as that dark triangle of hair appeared. "I love a woman with a hairy cunt", he grunted as he inserted his throbbing cock between the lips of her crack, gripped both tits and shoved.

Her bottom rose to meet the thrust, now fully anchored he carried her into his den. His balls; double the size of any ordinary man bounced as he goose stepped his victim onto his altar of sacrifice. He dropped her, her tits bounced and shook but not an inch of cock was dislodged. "Now we fuck you bitch", he snapped. As he drove his prick to the very limits of her cunt, slapping her tits and almost devouring her nipples, he snarled between thrust. "You are now mine, you will know only one thing and that is your desire for my cock. You will worship it, you will crawl and beg for it and do anything to have it where it now is". With saliva dripping from his lips he relished the pleasure that this woman would now give him. He drove his cock in with thrusts and made her cries of pleasure echo around him and so he fucked her for nearly an hour. Till he emptied his balls sending so much up that cunt that is leaked down his shaft and onto her inner thighs. Slowly he pulled out and then ran that cum covered length over her lips. "Get used to the taste for shortly you will be sucking it", he said as he left her, legs still wide apart and her being still vibrating from the fucking he had given her.

The meeting of the volunteers had lasted longer than expected. The main discussion was the lack of recruits for the influx of migrants and refugees into the area; that were mainly Muslim didn't mean an influx of volunteers into any of the 'emergency departments'. These were areas that the Muslim said were the domain of the infidel, but the men and women who manned these departments were all getting on and were finding their work load very heavy. The Muslim was quick to demand their service but totally uninterested in joining their ranks. "What do we do Colin?" one of the volunteers asked. For a few seconds he was silent and then replied. "I have approached the mayor telling him that we needed recruits and that our members were getting a bit long in the tooth and were finding the work load getting heavier by the day".

"What was the response?" was the united question.

"The Mayor was unimpressed. He said that it was our duty to do the work and should consider it an honour to help the followers of the true prophet. He then said that the work we do Muslim found it unclean and would not assist us".

"Our response?" one of the women volunteers asked.

"I say we call it a day, advise the Mayor that we can't continue without assistance and if they still refuse to help in recruiting – then so be it", he replied.

It was after one in the afternoon when the meeting ended with an ultimatum to the council that without assistance the 'emergency volunteers' for the area would cease. Colin arrived home. His wife was not there; this did not concern him for she often visited one of her associates or could be out for a walk. He changed into his cycling gear, checked his watch and considered that he had enough time to do a ride of at least forty kilometres and be home by three-thirty. For the first few kilometres the ride was easy than it began to climb, a matter of gear changing. At the top of the first hill he stopped and had a drink. It was now down hill and then a slight rise and a very sharp turn into one of the underground passages that led to a small native park, with trees and native shrubs before another slight rise and then the downhill ride before the track levelled out for the remainder of the ride that took him to a café, some twenty kilometres from his home base.

He began to apply the brakes as the sharp turn appeared for once before he had taken it too fast and it was only skilful manoeuvring that avoided a nice prang into the cement sides of the tunnel. "Shit!" he snapped as he rounded the bend and sitting just inside the tunnel were two school girls. So surprised at their presence that he didn't consider his verbal reaction; "Fuck girls", he snapped as he came to a halt. "You could get yourself injured just sitting there, plus causing an accident. "What are you doing? There is a seat just outside in the park you could plant your bottoms on that, instead of the cement flooring of the tunnel".

"If we did that somebody would notice us", one of the girls replied. Her comment pointed to one explanation, these girls were waging it. "Is your subject so bad or your teacher so horrid that you risk getting splattered by bikes travelling fast", he said. The two girls, both by their physical attire must be seniors, just shrugged their shoulders till the one who had voiced her opinion snapped. "The school sucks, the subjects are crap and the teacher is a fuck nut".

The use of the 'f' word made him take more interest in these two reasonably attractive girls, who certainly had the build of mature young women, they certainly weren't children. As they were waging it and most likely breaking all the school rules, he thought that he could take advantage of the situation and if they told him to 'fuck off' then so be it. He then said. "I have no idea of what a fuck nut is but would you be interest in a fuck". The two girls were silent as they came together and conveyed in whispers and then the one who was the most vocal asked. "You mean the both of us?"

"Yes!" he replied.

"How and where?" the girl asked.

"I said there was a seat in the bush setting just outside this tunnel", he began. "There is ample sheltered space as well and I could take you both doggie fashion; going from one cunt to the other and even giving you both a filling when my balls exploded".

"You mean we get fucked up the bum?" the girl asked.

"Well that could be arranged, but no just because you are done 'doggie style' doesn't automatically mean a cock up the arse", he explained.

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