How Are You Not Being Neglected?

by Duna

Copyright© 2013 by Duna

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, Revenge, Food, Lactation, Big Breasts,

Romantic Sex Story: A Romantic Revenge Story in Homage to 800lbgorilla’s fantasy Romantic Erotic story,"A Beautiful Wish”

The end edition was made by Stout1759 and Melaphyre Melodies edited this story well after fixing by Mostera1 and Tee Bird. Thanks for their help.

My stories were published first on Loving Wives hub in Literotica, but the stories were moved to Fetish hub without let me the Author to change the preface to set for the Fetish hub. I withdrew my stories in order to republish them and to change the preface for the Fetish hub readers. I do not know the Fetish hub readers, so I try to assist them to avoid such stories, which do not match the taste of some readers. My two Fetishes are the cheating wives change to better women with a little or more Adult Breast Feeding (ANR). So I recommend my stories to those readers, who agree to be the divorce the solution in case of cheating spouse, moreover they like a little revenge against the cheaters sometimes and the restart of the life with new spouse. I am a strong addict the cheating wife (fiancée) change to better new woman stories. The story revenge story, so I do not recommend to those readers, who do not like revenge stories.

The story deal with ANR (Adult Nursing Relationship) sex, the readers can get knowledge of ANR on the net. Some marriage counselors have discovered the ANR to save marriages, because the ANR glued the pairs in a stronger emotional connection. It is very interesting the ANR has Christian (Non Catholic) support group, which is very surprising to be held it Fetish. However it is not a funny, because the ANR assists the classic family model. Against the ANR to be a classic family model supporter, the majority of the people held disgusting practice, so the ANR couples hide themselves from the world. The ANR is one of the most secret sex practices in the world. So 99% of the ANR couples do not say anything even to their best friends about their sex practice.

The story is an example for a solution of that life situation, that lonely single or divorced moms could find a good stepfather candidates. The stepfather candidates may be betrayed husbands, who have young kids. Why should a divorced dad start his life alone? Yes a single mom is afraid of finding an asshole. My story is an encouragement to broaden the possibilities to increase the average society happiness level to decrease loneliness for single moms and divorced dads. I could imagine such websites for divorced, single or widow Mums, who would like to look for stepfather candidate, where betrayed soon to be ex-husbands or already ex-husbands with cheating wives, who are well trained Dads would be the assortment. I hope we will find such dating websites once ... these imagined websites would facilitate the greater human happiness.

The story is an honor for 800IbGorrila's Romantic Erotic Sci-Fi & Fantasy story "A Beautiful Wish". I imagined what would a living flesh and blood woman, if she took after Dawn the beautiful Personal Genie Servant...

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