A Party

by Alex Esqtobe

Copyright© 2013 by Alex Esqtobe

Erotica Sex Story: Her first swinger party

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   True Story   Swinging   Gang Bang   Group Sex   .

They were seeing each other for a while. They knew every inch of each other's body, where to touch, where a mere breath could make them quiver with pleasure. Perhaps what made it so passionate and exciting was that they never spent more than an afternoon together. Sometimes it was every other week and sometimes they wouldn't see each other for months. It was never enough, she felt like she was never completely satisfied.

But today was different. Today they would try something that involved trust and complete knowledge of that no matter what they will still be together, knowledge that they are the most exciting, stimulating and beautiful to one another. They met in a parking lot. Usually she would walk into the room after he got there. When she did, it was like he was thirsting after her all these days without her. But he knew the rules. She would walk into a bathroom, take her clothes off leaving just a bra and panties and her high heels. They were never the same. He loved seeing her emerge, different every time. He would reach for her. She would go to him, but not today.

Today they reach the room together. She is holding his hand a little apprehensive about what she will find, but trusting him to protect her. They are late. The one thing he always chastises her about. She never can judge the travel time accurately. She clings to his hand as they walk in and the room is full with people. She guesses there are about 20 people standing, sitting, walking, all in various stages of dress and undress.

There is a smell of something familiar, something primitive, and something wild. There are noises coming from adjoining rooms. They scare and entice her at the same time. Did she just hear someone scream? Or was it a sigh? A man's hand brushes her ass and it makes her flinch. Her partner holds her hand tighter and whispers to her to let him know if she doesn't want any of these people to touch her. Another man approaches, he is young and he obviously knows her companion. They shake hands. He hugs her and tells her not to worry. They make their rounds saying hello. She is so nervous her legs feel wobbly on high heels. She is short and is used to wearing heels but today her legs feel unsteady. Yet despite her nervousness, those noises from the other room, they sound almost like they are calling to her. She needs to see. She walks in, still clinging to her partner. It takes a bit of time to get used to a dim light. As her sight adjusts, she sees a woman on a bed surrounded by men. She is on her knees with her lips wrapped around a shaft that is throbbing in her mouth as the man's hand holds her head. Oh no, he is not holding it. He is pulling her mouth deeper onto his cock. She is moaning. On her other side there is a man, pounding into her. Her whole body is moving in a rhythm. As if it is doing a dance of its own, back and forth, back and forth, faster, then slower, then faster again. Is she moaning from pleasure from being violated or from the taste of the cock? It is hard to tell. On the bed next to her, there is another woman. She is dark skinned. Her legs are folded and a man is worshipping her. His tongue is darting around her pussy. She is silent? Does she like this?

This is all so erotic so hot. The woman begins to feel the warmth building up in her pussy. Her legs are shaking again but now for a different reason. She is so aroused. Her nipples are hard and her pussy is wet. Her partner senses her arousal and turns her toward him starting to kiss her, running his hands over her. Now everyone is watching. Slowly he takes her clothes off, once again fascinated by black lace against her pale skin. He is also aroused. Their kissing becomes more urgent. She has to feel him. She has to have that deep ache satisfied. He leads her to the bed. All eyes are on them. She no longer cares who is around who is watching. She must have him. She

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