The Unit

by s-n-d

Copyright© 2013 by s-n-d

Sex Story: A female soldier explains to her husband her calling in life, but does not reveal her true nature.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including FemaleDom   Necrophilia   .

Corrientes rested her weapon against the wall before looking out through the gap at the moonlit fields beyond. Across from the shed, the fields were how they first came into contact with the enemy, but from where she was Corrientes knew where the fire was coming from straight away - a small shed with an opening in it and the enemy hadn't seen her.

She lay down and aimed her weapon, her young eyes keen - waiting for the muzzle flash, before letting her round go.

She entered the shed and found him in a heap on the floor. Although the bullet had entered his forehead and exited, it hadn't quite killed him. With eyes half open, he could still be heard whimpering.

She walked back out and spoke to her team, told them to make sure the rest of the area was secure and then to get some rest here before moving out in the morning.

She re-entered on her own and could still hear the dying man's whimpering.

"You know something, you should get to know a soldier first before you try to kill her!"

She sat him upright, beneath the gap in the wall and brushed his clothes down before righting the bloodstained chair.

Seating herself, she lifted her legs on either side of his head and rested her boots on the gap in the wall before eating some rations, while waiting for her companions to doze off...

Corrientes stroked his matted hair. "We're alone now, so what's a sexy young guy, like you, playing with guns?"

The silvery hoop that was fastened to Corrientes' thick clitoral hood shone in the moonlight as she spread her strong thighs wide to exhibit her shaven sex. Giving birth to two beautiful girls had enlarged her vulva, making it look soft, plump and gorgeous. Unlike some of her friends back home who had also birth, she and her husband both liked the way it now looked.

Her pink slit was already yawning, soft lips glistening and slightly parted as she unlaced her right combat boot. Listening to the sounds and sight of her dying victim had made her pussy soaking wet, she stroked her large warm breasts and twisted her dark, tightening nipples while brushing his face with her bare foot. She inserted her toes into his mouth while listening to his groans before slowly removing them and resting it on his crotch.

As her toes settled, she felt the impossible hardness beneath and leaned over to let his desperate penis out. She smiled when it sprang outwards, his penis pointing in accusation at her: the killer of its owner. Admiring his overly ambitious erection, she turned back to his cute face:

"Women are truly beautiful, aren't they!"

She tilted his head right back until his mouth opened up. She inserted a finger into her swollen, tender lovenest, slowly wiggling it about in circles before withdrawing it. She looked at the delicious, creamy offering now coating her fingertip and ran it vertically from the neat bullethole she had made in his forehead down to his mouth. She pushed his pinkish blood & her creamy mucous admixture into his mouth and coated his parched tongue before she began to slowly masturbate.

With a touch that only a woman can make, she began to slowly massage her soft, thick vulva, encouraging blood to flow into her sex. Her dancing fingers firmly rubbing her cleft vertically until her thick, protective labias began to ease and loosen and hang freely. Reducing her defences, permitted the cool, soothing night air to enter the steamy opening of her hot yoni: the delicious fragrance embodying a woman's lust now spilled out over her enemy's dying lips, unaware that the pink, fleshy interior of his enemy's sticky love-hole was now revealing itself to him.

"It's high time, sweety!"

His whimpering grew softer as she lowered her crossed legs over his head, gripping him firmly while feeling his sticky blood smearing over her inner thighs. She adjusted herself until her slick, shaven vulva felt his nose. Shifting it quickly to apply direct pressure to her clitoris. Her large slit closed over his open mouth and there was near silence as she reached behind with her left hand and began to slowly hump her victim. His puffed labouring breath guided her until her slick vaginal entrance found his open mouth and sealed itself neatly over his orifice.

Gripping him tightly, she reached beneath the chair with her free hand and slowly stroked his stiff, dying cock while letting her sticky pussy have its way with him, allowing her warm sex juices to now flow down uninhibited: dribbling out of her aroused body and down into his.

Lifting her pelvis enabled her to give gentle thrusts while her plump vulva pressed firmly against his face, spreading out to cover him from nose to chin. Using his nose to continue the stimulation from her clitoral hoop, she could feel her sticky vagina prepare itself for lovemaking with her dying partner.

Corrientes began to moan softly. Knowing that a steady trickle of clear, sticky nectar, would soon seep from her vaginal walls, sweeping down before blending with her other denser nutrients, to form her lusty cocktail, before serving it to her short-term lover.

She felt the excess tension from her day of combat leave from between the legs of her toned body as she heard her male victim's throat issue the early sounds of congestion. Her headshot had made the normal function of swallowing impossible and she knew that her cum would eventually choose its fatal way down inside him.

"It's okay, honey!" She reassured him tenderly. "Just let Mother Nature do what she has to do!"

Observing his dying, helpless state caused the remainder of Corrientes' vagina to swell as increasing blood flow began nourishing the uppermost area of her warm, tender canal. Her cervix began to slip closer to the back of her vagina. The distinct H-split in the external orifice of her cervix, a telltale sign of motherhood, was now tilting downwards and facing him as she moved herself closer to orgasm.

She kept stroking him as she felt powerful muscular movements inside causing her vaginal opening to shudder and convulse, creating a neat vacuum, sealing her lover's mouth.

"Although my sex is now preparing itself as if it wants to receive fresh semen from your erect penis...", she whispered, " ... I have denied you a man's pleasure. My own earlier engagement with you has made certain the fact that you will never be able to issue your semen into a woman anymore."

Corrientes kept him in the locked position between her legs until she'd enjoyed two parting orgasms. The first one was the most intense for her. As she held her breath, and stifled her soft moans, she felt the warm sensation of her thick, white pussy cum leave her pulsing vagina and enter his mouth. In near silence, she heard it make its way down through his body and could hear its gurgling progress, filling his lungs.

Her final orgasm was slower, softer, more gentle...

The moonlight allowed her to take a good look down into his dead, staring eyes having watched him end his existence before her killer sex, now flushed with pleasure, and grateful for the opportunity. Pressing his blue, still lips to those of hers.

As she lightly dozed, she slowly let her glowing puffy vulva kiss her enemy's deceased face, trailing any leftover remains of her sticky female goo all over him.

The next morning, she collected her pack and weapon and looked inside the shack. Her nipples hardened when she saw that his stripped, naked body was already readying itself for decomposition. She noticed the discolouration of the dead man's skin was already showing and having seen loads of dead men while on duty, she knew each stage well.

Her camera clicked as more photo's of his body accumulated onto her memory card. She set her camera lens to macro and did close-ups of his face, still covered in her thick, milky pussy cum, and some nice, clear shots of his flaccid cock and full nutsack.

She loved seeing dead guys with their cocks exposed and their nuts full to capacity and squirmed inside when she instinctively knew that a number of dead guys there would have easily knocked her up, had they been given a chance.

She knew her unit would remain in the area and secretly hoped she would return to this site later to take more photo's of him throughout his various stages of decomposition, even though her collection of dead, sexy guys was already becoming enormous...

Earlier on in a previous tour, her unit found some dead men floating in a dam once. One was sitting up by the water without any pants, his cock was pointing to the sky, forced upwards by his scrotum, which was inflated like a purple balloon. The sight would have repulsed most personnel, but for Corrientes it made her feel intensely happy to be a woman, so intensely alive and responsive to those sights around her.

She also couldn't help but notice the effect that the sight of this particular dead man now had on her body and couldn't ignore how the state of him made her cream her pants. Most women would dismiss the idea of getting aroused by something as repulsive as a corpse, and would never dare to share it with other people. Not even to a closest friend, if she had one.

Ever since childhood, Corrientes knew that she often got pleasure from seeing dead things: a complex mixture of curiosity, disgust and desire. Her body gained pleasure from seeing them. While still a girl, she even touched herself once - standing near a dead bird. She could only do things like that when her parents weren't looking. On her own, that kind of behaviour gave her a pleasant feeling, like a hot, soothing bath. But the difference now was that she was a woman, with a highly developed, sensuous body. And as a woman, her pleasure focus now ran deeper, darker, more diverse and highly sexual.

That night her roaming unit had camped about ten minutes walk away from the resevoir, they'd been given explicit instructions not to go anywhere near it after dark as the enemy might return with reinforcements later on. Corrientes found the idea of going there something that she couldn't resist. After she'd finished sentry duty, she pretended to head back to her bedroll. Once out of sight of her colleagues, she shuffled quickly away into the welcoming darkness.

Feeling like a naughty girl once more, she headed for the dam for her private rendezvous with the remains of an unknowing man, fitting on her night vision goggles and keeping her firearm at the ready. The night air was chilly, and she moved as quickly and as quietly as she could. Staring at the green terrain for any movement. Her heart was racing until she moved closer to the rise that formed part of the reservoir's rim.

Upon reaching the reservoir, she looked carefully at the site with her green vision for any fresh signs of activity, but there was nothing. The male corpses were still there, all untouched.

She approached slowly, her boots walked across the hard-baked ground, gradually made her way towards the male corpse and she could now smell him. He was still in rigor and upright, his deteriorating muscles were still supporting his torso, but she knew they wouldn't keep him up for too much longer. She felt her heart begin to pound, and although she was on the alert she knew the increase in her heartbeat wasn't from any rational fear.

Moving closer, she was now upwind of him and positioned herself in front of the dead man. Although his skin was peeling, his features were still discernible. He looked quite a lot older than her but that didn't bother her nor him.

Gripping her firearm in one hand, she reached inside her uniform to squeeze her stiff nipples while touching his genitals with her boot. Protected by her boot, her foot brushed over the fat, swollen cock before lifting his purple, bloated scrotum with her steel toecap. She could still see the purple veins inside the death-pale skin of his scrotum.

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