Barely at Home

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2013 by Wayne Gibbous

Coming of Age Sex Story: I find out that my best buddy's older sister has become a nudist in college. Lucky me.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   White Couple   First   Oral Sex   Nudism   .

Chapter 1

Many of us often reminisce back to our high school days and what I remember most was my best friend Emery. Well, the truth is, it's his older sister, Lara, that stands out the most. Here's why.

Emery and I met each other when we were in seventh grade. We were always at one another's house and were quickly best friends. We both have older sisters and we would often compare notes about what pains in the butt they could be but, really, it was probably more that we were the butt-pains rather than our sisters.

Anyway, the year we were between our second and third year of high school, that summer, his sister came home from her first year at college. When I was at Emery's house, I never had much contact with his sister, after all, there was a three year difference in our ages and even more in what our lives were like.

But I did notice something different about her ... the way she dressed around their house. I began seeing her in the kitchen or a hallway in just a long teeshirt with what looked like nothing underneath or in just her underwear. Even once naked. She was coming out of the bathroom as Emery and I were walking down the hall to his room. She was totally naked except for a towel wrapped around her head and she said hello to me as we passed in the hallway.

When we got into Emery's room, he told me, "I didn't know how to tell you this, Ryan, but my sister's gone nudist. She's got a roommate in college that comes from one of those kind of families and she's taken it up too. I hope you're not embarrassed."

"No, I mean, if that's what she wants, why not?" I told him.

Well, let me tell you, she was beautiful. Taller than we were, maybe about five-nine with a nice, curvy figure and killer boobs. She looked like a Playboy centerfold.

"Only problem is that it's giving me stiffies all the time now. And it's my own sister."

I knew what he meant, I had one myself. What normal guy wouldn't?

"I think it's not supposed to be, like, sexy, it's more like healthy and stuff," I told him.

"Yeah, but try telling your dick that when she walks by that way."

I didn't really want to admit that I had a raging hard-on from the first real, live naked female I'd ever seen. And, after all, it was her brother I was talking to.

So, I began keeping my eye out when I was over there but mostly it was her just skimpily clothed.

Then, on a Tuesday morning, I walked over to his house, it was only two blocks from mine, and rang the doorbell. I saw a shadow approaching in the frosted glass, then the door opened a crack and I saw his sister's eyes peeking out.

"Oh, it's you, Ryan. Emery's gone with Mom to see our grandparents for the day. But, if you want, you can come in and hang out. I wouldn't mind some company," she said as the door opened a little more and I could see her bare arm and shoulder.

"Yeah, okay," I said and the door swung open and I came in. She was behind the door and when she closed it, I saw she was naked.

"Emery told you, right? That I've started being nudist?" she asked as I followed her into their family room.

"Yeah, he did. It's like from your roommate at college? She's one, right?"

"She is and I've really taken to it. It just feels so nice to have all that air on your skin all the time. You should try it, Ryan."

"You mean, like, right now?" I asked, rather stunned.

"Oh, I didn't mean that. No, just try it at home, when you're alone. Most people get dressed even when they don't need to, like when we're all by ourselves."

"You don't mind if I see you this way?"

"I really kinda like guys seeing me like this, Ryan. It's kind of a turn-on, you know?"

I was sitting on the sofa as she sat across on the floor, her back against an arm chair while we talked. She seemed pretty nonchalant about it but, of course, I was devouring every square inch of her skin I could see. Then she shifted to sit cross-legged.

I'm sure she must have seen my eyes widen because she put her hand down in front of her pussy and said, "Sorry, Ryan, I forget you're kinda young. You've probably never seen a girl's pussy before, huh?"

Well, that was the first time anyone's ever asked me that question.

"Yeah, well, I don't mind," I sputtered, trying to keep her from becoming modest and changing things.

"Would you like to really see what a girl's like down here?" she asked as her fingers rubbed up and down.

"Uh, yeah, if you don't mind," I managed to get out. She got up and came over, sat next to me on the couch, swiveled around putting one leg behind me, the other straddled across my lap as she leaned against the sofa's arm.

"These are my outer lips. They're called labia but it's my pussy's lips. With some girls you can see a little of their inner lips but mine are inside. So my pussy's smooth and rounded with nothing poking out. Now, inside," she said as her fingers pulled her lips apart, "see, there's my inner labia. See how wet I am inside? Girls get that way when they're sexually aroused. Have you felt a girl here before?"

I moved my head sideways and she picked up my hand and led it to her pussy.

"Go ahead, you need to learn what a girl's like," she said as I tentatively touched the crevice between her legs.

"Go ahead, rub me some. Makes me feel good, I won't mind, I like when guys rub my pussy."

So I did just what she asked and just what I wanted. It sent shivers through me. Then she added, "Go ahead and put a finger inside, feel around what a girl's pussy's like inside."

She opened her legs wider and I put my pointer finger up to her and slowly pressed as I watched it go inside my best friend's sister's pussy. She was right, it was warm and wet and slippery inside. I could just imagine how my dick would feel inside her.

"Rub around, Ryan, see what it's like."

I did just that and almost shot my load doing it.

"Have you heard about a woman's clit? Her clitoris?"

I nodded and asked if it was inside where my finger was.

"No, look, see, right in here?" she said as her fingers pulled her lips apart near the top. "See that little bump?" I nodded. "That's it."

"It's really small, what's it do?"

"Well, it's like the head of your penis or that good spot right underneath the head. I'll bet you know what I mean?"

I nodded and she went on, "It's really sensitive and rubbing it or licking it really gets a girl off in a big way. It's like hot-button or a love-button. See?" She began slowly rubbing small circles around it as her head fell back and her eyes closed. "Mmm, mmm, yeah, that's the clit, it's a girl's best friend. Whew, I better stop."

"Why?" I asked naively.

"Well, I was about to cum. I told you it's a girl's hot-button."

"Would you do it?"


I could barely speak so I nodded.

"For you, Ryan, sure. Have you ever seen a girl have an orgasm?"

I moved my head side-to-side and she began rubbing herself again.

"Mmm, it'll take me a minute to get back in the groove," she said as her fingers went around and around on the little bump.

She smiled at me, then asked, "Would you like to do it? Do it for me?"

I nodded again, really kind of nervous about the whole thing but also very excited.

"Wet your finger in your mouth, Ryan, it gets irritated if you rub it when it's dry. Go ahead," and I licked my fingertip and began circling on it like she had.

"Mmm, it's always nicer when someone else does it. You're doing fine."

I rubbed her some more and she said, "I'll bet you've got a hard-on that won't quit, huh?"

I just kind of smiled and she asked if I'd take it out so she could see.

I figured that the way this was going I had nothing to lose and lots and lots to gain by getting my dick out if that's what she wanted. So, down with the zipper and I worked my stiffie out, all without stopping my rubbing.

"Oh, it's nice," she said as she leaned forward and took it in her hand. I was still rubbing her and I saw that her face was reddening along with a splotch above her boobs.

"Mmm, Ryan, don't stop now, you've got me really close, rub just a little faster, ooooh, just like that," she cried out. Then her hips started bucking against my fingers and she grabbed my hand and pressed it hard pushing and rubbing. "Oh, yeah, OOH, OOH, UUH, mmm, oh, yeah, so good, Ryan, you did it really good. Here, just lick there, just do it softly," she said as she raised her hips up and I bent down to lick on her clit which was now bigger than when we started.

"Oh, yeah, Ryan, nice and soft, mmm, perfect, oh, you're learning lots about girls today, aren't you? Just never tell my brother. If you keep it a secret, we can do more of this," she said as my tongue gently lapped as she held herself open.

"Have you had your dick sucked before?"

Chapter 2

My heart stopped when she asked me that. All I could manage was to turn my head back and forth and she moved around and, as I watched in amazement, her lips slid down my dick giving me thus lushest, most succulent feelings I've ever had.

Nothing had prepared me for these new and exciting sensations. All the talk I'd listened to from the guys I knew at school, nothing, nothing, really described what I was now feeling from my best friend's sister.

Each suck, each swipe of her tongue across the head of my dick, sent shivers of ecstasy across my body, new and wonderful feelings that I had never felt before as I now was knowing that sex, my introduction to a life of sex, was going to change me forever. She didn't rush, she took her time, knowing, I'm sure, that this was the peak sexual experience of my young life.

She was in college, obviously experienced, well experienced and confident in her sexuality. She sucked me knowing absolutely that she was pleasuring me more than I could even imagine.

I really didn't know what to expect; maybe just a minute or two of sucking me or going all the way to the end until I cummed in her mouth. But she didn't stop, she didn't slow down, and soon I felt that wonderful tingly feeling in the head of my dick. Then, my whole body froze as I felt myself empty into Lara's mouth. It was incredible, simply incredible.

"OH, OH, UH, uh, mmm, mmm," I groaned, totally overcome by the best feelings of my whole life. So better than jacking-off, this was everything I'd heard from my friends and even more. She sucked a little more, then pulled up off me, smiled and asked how my first blow job was.

"It was the best thing of my whole life, the very best," I gushed, totally overwhelmed.

"Oh, there's better things even, Ryan. Have you had sex yet?" she asked sitting cross-legged next to me, her hand slowly rubbing up under her.

"No, but I've been hoping to," I managed to get out.

She laughed, saying, "Is that kind of a hint, Ryan? That, maybe you'd like to have sex with me? You don't think I'm too old for you?"

"Too old? No, I think you're absolutely beautiful. The sexiest girl I've ever seen."

She pulled me to her, kissing me, her tongue inside my mouth, as we slid down on the sofa, her hand back on my dick squeezing me.

Then, she sat up, telling me, "Come on, Ryan, we're going to my room and you're gonna get fucked good, real good."

She got up from the sofa and led me up to her room and had me get down on her bed.

Then, she got up onto her bed, standing over me, straddling my head, her legs wide, looking down at me, saying, "See this pussy, Ryan? This pussy is going to be one you'll remember for the rest of your life. You've never done this before, right?"

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