His Wife, Their Lover

by s-n-d

Copyright© 2013 by s-n-d

Sex Story: A doting, cuckold husband indulgences his perverted wife with the kind of men she craves...

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Cuckold   Necrophilia   .

"You can come in now!"

Tony wheeled Tim into his wife's bedroom. Belinda lay on the bed, with one hand she turned the pages of her album while touching herself with her other hand. Her warm body softly undulated. The pattern of her panties concealed the finer details of her sex, but not the size nor thickness of her smooth, shaven vulva which stood out like a hot, swollen tumulus.

He enjoyed the humiliation that his wife put him through, including the unconventional taste she had in men. He knew it was guys like Tim that really made her pussy dripping wet. Having one in turn would guarantee him a front row seat, so he kept an eye out for any potential lovers.

She waited for Tony to fasten Tim securely into the flexi-harness.

"Now go and make yourself a cuppa!" A quick, dismissive hand gesture was all Tony required from Belinda before he stood up to vacate her bedroom.

Tim was just perfect for her, Tony thought as he entered the kitchen and filled the kettle with cold water before turning on the monitor. He knew that Tim no longer had any manly urges or desires left, no feeling or self-conscious thought and without the assistance of technology he could no longer freely issue his semen into a woman.

Back in the bedroom, Belinda was settling in with her unknowing, soon-to-be, lover.

"Well, it's just you and me now!" She said softly.

She stood up and walked around to make sure his legs were bound up neatly and securely behind him, to give plenty of clearance, before returning to the bed, where she then sat down in front.

Tony's towel denied her the sight of Tim's concealed potential but she lay back smiling, imagining, and twisting her nipples while admiring her prize as her foot brushed against the towel's folds.

"Do you know why you're here, Timmy?" Using her toes, Belinda reached outwards and pushed against the concealed penis, before moving closer and sitting up to remove the covering over his manhood.

"You're here because I need a little something from you!"

Belinda pulled the towel down abruptly, the young man's penis sprang up and slapped against her face. The camera, mounted to Tim's waist, caught her gasp as she paused to admire the shape of Tim's pale member and the purple, bulbous head before smiling wickedly and reaching behind with her hands to grip his buttocks and pull him towards her.

Tony watched the screen from the kitchen as Tim's cold, stiff penis brushed against his wife's face. She closed her eyes and let the virgin's penis rub against her cheek. "Mmmm ... your cock smells sooo good!"

She inhaled deeply, absorbing his fragrance while softly kissing the young man's rigid pole - a practical rigidity fit to please. Kneeling down, she lifted the stiff penis up and tugged on the loose, freshly-shaven ballbag with her teeth. She looked into the camera and sucked suddenly, until she felt a cold ball slip into her mouth and felt some movement down below as her pussy stirred with anticipation.

Letting the lone ball pop back out, she now guided the shaft towards her and let it slip between her hungry lips and into her warm mouth, while reaching out and gripping him to help steady his swaying torso. She sucked on him slowly and felt her pussy convulse and moisten while enjoying the taste of his cold, hard cock as it filled her mouth, she let the spongy head slide deep down into her throat while wishing that she could suck it all out of him, to savour and swallow the completeness of his final, sticky load but there was another purpose she had for her latest lover and the goodness that had been left in him.

After slowly releasing him from her hungry mouth, she lay back and tilted the camera before she wrapped the arches of her bare feet around the dream cock, stroking it while giving Tony a generous view of her thinly-veiled, waking, wet slit, now aching to bury Tim deep.

"I hope you don't mind a woman like me rubbing her hot, wet pussy all over you, Timmy!"

Belinda lifted her crotch up towards Tim's erect penis. At the furthermost point, she felt the underside of the cold, stiff cock brush against her waking snatch and she shivered. Tony watched Belinda as she repeated her action from the screen in the kitchen, lifting her sex up towards Tim's prick but it was his youth that dogged her.

All she could reach was the underside of his cock. The head pointed vertically to the ceiling and remained well out of reach. Tony watched his wife grow aroused at the same time as she made more attempts to straddle the disowned penis. Finally, she spread her legs. Her round, pale thighs gave way and granted ready access to the seat of her pleasure.

She pulled slowly on her panties and let her soft, thick, seasoned cuntlips come to life. Gradually, they crept their way around towards the edges of her panties until it looked as if her pussy would swallow them up. Still trapped tight inside the material of her panties, Tony could tell by the colour and shape that his wife's concealed vagina was now wide awake and hungry, just waiting to be set free for lovemaking with the prepped manhood that swung just out of reach.

She swiftly tucked Tim's stiff penis inside her panties, passing the hard pole completely through until the cold purple head and a good inch of shaft poked vertically out through the top. Ensuring contact between her clitoris and the fuckready male organ.

Tony watched his wife grip Tim's swaying, neighbourly torso between her legs before rhythmically moving her pelvis up and down against the shaft. Despite the self-imposed restriction, her efforts in embracing the penis in this way did not go completely unrewarded. Her movements led to a delicious friction between the disowned penis and her exposed, sensitive clitoris while colour began to appear in her face and neck whilst Tim's cock remained wedged inside her panties, reminding her of his closeness.

She slowly slipped Tim's cock out from her panties. The dead man's penis sprang out and stared upwards at the ceiling mimicking its former owner. From a distance, Tony could now imagine the wild scent of his wife's moist cunt on Tim's cock and could see that the underside of his stiff, virgin penis was glistening with a coating of dew-like nectar, right where her sex had been rubbing against his cold, hard pole.

He heard her voice cut in suddenly on the intercom. "Let me taste him!"

He pressed his finger down on the button. "But what if it complicates things?" He said before releasing it.

Belinda understood what Tony meant. She knew that precome was important to help lower the spermicidal acidity in her vagina and therefore make the environment less hostile for when Tim was to completely surrender his terminal load to her, but she felt that a small taster was just right for this situation. "It won't, I'm sure. Just make him let go of a little bit of a taster onto my tongue!"

She sat up and moved closer, her nose began to twitch as she began to smell the cunt-kissed cock just out of reach.

Tony made the pump start remotely and stop several times until a clear bubble of pre-come appeared. Belinda watched as it ballooned between the tiny lips of Tim's cold penis.

"Mmmm ... yessss!"

Tony watched Belinda's tongue shoot outwards, slowly migrating along the taut underside of the shaft before hovering just beneath the chill, purple head. Her slender hand gripped the base of the shaft firmly before pulling slowly to milk him gently.

Her tongue poised for the bulb of clear, male essence to drop from its position - perched neatly on the tip and slowly descend as a clear, sticky strand. Once catching it, her tongue swirled gracefully around the purple head several times before letting Tim's cock slip out of her hungry mouth. She gasped as she sampled the taster before feeling movement below.

"Fuck he tastes good! I can't wait to have him in me!"

After swallowing his nectar, she removed her panties and opened her legs before she gripped Tim's penis in one hand.

She lay on her back before tilting the camera down. Gripping him between her legs, she steadied and readied her young, soon-to-be lover. Moving closer before spreading her legs wide, she moved Tim's hard penis in slow, lazy circles, using the cold, purple head to brush against her inner thighs, before moving in closer to enable caresses with her swollen vulva. Had he been able to sense her physical presence nearby, he would have realised just how much of an impact his condition made on Belinda's body. Her sex now revealing itself to him which now looked like a fat, juicy peach with a deep, hollowed, sticky cleft straight down the centre.

Belinda used the polished, purple helmet of her acquired dead man's asset to slowly part her soft, sticky folds. Tony could hear the delicious sounds with each glistening flap quivering like a slice of ham whenever the stiff, cold pole came into contact. From the kitchen, Tony watched as Belinda made Tim to gradually open her warm lovechamber up in full view of the camera and her unseeing lover.

With slow, stimulating movements, the spongy, purple head of Tim's attentive young cock soon had her wide open, the sticky, tender pink interior of her lovenest deliciously enticing - small, delicate giblets protectively encircled her out-of-sight nest within. Watching her on the monitor in the kitchen, Tony admired his wife's gorgeous man-eating flower just waiting to feed hungrily on the cold, stiff pale offering of yet another young male. He could only imagine what Tim would have been able to see, he he been able to, of Belinda's hungry vagina - wide open and waiting to feed on his remains.

"You need to stop teasing my pussy and feed your virgin cock into me! You won't be needing any protective sheath because my pussy loves the sweet taste of a virgin's, bare naked cock and I can tell just by your beautiful cock and the full state of your nutbag that you're going to easily knock me up!"

Belinda placing the thick spongy head against the glistening, warm entrance of her waiting soft pussy.

"Are you ready to make love to me, Timmy!"

She let her hips begin their slow rocking movement and kept him steady. Just as she brought herself closer to Tim, she would shift the head of his hard prick slightly so that it would rub firmly against a labia, or against her clit, and tease rather than give her waiting vagina any immediate, deeper satisfaction. But every now and then, she would reward her own efforts by nudging Tim slowly inside, enjoying the sensation as the smooth, shaven mouth of her sex hungrily devoured his tip before releasing him.

Tony loved watching his wife thrust her hips outwards with her legs spread wide apart until, at that last moment, the head of Tim's stiff penis would slip between her glistening cuntlips before sliding effortlessly into her warm vagina. Each shallow thrusting wrapped Belinda's soft cuntlips around the shaft, making Tim sink in deeper, centimetres at a time.

Gyrating her hips, she moved the shaft in dynamic ways making him rub deliciously against her sticky walls while having him sink down, down, deep down inside her, with enough of him inside she eventually freed up her hands so that she could pinch her hard nipples. Tony watched Belinda wrap her legs around Tim's waist before closing his eyes and listening to the sounds that the sensitive microphone on the camera captured - the soft, slurping sounds of his wife's aroused pussy as it savoured her dead lover's cock.

Teased mercilessly by his wife while watching her lovemaking live from the kitchen, he felt his own cock stiffen and lift up before reaching under to feel the proof of the complete devotion he had for his wife and squeeze the loose, suspended flap of skin that had once held his own.

Even if he could still give her what she now needed, she would have rejected him, and so he helplessly watched Belinda pushing herself against the pale, glistening shaft and could see the closeup image Belinda gave him on the monitor of Tim's full, young nuts swaying rhythmically while remaining unresponsive to the delicious friction of intercourse, his cold semen remaining locked inside his smooth, pale scrotum. All it would take is for her to use Tim's body to bring her to a point of readiness, before she would push the button and force Tim to give up his cold semen and deliver it to wherever she should wish it...

In the past Tony had arranged nightly visits, where she made older men quietly release their cold, watery seed on her soft, pale breasts, on the soles of her feet or over her vulva. Her fingers slowly spreading out their aged offerings before massaging them slowly into her skin. She found the sensation exhilarating and the fragrance deeply arousing as her body absorbed the last of their earthly remains.

She reserved younger guys for lengthy photo shoots, where Tony would pose them with staring eyes and open mouths, before she positioned herself so that the men were between her round, pale thighs, before she gripped them tightly and made them give her pleasure.

Tony would hold them steady while Belinda would hump each man's face slowly, their faces would begin to glisten as the warm, sticky love honey would seep out uncontrollably from deep within her lovenest, her soft pussylips sweeping back and forth over nose and mouth. Sometimes an eye would open, or a sound would escape from their mouths, while she introduced them to her sex, an incident like that would be enough for her to line herself up carefully before reaching a powerful orgasm and squirting her hot, sticky juices into their mouths. Whenever a man caused her to squirt, she loved to ensure that he would take all of her lusty juices with him into the next world.

At other times, she would pause before their faces, exhibit her vagina, with glistening chamber wide open, ready and waiting to make love to those unaware dick owners who, despite being carefully selected, could not even see a woman's aroused sex, closeup and ready and waiting to devour them.

On one occasion she let Tony film her from behind while she lay in lingerie across a chosen lover, slowly kissing and sucking and enjoying the taste of his cock while the unknowing young man lay face-up between her open legs. She continued sucking him off for some time and straddling him a while before Tony noticed a damp patch in her panties. He tugged on the velcro, folding back the flaps to let his wife's pussy out of its concealing environment and zoomed in with the camera to record a thick strand of juice as it slowly formed before it began to ooze slowly out from between the soft, warm lips of her aroused pussy. He watched it descend before reaching down to the mouth of Belinda's unknowing young lover, making him open his mouth to let her fresh, warm honey onto his tongue.

Later on, it became her favourite clip. She loved to masturbate while watching it, the staring eyes of her dead lover as Tony gently opened his mouth. She fantasised about making the young man watch her briefly as she grew aroused. She wished that she could make him see her flowing juices entering his mouth, making him aware that a woman was ready to make love to him and that he couldn't do anything about it. When she did make love, she wished back then that she could make them cum inside her. A large mirror facing her bed, she would make them see her as she slowly prepared them to make love to her before she would use some assistive technology to make them deliver their semen in silence into her. To make them see their nuts tighten and lift, to watch them see the throbbing pulse inside their urethras, to show them briefly what they gave her the moment their cocks would slip out of her pussy. To make them watch her masturbate to orgasm while full of their final cream.

Sometimes, if she wanted intercourse slow and gentle, Tony would lie them down on their backs, draping their legs over the edge of the table and keeping them clear of the running tracks that ran down each side, before placing the wheels of Belinda's cushioned resting board on the tracks just above. After adjusting the height of the board, Belinda would lie on top and choose how slow the motor would rock her against an exposed, rigid cock.

A slow, shallow setting would allow her to introduce a man gently, using his cock she would rub him against her vulva and clit, before slowly dancing him around before making him enter her vagina one, greasy inch at a time.

When she was in the mood for hard & fast, she would take them doggystyle. Once they were securely strapped into a harness, Tony would stand behind, grip Belinda's thighs and bring her closer, before she would reach behind and stuff them into her swiftly.

"Make them fuck me hard! I want to hear them say they hate me for making them do this to me while I can feel their desperate cocks fucking me and wanting my hot pussy to be cooled by their final loads!"

Tony would drive them into her hard. Their hard cocks a blur, their balls slapping rhythmically against her butt cheeks...

He looked back at the monitor now and turned up the volume to hear how the mortalised state of her lover's detachment was frustrating her, who was by now panting for more:

"That's it! Now tease me, cold virgin boy. Let my greedy pussy have her way with your gorgeous male body!"

In remote frustration, Tony now began to tug hard on his empty scrotum and pinch it tightly, detecting small sensations as far down as the exposed tip. He may have felt a delicious pain had his wife permitted him to keep them, but having them removed was one condition that he had to accept before she would even consider marriage to him. That, along with his job, which brought her into regular contact with her plentiful, unknowing objects of desire.

While still envious of the fact that Tim was incapable of responding to the pleasurable sensations of having his stiff, desensitised organ fully immersed inside a woman. Unlike Tony, Tim still had that deep and thrilling potential of filling his wife up with his terminal load. And Tony knew that forcing an unknowing, young man to give up his cold, final cream and make him unload it deep inside her waiting pussy and initiate her body for motherhood was something he knew she'd been fantasising about for many years now. Ever since she was a teenager when she humped the face of a thirty-something guy who'd just died in a car accident, and saw his eyes swivel round briefly into hers.

For years after the incident, she often fantasised while masturbating over the idea about whether the sight of her naked young body and the closeup view of her aroused, dripping, open snatch had etched itself onto his cooling brain. She often came quickly thinking that he had briefly seen her while getting herself off with him while he lay there helplessly caught with his back to a stainless steel slab and her wild, fired up motor...

Tim's bare, glistening cock made a soft, audible pop as it re-emerged into the light, still rock-hard but all cunt-kissed, sweet and shiny like a trophy polished to perfection. Belinda used the remote so that the camera zoomed in to catch more of the detail: the thick ring of her warm, creamy lovegoo encircling the base of his stiff shaft close by the top of the scrotum, indicating the high tide mark of her love action! Belinda stared into the camera as she gripped the glistening shaft tightly, rubbing it against her slick, pink opening before letting it sink slowly back inside.

"Mmmm ... what a beautiful, big hard cock you have! You're not like other guys, are you Timmy! You're so patient, so disciplined, letting a woman take her time with you. Pleasuring herself so slowly with your keen, young cock! And in your state you have no no desire, no lust, my naked body does nothing for you. Your nuts will never tighten without assistance, you don't need to cum so fast, in fact you have no need to cum at all!"

Listening, Tony watched as Belinda slid over the bed and rolled over onto her tummy, lifting her butt up so that she could slip Tim back inside her pussy, but this time pumping him in and out in regular pumping rhythm. The purpose of having him there now was shifting from pleasure to business. He watched as Belinda gave him a big closeup of her thick, warm pussylips as they swept back and forth against the stiff shaft like kelp bending in powerful underwater currents. With each thrust inside her, Tim became the unwitting, pleasurable piston firing Belinda's finely-tuned motor, priming her lovenest, preparing it for the bumper crop her body demanded.

Tony could just imagine the aroma of his wife's aroused sex wafting upwards as she pumped Tim into her faster and deeper, the sound of his swaying, unreceptive balls now slapping against her butt as she signalled for him to flick the switch to make the pump begin its primary phase. It stopped before it started up once more. He watched Tim's balls stir whenever the pump started.

Belinda settled into position, before rocking against him, moving Tim's stiff penis in and out in a rhythm that was smooth and regular. The shaft was a polished blur as it slipped in and out of sight.

Tony listened to her heavy breathing as she turned her flushed head "I need you to come now, Timmy, deep inside me. Don't hold any of it back, I need it all."

She knew that the pump would operate for as long as he had any semen left inside his body to give her. She knew that he may have had only one useful load, so it was important not to waste it!

Belinda halted Tim's stiff penis, pausing it between her soft labias, resting the glans so that the single, half-closed eye was staring right into her warm, moist vagina before easing him back inside until just his full nutbag could be seen.

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