The Gift

by s-n-d

Copyright© 2013 by s-n-d

Sex Story: A bisexual flat-mate offers the ultimate gift to sate her female partner's fantasy.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Necrophilia   .

The room in the basement was gloomy. She had been told to keep it that way. A small electric lamp in one corner offered modest lighting. She sat down on the mattress that both herself and Nikki shared.

Theirs was a loose kind of schedule. Nikki would take her turn while Laura was attending college during the early part of the day, and then while Nikki was at work it would be her turn. Her own frequent visits were partly through curiosity, partly through maintenance, partly through wanton lust. She was also there to check up on him, like some attentive nurse.

She would have loved being there all the time to watch him, but daily demands kept her away.

And even when these demands invaded her time at college, she often drifted off thinking about him, thinking of his passive naked body, almost like he was a man born fully-developed and straight into the world. In the boring lectures, she would often reawaken with her legs crossed and her mind full of desires and fantasies. Even though he was officially hers, she had hinted to Nikki that something may come from her special gift after he had been cured, as she had risked so much to bring him to her...

Laura strained to look at the time on her watch and then lay back on the mattress. She knew the routine well. A familiar hum began as his primary pump kicked in. She watched the changes occurring to his body, his muscles systematically contracting and then relaxing. Each movement a slow rippling effect sweeping his entire torso.

She watched the muscular action descend from jaw to neck, from neck to chest, from chest to stomach and then to his thighs, where they would twitch and shudder, and it was then that she began to touch herself. The gentle humming of the motor was relaxing and watching him respond to it turned her on.

Nikki had been so right when she chose him for Laura. She had been listening to her conversations about the ideal man for so long that the picture must have been hammered into bronze - or polymer in this case. Now he was in front of her - the pump pushing the fluid through his body, maintaining his definition, preserving his image slowly so that it would remain indefinitely with her, beside her and in her - immune from rot, just for her.

The first time she saw him harden in front of her came as a surprise. Nikki hadn't told her that he would be capable and she squealed with delight. Later, Nikki warned her not to touch him. Covering him in underclothes would impede the process of preservation. Laura relented, but inwardly it made her squirm with desire. She loved him naked, of course, but to dress him up and then down slowly would have fully iced the cake.

On the day her underclothes were on him, she lay there watching as his erection filled her panties and push against the soft cotton. She moaned at the sight, his hardness being held taut by the soft material, the cotton absorbing the precome now deliberately oozing out of the tiny slit in his pale glans, but the real clinch came when the cotton failed to contain him. The glistening, spongy tip of his penis made its announcement, pushing past the elastic waistline and rising towards his belly button.

She wore those panties for an entire week after that one.

On the odd day, both Nikki and Laura would be together with him in the basement, where they would kiss and fondle one another. Both of them lovesick and desirous of his interaction. Nikki told Laura that she wanted to see her with him for the first time and Laura smiled.

Nikki knew what Laura enjoyed and she would see that she got it for her first occasion with him. Laura's conversations about the ideal man had not fallen on deaf ears, nor had her time pleasuring her. She had intended to help Laura out for quite a while, although she was pretty she knew that Laura was a little shy with the guys. But it wasn't until she'd thought of her work, that she realised how she could help her.

Her position as an assistant at the local morgue had only been temporary, but she'd already checked out the kind of people who worked there and none of them appeared to fit Laura's tastes. All of them seemed either shy or just inward types, there was nothing outstanding with the male staff there at all, and it was a male that Laura was keen on finding.

Nikki wanted Laura to meet a man who wasn't going to upset the stable relationship they'd already established. Men were always jealous of close women and it wasn't until she'd laid eyes on the male bodies who were being constantly wheeled in, that she thought one of these would make an ideal companion for her. There would be no emotional interference, just a physical offering when it was demanded.

The man she eventually thought ideal for Laura had been a carpenter by trade and looked hellishly fit. She took advantage of the odd hours she worked to shuffle the necessary paperwork and, luckily, nobody had come to claim him. He was going to be cremated swiftly, but one night she managed to get the man's body out of the morgue and back home fast.

Her main task was the preservation of his young body without losing the required functions and she'd already read up on a process that would ensure maximum preservation. She wanted as much of the man intact as possible. Her own understanding of male anatomy helped her construct a system that would make the man functional, with the assistance of pressurised fluids in exact places.

Sitting back on the mattress now, with Laura, made her realise just how all her work and effort had paid off. His body, though pale yellow, looked male-shape perfect and thoroughly enticing. Whilst she fitted him out she resisted several urges to just mount him then and there, but she wasn't sure if Laura would grow to like him and didn't realise just how besotted she would become of him. Laura was already spending most of the time in the basement and she still hadn't decided on what to call him.

Sometimes Nikki would walk away, pretending to leave the house, and she would return to find her down there opposite him in a corner of the room. The sound of his humming pump would encourage her to touch her tender parts. It was then that Nikki knew she'd done the right thing for her. She leaned over and kissed Laura, their tongues made brief contact before she withdrew to Laura's left earlobe and began nibbling.

'What are you thinking?' she whispered.

Laura kept her eyes half-closed 'your special gift to me!'

'I wasn't sure if that kind of thing would be what you had in mind, so I made a guess.'

'He's wonderful. Perfect. I just wish I could do something now!'

Nikki smiled. She would be able to do something with him next week, when the full term of cure was reached.

'You can have him on your birthday!'

'My birthday is not coming quick enough!'

Nikki traced her fingers down Laura's belly, sliding them between her legs. She watched as Laura's eyelids and mouth tightened up from the contact.

Nikki arrived in the basement. Laura hadn't gone to bed at all that night. She knew that she'd been thinking about this day. She lay there on the mattress, restless. Nikki walked over to Laura's gift and carefully lifted him on the trolley. Sure enough, his flesh appeared smooth, yet shiny and rubbery. A sign that he was now cured.

She heard Laura moan as she strapped the young man to the trolley. Laura had rolled over on her belly. Nikki thought she was already awake and was playing up for this moment, but wasn't sure. It was only when she wheeled the young man closer that Nikki had realised what Laura was up to - lifting herself up to her knees, she let her buttocks face Nikki and her gift.

Nikki loosened two of the four straps that held the young man, but she wasn't going to offer Laura her gift just yet. She leaned toward Laura's kneeling figure and tied her hands firmly behind her back. She then ensured that Laura's freshly-cured man was tied firmly to the trolley with the remaining two straps before wheeling him closer to Laura. The primary pump started to force fluid through his sex tubing.

Nikki watched Laura as she responded to the sound - her hands began to writhe in their bonds but they were bound fast. Nikki smiled. It was obvious that Laura had been thinking of this moment all night. She watched the dead man's cock gradually swing outwards towards Laura's butt as the pump forced fluid into the male organ.

Laura shivered as she felt the chill of his stiffening sex momentarily brush against the back of her right thigh, her struggle to remain motionless and keep her self-control was waning. Nikki began to test the strength of her discipline, whispering her fantasies back to her whilst allowing the man's cock to brush against the inside of her thigh.

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