First Times - by Candlelight

by Dick the Prophet

Copyright© 2013 by Dick the Prophet

Erotica Sex Story: This is a story about a young boy fostered with a Gay couple who first bugger him, then get him to fuck their daughter after the woman fucks the girl's mouth, then makes him drink piss - all by candlelight in during power cut in 1972 Miner's strike.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Fa/ft   Ma/mt   Consensual   Gay   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Son   Brother   Sister   Aunt   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Water Sports   Hairy   .

There is a first time for everything in life. The experience of having sex in one form or another is such enjoyment that one never forgets it. So it was with my sex life. I was born in 1957 to an unmarried mother. She tried to bring me up by herself and I remember her as loving mum but when I had to go to school she could not afford to clothe me so I was fostered. I had three lots of foster parents. The last ones passed me on when I was fifteen and a half. The woman had found me masturbating over a copy of Mayfair and thought it was disgusting. It took a month to find new parents.

"No one wants a dirty little boy like you." The old bag said.

When my new mum and dad came to pick me up it was not like other handovers – there was no Social Worker involved, and an envelope with a cheque in it was given before I was taken away. The new couple were very nice to me – the man was a well dressed one with gently soft hands and winsome smile. The woman was plump and fortyish but quite nice looking. They lived in a large detached house in Surbiton – a classic English suburb in south of London. They had daughter who was a year older than me. She was called Janet and pretty, wore nice dresses and had a good figure.

The woman was called Jean and owned a dress shop and the man was called Charles and he owned a 'Gentlemen's outfitters' called Charles. The year was 1972 and pornography was for sale openly – the sixties had been a sexual revolution and now the sex scene was growing. Homosexuality was now legal since 1967 but was not really publicly acceptable – the act only allowed homosexual acts in private. Janet and I were employed in the shop as assistants and got paid a wage.

My first full time sexual adventure was with Jean. It was Friday night I was taking a bath for the first time in their house. Charles had gone out and Janet was watching TV. I was quite happy and I was playing with my cock when Jean came in.

"I'll wash your back if you like" She went down on her knees and picked up the soap and flannel and proceeded to wash me all over.

"Stand up and I'll wash your bum", she said.

She washed my arse and then started to soap my cock, except she dropped the flannel, soaped her hand and then rubbed it up and down. To my horror it became stiff right in front of her face.

"Wow that's a beautiful sight, it's quite big isn't it." She then turned her head and shouted out loudly, "Janet bring your school ruler in here I want to measure Richard's willy." Janet came running in to the bathroom with her eyes all gleaming and behind her came Charles. Jean grabbed the ruler off Janet and quickly put it up against my stiff cock.

"Oh yes, it's a full man sized, seven inches. Come here Janet and feel it." Janet came forward and reached out to it with her right hand. She gently began to masturbate me.

"Put your mouth on it, feel its force in your mouth," Jean said, then she pushed the girl's head down until she could take me in her mouth. I had to turn sideways in the bath and knell on the edge to enable her to mouth me. It felt wonderful.

"Oh that's good ... that's wonderful ... oh I'm coming..."

Janet immediately pulled her mouth off me but I came very quickly and my spunk flew out onto her lips and nose. My knees felt weak and I sank back into the bath. Jean passed the flannel to Janet to wipe the perm off her face.

Charles came over to me. "Here let me help you out of the bath".

He helped me out and proceeded to rub me dry with a nice big towel. He took careful to rub my bottom and then dropped to his knees to clean my front.

"Oh what a nice big cocky you have ... let me see if I get to rise again."

He dropped the towel and started to wank my foreskin back and forward and when it became a bit stiff put his mouth onto it and moved his head back and forward. I was amazed that I could get stiff again so soon but it was nice and I smiled as he performed this miracle. I lasted a bit longer this time and I got excited and pulled his head onto it as I came. I felt my come shoot right into his mouth. As I came I looked round and saw Jean hugging Janet tightly then turning her around and taking her off to her bedroom.

Charles wiped his mouth on the towel and stood up.

"It's my turn now to get my rocks off. Turn round and lean against the bathroom chair."

I did as I was told and held onto the top and pushed my bum out. I had an idea of what he wanted to do to me. Firstly he rubbed soap around my arse hole then rubbed his own prick with soapy water and got it stiff. He then held my hips and slowly pushed it into me. It felt very queer at first; he pulled back and pushed again and then again. My cock was still standing stiffly and he put his left hand round my body and started masturbate me. I enjoyed his touch and began to enjoy being buggered.

"You're so tight, is it you're first time with a man and do you like it?"

"Yes and yes it grows on one. Can you do it a bit faster, I want to come."

He wanked me hard and buggered me faster until he gave a final shove and shot his load inside my arse. I came weakly onto his hand.

"That was nice wasn't it? Now wash your hole with a hot flannel and hold it over the orifice, this will lessen the bruising."

Indeed I did feel bruised after that, it was quite a painful though enjoyable experience.

The next morning Janet and I stayed home when Jean and Charles went out for the weekly shop. We were sitting on a sofa in the lounge. It was a nice day but cold. Our conversation turned to sex and I remembered that Jean had been taken Janet back to her room after I had been buggered.

"What happened when your mum took you back to her bedroom last night?

"She not really my mother. She adopted me when I was twelve after my mother died of breast cancer and my father married someone else. We into bed together and she French kissed me and then finger fucked me."

"How did she do that?"

"Give me your hand and I'll show you."

She took my hand up her dress, "push you hand down the front of my knickers and rub my twat."

I did that and found it a bit dry and I said so.

"You'll have to lick it then."

I went down on my knees reached up and pulled her knickers down. She had to lift her bum up bum to help me. Then she opened up her thighs and I pushed my head up until I could see her twat.

"Wow you haven't any pubic hair!"

"No, Jean arranged for it to be torn off with strips of waxed paper to make me look like a young virgin. She's been making love to me since I came here when I was twelve."

"That's not nice, how can you aunt do this to you?."

"She's a lesbian and she was my mother's girl friend and was the reason why my father left her. Now lick my pussy, Jean has done it many times and I like it."

So I pushed my tongue out and started to lick her nether lips. I found I could push my tongue into a space which I now know is called a vagina. Then I felt Janet grab my head and pull it up onto a small nub.

"Lick this spot ... I like this part best."

I licked and then put my teeth on it and back to licking it hard. This went on until she moved her pelvis up and down, really fucking my mouth still held by her hands. Suddenly she stiffened and pushed her hips forward and screamed, "I'm coming..." Then she must have pissed because a lot of salty smelly liquid came into my mouth. I had to drink it all but some went out the sides and dribbled down my front. She let go of my head and looked down at me.

"Wow that's the first time I have really come on someone. Did you mind?"

"No, I drank it all down it was salty but very sexy, look at my prick its standing out solid."

I felt an urgent need to come, so I stood up and opened my flies and pulled my cock. I masturbated quickly and shot a load of spunk all over her naked thighs. It was lovely, we were happy to be together and she gave me a big hug.

Life settled down after that with us all working in the shops from nine to six daily, not Sundays; we as a family didn't work Saturday either employees did and they had Monday off to compensate. The Miner's strike had started on the ninth of February and after two weeks the Power workers said that they would support the miners by making power cuts to domestic supplies and they would be random. This produced a panic for supplies of torches, candles and paraffin lamps. Jean and Charles to buy candles and torches as did everyone else. They came back after four hours looking exasperated.

"Well we finally managed to get two lamps, two boxes of candles and fthree boxes of matches We went to three hardware stores before we got anything and then – supplies were rationed to each person so Charles and I queued separately, it was chaotic."

That night Charles went by train to the pub in London where homos gathered. It was called The Champion Cockrell and was in Notting Hill. He said is friends all called it 'The Cock'. Jean, Janet and I were watching the Palladium Show with Bruce Forsyth when the lights went out and the TV went off – total blackness. Jean got up and moved gently around to find the candles and matches. The coal fire was giving some light and heat of course. She lit a few and put them in old candle sticks. They gave off a gentle light. I had never even seen candle light before – it looked kind of spooky.

"Well what shall we do with ourselves now?" said Jean. "I know let's have a glass of sherry."

She went over to the drinks cabinet and took out a bottle of sherry and poured out three glasses.

"This is a nice Oloroso you'll find it sweet but not too sweet. My father was an imported of fine wines and Sherries and this is one of his stocks. I inherited this house and his money when he died ten years ago. I used his money to buy myself a dress shop and later a half share in the Charles' shop. We got married for tax purposes not love."

We all had a sip of it; it tasted nice so I took a bigger drink. I felt it warm me up and brought a flush to my cheeks. Janet looked similarly flushed.

"Now, children what you two been up to? Tell me what you have been doing together."

We told her and after we had told her. She then asked if we would like to hear about her first sexual adventures. We said we would and so she started.

'My father was rich enough to send me to an all-girl's boarding school in Sussex, near Bournemouth. Until I was 15, us girls only talked about sex and then one day, when I was playing hockey on a cold day in March, I slipped and bruised my right hip when I fell onto the hard pitch. I managed to play on and when I had had a shower and I was drying myself, the Sports Mistress came into the changing room - she liked to come in to see us dress after a game.'

"Come into my room and let me see to that nasty bruise."

'I wrapped the towel around myself and walked past all the other teammates who were towelling themselves. There was a massage Table in there and the coach told me to lie down on it.'

'"Right now let me look." She said and took my towel away. There was a nasty big bruise all black and blue on my right hip.'

"I'll put Arnica on that straight away."

'She squeezed the ointment out and rubbed it in. I was aware that her fingers were close to my pussy, but the pain from the bruising distracted me from getting excited. The Sports Mistress whose name was Miss Roberts, became got aroused. I could see her face became red and her voice deepened. After she finished she washed her hands and the turned to me and said, "You have a lot of hair there, would you like me to trim it to make it less smelly after you have a pee."'

'She went to a cupboard and returned with a pair of scissors and a tube of KY jelly. At the time, I had no idea what KY jelly could be used for. She asked me to swing round on the bed and let my legs hang over the side, then to open my legs so she could cut my pubic hairs. She cut all the hairs around my slit right down while she knelt between my legs. I could feel her breath on it and I became excited. She then trimmed the hair above it.'

"You have a lovely pussy, all neat and you have no ugly lips protruding. I'll rub some of this jelly on you."

'She proceeded to squeeze the jelly out and rubbed it up and down my slit, now all naked. Her fingers slipped into my cunt and I began to enjoy it.'

'"Oh that's nice, that's really nice ... please keep doing it. Ohh ooohh I think I'm having an orgasm."'

"Is that your first one Jean? Well now you know how it's done you can do it again and again won't you?"

'After that I practised doing it for myself and then I did it to my two best girl friends. I lost interest in boys and found myself admiring girls boobs. We would get together out of sight of the Mistresses and play with each other. At night in the dormitories I would bed hop and we finger fucked each other! Oh ... that's getting me excited just thinking about it.'

"Janet take Dickie pants off and let's see if he is excited."

Janet knelt on the floor and with my help removed my trousers and pants. She reached up and started to masturbate my semi stiff prick.

"Put your mouth on it, like you used to do for Charles." I rapidly became stiff as her hand moved up and down.

"Right now straddle him and fuck him for the first time, Janet."

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