Payback That Backfired

by SW MO Hermit

Copyright© 2013 by SW MO Hermit

Fiction Story: Man gets tired of his brother-in-law propositioning his wife. He retalliates and gets into hot water.

Tags: Heterosexual  

My wife and some of my friends tell me I'm a total asshole. I know I can be a little inflexible at times but an asshole? Never. I was always taught as I grew up to do the right thing, be honest and ethical. Sometimes I think I am maybe a little too inflexible when it comes to ethics and doing the right thing. I suppose, looking back at what I did I wasn't honest and ethical but I plead momentary (well maybe not so momentary) insanity. Hell, that plea gets hardened criminals off or a lesser sentence doesn't it. It should work for me also. Got your attention now? Well, let me tell you a story about how I ruined my asshole ex friend's marriage and almost ruined mine.

Eddie Howell moved near my home when I was 16 and finished his last two years of school in my class. His wife Janice was a year behind us and my wife, Janice's sister was three years behind us in school. I didn't know Eddie very well until I came home from the Navy. By then he had married Janice and was very happy. I had dated Janice a time or two before going into the Navy but we knew we weren't right for each other. I even took her out a couple of times when I was home on leave before she married Eddie. I guess this is where the problems between me and Eddie began. Several years after they married he found pictures of me and Janice in one of her photo albums. There were some pictures from the time I took her to a square dance at the high school FFA spring fling square dance. It was obvious we were having fun. The pictures showed we were laughing and I had my arm around her. Hell, her nipples were obviously tenting out the thin blouse she wore but crap. She had huge highly sensitive nipples and they were almost always tenting out her tops if they were thin enough. I am just glad my wife's nipples are bigger, nicer and more sensitive. Oh, excuse me. That's a different story. LOL.

Eddie also found some pictures of me in uniform when I escorted Janice to a dance while I was back on leave. Once again I had my arm around her and she looked very happy. She was in a low cut dress with a very short skirt. I still remember that dress. I loved it. The picture showed her nipples tenting out the dress. I remembered that night very well. She had not worn a bra and every time I danced with her or she bent forward to talk to me I could see her hard little (well like I said before, not so little) nipples. Shit she still made me horny as old as we were. I would still fuck her if I had the chance but I would never put myself in that position because I love my wife and I would never do anything to even chance losing her.

Well, back to the story. We had a couple beers that night and I have to admit I fucked her before I took her home. Hell, I was a sailor and I guess she wanted to sample the wares. I know we were both very damn horny and as I remember it she had a great time. I remember that night when I picked her up. Her little sister Roxie answered the door. Her face was mottled and red, her eyes were red and tears were running from the corners of them.

When Roxie opened the door I smiled and said, "Hi Roxie. Is Janice ready?"

Roxie glared at me and turned away from the door. She never answered me but yelled up the stairs, "Jan your date's here." She loudly stomped off down the hallway, her little 16 year old ass swishing from side to side.

When Janice came downstairs I was still standing in the open door. I hadn't really been invited in and didn't know what to do so I just stood there at the foot of the stairs and waited. I asked Janice what Roxie's problem was. She smiled at me and said, "Oh, she's angry with me because I'm going out tonight. I didn't get all my work done and she has to feed some of the calves I was supposed to take care of. Mom made me promise to do them all tomorrow to make up for it so I don't know what her problem is."

That night I took Janice to a community dance. She had specifically requested I wear my dress whites. I must admit we looked really good in that picture. Hell, I don't know how many ladies I was in a picture with that evening. Many of my parent's friends asked me to pose with them as well as some of the other girls I had known when I was in school. I really had a lot of fun that night. I got propositioned several times too. I was even surprised about that. Three married ladies let me know they would be happy to visit me in their home while their husband was at work. They said they wanted to show me how much they appreciated my service. I understood what service they wanted to appreciate. I never did visit the married women but I did sample a couple of the other ladies that wanted to show their appreciation.

After I returned home from the Navy I went to college on the GI Bill. I was farming the old home place while I went to school and lived 45 miles from campus. I drove it daily. My first class was 8 in the morning and I was finished most days before noon. Since most college students hated early classes I didn't meet many eligible women during my college career. Tuesday and Thursday I sometimes had Labs that I did that stretched into the afternoon so I met some there but no one special. Anyway between working on the farm and studying I didn't have much time for a social life because of the distance I lived from the college.

I used to go into Wheatland or Wilsons Mill to shoot pool evenings if I didn't have to study or work my farm. Many days in the summer I went in for lunch and played dominoes with some of the old men for an hour or two. Once again this didn't help the social life much. There were very few women who went into the pool hall and those that did were skanks. I was ready for a steady woman, one who would be loyal and faithful. You know, I wanted the marrying kind not the partying kind. The few women I did date from college were just not my type. I was visiting with one of the guys on a Friday night at the pool hall and he mentioned Roxie. I hadn't thought of her in ages. Hell, I hadn't even thought of Janice.

This was before cell phones had been invented so I went into the back of the pool hall and used the pay phone to call Roxie. On the spur of the moment I had decided to ask her out. To my surprise she agreed to go out with me. We dated the rest of the summer and became very close. I was falling in love with her. One evening we couldn't decide what to do so she asked if I minded taking her to see her sister Janice and her husband. I hadn't even heard Janice had married until I began dating Roxie.

We got to Janice's house and I found out she had married Eddie. He had always been a smart mouth but wasn't totally obnoxious. He was a little sleazy and reminded me of a TV actor called Eddie Haskell on an old show "Leave it to Beaver. Eddie and I got along ok and we all had fun together during that visit. After a couple of drinks he and I got along really well. We bonded. I would say we became friends. Roxie and I became pretty regular visitors at her sister's home after that. The problem I had with Eddie the asshole arose about eight years after Roxie and I got married. My solution to this problem was what moved me into the Asshole category for life.

One day Eddie came to our house. I could tell he was angry when he came in. I asked, "What's the matter Eddie?"

Eddie got right in my face and started yelling. "You asshole," he said. I found some pictures of you with my wife. I want you to keep your ass away from Janice. You hear me?"

"Whoa man. I've never been with your wife unless you or Roxie were there with me. What's this all about anyway Dude?"

"Bullshit Asshole. I have the pictures and I'm telling you right now to back off. I've seen how you hug her and flirt with her when we're together and I don't like it. I don't want you trying to move in on her like you did before."

Eddie turned and stomped out of our house. He was so angry he peeled rubber when he took off in his car. Roxie came into the living room and stood beside me as I stared out the open door. She said, "What was that all about Honey?"

"I have no idea. Eddie came storming in here and said he had pictures of me and Janice and he wanted me to stay away from her."

"What do you mean he has pictures of you and Janice? What have you two been up to Jerry?"

"Nothing Roxie. Like I said, I have no idea at all what Eddie is upset about."

"Bullshit. You told me Eddie claimed to have pictures of you and Janice. That means you and my sister have been doing something that upset him." Roxie began crying and continued, "I can't believe you would do something like that to me. I especially can't believe you would do it with my own sister." Roxie glared at me a moment angrily then she turned, grabbed her purse and stormed out the door.

As she was leaving Roxie screamed, "I'm going to get to the bottom of this right now. If you have been fooling around with Janice our marriage is over." She jumped into her car and chirped the tires as she too left our house driving way too fast. Now I didn't know what to do. I was shocked. I had no idea where this had all came from. I was angrier at Roxie than I was with Eddie. He was an asshole and I figured this would either blow over or not. If not it didn't really bother me too much because I would never have been his friend if we weren't related by marriage. I was also very worried but somewhat pissed at Roxie too. What the hell was going on?

Nearly three hours later Roxie came home. I was sitting in the living room drinking beer trying to decide how to handle the shit that had hit me this day. Roxie had been crying. She came up and sat beside me then said, "Jerry I'm sorry I took off like I did. I was scared and angry. I thought you had been doing something bad and with my sister. I went over there to see those pictures and kill the bitch if you had been messing with her.

"When I got there Janice was sitting in the living room crying. All her old photo albums were scattered over the floor. Eddie was still not home. I didn't even knock on the door. I just stormed into the house and began yelling at her. As I watched Janice she was picking up the pictures and putting them back into her book. I saw the pictures she was gathering up. Honey it was the pictures from when you took her out before and while you were in school and back on leave from the Navy. I can't believe those were the pictures Eddie got so upset over.

"After she told me what the uproar was about I helped her pick up her pictures and we talked for a while. Eddie came back home and he was really drunk. He asked me how it felt being married to an asshole like you. He yelled at Janice and accused her of being a disloyal bitch for not telling him she had been your lover. He wanted to know how often you and she had got together after he married her.

"We told him never but I don't think he really believed her, us. He walked into their bedroom and said he'd better not ever catch you or it would be all over. He slammed the door. After a few minutes we looked into the room and he was asleep. I tried to get her to come home with me. Jerry I was afraid he would hurt her but she wouldn't come.

"Oh, Jerry, I'm so sorry I yelled at you. It's just that I remembered when you took her out before we began dating. I had loved you for years and you were dating my sister. I actually thought I hated her for that. I was so angry with you I could hardly talk to you or be in the same room with you. Eddie brought all those memories back this morning and the hurt and anger came back. I'm so sorry Honey. I can't believe he didn't know you used to date though. I wonder why he got so upset over those old pictures?"

Well, now I knew why Roxie had been so nasty to me back then. I guess I could understand her feelings. I wrapped her in my arms and told her it was ok. "Honey, I love you. I am nice to Janice because she is your sister, heck, I suppose I even like her ok but we could never be more than that. We are like oil and water and you know it. We just don't get along that well."

Roxie smiled and gave me a gentle kiss. She said, "I know Honey. I love you too. Sometimes I get so scared I'll lose you. I know I'm not real pretty. Janice is beautiful and has always been able to get any man she wants. I used to have dates over to the house and they would spend the entire evening flirting with Janice if she was home. I suppose I just remembered those times and went off half cocked. I'm so sorry."

Well from then on almost every time Eddie, Janice, Roxie and I got together Eddie would tease and touch up Roxie. He always made comments to her about how they needed to get together. He would tell her he could really rock her world. If she was a little tipsy I would have to stay almost on top of her to keep him from trying to feel her up or catch a peek of her treasures.

At least one or two times a month good old Eddie would tell me either when we talked in person or on the phone that since I wasn't getting the job done he would be glad to come over and take care of Roxie for me. I finally asked Roxie about it. "Roxie," I said, "What's this about me not being good enough in bed any longer? If you have a problem with our love making or you want something I'm not giving you why haven't you talked to me about it?"

"What in the world do you mean Jerry? I've never told you I don't like the way you make love to me. Where did this all come from?"

"I know you've never told me you don't like the way I make love to you. You've never told me you like the way I make love to you either. Hell, we never talk about sex at all. You never even tell me if I'm doing something you like. How the hell do I know whether you like what I do to you or not? You know damn well where this came from too. I know you've heard Eddie tell me he would be willing to come over and take care of you. You saw us talking today at your parent's."

Roxie blanched then she blushed. She put her hands up to her mouth and said, "OH! Crap Honey. I'm sorry. I guess I did cause that but I didn't mean it like that. Remember when that steer kicked you in the nuts and you were laid up for a week? I had just come off the rag and you know how horny I get then and when I'm ovulating. I was talking to Janice telling her how glad I would be when you got better and could really give me a good fucking again. Eddie walked into the kitchen and grinned at me. He walked up to me and put his hand on my shoulder then tried to run it under my blouse and feel my tit.

"I told Eddie to stop and get away from me. He just grinned and said if you weren't getting the job done he would take care of me for you. He said it was only fair he do that since you had done Janice."

"Roxie I've never..." I started to say I had never fucked her sister then I remembered I had done it once when I was in the Navy. Shit. Did the asshole know that? Did Roxie?

I sat there trying to decide what to say when Roxie smiled. She put her hand on my forearm and said, "Relax Honey. I know you fucked Janice once when you were in the Navy. She told me the day I helped her with the pictures. It hurt me I have to admit but it wasn't like you were cheating on me. We weren't even dating then and you and she were. She also told me that was your last date and was when she decided that you could never be more than an acquaintance. She said neither of you were really into each other either. She said the sex was just sex. There were no real fireworks for either of you. She knows you grate on each other and so do I.

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