Getting Even

by BrotherJohn

Copyright© 2013 by BrotherJohn

Mind Control Story: One sister of three needs an attitude adjustment. Nicky a husband is afraid of her, but he is the one to provide the solution through hypnosis

Tags: Mind Control   Humiliation   Slow   mc story

I overheard my sister-in-law putting Judy, my wife, down. Putting people down is something that Kate has done all of her long life. Not to anyone's face mind you, but behind their back. She also makes up stories that are definitely not true. It is like she has a license to lie. It is like she has the first, last, and all of the gossip at her hand. You could stand it if it wasn't so malicious.

What is sad is that she never seems to get caught, and still has a circle of friends that listen to her. I set out to correct this, not to harm her physically, but maybe set her on the path to righteousness.

A few years ago shortly after Kate lost her husband, I stopped in to visit and see if there was anything I could do to make life easier for her. I have never been one to hug and kiss anyone casually. When saying goodbye, maybe, but other than that, that's it. I sat down and visited for a bit, collecting the news about the family. Then she started on gossip about different people she knew. This always makes me uncomfortable, so I got up and started to leave. Kate came up close and said, "Would you kiss me?"

Thinking she just wanted a goodbye kiss I said, "Sure."

Well this was a little more than a goodbye kiss. Kate turned her head so her lips met mine. Then she clung to me and tried to kiss me passionately. Hey, this is my sister-in-law for god's sake. I know she is a widow and most likely lonely, but she has to find someone not married to her own sister. No way was I going to get involved.

Over the succeeding years this happened once or twice when I couldn't escape. Truthfully I was scared of her. I knew of her penchant for gossip and I didn't want any stories going around about me. I was very wary of getting into her clutches where I had to turn her down cold. There is nothing like a woman spurned, so I stayed away from her as much as being in the family allowed.

This brings me to the present when I found out Kate was bad mouthing Judy. Her own sister yet. Maybe it was because I was happily married to Judy. Was she jealous that someone had something she didn't, or was it her nature to put everyone down. What I heard were out-right lies and they had a meanness to them I couldn't condone.

In bed that night, I brought up the subject of Kate to my wife. Judy started crying saying, "Why is Kate so mean?" She had heard about the gossip and lies that Kate was spreading. I held her until she calmed down. "I wish I could get even. She has never in all my life treated me with any respect. When we were kids she was always getting me into trouble with Mom and Dad. They would blame me for things she did because of her lies about me. I just hate her. Can't you do something?" Judy then went into an unwanted orgasm. (More on that later.)

"Do you really want me to do something? I can confront her, but the truth is, I'm a little afraid of her. If I did something it might create more gossip in the short term. How far do you want me to go?"

"I've lived with her lies and meanness for more than fifty years. If you think you can stop it, you have my permission to try anything. I don't mean beat her. She needs an attitude adjustment though."

We cuddled together while discussing a plan. Some of it was pretty silly, which sent us into gales of laughter. We both felt that the "Chinese water torture" was out as being too radical. Hanging her by her thumbs was turned down also. Then we came up with some really nasty things, but didn't see anyway to implement them.

We came to the conclusion that it had to be something that was pleasant to start with, but would be something that she had to control herself before it really became unpleasant. Harking back to the few times I felt Kate had come on to me, we put a plan into action. It would only work if Kate approached me again. I left that for Judy to set up.

The next few days were spent on me practicing some rustic skills that I had acquired in the years past. I practiced on my wife and rehearsed some of the things that I was to do if I had the opening. My wife enjoyed it more than I did and I could tell just how pissed she was at her sister. My wife gave me carte blanche to go as far as I had to. However, there were some things I couldn't do and still retain my self respect. My vows are sacrosanct.

At ten the next morning our little plan went into action. My wife called her sister with some family news about our son. During the conversation my wife said she had been having back trouble. She often asked me to manipulate the muscles in her back. I had done this and she was having much relief. We knew that Kate was in pain most of the time with her back. After Kate had detailed how much in pain she herself was, my wife offered my services. Kate fell right into our scheme by welcoming the offer of my help.

I waited a couple of days before calling Kate up and said I would be down to rub her back for her. I acted reluctant and a little unhappy at my wife's offer to do this for her. However, to keep harmony in the family, I would see what I could do. I don't know what had gone through Kate's mind in the two days between the offer of my wife's aid and when I called. She sure looked disappointed though when I knocked on her door with my wife in tow that afternoon.

Kate was dressed in a silk nightie with a robe to match. She had evidently had her hair done and was nicely made up.

"Oh good, you are all prepared for Nicky to work on you," my wife said. "I'm going to talk to you to relax you. He used to work on my sore back, but we kind of got out of the habit until last week when the pain got so bad I asked him to do something. Can we use your bed? That is where it will be the most convenient." Not giving Kate time enough to answer, my wife headed right for the bedroom.

When we reached the bedroom my wife reached up and took off Kate's robe. "Why don't you get out of that nightie and then Nicky won't get the massage oil all over it." With that my wife stooped and pulled Kate's nightie up and over her head.

Things were moving way too fast for Kate, but my wife was on a tear and not giving her a chance to object. Kate stood there naked trying to cover her privates and not really knowing what was happening. Over the years Judy had always let Kate be in charge and never stood up for herself. This not only surprised me but shocked her older sister. Kate stood there naked, humiliated almost to tears. For a sixty-year-old lady who hadn't been seen naked by anyone but her doctor for several years, this had to be demeaning.

My wife didn't give Kate any respite. "Lie down crosswise on the bed, face down where you can look at the floor." My wife then took a little object and placed it below her face where she had to look at it. It was a tiny lighted ball that blinked on and off. Totally mesmerizing!

"There Kate, Nicky is going to pour a little oil on your back and I want you to totally relax. He is first just going to massage your back to loosen the muscles up a bit. Then after you become completely relaxed, he will start to manipulate your vertebrae. Please look at the light and concentrate closely. I will talk to you all the time he is working on you to keep you relaxed. You might even find yourself dozing a little. Trust me, this works when Nicky does this to me and I always feel so much better. I will be the one talking to you and mine will be the only voice you will hear or respond to.

Kate jumped when I first applied the oil to her back. Judy was keeping up a soft patter while the oil was warming up under my hands. When I could feel all resistance leave the muscles in Kate's back, I nodded to Judy and she changed her tactics.

Turning up the frequency of the blinking light, my wife started to really concentrate on hypnotizing her sister. Soon we could tell that Kate was in a trance. I then started in to work on her back. Being very careful, I felt down each back bone. I really did want to help relieve her pain. I found one bone that had moved out of place and gently worked around it until it aligned with the others. My wife asked Kate if the pain was gone yet.

Sleepily, Kate answered, "Much better! Oh, thank you!"

I went back to gently massaging her back. Knowing that Kate was deep in a trance, my wife said, "Kate, would tell me why you feel you have to tell lies and make up gossip about other people? You have often alienated friends and family and hurt an awful lot of people throughout your life. There must be a good reason for it all."

It was quiet for a minute and we thought that Kate wouldn't answer. Then she spoke. "I guess I felt that no one really loves me and I'm just not as important as other people. All I want is to be recognized as a person. I was always playing second fiddle to our older sister. She was so perfect! I made a bad choice in marrying Bud. No one ever threw it in my face that I could tell, but I felt it just the same. I guess I may have picked on you because you were younger, and then you married Nicky and he is such a great guy. I envy you! I guess I envy a lot of people. This has become a habit. I wish I could stop!"

"What did you have planned for Nicky when you asked him to come and work on your back pain? You were dressed pretty scantily. Were you going to try and seduce him? What would you have done if he wouldn't be seduced?" Kate didn't answer immediately. We wanted to get a lot of truth while she was hypnotized, but this was more like a deadly confession. "Well? Tell me!" This was a direct command from my wife.

There was clearly anguish in Kate's next words. "I suppose I was going to try. I don't think I had thought that far ahead. Maybe I thought I could gain a little of the joy you seem to have in each other. If I didn't seduce him, or he wouldn't let himself be seduced, I probably would have been pissed.

"I don't think I would have accused him of rape, but I most likely would have started some unpleasant stories about him." (God, have we got inside her head or not. Judy was going to have to remember to make sure that Kate didn't remember any of this conversation!)

"Kate, would you like Nicky and me to help you stop this pattern of telling mean little lies and repeating malicious gossip?"

"Oh, if you could get me out of this nasty habit, I'd be ever so grateful! You can even beat me if you think that would help."

"We wouldn't do that to you. Sometimes I may hate you, but you are my sister and I do love you most of the time. That is when you aren't being so mean."

Withdrawing to the next room, leaving Kate still in a trance face down on the bed, we discussed how far we wanted to go in giving Kate an attitude adjustment. We had come up with a list of procedures that we thought would work, but had not settled on the final one yet. Judy wanted something painful to happen when Kate told a lie. Maybe a leg cramp or a bad twitch. I didn't want that. The course of action that I wanted would be pleasant to start with, but by being repetitious, it would become unpleasant over time. I won.

Kate was just as we had left her when we returned, crosswise and naked on the bed. Judy suggested that Kate get dressed. Kate with slow and measured motions did as Judy asked, pulling her nightgown over her head and slipping on her robe. We walked Kate slowly downstairs and ensconced her on the couch. I observed from across the room, while Judy faced her from the straight chair in front of her.

Judy started giving instructions in a soft but commanding voice, knowing she was in full control. "Kate, I'm going to try to make you change how you look at the world. There really isn't any place for meanness. I'm going to give you a suggestion, so that when you do something mean you will be aware that you should change. There will be different degrees of awareness depending on the severity of your actions. Are you agreeable to this?"

"Yes, if it doesn't hurt me."

"It won't hurt, I promise. It is just that if you continue as you have in the past, this could become unpleasant. I would like to ask you a couple of questions. I know you may not have had much of a love life in the last few years. Do you still remember the feelings when you were turned on by someone?"

"Of course I do. Being widowed is for the birds. Sometimes if Nicky speaks to me real nice, I get a little tingle. He doesn't act like that much. He acts like he is afraid of me. You are so lucky to have a nice man like him."

"He is afraid of you. He is afraid that you will try to cause him trouble. You would do that, wouldn't you?"

"I may have thought about that. He would deserve it if he rejected my advances. I would give anything if Nicky would hold me and make love to me."

"Does it have to be Nicky?"

"No I suppose not. Bud wasn't much of a lover and hardly ever rang my bells. I need someone to do that for me. Nicky is so nice, I thought maybe he would do it for me."

Judy looked at her sister, asking, "What about me? Would you go behind my back and try to screw my husband?"

"But you have him all the time. Just a time or two wouldn't hurt, especially if you didn't know about it." (The truth comes out when a person is in a hypnotic trance.)

"What about him? He might hold his marriage vows sacrosanct. It sounds like if you came on to him, and he turned you down, you would try to get even. Am I right in thinking this?"

"I guess you could put it that way. It still isn't fair though. I just want to feel good. You probably have lots of sex and orgasms. All I have is my finger and toys and that hardly works anymore."

Judy looked towards me. I mouthed silently, "Give it to her," referring to what we had decided would be a way to change her outlook on life.

"Kate, I'm going to make it so you can have all of the climaxes you will ever want. This is what is going to happen. Every time you say something mean to anyone, and I mean anyone, you will start to feel flushed. If you don't immediately apologize, you will have a full blown orgasm. Over time these will become more and more intense.

"In one month you will have back pain and you will ask us to help you again. We will revisit this command and I will decide if I should relieve you of it. Now it is time for me to bring you out of the trance. You will not remember any of this conversation. One, you are waking up, two, you are stretching, and three, you are awake."

Kate was awake and out of her trance. She saw me across from her. "How does your back feel?" I asked.

Kate reflected a moment, "That's okay I guess. It feels a lot better. How come I'm downstairs and dressed? I suppose you drooled all over my naked body. That would be just like a man."

Judy spoke quickly, "You better apologize for that remark or you will be sorry."

Kate didn't listen to her. Her face and neck started to flush. The flush started and traveled down her neck and I knew it wasn't stopping until it reached her groin. Judy and I watched the sensations build in Kate. At the right time and in the right place we knew that these feelings would be wonderful. Having them out in the open and before us might not be quite so enjoyable.

Judy spoke again, "You better say you're sorry for that remark!"

I could see that Kate was mystified as to what was going on. "No damn it! I never say that I am sorry." Well she would learn. Kate went into a full blown orgasm. Finally she ended up spent, lying on the couch in a fetal position.

"What happened to me?" Kate asked.

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