Dressing Up and Dressing Down

by bobsmith

Copyright© 2013 by bobsmith

Erotica Sex Story: Derek has Lisa over to his house to play out a fantasy of his.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Oral Sex   Prostitution   .

"Aha! You are beaten, foul creature. No longer will you plague these lands. Now I shall end thee with a swift stroke of my blade!"

"Uh, please ... please I beg of you. Spare my life," she said dryly.

"You ask for mercy? After all the evil that you have done? It is my duty to bring you to justice," he said with much enthusiasm.

"There must be a way I can- Really, Derek? Do we have to go through all this?" Lisa complained, gesturing to the papers in her hand and the costume she was wearing. She wondered just how much money he had spent online for it. It reminded her a lot of a slave Leia costume, just with fake weapons attached. She never thought she would find herself acting out some nerd's roleplay fantasy in a basement bedroom.

"Yes, yes, stick to the script! Say the line!"

Lisa sighed, and looked down at the sheet, the bangs of her white wig getting in her eyes. "There must be a way I can pay for my crimes."

"The laws of Azeroth demand that I must take you before the High Council and there you will be tried," Derek declared, looking equally ridiculous in his costume. An out-of-shape 19 year old with the beginning of a gut didn't quite pass as a fierce warrior, full armor suit or not.

"Perhaps I can persuade you to release me this time. I must not be put on trial."

"There is nothing that will sway me from my sworn duty, treasonous elf."

"However, brave knight. Put hand on ches- whoops!" Lisa caught herself reading the stage directions and corrected herself by putting her free hand on his costumed chest. "However, brave knight, you must have heard rumours of the unique talents we elves posses."

"I am in no need of crafted goods. Armor and weapons I have aplenty. Come now, do not tarry with me."

"I am no smith. The talents I refer to," her hand slid to his groin, "are of a different nature."

Derek gasped slightly and had already been hard, but Lisa was not surprised to find him so. He had probably been that way since she walked in the room with her costume. Continuing with this charade was taking longer than she liked, besides thinking the whole thing was stupid.

"You attempt to vex me with your evil ways, whore. It will not- uhn!" She squeezed him even though there was no such direction in her script. Lisa doubted he was going to stop her now.

He started again, his face showing signs of strain, "It will not work. For my duties requi- uh uhn!" Lisa's deft hand had found the chink in his fake armor that allowed it to snake inside and coil around his penis.

Lisa tossed the papers aside and tried a little script writing of her own, "We elves are famous for our mouths, hardened knight, though not for speeches. Let me go and you will know for yourself."

Derek was in shock the entire time standing in his room where a teenage girl had a hand down his pants. It didn't alleviate the situation when she dropped to her knees and pulled his costume pants down with her. Since his legs had extra parts attached, the pants came down just enough to allow him to spring out at her. Lisa wasted no time and grabbed his shaft with one hand and cupped his balls with the other and began warming him up for her speciality. Since Derek had never been this far with a girl before, his excitement grew to overwhelming proportions and Lisa soon found herself assaulted with spurts of his very excitement. One hit her on the cheek, another across her lips, and the rest above her breasts.

"OH MY GOD!" he screamed and fell back onto the computer chair behind him, a more ridiculous sight than before, half naked in his dorky outfit. "I'm ... I'm sorry. That happened sooner than I anticipated."

Lisa grabbed at a nearby tissue box and began cleaning herself up. "That's okay. It happens."

"That was awesome. But you never- ... you know..." he said sheepishly.

"What?" she asked, hoping she didn't miss a spot.

"Well, with your mouth." He looked embarrassed.

"Yeah, well it's a little late now though."

"Oh, okay," he sounded dejected, "I guess that's it then."

Lisa felt a little sorry for him. She knew he was the kind of guy who would always have problems getting girls. "I mean it's too late now because you've already cum. And see?" Reaching out, she lifted his deflating penis. "He's tired and needs to rest before he can do that again." She threw the sodden tissue into the waste bin and bent over to kiss it on the tip. With her fingers she petted it like a cute animal. "Maybe Derek will let me come over and see you again soon, hmm?" Lisa pouted her lips and lifted the tip with her index finger talking directly to it. "Goodbye, little guy," she said at last and gave the head another quick kiss to leave Derek wanting more.

"I need to get out of this costume. It's itchy." Lisa ran to the bathroom and quickly changed back into her clothes and checked to see if she had wiped everything off of herself.

When she returned to his room, Derek was still wearing his costume and his pants were pulled up. "Here you go," he said holding out money to her.

His demeanour reminded her of James, the young boy from the garage sale. Harmless and hopeless. She looked at the money and took only a ten dollar bill. "Save it for the next time, k? Besides, I kinda went off your script."

"Okay," he said. A hint of embarrassment was still in his voice, but the future prospect seemed to cheer him a little.

Lisa went upstairs and left by the side door where her bike was waiting for her.

Days later, she was sitting at home, alone as usual, watching TV and bored out of her mind when her phone went off.

hi, how are you?

Lisa smiled out of the corner of her mouth when she saw the number.

im okay whats up

are you busy?

why Girls were always good at avoiding straight answers and she knew it.

It was about ten minutes before a reply came. if you're not doing anything, maybe you could come over?

A second text came before she could respond. if you want to

She thought his timidity was endearing, but she still liked to play her game. Now?

My parents just left and won't be back for a couple hours

She was dying for something to do, even if it was this. yeah gimme a half hour

okay! the door will be open so come right in when you're here

Turning off the TV, she showered and got dressed. The bike ride was a brisk ten minutes. She leaned it on the fence between neighbours and entered through the side door. Derek was a basement bedroom sort of kid. Lisa wondered if that fact contributed to his nerdiness or his nerdiness demanded he have a bedroom in the basement. Maybe both. She found him in his computer chair, his back to the door, headset strapped on, and not surprisingly deeply involved in some game.

"Derek," she locked the door behind her.

He didn't hear her.

"DEREK," she said louder.

Still no response.

Lisa flipped the light switch off and on. He looked up from the screen momentarily, brushed it off as a power fluctuation and returned to his raiding. Suddenly he was stunned by an object that draped over his head. Derek let out a scream that was slightly too high pitched. This time he looked back to find the momentary girl of his dreams standing in his doorway wearing only shorts and a lacy bra. The look in her eyes told him everything.

"I gotta go guys," he said into the mic. "Yes, now ... no ... there's a girl here ... a girl ... yes ... later-"

The headset was suddenly pulled away from him, "My name is Lisa. I'm here half-naked in Derek's room and we're going to have a little fun. Adult fun. Good bye." She dropped the headset in his lap.

"Oh, okay. Let me log off."

A small painted toe flicked the button on the power bar just under the desk. Derek gasped at the sudden darkness on the screen and the blatant disregard for a proper shutdown sequence.

"Done," she said. "What's more important, gaming or this?" Lisa stepped back giving him an overall view of her little body.

Derek straightened the glasses on his nose and swallowed hard.

"Come on then, big boy," she took his arm and pulled him out of the chair. "No costumes this time, except for this," Lisa dropped her shorts to reveal a matching set of undergarments. She could see how nervous he was, so if she was going to make this kid happy, she was going to have to get him calmed. Guiding him to the bed, she sat him down and knelt in front of him. "You just relax. Lisa is going to take care of you."

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