Knight Takes Princess

by Invid Fan

Copyright© 2013 by Invid Fan

Fiction Story: As soon to be freshman Sean was biking through unknown paths that summer, he came upon a princess in need of rescue. Of such things fantasies are made...

Caution: This Fiction Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Light Bond   .

I was at a crossroads.

Actually, a crosspath. I stopped my bike, feet dropping to the ground as I leaned forward on the handlebars. The dirt trail I was on, having started at the end of a short dead end street branching off of Willow Wood Drive, continued onward through the woods. I knew there was a road somewhere in that direction, so it probably ended up there. The new path, which actually was as old as the other one most likely, paralleled the street I had left, going behind everyone's back yards. Not that you'd be able to see the yards, or the people there be able to see you.


I was exploring. Over the years, I had gone over the various trails around my street. Exploring woods, fields zoned for subdivisions that were never built, sometimes alone, often with friends. I had not, though, gone past the barrier of the next street beyond those woods, seen what was on the other side THERE. Until today. This was fresh. I was in the natural habitat of strange kids, those I had never met. Anything could happen.

God, I hoped I didn't meet anyone. That would be awkward.

I decided to go left. I was near the top of the street, so there was a chance I'd come across a path down there leading back to yet another dead end, making for a circular trip. I could then make my way home, being there in time for supper. Supper was 5 PM, on the dot. You were NOT late. What happened if you were late?

No idea, and I didn't want to know.

It was early summer, school was out. Thus, while there were lots of kids, schedules varied. Both my best friends were gone for the week, one to camp and the other off with his family somewhere. We had already done a trip, up to Canada fishing. Very cool.

The trail was bumpy, naturally. Lots of tree roots and rocks to navigate around, or over. I hadn't gotten the ten speed I wanted, but truth be told this old one speed bike was probably best for this. The tires were good, and it could take a TON of punishment. My scarred knees could attest to that. The woods closer to home were a bit more wide open, easy to walk or ride through path or no path. There was underbrush here, making me glad I had my jeans on. Forget bush branches brushing me, poison ivy and I did not get along. Nor bee or wasp stings. I didn't run from stinging insects, but neither did I play with them. Anymore.

All the streets here were on a slight hill, so I was picking up a little speed as I paralleled them downward. Not too fast, as I kept pumping the breaks as needed. You never knew what was up ahead.

Like a body.

I skidded to a halt in the dry mud. Was it just a pile of clothes? Let it just be a pile of...

No. It was someone.

I jumped off my bike, letting it fall to the ground as I ran over.

"Hey! You OK?" I dropped to both knees next to them, hands grabbing their arm. She rolled over onto her back.

It was a girl. A VERY pretty girl. Her hair was red, long and curly. It was spread out on the ground around her. Her eyes were closed. Her skin was white, much whiter than mine, with a few freckles. Red lips seemed to stand out like a beacon, obviously lipstick. Or not. I wasn't THAT experienced with such things. She wore a long dress, medieval looking, almost like the thing the girl wore in Labyrinth, with long, flowing sleeves. The neckline was a bit lower, though...

I had some boy scout training. I shook her.

"Are you OK?"

Her eyes opened. They were green. Large, green eyes looking right up into mine. They widened, and I could hear her inhale sharply. Or maybe it was me. I was getting an instant boner, I knew that.

"Wha ... who are you?" Her voice was confused. Also soft, musical, but confused none the less. I sat up, hands leaving her shoulders. It suddenly seemed very wrong to have touched her. She pushed herself up on her elbows, waiting for an answer. I gathered my thoughts.

"I saw you, thought you were hurt..."

"We'll rescue you, princess!"

Three boys, maybe ten-ish, burst out of the woods. They wore armor, a collection of plastic breast plates from various toy lines with hockey and football helmets, along with two plastic toy swords and one wooden one. On seeing me, they halted. I stood. I was only a few years older than them, entering my Freshman year, but I WAS a high school kid. A strange one. My mind immediately adding two and two together and getting the square root of sixteen, I glanced around the ground near me. Seeing a long hunk of wood, I grabbed it, both hands on one end as I got into a sword fighting stance.

"Who are you, foul demons?! I have rescued this princess, and I shall defend her with my life!"

"No!" the middle boy yelled, sword pointed at me. I think it was a Lord of the Rings one. "YOU are the demon! Prepare to die!"

With a yell, I leapt over the girl, sword flailing. The boys broke and ran back into the woods, yelling in retreat. I grinned. Damned that was fun. Smile still on my face, I turned. She was looking at me, eyes still wide. Now feeling a bit embarrassed for walking in on their game, I shrugged. She was obviously an older sister or babysitter, keeping the kids occupied.

"Sorry about that."

She smiled. It was a beautiful smile.

"It's OK, Sir Knight. Help me up?" She raised her arms. Dropping my sword I stepped over and grabbed her hands, pulling her up. She didn't weigh much, something you couldn't tell in that dress while she was on the ground. As she stood she fell forward a bit, body stumbling against mine.

It's an interesting thing, the male teen body. Grabbing her hands had felt, really, no different than taking anyone else's hand. Yes, they were soft, but so were my sister's, so that wasn't unusual. However, now, with my hands still holding hers and her chest against mine, it was as if my hands suddenly understood, "oh, FEMALE hands!" The feeling completely changed. I could feel, in great detail, every skin cell that had the faintest contact with me. My face felt red. I looked down. The girl was shorter than me, the top of her head coming up to my nose. That head was tilted, those green eyes staring up at me with ... fright? Wonder?

"Sorry," I said. My hands released hers. I didn't step away, some part of me hoping ... well, who knows. I could think of a thousand fantasies starting from this moment. She stepped back, but only a bit. A frown touched her face.

"Who are you? I haven't seen you before."

"I'm Sean," I said, mind once again able to focus without the physical contact. "I live over on Clearview." I saw her eyes go to my bike, and I laughed. "Just exploring unknown territory. Didn't expect to find a beautiful princess."

She blushed, then with a laugh curtsied. It was a practiced curtsy, smooth and elegant. I bowed, much less practiced. I, at least, had the sense to step back before I did, so my head didn't hit her. What to say next was the problem. I didn't want the moment to end, but...

"Evil Monster! We are coming for you!" From the woods, the sound of approaching boys rang out.

Well, that settled that. With a laugh, I quickly went to my bike. Her eyes stayed on me as I settled on the seat.

"I'm in no mood for another battle," I said, hoping I sounded cool. "Does this path go anywhere?" She nodded. "Farewell, then, my Princess!"

I rode off down the path, smiling. Five minutes later, I was out onto a street, heading for home. Only then, did I realize I didn't even know her name.

The imagination of a teenaged boy is a wonderful thing. Ten minutes after leaving the mystery girl's side, I had already realistically gotten to see her naked three different ways. By the time I was home, she had taken my virginity. Back in my bedroom, girls from school were joining in.

Realistically, naturally.

That was the key to my fantasy life. It all had to be ... possible, somehow. The idea that Karen from Math class could slip a note into my locker, invite me over, and put my dick in her mouth had to happen in a logical fashion. And it could. It all could. Over the three years since my brain had decided girls were a thing, I had come up with enough realistic fantasies to have bedded half the girls in the school. Most were based on going back and redoing some interaction the RIGHT way. Man, if I could go back in time, knowing what I knew now, all the girls would be popping out my kids.

Damn, that's a lot of booties for Grandma to knit.

Dinner that night was meatloaf, which was good, as always. All was normal. I went to my room afterwards, as there was nothing particular I was interested in. Besides, you know, her. Lying on my bed, checking my iPad, I noticed a new email. It was titled "To my knight".


It seemed, and I'm not sure if this is actually a point in my favor, that I had underestimated how easy it was to stalk someone with only two data points. Opening the message, I saw the mystery girl had managed to track me down in just a few hours using my first name, street, and the school directory, somehow getting from there to an email account used for game forums. A useful lesson. The message, itself, was short:

"Do you have a webcam?"

Well, my mind ran wild with that. Obviously, I had grown up on the wrong street. I replied I had an iPad, gave my user name, and waited.


She was sitting on her bed, dressed in a pink oversized short sleeved shirt with a white Buffalo Sabres logo on it, hair wet as if she had just showered. My view was from the laptop in her lap, looking up past thrusting breasts into her face. She was as beautiful as before, more so, maybe, as there was no makeup and, seemingly, no bra. Her smile and eyes were just as nice. Behind her, I could make out posters of castles and unicorns taped to a light pink wall. Hoping I didn't look or sound as nervous as I felt, I smiled.


"I take it your parents are around?"

I laughed. Being no fool, I had my gaming headset plugged into the iPad. No sense asking for a knock on the door.

"And a sister. I never got your name."

"Terry." She blushed as she said it.

"Well, Princess Terry, I'm glad you made it back to your castle safely. The woods can be dangerous for royalty."

That got a giggle out of her.

"So true! I did have three protectors, although they were nowhere near as valiant as you." The way she said that, moved the conversation into non-parental approved areas so far as I was concerned. Now I blushed.

"I only did what any knight would do around a beautiful damsel in distress."

"They were quite annoyed with you," she giggled. The laptop shifted in her lap, her hands going to adjust things. Nope, no bra on. "They had their heart set on rescuing me."

"Is that what the kids these days are calling it?" She laughed, which was good. I wasn't sure if she'd get the joke. That was probably the reason I had the courage to go on. "Because 'rescue' isn't the word that comes to mind when I see you."

"Oh?" Her eyebrow raised, a hand going up to brush some curls away from her eyes. "And what, Sir Knight, do you want to do with me?"

"Ravage you."

I said it jokingly, and, naturally, if I had stopped to think I wouldn't have. One reason I probably didn't date much. No courage. Well, tonight, I was speaking with my hard dick, not my brain. After all, what was there to lose?

My virginity, apparently. Terry's green eyes widened, left hand going to clutch the neck of her shirt. While this appeared to be an attempt to cover herself, it had the effect of tightening the shirt over her breasts. I could now see her nipples through thin, dampening fabric. She spoke as if she was short of breath.

"R-ravage me?"

"Yes," I continued, holding the iPad in my lap so it pressed against my hard dick. "Ravage you. You didn't reward me for rescuing you, so it's only my right as a knight that I come over and take what is mine."

Her hands went to the keyboard. She was doing something. All I knew was with her leaning over, I could see a bit down the front of her shirt. After a moment, her eyes looked right into mine.

"10 AM. I'll leave the doors unlocked. Just come in and ... take me."

The connection ended.


What had just...

Had she... ?

I didn't know where she lived.

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