The Institution

by Marduk

Copyright© 2013 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: To satisfy the social activities of his wife a husbands becomes a volunteer. His first assignment, landscaping is at a mental institution. Here he meets a female resident who wants a baby. From there on it becomes a full on orgy in which his friends become involved, finally including his wife

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Consensual   Slut Wife   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Orgy   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Petting   Double Penetration   .

When Charlie volunteered to do community work he never thought it would be in one of the mental institutions, but that was where he now was. He had taken it on mainly to please his wife who was continuously on his back because she was involved in the council's social calendar. Such community work led to lunches and dinners, in which he had to go to; she had told him that she felt embarrassed as other husbands were also involved in community and social work. The hind was that to make her more acceptable he also had to get involved.

His job was to landscape around a back fountain that had been out of action for ages; clean it up and its surrounds. The back section was surrounded by a high stone wall but in the corner was an iron gate, that surprisingly wasn't locked, just bolted. It led out onto a gravel road which the refuge trucks used to take away what wasn't wanted.

He was getting weary of the volunteering work for he quickly found out the workers were exploited, the council didn't even supply a lunch, let along a morning tea, you supplied that your self, they wanted work done but were not ready to pay to have it done, the good old volunteer would do it for free – COME IN SUCKER.

He finished his lunch and had returned to work, he didn't hear the woman approach and the only evidence of her appearance was when she spoke 'They took my baby'. He nearly dropped the shoved for he certainly wasn't expecting any body in this area; it was isolated from the main buildings. He turned and gave a hiss of surprise. The woman was around 30, about five and a bit tall, a bit plump, not that attractive, not ugly but you wouldn't really go out of your way to chat her up that is if you were not a tit man and a tit man Charlie was. She had melons that hung to her navel and wobbled and swung with her every move. At her groin was the shadow of an immense growth of hair for she was only wearing a thin cotton nightie and it barely concealed anything.

'Oh! Was your baby sick?" he asked. She was puzzled but then realised what the question was. 'No my baby wasn't sick they just took it'. He asked 'why' again there was a pause and then again 'they took my baby'. He realised that she must be a patient and although what she was saying was possibly something associated with her condition he was in no mood to send her off. The way her tits bounced and that great growth of hair at her groin made him think 'maybe she would accommodate a fuck it would certainly make up for the council's lack of consideration for its workers'. "Why don't you get a bloke here to give you a fuck, fill you up again', he said. For seconds she was silent and then clapped. 'You give me fuck, you give me baby'.

Well it was an offer too good to refuse, he let her to the area where the bins were; it was quite concealed. 'Take your nightie off", he said as he undid and dropped his trousers and jocks. "However before you bend over, suck on this, lubricated it so it will slide up you". He didn't think that she may not know what he meant; his wife certainly didn't but he didn't have to worry. She obliged taking his cock into her mouth and giving it such a suck he would have willingly just let her suck him dry. Her mouth was fantastic and as she swallowed his prick he removed his shirt; however, she wanted a fuck. 'That will do", he said. 'Now bend over and let my cock slide up that hairy cunt while I play chop-sticks on your tits'. His prick already hard and lubricated almost double in size for the hair around her cunt was dark and thick and her bum was what he considered 'very desirable'.

He didn't muck about, just rammed his cock up and fucked. Every thrust she gave off a grunt, he pulled her nipples, massaged her tits and fucked that hair covered cunt till he gave the thrust that emptied his balls, then slowly pulled out, wiping his cum covered cock over her lily white arse. 'Enjoy that?' he asked. She turned with a big smile. 'I have baby now?' He smiled.

'I don't think so', he said as he held her close. Enjoying the feel of her sweat covered tits against his chest and letting his now limp cock rub against the growth of wet hair that covered her cunt. 'You would have to be done a few more times. I would say at least a week of being fucked maybe at least twice a day but definitely once; then you would definitely get a swollen belly'. Her face dropped and she didn't actually cry, but then he said something that made her smile and ask 'I get baby'. This time he agreed. He told her that if she could be in this area around nine that night, he would have a few friends that would fuck her stupid and make her request come about.

'I get fuck and I get baby?'

'Yes! But you have to be here and remember you will have to suck their cocks; make them nice and hard and long. For the further they can shove them up that nice hairy crack, the better chances you have of getting a swollen belly", he concluded. She pulled away, droplets of sweat were running down the valley between her mountains of flesh and even on the nipples which were hard and erect, droplets of sweat were lingering. "I suck cock, I get another fuck", she giggled as she did a bit of a dance that bounced her tits to such an extent that he began to harden again. "Yes give my cock another suck, in fact suck me off", he said as he pushed his groin towards her. She took hold of that throbbing and sticky prick and began to suck.

He didn't time her, just enjoyed the sensation as she gobbled away. He pulled her head hard against his groin so that not a fraction of cock was out of her mouth and as she sucked he gasped. "My balls, grab my balls". She did and did so with a force that made him gasp but what pain she caused was overshadowed by the actions of her mouth. He didn't give her any warning just thrust forward and held her head hard against his groin and let his balls empty into her mouth. He held her till every drop was drained and then released her. She fell back, her face scarlet and the contents of his balls flowing like a fountain from her mouth. Her actions were so comical he laughed but phrased her so that she began to giggle.

He left the institution after five. He didn't have to worry about not getting the blokes to service the woman, all he had to do was explain what he had in mind and his mates all five of them were more than willing. 'How nutty is she', Harry asked for he was going to supply the van, that was permanently fitted with a double mattress, for that was his hobby – fucking women and he always scored, he had that something that just made him attractive to women. "She is most likely totally off her rocker, but she has a body that says one thing 'fuck me'. I can tell you one thing mate, she can suck, fuck she can suck. I just loved it when she sucked me off after I had 'doggied' her. She drained my cock and pulled my balls. I can tell you Harry that although she yanked my nuts hard, it was, with her sucking something just out of this world. I think the baby business is a fancy but it is an opportunity that is too good to miss", Charlie replied. A time was set to pick everyone up and be at the back of the institution by nine that evening.

The question was 'would she be there?' and despite the desire by the woman and the fact that she had already had her cunt serviced, didn't guarantee her appearance. She was a mental patient and could easily forget and also where ever she was housed could have security that maybe wasn't in operation during the day, but could be at night. The van didn't show lights when he rolled up beside that back gate. Charlie got out and opened the gate, it was just on nine; she wasn't there. Harry joined him. "Where is she?"' he whispered. "I'm so hard it hurts, my cock wants relief".

'We will give her some time. I have no idea of where she came from', Charlie softly replied. 'She could have difficulty in getting out, remember this isn't a hotel'. They stood in the dark, suddenly there was the noise like a twig being stood on and she appeared. 'You made it', Charlie said as he guided her towards the van. 'Boys' he said as the woman climbed into the van. "This lady wants a baby and I have assured her that you will fuck her until her belly swells." There was no 'maybe' with the blokes, they stripped. She was wearing the same cotton nightie as she was that afternoon, it fell in a heap. "Fuck!' was the comment from the blokes for she was now totally naked and her melon shaped tits wobbled and bounced and that great forest of hair at her groin had every cock throbbing with anticipation.

She was pushed onto the mattress and as the first cock was rammed up that hair covered cunt, she gasped. 'You fuck me, I have baby'.

'We will fuck you, you silly cunt. You will get so much cock you may have twins' They fucked her for two hours solid and then turned her over, while she sucked cock and rammed it up her arse. 'My bum, my bum' she kept saying as it was ravished, much to the delight of the bloke fucking it and as one of the cock she was sucking exploded, the bloke said. 'We have to fuck your bum as well, you want a kid and then both your cunt and bum have to be serviced'. The woman gave a grunt as she copped another ball full of cum and with cum and saliva pouring from her lips gargled. 'I ... I want baby, you fuck my cunt and my bum' the response she got - was another cock up the backside.

Each evening they met her, each evening she was fucked till no cock could get a rise and after they had finished she was returned with a great smile on her face, sore tits, cum leaking down her thigh and dripping from her lips, a very sore bum but the belief that she would again have a swollen belly. The question the fellows asked after dropping her off was - "How long do we do her Charlie?" Harry asked. "I don't know about you others fellows but as long as she keeps coming, I for one will just keep fucking?'

"I don't know", Charlie replied. "I guess we pump her till the silly cunt is beginning to show and that could be weeks away. So just enjoy her. To be frank I could let her suck me till the cows come home. I have been sucked by many women but none go anywhere near her, she is fantastic", he replied. His companions just gave a nod of approval so the nightly adventures continued, till suddenly they stopped. The question of where she was and what had happened was revealed a few days after the nightly visits came to an end.

His wife informed him the institution was in a flap for one of the residents had a swollen belly and they had no idea of how it happened. All the woman in question was saying and of course it was not belief that all these men had fucked her every evening, her bum as well; they said I would have baby and a bit swollen belly. I have big belly now. Charlie never knew what happened to her but they all get a giggle out of the movie they made of her being fucked and boy did she fuck, especially when she was rammed up the bum.

Some time after his adventure his wife told him that the institution was to be closed. "What about the occupants?" he asked.

"They will be returned to their families or given means to get cheap accommodation in the general community" she replied. For seconds Charlie was stunned and then he laughed. "You mean they are just going to be shoved aside and I think that is a joke about being returned to their families. It was the families that put them behind the walls. They have been enclosed for years and won't have a clue how to cope outside that environment. Why is the institution being closed?" he asked. His wife gave a shrug and said one word 'finances' and then totally changed the subject and as far as his volunteering work was concerned that involved the 'institution' it was not mentioned again.

Harry was aghast when told. "You mean we have all those nutters running around, like the woman we serviced, boy where do we meet them?" he asked; excitement registering on his face.

Charlie smiled. "It won't be like that mate", he said. "They will disappear into the great black hole of the underclass, no longer the responsible of government, they will be totally forgotten".

"What about your wife?" Harry asked. "Won't she be concerned?"

Charlie nearly dropped the coffee cup. "My wife couldn't give a fuck. She was involved for the social connections, the dinner engagements and the chance to be with 'the important people'. Her concern for the residents of the institutions was there if there was 'something to be gained'. That concern has now been removed, therefore so too has her interest; she will find something else that will earn her societies 'brownie points', he concluded.

Over the following weeks the fate of the institution and its occupants was pushed to the back of his mind. He, with his mates did their own thing which generally involved his mate Harry who picked the women up and then joined in the orgies that his van accommodated. It was on these occasions that he thought of that woman in her cotton nightie, for none of the women they serviced could equal the woman from the institution.

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