Tales of the Dryden Dna Disaster 03: One Man's Odyssey

by Honey Moon

Copyright© 2013 by Honey Moon

Time Travel Sex Story: Joseph Anderson thought of himself as a normal man. Seemingly unaffected by the monstrous genetic change caused by the Dryden virus, he hated all futanari. When his futa mother pushes him too far, Joe has an idea! He’d use equipment from his job at Cake is a Lie to enter into stasis and join the male resistance he thought would grow in the future. They’d need a REAL man to lead them! His plan would send him on an odyssey undreamed of, and teach him lessons no man had ever learned before!

Caution: This Time Travel Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including NonConsensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Hermaphrodite   Science Fiction   Time Travel   Robot   Incest   Mother   Daughter   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Bestiality   Lactation   Pregnancy   Cream Pie   Size   Transformation   Sci-fi sex story.

Thirty-three year old Joseph Anderson, Joe to his friends, drove through the night. As usual, he was fuming after a hard day at work. "Who does that little snow white bitch think she is?' he muttered as his hands gripped the steering wheel tighter. Aurora Fitzpatrick-Dryden may be a genius, but Joe resented having to take orders from a damn nineteen year old kid! Today she had gone too far though! The little bitch had the unmitigated gall to hit him with a government inspector, of all things! The pink eyed brat had decided to perform background checks, and personality profile interviews on all of her employees!

The evaluation bitch was a knockout though. Miss Aureate was a tall leggy blonde falling just short of the tit size that would make her into one of those futanari freaks! It took all his willpower to keep his eyes from wandering down to the hem of the exceedingly short tight black skirt she wore, as she sat on the edge of his workbench. His cock was rock hard the whole time she talked with him. For some reason she never took off her cheesy big lens mirrored sunglasses throughout the damn interview. Joe would have loved to see her eyes. He was certain that they'd be a beautiful baby blue, to go with her overall baby doll appearance.

"Now Mr. Anderson." She had said with a sultry low voice. "I just have one final question. I see here that you are single. Why hasn't a handsome young man like you ever tied the knot?"

He saw that as an opening. Rising from his chair, he had placed his hand on a warm lovely knee. "Perhaps I just haven't found Miss Right yet, honey. Are you doing anything tonight? Perhaps we can get to know each other under less formal conditions."

The bitch had laughed in his face! "Sorry champ! You're ten thousand years too early to have a shot at getting in my panties!"

Miss Aureate, whatever the fuck her first name was, had then packed up her papers and left his workshop. He later saw her out in the hallway laughing and joking with Aurora. The two made quite a pair. Both were sizzling hot, and both seemed to have similar eye trouble. Aurora had on her ever present deeply tinted goggles, and the damn government spy still had on her tacky 1970's mirrored sunglasses. Joe had a fearsome boner as he mentally undressed the giggling pair.

It was a shame he would never see Miss Aureate again, but she was obviously a dyke, or one of the many sick demented woman that worshipped the very ground those genetic freak futanari walked on. Fuck her! Thankfully his work day still had its perks. That exotic little Asian albino never failed in making him pitch some serious wood!

"I can't believe that tasty little trick went and married the monster that ruined the entire human race!" He pounded the steering wheel. "She knows the score! How can she even look at that dick-girl bitch, and ignore a real man!" Joe was disgusted. He had hacked Aurora's private database one day, just weeks after being hired as a fabricator at "Cake Is a Lie", and had learned a sobering truth.

His suspicions had been confirmed as he read the hidden data. "Men are dying out, and nobody seems to give a shit!" The rock hard boner in his pants told him part of the answer. He had caught the Dryden Sniffles as had everyone else, but it had no real effect on him. He seemed to be about the only male in the world that didn't undergo a noticeable reduction in libido. He was proud of himself for remaining a REAL man!

If Joe were honest with himself, he would have realized the truth. He had always been a sexual addict. He had been the first boy in his class to discover the wonderful and wet thing that would happen if he took things "In Hand" while looking at pictures of pretty girls. He had avidly practiced this solo hobby ever since, every chance he found a few moments of privacy and a handful of tissues.

As an adult, even on the numerous days he scored with a girl, or paid one of a long string of prostitutes, he had always beaten off four, five, six or more times daily. Now Joe was down to "Chokin' the Chicken" only three times a day, four on Saturdays. He still popped wood like a teenager any time he saw a sexy woman. He just thought of himself as now having the maturity and control to wait until a more appropriate time to rub one off.

He gritted his teeth. Once again he was going home to masturbate before going to bed. He hadn't been laid in well over a year. It was that Dryden bitch's fault! His last girlfriend had left him, when the woman that did her hair suddenly grew a fifteen inch cock! The cunt had actually called him up and told him all about being fucked right in the damn hair salon chair as if he would be happy for her! The bitch had then laid the "Lets just be friends" bullshit on him!

Joe couldn't even find any relief with hookers. Futanari never had to pay for sex, and the lack of libido in men had caused all the brothels he knew about to shut down. He trolled all his old hunting grounds, and couldn't even find any skanky crack whores walking the streets! Being exposed to the Dryden Sniffles seemed to have somehow helped people kick their drug habits!

His own mother had even cock-blocked him! The few times in the last year he had finally managed to find girls drunk enough, um, interested enough to come home with him, mom had stolen right away! Granted she was tall, with breasts big enough to make his boyhood friends drool, but why the hell did his mother have to go and grow a fucking gigantic dick?

He had been humiliated to actually hear Mary Anderson bragging on the phone his grandmother about being an astonishing eighteen inches! To his shame, his own mother was actually eleven whole freakin' inches longer than he was! He was just glad that pop had passed away years before, and would never have to face THAT monstrosity!

His ego was battered even farther after hearing over the speakerphone that Granny had not only thrown away her wheelchair, but had sprouted a twelve inch cock of her very own! Why did the old bat have to sound so proud and happy? The now youthful healthy and energetic eighty year old woman had a cock five inches longer than his! It was so damn unfair, not to mention embarrassing!

Granny had been thrown out of her nursing home after she had knocked up two nursing assistants, and a young nun who volunteered her time reading from the bible to bed ridden patients. It hit all the papers when Sister Mary Margaret renounced her vows, and ran off with Granny to get married!

Joe had almost puked when he saw the wedding picture as it spread all over the internet. Granny, looking a youthful fifty, wore a white tuxedo. The slacks fit her so tight you could clearly see her huge disgusting package! Mary Margaret had been the one to make the picture newsworthy though. Good God, the sick weirdo wore a traditional black habit and wimple as her wedding dress!

Men all over the world hardly batted an eye when women turned to those freaks! Sure most guys still saw a little action now and then, but the writing was on the wall! The birth rate for infant boys was starting to taper off! Any women impregnated by those androgynous creatures gave birth to normal girls, who the press had taken to call mono-sex females, monos for short and hermaphroditic beings. Futanari and female union NEVER bore fruit to a boy child. In a few hundred years, males would go the way of the dinosaur if nothing was done about it!

"Dammit, there has to be some way to insure that men will continue!" he shouted into the night. "I can't let men die out, to be replaced by those damn futanari monsters!"

Swerving, he only just managed to miss running down a woman riding a bicycle straight at him! He had almost hit the stupid bitch head on! There was something unnatural in the way she had swerved the bike at the very last second. She handled it as if it were actually a part of her body. Slamming on the brakes, Joe leaned out the window and waved a fist at the laughing leggy blonde cyclist. Her skin tight Daisy Duke shorts and skimpy halter that hardly contained her bouncing breasts as she pedaled distracted him. It took a second for Joe to recognize her.

"What the fuck Miss Aureate! What in the hell are you doing out here? Are you retarded? It's nighttime! Take off those damn mirrored sunglasses before you get yourself killed!"

"I left something at Cake!" she had called over her shoulder. "See you soon, Joseph!" When she turned to head around the bend in the road that had almost caused her death, not to mention his insurance premiums to skyrocket, he heard thunder and saw a flash of light in his rear view mirror. It seemed odd on such a clear moonlit starry night.

"Wait a minute." He said as he scratched his head in puzzlement. "Did that bike even have a chain? I could swear that there weren't even any gears connected to the pedals or rear wheel! It must have been one of those electric bikes. Yeah, that's it."

Putting the car back into gear, he just started to accelerate when he saw the light and heard the thunder again just ahead of him. He slowed down and drove more cautiously. In the distance the headlights picked out a pale form in the road. Shit! Thank God that Aureate bitch made him stop! There was a naked chick staggering down the street! He would have killed her if that stupid bike whore spy hadn't delayed him!

Joe couldn't help staring. The woman was a teenage knockout! She looked to be about his height. She was five foot eight, with curves in all the right places! This girl was all female! No dicks to spoil her looks! He appreciated the wide spread of her hips, trim flat tummy, and the full firm breasts that added up to an exciting hourglass look. He was glad to see that she was at least a DD, but since she was well under six foot, she hadn't turned into an abomination! It may have been a bit narcissistic on his part, but he adored her long red hair that so exactly matched the shade of his own.

The woman staggered to the car, and grabbed at the passenger side door handle. Before Joe could say a thing, she threw the door open and climbed inside. She shook her head, as if trying to clear her cloudy mind. "Um, I, I remember. Gotta do somethin'! I, I know! Drive me to Cake Is a Lie! I have to stop him before it's too late!" she ordered while slamming the door shut. "I gotta make things not happen!" She turned to face him, and shook her head again. "Do, do I know you?"

Joe smiled. "No, but you will now!"

Her eyes opened wide, and she seemed to pull herself together. "Oh God, this is wrong! How could I have forgotten! Shit, I gotta get out of here!" She slapped at the door release in sheer panic.

Joe ignored that and stomped on the gas. He had the car going fifty in no time, preventing the sexy drunk from trying anything stupid like getting out of the car. Damn! The interior lights had let him see the cutest little red "Landing Strip" bush, between her plump shapely thighs! "What's the rush?' he said with a smile. "Cake is closed right now. Only automated equipment runs at night."

"Then drop me off anywhere!" she said nervously, while holding her right arm over her quivering breasts, and shoving her left hand between her thighs to hide her lovely little flower form his hungry eyes. "Please, drop me anywhere I can be safe from those dick-girl freaks!"

He looked at her and saw paradise by the dashboard light. He almost laughed at the nervous fear he saw displayed on her lovely face. "You're scared of the futanari? I thought all women wanted to impale themselves on those malformed freaks!"

"I don't!" she whimpered. "You should know that, um, I mean, you should know that not all women feel that way! I will not let my soul be taken away by some pheromone induced lust!"

Joe's cock throbbed! He had lucked out on a sure thing! Sure she was weird, and obviously drunk, but damn she was hot! Picking up a naked drunk girl in the middle of the road meant only one thing to him. He was going to plow her the way she obviously wanted him to, and then drop her off somewhere and split! She probably wouldn't even remember him in the morning!

He put a hand on her warm bare thigh. She jumped and scooted closer to the passenger side door. "Calm down honey. I'm no futanari monster. "I'll show you that a real man can still satisfy a woman!" He let his hand inch slowly up her smooth warm leg, until he could feel the moist warmth of her sex against his pinky. "You're wet already!" he said in a low voice. "Let's go somewhere quiet."

"Oh no, no, no!" she whimpered, slapping at his hand. "I remember! I remember everything! Let me out of this damn car right this instant, and then don't do anything next week! It's important! Don't do anything stupid next week! Now let me out of this car!"

"What are you babbling about?" Joe pulled the car into the lot of an all night grocery store. He parked well away from the entrance and waited. He knew a lot of futanari went shopping late at night to avoid being mobbed by horny underage schoolgirls begging and offering their virginity. Before his playmate could open the car door, a very tall woman exited the store. Her huge breasts and nearly seven foot height told him what he wanted to know. That was a futanari! "Okay, get out. I won't stop you." He tapped the horn and the monstrosity looked their way. "Go on, get the fuck out! She'll give you a ride! Afterwards, she might even drive you home if you're lucky!"

The woman clapped her hands tightly over her nose and mouth. "Drive!" she gasped. "Oh God, just drive, and don't open the damn windows until we get away from here!"

Joe smiled as he watched her begin to tremble. "I wonder how long you can hold your breath." He playfully tapped the switches for the windows. You could see the sheer panic in her emerald eyes as she jumped each time the windows moved. With each sudden move of her body, those gorgeous breasts jiggled delightfully.

He waited until her face was beginning to turn an interesting shade of purple before he put the car into gear and drove out of the lot. It was downright hysterical when she finally uncovered her face and gasped a mighty lungful of air. "Why don't we go someplace quiet for a few hours? In the morning, I'll take you to Cake. That is, if you make it worth my while." He took her hand, and placed it on his crotch.

"You can't mean that!" she said in a frightened voice. "Oh damn! Why am I such a disgusting pervert?"

Joe smiled. "Sweetheart, your needs aren't disgusting!" He turned down a side street, and shutting off the headlights, slowly pulled into the driveway of a dark house. "Just relax and go with it, babe." He whispered as he reclined his seat. "Either that, or I'll drop you somewhere a dick-girl freak will find you!"

"Oh shit, oh God Damn it to hell!" She whimpered. "I'm not giving me much of a choice!" she took a deep breath. "I, uh, I can do a, a hand job, okay?" she asked timidly. "I'm a virgin now, and don't dare do anything to disrupt that!"

Joe unbuckled his belt. "That's a good start." Squirming, he tugged down his slacks and boxers. "Damn it girl, look how hard you made me!"

The redhead whimpered again. "I know! I'm your type!" Timidly, her hand closed around his turgid staff. "I have to change things! If next week is normal, everything will go back!" Her hand slowly began to stroke on the throbbing cock. "If I do this for you, you'll promise not to do anything unusual next week, right?"

"We'll see." He sighed as that slender hand began to caress his cock. "Oh yeah honey, it's been too long!"

"I know," The drunken whore hesitated. "Um, I mean for me too. It's been a long time, um, but I'm a virgin now, so I never did it yet!"

Joe risked turning on the interior lights. He wanted to watch as the beautiful drunk jerked him off! "Honey, if you want me to change my plans for next week for you, you'll have to do a hell of a lot more then a quickie tug-off."

"Oh God, just promise me you'll go to work all next week, like nothing ever happened!" The redhead said firmly as she slipped off of the car seat to squat on the floor. "Promise me you'll be at work on next Friday, and I, I'll blow you, okay? That will be alright. If I never say anything to anyone, nobody will ever know how I debased myself!"

Joe laughed again. "I'll know." He said with a grin as her face moved ever closer to his lap. "You forgot about that!"

"No, I didn't!" she whispered, before gingerly sticking out her tongue to lick the swollen head.

Joe leaned back and closed his eyes. "Oh God, yeah, I've missed this! I used to have a willing girl every night, before the freaks popped their cocks!"

"Willing? Don't exaggerate!" The redhead snapped, before once again licking his dick.

"Shut up and suck!" he ordered, annoyed that the bitch would doubt him. Hell, so what if some of them were hookers? Even the club girls so messed up from him spiking their drinks were still willing. Even if they hardly knew what they were doing or had actually slept through it he never FORCED them to do anything.

"Things can change!" the redhead whispered between licks. "Time can be rewritten!"

Joe was surprised. "Damn girl, you're even a Doctor Who fan? Hell, you even look like Amy Pond. Your hair is perfect for you to cosplay that time traveling whore."

The beautiful woman moaned and glanced up at the passenger side window. "Time, I have to speed this up, before it's too late!"

Joe would have protested, but he suddenly found his cock in the mouth of a sexy woman for the first time in over a year! "Oh yeah, suck it, baby! Suck it, and I'll give you a yummy surprise!"

Damn, this was so good! The bitch was a little timid, was it her first time sucking dick? Who cared? She was getting the hang of cock gobbling pretty damn quickly. She seemed to have a knack for it. He stroked his fingers through long red hair and sighed happily. She was moving her tongue just the exact right way! It was almost like she was reading his mind, and knew just what he liked in a blowjob!

She was beginning to bob her head. Joe loved the nasty sloppy sounds she was making as she slobbered all over his hard seven inches. It was almost too much when the head of his cock kept bumping against the tight confines of her throat. Joe decided to help the whore out. He placed his hands lightly on the back of her head. The next time he felt that tight opening against his cock, he applied just a bit of pressure. Actually, he pushed her pretty hard!

It was worth it! The woman let out a mewling moan, as his cock pushed in! "Yeah bitch, throat me! Just be glad I'm not some oversized freak to stretch out your gullet!"

The woman paused for a second, but then continued her work. Joe felt his release growing close. "Yeah, keep it going, cunt! I'm gonna give you your prize real soon!"

She tried to pull away, grasping at his cock as if to return to just stroking him off. "None of that bitch! You want my help; you keep your mouth busy!" Gasping her hair tightly in his fists, he made her increase the pace!

She whimpered, and that set him off! Joe felt his cock throb! "Swallow!" he commanded needlessly, as the head of his cock spat. Again and again, streamers of hot ejaculate blasted directly down her throat, into her stomach!

When it was over, he released his grip on her hair. "Damn baby, that was so good!"

The redhead choked and gasped. "I'm such a fucking pig!" she whimpered. "How could I submit someone to something like that?"

Joe laughed. "Don't sell yourself short, babe. That was one of the best blowjobs I ever had!" he grinned as she struggled back up and returned to her seat. "I'm all ready for round two!"

"What? No, wait! Drive somewhere else first!" she screamed. "We don't have time! Get us the fuck away from here!"

Joe climbed over her. "Quiet!" he warmed as he grasped his cock. "Are you trying to wake the whole neighborhood?" he asked, trying not to think of one specific person he did not want to wake up just now. "You have to be quiet or the party will end!"

She struggled under him, pushing at his cock, trying to keep her hands protectively over her damp vagina. "No, I can't do this! I have to stay a virgin! I have to stop myself!"

Joe laughed. "Why fight it, babe? If you want it so bad, let me pop that cherry for you!"

He hit the switch to recline the seat. She struggled wildly, but while she slowly lay lower as the seat eased down, they both knew it was bound to happen.

"Oh hell yeah!" Joe sighed as his cock found her precious opening. "I never popped a virgin before!"

The woman writhed under him. "I, you, we have just one chance! Get us out of here before it's too late! I'll do anything you want, if we just go now! Please no! You'll regret it in the future! You don't have any idea what you're about to do!"

"Like hell I don't!" Joe thrust his hips forward, and the sexy bitch squealed! He had felt it! Her body had resisted for just a fraction of a second, before he just plowed right in to the hilt! "Damn, you really were a virgin! This is fantastic!"

"Get it out! Please, get it out of me!" she whimpered. "Why did I do this? Why did I force myself on a total stranger like some animal?"

"Trust me, babe, guys love when a chick obviously wants to get fucked!" He pulled back, and thrust into her once again. "Damn, you're so tight!"

Joe started thrusting wildly on the squirming woman. Damn, it was so hot how she played at not wanting it, but obviously craved having a real man take her! "Why did I do this?" she wailed, making a little show of trying to push him off. "Why did I let my lust take over so completely that I would make someone have sex with me?"

"You worry too much, you little freak!" Joe pounded away at the crazy girl, thrilling at how she squirmed under him. "Oh damn! I'm getting close! I, I'm gonna knock you up!"

She was panting, not bothering to push at him any more. "I, I think I'm getting close too! It, it's so different! Hurry! Hurry and finish!" she moaned as her arms went around his back and she held him tight. "Thank God you're only shooting blanks!"

"Huh, how the fuck did you know that?" he gasped, just a heartbeat away from exploding.

The question went unanswered when the passenger side door suddenly flew open. "Joseph, what the hell is going on?"

"Fuck!" Deep rooted inhibitions kicked in, and Joe rolled off of the panting woman. His cock twitched and throbbed wildly, but he fell just agonizingly short of actually ejaculating all over the car's interior.

The redhead cried out in utter dismay. "No, don't stop!" she panted "I wasn't there yet!"

"Shut up! Joe shouted. "Mother, what the hell are you doing up?" he wailed in frustration.

The redhead looked out of the car at the imposing figure of the blonde in the terrycloth bathrobe and let out a squeal. "Oh dear God, no; It took too long! I ruined my only chance!" Once again, she clapped her hands over nose and mouth, as she stared at the huge cock poking out of the robe at her!

Mary Anderson smiled down at the lovely young woman in the car. "Oh, how pretty you are!" she cooed, while giving her massive cock a few strokes. When a shimmering droplet of fluid emerged from her urethra, the statuesque futanari gathered it onto the tip of her index finger.

"Oh shit! Mother, not again! Don't you dare!" Joe shouted. "She's my pickup, whatever the hell her damn name is! I found her wandering around naked, and gave her a lift! Gas or ass, nobody ride free! She was repaying the favor on her back! Now get back in the damn house and jerk off your fucking horse cock!"

"Joseph, mind your tongue!" Mary grasped both the quivering redhead's wrists with one hand, and effortlessly pulled the protecting hands away from the panicked woman's face. "Oh how cute, she's actually holding her breath!" Mary smeared her fluid across tightly pursed lips, wriggling her fingertip until she could force it between and swipe it across smooth hard teeth and warm healthy gums.

The redhead let out her held breath in one heartfelt sob. "Mother, how, um, I mean, you motherfucker! How could you do this to me?" She started to tremble as her body responded to the futanari essence slowly infusing her bloodstream.

Mary smiled. "Come on honey. Let's go inside and talk about it."

The beautiful woman whimpered. "I, I can't!" she cried, as she took the futanari's offered hand and climbed out of the car. "Please, don't make me!"

"I'm not making you do a thing, dear." Mary whispered, as she led the meek and trembling girl toward the front door of the house.

"Mom, you bitch!" Joe shouted. "You god damned dick-girl monster! I'm sick of this! Right at my own house, you have to go and steal my woman!"

Mary spun on her heel and faced her son. "Did I hear you say YOUR house?" She laughed without humor. "Son, I love you, but you're thirty-five! It's about time you moved out of mommy's basement! I know you make good money, but you still expect me to pay all the utilities! Don't think for a minute that I don't know how much you spend on hookers!"

"Mother, I haven't done anything like that for over a year!" he shouted, trying to ignore his throbbing cock. "You monsters put all the call girls out of business!"

"That's beside the point! You eat the food I buy and cook for you! The few times you bring in some groceries, you write your name all the packages as if afraid I'll steal it! Last week you signed up for Netflix, and billed it to me! I'm even still cleaning your clothes for you! Do you even know how to work the washer and dryer? Enough is enough, son! Just because your father, rest his soul, left me the means to become financially secure, it doesn't mean you can mooch off of me for the rest of your life!"

She sighed "I knew I should have done this when you were eighteen, but I honestly thought once you graduated college, you would want to make your own way in the world! Aren't you embarrassed that mommy is still paying your way through life? You have a good job now. There's no reason you can't have your own place! I'm cutting the apron strings right this minute! Stay in a motel until you find an apartment! Come back when you're settled, and get your junk out of MY basement!"

Mary felt the redhead snuggle against her. "Don't throw me out!" The little beauty whispered softly. "Please, that may still be enough to change things! Just don't throw me out! You throwing me out would be the last straw!"

Mary kissed the darling girl's forehead. "Honey, you can stay with me just as long as you like! I'm just not in a mood to put up with my son's failure to launch attitude right now!" She looked back at her son. "I mean it Joseph! I love you, but it's time you grew the hell up!"

Joe watched in stupefied silence as his mother led that sexy naked whore into the house, and made a show of slowly closing the door. Flopping back into the driver's seat, his hand absentmindedly grasped his turgid cock. It was still slippery from the redhead's tight juicy cunt. In just two strokes, he exploded all over the dashboard! "Fuck!" he snapped, as he tugged up his pants. "God damn it all! That's the last straw! I have to do something to save all men from the futanari menace!" He drove off, with his own spermless slime running down the instrument panel.

After a restless night's sleep in a cheap motel, Joe headed in for work. His bad mood worsened when he saw his boss. Once again the scatterbrained nitwit was tearing up and down the corridors on her bicycle. If she was half the genius the press painted her to be, why did the little fool always act like such a child?

Aurora hit the brakes, and her bicycle screeched to a stop, leaving black skid marks on the white tile floor. "Good morning, Joey!" she hailed loudly as she dismounted. "Isn't it cool?" she pressed a button on the right handlebar, and the amplified sound of an eighteen-wheeler's air horn thundered throughout the building. "My husband Mary got it for me!" The teen smiled happily. "She worries that I'll get run over and squashed or something, even though I never take the bike outside!" she hit the horn and laughed. "I love it though, don't you?"

Joe's still head ached from the dinner he drank in his motel room. He didn't need this shit on top of his hangover! "Sure boss. It's great." The throbbing subsided a bit, and he couldn't help noticing how snug her tee shirt fitted. She was braless, her delicate little breasts not needing any support, and her nipples looked almost too large as they strained against the fabric. The brilliant pink seemed to accent the pure snow white of her skin and long silky hair.

Joe forgot his headache as his cock stiffened in his pants. Aurora was one hell of an annoying bitch, but he'd give his right nut to get that sexy self proclaimed ghost girl in the sack! He was glad about one aspect of the Dryden disaster. The sexy little twerp had regained her trim sexy figure with amazing speed after giving birth to the child her freak mate had planted in her.

Aurora pulled up her goggles. Her pink eyes glittered as she looked at him oddly. "Oh, the shirt!" she looked down at herself and smiled. "That's Pinkie Pie! Mary says I'm naturally more random than Pinkie, even if she started drinking Red Bull!" she giggled at the thought. "Who's your favorite pony, Joey?"

"Pony? What are you talking about? You know I'm not some Brony freak!" He shook his head. "Boss, I'm just about finished the new field generator you designed. I incorporated all of your security modifications. Anyone who isn't already knowledgeable in the forming of stasis fields will destroy the generator if he tries to puzzle out how it functions."

"Cool! Cake Is a Lie will keep holding the monopoly on portal technology if nobody else can figure out how to produce a stable stasis field!" She remounted her bike. "Good work, Joey!"

Joe couldn't help staring at her fine little ass. He was going to have to take matters "In Hand" in the men's room again! "Thanks boss!"

Aurora pushed off and headed on her way. "Tally-ho!" she cried, as she resumed speeding down the hallway. Joey was so funny! Every time he talked to her, he got a woody and thought she didn't notice. Oh well. Who cared about a little dinky woody, when Mary had a whole tree trunk for her to play with?

Aurora felt a pleasant tenderness between her legs as she pedaled. Mary so loved a morning quickie before work! It sure was nice of momma to finally relent and move in with her and Mary! Momma was a big help in taking care of little Ivory while she was getting her company off of the ground. There was hardly time to play with all the work she had to do! She had been right. Momma loved babies, and didn't mind caring for her grand daughter, as well as Aurora's lovely little half sister Donna!

The teen pedaled faster. In another year things would be locked down solid! She couldn't wait! That's when the birth control pills Mary insisted she take go sailing right out the window and she could start giving Mary a huge family! It may be selfish, but Aurora hoped all her babies would be just as beautifully snow white as little Ivory! She thought it so fitting that her and Mary's first born had taken so completely after both of them. Ivory had her momma's pink eyes, flawless pale skin, and snow white hair. Aurora's heart fluttered with a mother's love. Her little darling only seemed to lack the photophobia that made her own eyes so overly sensitive to light. Best of all, she was also born with a cute little dicky just like her other momma! That let them know that Ivory would grow up to be a "Big Titty Amazon" just like Mary!

Joe angrily swiped his key card and threw open his workshop door. "That little whore could be mine if she wasn't married to one of those freaks! Not just any freak! She had to go and marry the Queen freak herself!"

Even though Hester Prynne Arlington had recently recanted her stand against the futanari menace and began hanging around with the president, Joe still believed all the rumors and conspiracy theories. "That Dryden creature has to be an extraterrestrial!" he muttered as he began to work. "She's probably the vanguard of an invasion!"

As he worked, his eyes came to rest on a gleaming flash of silver. "The roach!" he exclaimed, nearly dropping his soldering iron. "The roach could be the key to saving all men!"

Joe picked up the glittering little figure. He was very cautious. The tiny legs could pierce steel if enough force were applied. They would stab into him like razor sharp needles if he wasn't careful. He'd once pounded it with a five pound sledge hammer. All six legs had become firmly imbedded in the hardened tool steel, almost to the joint between the tibia and femur.

The insect's back had even left a dent on his workbench you could use to make a plaster cast of a roach with. It took nearly a half hour of prying with a screwdriver to get the bug loose again, and the nasty cut one antenna had given him had required three stitches. Thankfully he knew the temporally suspended bug was sterile. He'd amused himself several times by pouring molten lead over it, only to use a blowtorch to melt it back out of the solidified lump of metal a few days later.

"I could wait it out!" he shouted happily as he examined the unblemished mirrored surface of the motionless insect. "I can place myself in stasis, and then help the men of the future reclaim our rightful place in society!"

When he had caught the roach one day while waiting for some needed equipment to be delivered, he had never dreamed what his little unauthorized experiment could mean. Some would no doubt find what he had done cruel, but hell, it was only a roach! He had dipped the struggling bug into the specially formulated aluminized paint Aurora had come up with for applications where aluminized Mylar film could not be used.

As the insect's struggles grew weaker, no doubt to it being unable to take in oxygen through its coated spiracles, Joe had imposed a stasis field onto the surprisingly thin metallised coating. The insect had remained unmoving and unchanged for the last six months! Nothing he had devised had made the slightest mark on its shimmering surface.

No amount of force could even bend one of the hair fine antennas! He had actually ruined two pairs of pliers while trying to snap one off of the petrified bug. The antenna had cut through their jaws like a knife through cheese. The thing looked like some strange artist had created an absolutely perfect figurine of a filthy insect in flawless sterling silver!

"I have to test this!" Joe connected the leads from the Mark II stasis field generator to the glimmering insect. "Here goes nothin'!"

He carefully disarmed the sequencer that would cause a portal to be formed, and hit the red activation button. There was a discharge of energy as the generator tried to impose stasis over an already existing field. The two cancelled each other out. For the first time in six months, the insect stirred and feebly moved. Granted, it died shortly thereafter, but that was most likely due to being coated completely with the paint. The thing had been half dead from oxygen starvation before it had even been suspended. Joe dropped it to the floor and crushed it under his heel without a second thought.

For the next week, Joe worked feverishly, racking up overtime, not to mention brownie points with his sexy little boss. By Friday, his little unauthorized project was complete. By leaving out the delicate circuitry needed to align twinned stasis fields into a linked portal transfer device, he had attained his goal. Joe had a stasis generator small enough to smuggle out of the building, when broken down into three segments and hidden in his briefcase, lunchbox, and thermos. He'd rig up the massive power supply needed once he got the thing safely away.

He even did things right, by slipping his letter of resignation under Aurora's door. The photograph of him grasping his cock in mid ejaculation was just an added little bonus he threw in to give the kid a thrill. At least now she'd know what a REAL man looked like naked!

Joe didn't even bother calling his mother. The futanari bitch was still shacked up with the woman he had picked up last week! She was banging the little whore every night. By all rights it should be him screwing that tasty little redheaded fruitcake!

"Well mom, I sure am finding my own place to live!" he shouted as he trekked through the desert outside of Las Vegas. He had looked up the district at the city planning board. It was a sure bet that sometime in the next hundred years or so, Las Vegas would spread this far. "I bet I'll have a great place to live when they revive me in the twenty-second century!"

After a night and nearly a whole day of walking, weak and weary, Joe found his goal. It was an old disused bomb shelter left over from the Cold War. It was the perfect place to hole up and let a century pass. Even if the city didn't spread this far, eventually someone from the military would make an inspection tour and locate him.

It took about an hour of hot sweaty work to finally break into the securely locked metal door. Thankfully the place was decommissioned. If active, he would never have gained entry! Clicking on his flashlight, Joe carefully descended into the shelter. He was pleased when looking around his new domain. "The place wasn't even looted." He said happily while looking over a bright yellow Civil Defense Geiger-counter. "I don't think anyone has been here in decades. I wouldn't trust any of the boxed food or canned water, but I won't need to eat for about a hundred years."

The determined man slipped the massively heavy backpack from his shoulders. He finished off his trail mix and a large bag of beef jerky. He washed that down with his last two bottles of water. Hunger and thirst sated, he got to work.

It probably wasn't necessary, but Joe wasn't taking any chances. It had been embarrassing and downright painful during the week when he had his body completely waxed. Now, he pulled out the battery operated clippers he had purchased, and went to work shaving his head. Red hair piled up around his bare feet as he bared his scalp. He even very carefully removed his eyebrows as well.

The smoothly naked man began liberally coating himself with the aluminized body paint. He was very careful not to miss even one square inch of his body. It felt weirdly cooling as he even spread his asscheeks and painted up and down within his crack. He made sure that his anus was liberally coated and sealed. Hell, it felt kinda nice as he painted his cock. He laughed as it grew stiff and erect. "Oops, I need more paint now!"

Before long, he was ready. Joe carefully sat his reassembled field generator and attached the leads to a one foot square of aluminized Mylar. He painted the sole of one foot, stood firmly on the square, as he pained the sole of the other. "I'm all set!" he said nasally, with the aluminized plugs sealing his nostrils.

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