12 Days

by Serena Jones

Copyright© 2013 by Serena Jones

Fan Fiction Story: Yu-Gi-Oh Fan Fiction. Seto-Atemu-Joey. Takes place after 'Sow and Reap'. On the first day of Christmas, Joey opens the wrong can of worms. Disclaimer: I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh or any of it's related. I am not making nor do I seek to make any financial gain from this. I just wrote a fanfic based on the sources mentioned.

Tags: Romantic   Gay   Fan Fiction   Humor  

Day 1 – 12-13

"Here." Joey handed Seto a wrapped gift at breakfast. "It's the First Day of Christmas. Open it."

Inside was the picture of a dark haired man wearing a 1970's leisure suit. He was leaning against a tree with white blossoms. "What is this?"

"It's a Partridge in a Pear Tree." Joey grinned.

"A what?"

"Oh come on! That's David Cassidy. Keith Partridge? The Partridge Family? Geez, TV here sucks! He's sitting in a pear blossom tree."

"I see." Seto sipped his coffee. "Very cute; I guess you aren't woolgathering every day."

Joey grinned and poured himself a glass of OJ.

Day 2 – 12-14

Joey arrived at the breakfast table with a birdcage shaped package and a kiss.

"Your picture was quite popular yesterday." Seto admitted. "Several people at the office thought it was very clever. What's this?"

?On the second day of Christmas,? Joey sang, ?my true love gave to me... ?

"I have no idea."

Joey whipped the cover off what turned out to be a bamboo birdcage. Inside were two stuffed birds.?Two turtle doves.? He sang loudly.

"Dear God. Are those real?"

"Nah; they're bogus. They look good, though."

"Just so long as they don't make a mess on my carpet."

Day 3 – 12-15

Joey woke to an odd clucking sound. He sat up and looked around his room. "What. The. Fuck?" He dragged himself downstairs and found Seto arranging a quincunx of postage stamps. "Are there chickens in my bedroom?"

"Hens, actually." Seto casually read his Kendall. "French hens to be precise."

"And, yeah, there were three of them." Joey grinned. "Do they have names?"

"I've been referring to them as Burgundy, Chablis and Merlot. Those are wines my chef intends with which to prepare them.

"Touch my chickens, and I'll roast you." Joey sat down. "I'm having fresh eggs from now on."

Day 4 - 12-16

Seto woke to a sonic boom over head. He didn't even pause to grab a robe, but simply followed the long established security protocols.

In the safe room, he found a security guard holding a heavy coat. "This way, sir. Sorry."

Outside, half the staff was looking up at the sky. Joey was aiming a video camera up and filming as four SR-71 jets flew in formation over the house.

"Coffee." Seto said to a vermicular staff member. He walked over to Joey. "Blackbirds?"

"Yup. Turns out that's what a colly bird is."


"I know a guy."

"I see."

Day 5 – 12-17

Joey woke up early hoping to beat Seto to breakfast but his dark-haired lover was there, sipping coffee as usual. In front of Joey's usual seat was a very thick envelope.

"Go on." Seto didn't even look up from his current philately project. "Open it."

Inside was a travel iteneiry, tickets and visas. "The Golden Ring?"

"Five of them, at least." Seto turned a page. "Yaroslavl, Vladimir, Alexandrov, Ivanovo, and Suzdal. Of, course, once we're in Russia, we can stop in more of them if you wish."

Joey grinned and nodded. "Pretty good. But you know tomorrow is geese, right?"

Day 6 – 12-17

Seto skipped breakfast, leaving for the office early. It had annoyed him to no end that he had been unable to obtain six actual geese – living or dead – and couldn't think of a cohesive idea to do something clever.

His phone rang. "Coward." His American lover snickered over the line.

"You haven't delivered your gift yet." Seto retorted. "I am not going to lose."

The blonde laughed and hung up.

Seto snarled as he pulled up in front of his office.

'Laying For Charity' the sign read. Beneath it, seven members of the Honorable Order of The Blue Goose lay.

Day 7 – 12-19

The swim trunks were hanging over Joey's head when he woke. 'Put these on and come down to the lake' was the entire note. He added a coat and boots and went there.

Seto was looking dapper in the crisp winter morn. Even from a distance, Joey could see the seven graceful swan boats floating in the water. Hianko was splashing and laughing loudly.

"Too damn cold to swim." He groused.

"Don't be such a wimp." Seto remarked, taking off his coat and diving in. "The water is heated."

"A heated lake?" Joey weltered a moment, then joined the fun.

Day 8 – 12-20

Seto woke to find a laptop beside his bed. 'Play me' a note attached read.

Annoyed that Joey had beaten him again, Seto was also excited to see what exemplary surprise his lover had this time.

"Ok, you gotta watch this privately." Joey's face grinned from the screen. "You have no idea how hard this was to get."

The next image was Mai. There was no sound, but she appeared to be laughing as she pulled off her top. Slowly she massaged her breasts until a jet of milk streamed out.

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