So a Bartender Marries This Jewish Woman

by peterbeater

Copyright© 2013 by peterbeater

True Sex Story: A love story with extra sex

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Romantic   Mother   Daughter   Niece   Spanking   .

We got married when I was 39, and she was 51, We were both 2 time losers and met on a blind date set up by a friend of a friend. It was lust at first date, dinner at 8, in bed by 11. On our second date, we got laid before we went out! I was surprised to hear myself ask if she'd like a quicky before dinner and more surprised when she got up and led me towards her bedroom. We would not have left her apartment if I hadn't promised to go to dinner with a bunch of friends to celebrate somebodies birthday. This group of friends always had raucous dinners, lots of bartenders and waitresses, the booze would flow and somebody always knew somebody so we got great service and big drinks. With a party of twelve it was not unusual for somebody to get up and tip the bartender an extra $50. Needless to say When I left early with the new girl, comments were made. I even heard about it on Monday at work! Within a year we were so steady we gave up one apartment and six months later decided to get married. It was a great match, I was always oversexed and Sandy was the very first woman I had ever met that was always ready. Sandy was Jewish from this big family and I was this mick bartender that made sure his family didn't know where he worked, not your average marriage, but boy it sure worked for us!.

Back in the sixties I was tending bar in an office building and I got a lot of girls and women. The young secretaries and clerks that came in were like shooting fish in a barrel and there was an almost subset of 35 to 50 year old office worker that had sort of given up on love, they were either never going to get married or they had some shit marriage that they just put up with for the dual paycheck life style, and then there were the women who ended up sleeping with the boss for 5, 10, 15 years, never had a date on the weekend and had to make small talk with his wife when she called the office. All three groups knew I was a wastrel bartender out for nothing more than a good time and they used me accordingly. Once the word got around that I never talked, I was getting some at least once and sometimes twice a week. Our bar closed at 8 PM and I would hide them in the washroom till I got rid of the last customer. More than once the night porter walked in on me getting a blow job. I tried a couple of times but I never got any of them to do Jefferson, so I just had to tip him a little more that night. I'm giving you this background so that you understand when I say Sandy was always willing and wanting when it came to sex, and I was in a position to judge her uniqueness.

Well, back to my marriage, we were truly in love and the sex was great and as frequent as my dick would allow. Sandy and I hadn't been together very long when she was getting off by being ass fucked. I swear she got some sort of emotional cum from sucking my dick, it was a hell of a life. We would go to an occasional swap party on the weekends and once in a while I would do one of my bar regulars, but basically we were monogamous and I was starting to enjoy the straight life. I was even starting to like Sandy's youngest daughter; Jennifer, she was a math whiz, graduated from high school at 14, college at 16 had a master's in applied something or other that I sure didn't know how to pronounce, and was working at some advanced math lab while doing her PHD. I've since found out that a lot of gifted kids have emotional problems, with Jenny it was partially due to never having had a social puberty. Every boy she went to school with was at least 6 years older than she was and in addition she wasn't the prettiest peach on the tree. Almost anorexic skinny, acne, granny glasses and that bizarre sense of humor that seems to go with genius. All this added up to me being the step father of a 20 year old who occasionally had outbreaks of twelveishness. Fortunately for me most of those were tearful hour long phone calls to her mother.

Then one Saturday morning I heard those terrifying words, "Sit down, we have to talk." As I sat down I was doing a dual review: one, what had I done lately and two, what was a good excuse. As it turned out, it was a good thing I was sitting. "Jenny called last night while you were at work. We had a long talk about sex." I knew I was off the hook, I had never even thought about Jenny sexually. Now she had a couple of cousins..."Hey listen to me!" I refocused. "You know she never dates, and when she does go out with somebody it's a disaster. She wanted to know if we could help." Before I could say I didn't know anybody her age. Sandy continued, "So Jenny and I thought if you'd have sex with her..."

"What! Back up..."

"No look, Jenny thinks part of her problem is that she just doesn't know anything about sex, no she's not a virgin, she just has no experiences. She though that if you could spend a weekend with her..."

"A weekend, is this a gag? What..."

"Let me finish dammit! You and I go to those parties, Jenny doesn't know that, but she knows we have a lot of sex. She wants someone she can trust to take her for a weekend and teach her how to do everything. She can't ask a stranger, she's ashamed to admit how little she knows to any coworker or her sisters or cousins and she says she likes you. She thinks you wouldn't hurt her but would make her do all the stuff she should know."

"Hey wait, why does she think that about me? What have you been telling her, I've been real straight around her.!"

"Oh honey, I know you have; and I appreciate it, but she's my daughter, we talk."

"What the fuck you been saying?"

"I don't give her a play by play but I've told all the girls and my sister how happy I am and how good you are." There were two other girls, one was an out of towner that I had barely met, the other I didn't like, but hey it was a package deal. I started reviewing the sister in my mind, yeah that's doable. "Look. Like I said we go yo those parties, so you know I'm not jealous of you doing a different woman, I told you when we got married, that I didn't mind us fucking around with other people as long as it was open and we both knew ahead of time, just like I told you I was going to be your old testament wife, 100 percent yours, you're my man and you know I'll help you do other women, so now help me by helping Jenn. Come on or I'll start giving the phone to you when she calls on one of those crying jags."

"Jeez Sandy, she's awful skinny, what if I couldn't get it up?'

She laughed out loud, "You, who do you think you're talking to, I know you. Besides if your dick starts to let you down just remind it that you're doing your stepdaughter, that'll get you hard in a flash." I couldn't argue with that, I was a whore. As the conversation continued I discovered that this was just a courtesy, I was due at Jenny's apartment in an hour, and Sandy had already packed an overnight bag. "Don't worry, she promised me that she had your brand of scotch and laid in a 12 pack of beer for you. Now you go there and be nice to her, we got to get her a boyfriend."

"Sandy, just how far should I go, I mean with us, there are no limits should I..."

"Honey do everything with her, make her do it all, well, maybe not anal, she's real skinny but every position, make her swallow, this is a fantasy come true for my big jocker." And I got a big kiss with a lot of tongue, as I reached to grab her ass I got pushed away. "Oh no, save it for my little girl, tell you what, anything she doesn't do, you come home and tell me and I'll do it twice, and then call her up and yell at her for not doing it, how's that?" I was shoved in the shower and warned, "no playing" and then pushed out the door.

It was a twenty minute drive to Jenny's and looking back, Sandy had been smart to spring this on me with no warning. Back then the phrases 'friends with benefits' and 'booty call' hadn't been invented, so this was a pretty unique thing. I was alternately laughing because I was having trouble comprehending what I was about to do and trying to will my erection away. I was off to teach a twenty year old all there was to know about fucking! And my wife was happy about it!!!

When I got there I didn't have to worry about my hard on. My first look convinced me Jenny

had chickened out. Ugly cheap blue jeans, a flannel shirt and a bulky sweater, no makeup, her hair, combed, was the nicest thing you could say about it.

Jenny stood in front of me in the doorway, "Can I come in?

"Oh I though we'd kiss..."

"Jenn, I'm not back from the war, let me in, close the door and we'll kiss, OK" Oh shit, there went her eyes getting filled with almost tears. "Come on honey, let me take off my coat and then we can spend some time getting to know..." She helped me with my coat, pulled would be more like it.

"See that's the trouble, did mom talk to you, I mean I just don't know how this should go, should I..."

"Slow down, you should slow down, are you cold, why the sweater? Do you want to take it off or should I? Jenny proceeded to give an imitation of a kindergartener trying to take off the sweater. I took pity and stood behind her and pulled her arms out of the sleeves. She just looked so confused that I sat down in a chair and pulled her onto my lap. Poor Jenny, so skinny, so scared, so rigid in my lap, I was afraid I could snap an arm. "Come on, according to your mom you want to learn some variations on the old up and down. If you changed your mind, that can be our secret. But if you want to try, let's start with a simple kiss." It was a kiss from a frozen hell somewhere. If Jenny told me one winter she had frozen her lips to a metal pole I would have believed her. I worked hard and didn't laugh. After about a minute there was a slight thaw, I put an arm around her waist. I pulled my head back a little, "Look this is brand new to me too, I don't know how we're supposed to do this but I sure do know that you've got to understand that there's nothing going to happen here that you don't want to. Number one, rape is not a turn on for me, number two, I sure don't want your mom mad at me. Why don't we try necking, come on pretend we're teenyboppers, let's see where it goes."

Oh fuck, she started crying, what did I do wrong? "That's the problem, I don't know, I never did... , " Jenn looked absolutely gutted. "I've only had two dates, I'm 20, damn it, 20, I don't know how to ... I mean what am I ... can you,..." All of this accompanied by, not tears, but sobbing. I was pissed off with the tears, I felt sorry for a poor stupid young kid, I was a little horny; here I had a twenty year old in my lap who said she wanted to learn about sex. I realized that I had to fuck my wife's daughter or my wife would be pissed! That sounded so silly, I just decided to plow ahead.

"Jennifer, we're going to do this just like a class problem, I'll be the teacher and you be the student. Next couple of hours, don't complain, just listen and do as you're told, OK?" I got a tearful nod. At the moment, Jennifer looked like a silent movie version of a lost waif, I almost laughed. But I pulled her to me and licked up her tears. That brought a sort of happy sniffle from her. In ten minutes we were kissing and she wasn't frozen solid. When I put a hand on her dinky little boob, she started to freeze up again. "Now look, this is the part of the date when you decide where this date ends up. If you want it to stop at your front door, you just pull back and tell him no, not tonight. If he's a smart guy, he maybe tries a second time to be sure that no means no, and then he moves on. If he pushes, knee him in the balls and run or keep hitting him till the police get there!"

"But, but what if I want to see him again? I mean..."

"If you want to see him, tell him, and go on to tell him that you're not ready to go any further, right now. If he doesn't call again, what have you lost?" Then it was back to kissing, we were now swapping tongues, at least Jenn was intelligent, her tongue had figured out how to kiss. When I got a hand under her shirt, no bra. Well with those small tits she didn't need one. I had just assumed with her shyness that she'd be wearing one. Charitably she was an A cup, but she did have responsive nipples. Without seeing her tits I was smiling, flat chested and big nipples! There was another minor little freeze up when I started unbuttoning her shirt. This time I took a hand warm from her booblet and cupped her chin. "Look, part of our lesson plan for today is to have all our clothes off for the next couple of hours. Please get your mind in tune with that idea! As soon as I get done sucking your tits I'm going after your pants. Seductions follow a pretty standard procedure, tops, bottoms, lips, fingers, pricks and cunts. Oh don't wince at the words, come on now, get used to the idea. We do this right, we'll soon be fucking." Some more kissing as I palmed those dinkys she called boobs. I've never been on a farm, but this whole thing reminded me of those movie scenes where the cowboy breaks and gentles a horse.

This had to be one of the weirder seductions in history. The girl, hard to think of Jennifer as a grownup, had asked her mother to have me teach her about sex, the finer points I guess would be a better description. Jenn was not a virgin but she felt that she was a terrible lay. When I got her jeans off I felt I was going to fuck a 10 year old. Jenn was so skinny she had the gawky look sub puberty girls have. I got her into her bedroom and was relieved to not find a bunch of stuffed animals. I like most forms of sucking and fucking, but little kids just don't do it for me. I felt even better when I got her plain pink cotton panties off, thank god she had pubic hair!

Once in bed and covered by a sheet, Jenn loosened up and actually grabbed my dick. I was still stroking her back and ass. And we were kissing. She moved her head and was whispering in my ear, "Can I look at it?"

If she hadn't given my dick an extra squeeze I might not have know what she was talking about. Using a normal voice, I answered, "We're alone, no need to whisper, and it's not an it, it's my prick, cock, dick; lets try at least to talk like lovers, you've got a cunt, pussy an ass, tits or boobs. No shame, of course you can look, you can fondle you can kiss lick and suck take your time, there isn't a guy in the world that would be upset with a woman being interested in his dick." Jenn slid her head under the covers and I threw them back exposing her. I got that hurt look plus the start of a blush. "Oh no, you want to look at my prick, I want to look at you looking at me. Fair's fair." Up to then I had at best a semi hard on, as I said Jenn was a skinny girl and they're not my favorite, but her holding, pulling, twisting and just general touching me got my groin fully involved. I was watching as Jenn tried at least three times tried to touch her tongue to my dick, Finally she touched the head of my dick with a by then dry tongue. Her tongue went back in her mouth quicker than one of those frogs you see in slow motion. But she did want to learn, next time her tongue came out, she took a full lick across the head of my dick. I watched her as she swirled that tongue around her mouth. It was as if I could see her categorizing the flavors, each one into their little pigeon hole.

She slid back up and, "That's not that bad." And she kissed me, I kissed back and now we were pretty easy with the necking, but it was a little creepy grabbing those dinky little tits, I went for her cunt. I actually felt her flinch?, jump?, jerk? As I slid my hand down her belly. Once I got a finger on her slit she stopped moving. Resigned to the inevitable, anticipation? Beats me, but though her body looked sub teenager she quickly lubed up just like an adult. Pretty soon I was getting pleasant sounding oohs and ahhhs.

"Jenn, if I'm doing something you like, tell me, guys like to know they're making their dates happy."

"Oh yes, up a little, right there..." I had a thought, inverted my hand and was soon fingering her G spot. My guess was right. "Oh wow, what's that, ohh keep that up, ohhh!" For the first time I was really turned on! This sounded just like her mom. Visions of kink, danced in my head!

"OK, time for you to be my little cunt, that;s your G spot remember it, now, think you're ready for a fuck? Let me fuck your sweet little cunt. Tell me you want it.!"

"Please, please, stick it in me, please." I guess I could have made her use other words, but slow and sure, I sure didn't want any complaints going back to the wife. For the first and not the last, I realized that family fucking has a lot of pitfalls.

I rolled on top of her and told her, "Come on, put it in, a good girl always helps!" She had that part down smooth, a hand on my dick, wiped it up and down her puss and then centered it and pulled. Well it was tight, but not painful, I was expecting some sort of virgin tightness, she was tight but a willing partner, there was just enough lube that as I slid inside it was as if she was opening in slow motion. It was pretty fucking hot! Did you ever notice how some women seem to be bumpy inside? It was sort of like a turkey skin, I could feel all those little bumps and it was pretty damn good. I stopped about halfway and Jennifer stated pulling on my ass to get it all.

Soon, we were pubic bone to bone, and with her, bone was an active word. I stopped to savor the feeling and sensations. The feeling involved in a new pussy are always delightful but the sensations, over the concept! I mean, a willing step daughter, then she's saying teach me! Jenn had her eyes closed and her face was not so much as scared as taut, as if she was expecting something unpleasant. "Hello, come here often?" That popped her eyes open. "Let me tell you young lady, you've got a very good feeling little pussy, nothing to be ashamed of there. Let's try something, try to squeeze my prick with your cunt muscles." I could see she was unhappy with my vocabulary. "Listen Jenn, people use dirty words when they fuck, today's a learning experience for you, so listen, learn! Now try that cunt squeeze!" And she, did it wasn't much but I wanted her to learn the concept, the technique she could practice. That's the idea, keep practicing that, I'm sure you've got a dildo around you can use, you get that squeeze down you will have lots of friends. Now I was done talking, the first couple of strokes I made were very slow and gentle. As I picked up some speed and depth I started adjusting her legs, knees under my armpits, legs over my shoulders, Soon I had her bent double knees along her ears. Now the look in her eyes was one of wonder. "How's that, like that? Grab those ankles pull yourself into a ball, give me all your cunt!" She responded well, I could see that she was trying to get more of her puss out to me. I shrugged her legs off my shoulders and dove in for a kiss, Even as poor Jennifer was reacting to being kissed while fucking, I could feel her legs bouncing around as she tried to find a spot to put them that made the dick in her feel better. She finally realized that the old fashioned bent knees worked very well. I had always thought that was a natural thing, nothing to be learned, but what do I know. Now I was really starting to enjoy myself. Jennifer had broken out into a light sweat and had a big grin on hr face. Somebody else in this bed liked sex! On my elbows I stared down on her face, "Tell me, how's that cunt now? Is your cunt happy?"

"Oh wow, yes, fuck yes, I'm one happy cunt, your cunt is happy!" Your cunt, oh boy, file that away, I like that kind of talk! I made her reach out and hold her feet by her big toes and all the while I was wondering if she could ever be as good in bed as her mother. Soon I was up on my knees, her ass on my thighs and now her pussy was open to view. I grabbed her hand and the two of us started working her clit. Eureka, we found it! Jenn was off on a rocket ship around the solar system! Soon I was hanging on to her thighs as she thrashed in a series of massive orgasms. I was barely stroking and suddenly she started to clench around my dick. I couldn't hold out against that sort of onslaught. I pumped all I had into her and with typical male reflexes I pulled as hard as I could on her thighs to get further into her. All in all a great cum for both of us. Little Jennifer's cunt fluttered against my dick as she came down from her cum, I was so sensitive that the sensations were almost painful. Her eyes opened wide, "Now I know, that's what they're talking about, that was super." And she held out her arms for me. By now my thighs were killing me, her boney ass was digging holes in my muscles. I fell on my side next to her. Immediately I was wrapped in her arms. "Thank you, thank you, so good!" Accompanied by kisses. It appeared I had made a friend for life.

I was stroking her back and wallowing in her worship, all I could think of was, 'wait till she finds out I'm not the only one who knows how to screw. With her face buried in my shoulder she started talking. "Is it always that good with you? Does Sandy cum like I just did? Do most women cum like I just did? Do you like me? Can we do it again? Is yours a big dick? How was I? Is there something I should be doing? How can I make it better. What should I do after sex?

It was all I could do to not laugh, I had to remind myself that Jenn was out of sync with the rest of the world for her age group. Occasionally she would slip into this childlike lack of guile and just go into her 100 percent honest, no embarrassment mode. "OK first thing you should be doing is get in the bathroom and wipe yourself and bring a warm washcloth for your date."

She jumped out of bed and said she was sorry, she almost ran to the bathroom, when she came back she was clumsily holding the washcloth, I could see she didn't know if he was supposed to offer me the cloth or do the honors for herself. I flipped the sheets backs and just pointed. If you've ever seen a teenage girl with her first cigarette you would have recognized Jennifer's actions. First it was which hand does the washcloth go in, should I touch his dick do I hold it? I took pity on her. "Jennifer, take my prick in your hand and wipe my cock. Make sure you get under the foreskin. That's it, now wipe around the base, make sure you get the balls. Very good, come up here and get your reward." I don't know if you can actually scamper in a bed, but Jennifer sure tried, we were back under the covers and she was holding me as we kissed again. That sub teen lack of guile popped out again, she looked very pleased with herself. I reached down and stuck a finger in her, that got the look off her face. "Feel, see you're still nice and wet inside, that's going to make the next fuck even easier. Damn, if she didn't wiggle down and settle herself on my finger.

Do you really want to know how your mother orgasms? I mean do you want me to tell her how you cum?

"I wouldn't mind, I've only got mom to talk to and the two sisters, I'll tell her how great this was!

"Your mom and I have a very special thing going on. Our sex is always good, sometimes its very relaxed and almost sleepy other times we go bouncing off the walls and the ceiling but we are very well matched. About other people, let me explain, I did a lot of girls before your mom. In a lot of ways, for guys there is no bad sex. But when you get with some one you really like, then the sex is much better, I mean it's still the same orgasm it has an emotional intensifier that moves it into a different class.

"Well what about just now, that was special, I mean wasn't it?"

Oh, oh, the little girl was back and I had better tell her I was coming to her birthday party. "Of course it was! We're family! I could never sleep with you and have it be just a piece of ass! Look there really are two classes of sex the casual piece of fun, laughs and no attachments and the down deep soul busters. Because I'm into your mother so much you are part of that. That's what makes this better."

Her face was still hidden under my arm, "How big are you, that felt really big to me?"

Beats me, babe, I like to think I've got a giant dick, but I sure saw bigger in the service, Tell you what, get a ruler, and when you get me hard you can measure."

She giggled, "Be honest now, how was I, what did I do wrong?"

"Look there isn't any right or wrong. The right thing to do is to try and make a fuck as nice as possible for both of you. Tricks like that cunt squeeze are fun, but a lot of fucking is also old fashioned loving. Do you suck cock?" A head shake. "We'll work on that, plus swallowing" Well it turned out that little Jennifer had to have 'dog fashion' explained to her and no she hadn't and never any anal sex. Sexually she was the queen of vanilla. When I told her to masturbate in front of me I got to witness the very first full body blush, I'd ever seen!

I watched as the tears started tp form in her eyes. "See I don't know anything! How do I go out, what can I say? They just laugh at me!"

Jennifer, stop that, now listen. Your mom is giving you a great opportunity. There is no right or wrong between us. You want to learn all about sex and I have a great chance to teach a really nice girl how to be a dirty lady, now smile and think about this, everything we do together is a notch on your panties. I want you to jill off for me because you're going to meet a nice guy that you might want to give a special treat to; you have to learn how to suck, I just don't know anybody who doesn't, nowadays. Anal, some like it, some hate it. You want to try it with me, I promise to stop if you say stop, I'll tell you this much, your ass will ache for a day or so after, it takes time for a girl to really get off on ass fucking. Have you had anybody go down on you?" I got a nod. "Boy or girl, or both?"

"A boy!"

"Hey don't get so upset, a lot of women experiment, most guys, me included, love watching two women get it on. But let's get back to work, let me watch you masturbate, here I'll help you." I bent over and took a long wet lick of her cunt, that got me a gasp of surprise, I grabbed her hand, stuck three fingers in my mouth and slathered them with my tongue, not letting go I brought her hand down to her pussy. I keep my hand on top of hers as I kissed her. "Come on, show off for me." for the first minutes I had to keep nudging her hand but soon her cunt took over direction of her own hand. Jenn went into her own world, at that minute there could have been the whole world watching, she was going to cum! Unlike myself she wasn't going that fast strumming her clit as much as massaging it. Eyes closed teeth bared she was all set to cum and as she let out a tell tale 'Oh' I pounced, I was kissing her tongue deep in her mouth and hand on one of those little tits. As I pulled back from the kiss her eyes were wide open, I guess in surprise over the kiss. "That's my girl, what a lovey cunt you are, you look fucking beautiful when you cum. Ohh, you're going to have to do that again for me." And I went back to kissing her before she could react. Her mouth told me she was pretty happy about the whole thing.

Eating pussy is not my favorite thing, I usually only indulge as a prelim to fucking, but I had instructions from my wife and I knew questions would be asked. I slid down Jenn, damn, she was skinny, ribcage, hipbones, a guy could get bruised here! But there is always a cushion of fat over a pussy. I started with full length tongue sweeps, down one lip, up the other, a flutter over her clit and back again, soon I was as far in her cunt as my nose would let me, as she started thrashing around I went to two fingers inside of her and a violent strafing of her clit with my tongue. Soon she was crying no in surrender, but the hands on my head were pulling me closer not pushing away. By the time my neck and tongue were sore she was all mine. But I wasn't letting up. I slid up on her and pressed my pussy soaked mouth down on hers. Not only was I greeted with a passionate kiss but my little Jennifer started licking cunt juice off my cheeks and chin! When I presented her with a couple of slick and sticky finger, she dove on them. As she sucked my fingers I kept the pressure on, "That's it, taste that fine pussy, get used to it, that way when you get a different puss, you won't be surprised." For the very first time, Jennifer looked up at me over the fingers she was sucking and I could see that she was turned on by the idea. "Don't worry, baby. I'll find you a nice pussy to suck, if you think you came on my tongue, think what another girl could do to you?" She gently bit my fingers as she nodded her head. There's hope for our little girl.

Hope yes, but not instant makeover! We got up for some food, I could see that Sandy had lectured her, her fridge was a showcase of my favorite snacks along with some good beer, I decided that Jennifer should act the hostess so I just sat at the kitchen counter as she hustled around, I didn't know if you wanted beer or something stronger so I got some of your favorite scotch. Dewar's right?" Would you like a scotch and soda?"

'Yeah, that would be nice, make yourself one too." Then I had to give a short lesson on drink making. A lot of booze in a glass does not make a good drink. Jenn wanted to sit across from me but I made her sit by my side. Her robe, a ratty old chenille thing kept falling open and she kept trying to cover legs and an occasional titlet. I ended up putting a hand on her thigh just above the knee. It seemed every time I touched her I was reminded of how skinny she was. Those were just not pretty legs. I could buy her a prettier robe, but fattening her up... ? "Relax Jenny, remember, I'm a date, temp and tease, play the role. As a guy I like looking at women. Remember, it's pretty hard to show a man too much tit or ass!" As I was talking I was stroking her leg. I was surprised when, without prompting, she uncrossed her legs and sat with her knees open.

"Let me ask, you want to try sucking cock here or back in the bedroom?" I saw her wince at my language. " Jenn. I ate your pussy I did not perform cunnilingus, I'm not asking you to perform fellatio, I want you to suck my cock. We're not in a lab. We're two adults trying to have good sex. This is our vocabulary! Try to get used to it, people talk this way when they're having sex, enjoy! Now one of the very basic cocksucking position is the girl on her knees in front of her date; like I said, here or in the bedroom?"

"A little girls voice said, "For my first time could we start in the bedroom, please?" A virgin cocksucker, what I do for my wife! I almost laughed with that thought. For the hell of it, I picked up Jennifer and carried her into the bedroom. At least she smiled over the idea. Once in bed I grabbed her hand and said let me show you what I like when it comes to having my dick sucked, I took two of her fingers into my mouth and stuck then as far into my mouth as possible. I went through all the standard moves, tongue swirls, lick arounds, in and out, up and down, sometimes my mouth in motion, others her fingers, always with a lot of suction, I moved her fingers around the outside of my mouth, up into my nose, anointed my eyes, I debated telling her that her mother was one of the great cocksuckers of all time, decided that now was not quite the right time. "There see, look at all the things you can do with your mouth that just can't be done with a pussy! You can really show your love and your talent with your mouth.

We started cocksucking 101 with me flat on my back with Jennifer laying with her head on my thigh and me loosely stroking her butt. "Look Jennifer, this is a great opportunity for you to play with a dick. I was watching as Jenn stuck out her tongue and tentatively took a very small swipe with her tongue across the head of my dick. "There you go, licks are nice, understand our dicks are sensitive top to bottom and we love having them played with. Try licking top to bottom, see that ring just below the head, try running your tongue around that groove." She was really terrible at this! Then it occurred to me, Jennifer's problem was that she was taking this as a learning experience not as sex. "Jenn, make love to my cock, kiss and lick it, make your date fall in love with your mouth. Think of it this way, you want to make this dick and it's owner think they have found a new home. You're trying to convince them to never go looking for anything else." Whatever I said had some effect, Jenn had the head of my dick in her mouth! As far as cocksucking went, it sucked, but realizing it was her first time, it was pretty exciting. "That's the way, now use your tongue, try and get a little more in your mouth. "OK, now wrap your hand around the base of my cock, now try and get your lips all the way down to your hand!" To be honest just as there are no bad orgasms there are no bad blow jobs, but boy, this came pretty close. Jenn was treating my dick as if it was going to be suddenly electrified. Jenn, don't worry, I won't cum in your mouth without warning you, believe me, you can not suck too hard on a prick, come on put some effort into this." Finally, she was moving her mouth and tongue as if she wasn't afraid! "That's my girl!" I moved my hand between her legs and began stroking her clit. That moved her ministrations up another notch. "That's my girl, you're going to be good at this, now look up at me!"

Well at least she was smart enough to keep a hand on my prick as she released my dick turned to look at me. "Now you want to show a guy you like it, open your mouth and slowly lick your lips, then smile and back to work." That got me a half laugh, but Jenn did as she was told. Her mouth was sperm clear, there was enough prelube to show as a light coating inside of her mouth, She was learning, she gave me a sultry look as she licked her lips and actually dove back on my dick. She gagged a little as she went further down my dick than she planned. I risked it, put a hand on her head, while still slowly stroking her clit. "Good girl, use some more tongue now a little faster on the stroking both your hand and your lips! Jesus, Jennifer, you're fucking good at this! Suck it, be my cocksucker. You've got my prick in your mouth, you own me! I fucking love it!' The more I talked the better she performed, I suddenly realized Jenn was down to only two fingers around my prick! She was really trying, That really made me feel proud, proud of my teaching skills but also proud that our little girl was growing up! "OK babe, I'm going to cum, don't swallow it all save some to show me afterward. As I was telling her, I could feel her freezing up. I took my hand off her clit and now I had two hands on her head. But I was a dutiful husband and a good stepfather. I didn't shove her head down on my dick. (Try that sometime, it's fucking against male nature to not shove your dick as far as possible into something when cumming.) But I did hold her head in place as she tried to pull away. It was horse whisperer time again. "No, no Jenn, this is part of sex, every woman has to learn, let guys cum in your mouth, hold still, don't spill, it won't hurt you, taste it. Jesus, it's organic, now try a swallow, don't swallow all of it, save some to show me. I could feel Jennifer swallow a couple of times trying to keep her first taste of cum down. "So good, you can learn this and you can be good at this, Now lift up, show me the cum in your mouth." Fucking kids, Jennifer was moving as if her neck was about to break. She slowly opened her mouth. "Now, lick your lips, let me see your lips wet with my cum." Her eyes said my little Jennifer sure wanted to be somewhere else. "Ahhh, that's so hot, you look so good, now swallow!" She did that triple swallow thing again. I pulled her up to me and kissed her hard and stuck my tongue as far as I could into her mouth, my tongue was all over the inside of her mouth checking for flavor. finally her tongue responded and we had a nice long kiss.

When I came up for air, Jennifer was first to speak, "Do you like that taste?"

"No not really but it's part of our lovemaking so it may not be ambrosia, but since it's us, it can't be bad. I'm not in love with the taste of pussy, but I liked eating your pussy, the taste was just one of the things that brings us closer together."

Well do you and mom..."

I cut her off. "Look, again. I'm not talking about your mom without her here, just like I wouldn't tell her anything about the two of us without you being there! Maybe later on, the three of us can sit down and talk all about this stuff but until then I'm going to be a gentleman, I may fuck but I won't fuck and tell!' We had a laugh and I found a little drop of cum that Jennifer had let slip out, I scooped it off her chin and rubbed my finger and thumb together, then I sucked my thumb clean as she sucked my finger, we smiled at each other. Jennifer sent out for Chinese and we lounged around and watched some dumb TV until we went to bed. I wanted to do my step daughter dog fashion but thought we had had enough teaching for the day, A shower, some very pleasant vanilla sex, but Jenn remembered and was in and out of bed in a flash when she came back with a warm washcloth. It was sort of nice to cuddle as we fell asleep. Sort of innocent, kind of Christmasy. Except I had fucked my step daughter a couple of times.

I woke up to the sound of Jennifer's electric toothbrush. I laid there with my piss hard and reflected on how strange relationships were; at home with her mother I would have gone into the bathroom with an apology and pissed, now here I was in an incestuous relationship and I wanted to be polite. People! But I was up and moving when I heard the bathroom door open, as I went by Jennifer she said, toothbrush for you. I got the water off the potatoes and my teeth cleaned and as I hit the bedroom I was greeted with my stepdaughter saying, " I didn't know what to do, should I make breakfast or did you want to come back to bed?"

I thought, God, for Harry, England and St George, as I got back under the covers. As I pulled Jenny to me I could smell she had done more than brush her teeth, she smelled little girl fresh. "I didn't know if you wanted breakfast first, so I thought I'd get into bed and let you decide what should be first today." That got the kissing started, she was a sweet girl, fucked up but she sure wanted to try. Very quickly there was a hand on my dick. At first it just sat there. Jennifer finally figured out she wasn't going to get yelled at for unauthorized touching and started milking my cock. The least I could do was reciprocate, much to my surprise she was well lubed this morning, my two fingers just slid right in.

"Don't you feel nice and wet this morning, is that natural or did you do something in the bathroom?

She actually whispered in my ear, "No, that's all me. I'm so dirty, I woke up all ready"

"Next time you wake up all ready, just suck on my dick and you'll be fucked before you can get to the john." She giggled and reached lower to play with my balls

"I never thanked you yesterday, I really had several orgasms, mom was right, you're very good in bed. You got something new for today?"

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