The Thrust Onto Cloud Nine

by Marduk

Copyright© 2013 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: The story of a randy woman, whose hobby is fucking and her desire to meet a cock that will send her onto cloud nine

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Consensual   Swinging   Gang Bang   Orgy   Interracial   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   Size   Hairy   .

Alice May was bored. She had been coming to these swingers do's for two months, but now she was getting disinterested in the same blokes, the same procedure, nothing that was on the agenda really gave her satisfaction; sure she was fucked, sure she sucked blokes off but it was the same old lengths, the same old thickness, she wanted a cock that would send her off the planet, she wanted something at least a foot in length and inches in thickness. Now as she sat, legs apart, tits bare she gave off the rather bored response, not that the blokes were taking much notice, they were too interested in fingering that great triangle of hair, massaging and pulling her permanently hard nipples or shoving their cocks against her lips so she would open her mouth and suck till they blew.

In this rather bored state she let her mind travel back over the decades to the day she got serious about sex. Sure she had been fingered, had let her tits be given a feel, pulled a bloke off in the school bus. He moaned in satisfaction while her girl friends giggled as they acted as a shield to what was happening. On one occasion after sport she had been fucked; a messy and unpleasant experience.

It had been on a school excursion to a farm where she met a professional cyclist. The smell and the chatter of her teacher had so irate her that when she had the chance she slipped away This particular occasion she was standing behind a tree when the cyclists came out of the small café, eating an ice cream or such like. She had noticed the bike and wondered who would be riding it, for it looked expensive. "Hello!" she said. The chap was taken by surprise for she was behind the tree and not visible. "Oh! Hello" he replied. She came out and walked to where he was sitting. "Isn't it too hot to ride?" she asked. "I just found the animals and their pen and the chatter of my teacher just too much, I wanted fresh air".

"With the wind blowing in your face the ride can be quite pleasant", he replied. "However, if it gets too hot well I don't ride, but today is fine. I gather you are on a school excursion?" he said. She was silent for a few seconds and then without any hesitation said. "Shout me an ice cream".

"Well it isn't an ice cream, just an icy pole. Sure I would get you one but wouldn't that be against your school rules, chatting up a stranger who certainly is not one of your teachers", he said

"Fuck them", she replied. He had no idea how old the girl was, she certainly had tits and the build of a mature young woman. "Ok!" he replied. She was sitting on the bench when he returned. There were no other students or teachers around. She smiled as she took the sweet and was silent till she devoured it and after wiping her face on a handkerchief, dropped the bomb shell. "Fancy a fuck?"

He was in his early thirties, was a professional cyclists who had partaken in a number of races and he was also a fucker of women for there wasn't a race in which he hadn't mounted a least one of the women in the competition. However, he had never had the opportunity to actual screw a school girl or at least one in uniform and this girl was not only well built and mature but also attractive. "A nice suggestion Miss", he said. "However, I don't think your school would appreciate a public show. Have you any suggestion where we could go?"

"I have been here since early morning", she replied. "I haven't just strung along with the others and have slipped away a couple of times. I think I know just the place where we can fuck without interpretation". With that she let him towards a barn that was not on the tour. There was a ladder leading to the loft. "Up here", she said as she began to climb, giving him a bird's view of a very attractive bottom and even the strains of dark hair that her panties hadn't covered.

The loft was covered in broken bales of hay and behind a number she undressed. "Fuck!" he muttered as she removed the last of her clothing. "You are one very attractive woman". She smiled and without being asked as he removed his jocks, took hold of his erected prick and began to suck it, while massaging his balls, which were far bigger than ones that she had come across. "I would love you to suck me dry", he said. "But you said a fuck and the thought of slipping my prick up that hairy cunt of yours is already making my cock go berserk". She smiled and then positioned her self, legs well apart and the lips of her cunt throbbing with expectation. He positioned the head of his cock and thrust and thrust again. Her bum rose to accommodate the thrusts and her gasp echoed his own grunts as the fucking began.

He held off for as long as possible, using his experience to give this woman total satisfaction while letting his cock enjoy one of the tightest cracks he had encountered. He had no intention of pulling out, the idea of doing that so the woman wouldn't get a cunt full of cum was stupid. He thrust and with it buried, sucked her erect nipples while she responded with pants and gasps, working her bottom up and down to his every move. Finally he gave the thrust that drained his balls; sending enough cum up her crack to make a dozen babies. He didn't pull out straight away, he had found that women wanted every drop and then a slow withdrawal, so they could rise and hold that item of their pleasure for as long as possible. This girl was no exception, she clung to him till his prick dropped out and as he rolled off; she gasped. "Fuck that was fantastic, the best fuck I have ever had". He smiled as he got up and began to dress. "I bet you are popular, it is a pity I have to go and no doubt you can't linger. However, I will say one thing I have mounted many women but you are one of the best roots I have had, something I will not easily forget. By the time she rejoined her class the cyclists had long gone.

She finished school that year and like the cyclists had said, she became very popular. Parties and invitations were pretty standard and promotion at work was a certainty as long as she was willing to spread 'em and suck the managements cocks. In all her sexual dealings she had never experienced a 'gang bang'. Most of the sex was with just a single individual for her employers certainly didn't want it know that there was a price for her popularity, although suspicion among other women was always present, but no proof. She as well as the management was very careful. However, the absence of a 'gang bang' was shortly to change. She had taken to cycling and one afternoon pulled up at a cricket match. If one asked her what her hobby was, there was but one answer 'fucking' and to advertise the fact that she was available, she didn't wear a bra and on some occasion didn't wear panties either, but that was one part of her clothing that she couldn't avoid when out on her bike, although she wore shorts, quite short ones and naturally sexy.

A lone cricketer was standing right against the railing that surrounded the oval; she walked her bike up to him and said "Hello!" Whether he was so concentrated on the game or, being so far from the action was off on other thoughts, her sudden voice startled him and it was seconds before he responded. He turned and just a hiss came from his mouth for he was fronted with an attractive woman, leaning on the railing and display so much flesh that he automatically began to harden at the groin level. "Are you part of the game?" she asked with a very honeyed voice that reeked of erotica. "Yes"! He replied. "I'm ... I'm the out fielder and this is my position", he stammered.

"I'm Alice", she smiling introduced herself. He didn't get a chance to reply when the echo of a bat hitting a ball and a shout from across the field made him jump, for his attention was focused on two barely covered tits. "Jackson what the fuck do you think you are doing, you could have caught that".

"Sorry!" he shouted back as he retrieved the ball and threw it back to the bowler.

"I think I made you miss that catch", she said as he again took up a position close to her, so that in between checking where the bat was going to lodge the ball, he could also home in on those two mountains of wobbling flesh. He gave a shrug. "Maybe I could make it up to you", she smiled and as he turned, undid her blouse and for just a few seconds displayed those two mountains of flesh with their erect nipples. He almost collapsed but managed to keep his balance. She closed her blouse and then uttered the words that would guarantee her full sexual satisfaction and make one cricket team totally forget that they lost the match. "If your team feels that I have let them down I'm very happy to counter their disappointment; if you know what I mean". All the bloke did was gulp.

The last ball of the over was bowled and as he began to move off, explained what was happening and asked if she would be there when he again took up his present position. She smilingly replied that she wasn't in any hurray. She had no idea what he would have told his team but when he returned he told her that the captain would like her to join them in the club's rooms after the match which only had a short time to go. "We have two more overs and the game is finished", the cricketer told her. "If you could then ride or walk your bike around to that building with the dark brown tiling, that is our club house", he said as he again took up his two way position – observing the bat and her tits as well.

She entered the club room, there were a dozen or so men present, some were in the process of removing their cricket gear and a couple were just wearing underwear as they were heading for the showers. A rather tall chap greeted her. He introduced her to all the men and not one showed any disappointment at her presence. "I'm Alice" she said and then fired the first shot that would open a full broadside. "It must be hot playing on a day like this", she said. "A bet a shower would be very refreshing. I certainly wouldn't mind one". No sooner had those words registered and she was showed into the showers where she removed her blouse and with a grin said. "I'm not going to shower along am I?"

They soaped her up; that massaged her tits; they ran their hands over her ample backside and drove fingers up her throbbing cunt. She pulled their cocks and massaged their balls and then she took each bloke's cock into her mouth and with the water flooding over them all, sucked each cock till it was throbbing with desire and then on a mattress they took her in turns. One after the other they fucked her. As cocks rammed her cunt, she sucked what cock was close to her mouth while grabbing the nearest and worked it, till it exploded. They turned her over and fucked her bum while she sucked cock till they exploded in her mouth and cum and saliva poured from her mouth. They sandwiched her, giving her, her first double dip. She had entered that club room just after four in the afternoon; it was after seven when she mounted the bike for her return ride. She left a dozen men, totally exhausted and not caring a hoot that they had lost a game and a trophy. She had given them a far better and more rewarding experience that a piece of silverware.

She shared an apartment with one of her work colleagues who like herself liked cock and was also a practical joker and one morning left early. It wasn't a work day so Alice May took a later shower then usual. She wasn't to know that her flat mate had arranged for her boyfriend and a couple of his friends to come around, for the principal purpose of fucking her. Unbeknown to Alice May these men had the hots for her and also their principal aim was to fuck women, no matter who they were. She had dried herself when her flat mate reappeared, had powered her tits and was reaching for her panties, when she was grabbed and pulled to the outside door that opened onto a concealed patio. There she was pushed into the arms of her flatmate boyfriend's mates, who were also naked but sporting eager, throbbing and lengthy cocks. "Fuck her" was what they heard and boy did they oblige.

Again and again, hour after hour, they rammed their cock up her cum covered hairy cunt. They turned her over and fucked her bum till it was also oozing cum. They forced cock down her throat till she had no choice but to do what they said. 'Suck' and suck she did. They had a break and then fucked her again, till all objection, all protest was gone and only then did her flatmate and her boyfriend join in the orgy so by late afternoon all the men had been through her at least six times, fucking her bum as well as her cunt and being suck off till more cum covered her chin and tits then was running from her cunt and bum.

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