Night at Jennifer's

by s-n-d

Copyright© 2013 by s-n-d

Sex Story: Jennifer gets to live out her fantasy with Steve, a school acquaintance, who happens to be a virgin and just what Jennifer is looking for.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Necrophilia   .

When Steve arrived at the front door, Jennifer was seated at her study desk, pretending to revise college work that she had in front of her. She allowed a shiver to run down her back as she heard Steve talk to Mike, her partner. Mike gestured to Jennifer's room and Steve approached. She asked him to close the door after he'd entered her room.

Jennifer was glad he couldn't read her mind.

'I'm so glad you don't know what I'm thinking of you right now, ' she thought. 'And what I've been thinking all day and all week for this cherishing moment!'

"The glass is there!" She indicated the carefully prepared mixture on her bedside table. "Now drink that and lay back. Do not deliberately close your eyes; just let the drink do it for you."

'And when it's done its job, that'll be my ticket to spy on your body, to smell your male body, to lick it, to taste it, and to own it, ' she thought excitedly.

Steve sipped the drink without pulling a face. He then drained the contents and sat the glass back on the table and lay back on the bed that Jennifer had prepared for him.

Jennifer watched him for a moment, and then she walked out of the room. When she returned he was clutching the plastic bag and ties. He'd remembered everything, she thought. She lit all five candles.

Outside, Mike sat on the couch to watch some television. He heard Jennifer close the door to her room, then the click of the lock turning.

In the candlelight, Jennifer watched Steve place the plastic bag over his head and fasten the ties over the plastic that was wrapped around his neck. She shifted her restless hands to her lap and watched Steve. Then as planned she asked him to undress slowly.

Jennifer noticed, like her, that Steve had shaved his pubic hair off. Now that she could see her fantasy coming true, she began to undress haphazardly, excitedly. Her blouse fell on the floor, her bra followed. All that remained as she clambered over Steve where her white stockings. Then she knelt in front of him and reached for his limp penis.

Jennifer's eyes looked deep into Steve's, while without hesitation her tongue rested against the tip of his penis. She began to slowly swirl her tongue around his glans to raise his level of arousal. Steve began to relax while Jennifer continued with her tongue action.

In a short while, Steve's virgin cock was erect. She tied it off firmly at the base and then moved over to her study desk. She sat back and admired her own 'toy'. A 'toy' that would give her hours of pleasure!

Jennifer sat back and elevated her legs. In the dimness, Steve could make out her outer slit. She paused, allowing Steve to admire her smooth tight body, while she admired his. His face slightly distorted by the plastic bag, his erect cock growing darker. She had fantasised about this moment for so long.

After a long pause, she walked over to Steve, who tightened the tie around his neck again. Gripping his testicles firmly, Jennifer began to ravenously fellate his manhood. She continued to bob over his erection until she felt a growing pulse through the flesh of his shaft and his body began to stiffen. Steve began to struggle for air while his virginal cock received her undivided oral attention.

Within a short while, she freed Steve's testicles so he could begin his orgasm. Once the pulse could be felt, she tied his cock once more so that his erection could be prolonged while he starved himself of air. She knew that Steve's sperm was now trapped somewhere between his testicles and the tip of his penis. She wondered how far from the tip his sperm was waiting for her to willingly release it.

With a shudder of pleasure, Jennifer moved away from Steve to lean back on the study table and study him. His eyes stared at a fixed point through her. His face was growing dark, but not yet as dark as his stiff penis. Jennifer's body began to shudder uncontrollably as her left hand began to masturbate her pussy slit while watching this delicious sight. Her index finger tracing the contours of her moist folds.

Then Jennifer moaned with delight as she realised that her fantasy would soon be reality. She mentally began to organise a list of tasks for her dying, yet aroused virgin male. Tasks that she'd organised ever since she had been a young girl, fantasising about this very moment.

Her masturbation increased as Steve made a few final attempts to gasp for air and as the young man finally stopped struggling, Jennifer's body rocked with her first orgasm...

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