The Siren

by s-n-d

Copyright© 2013 by s-n-d

Sex Story: A woman is housed in an institution where she is caught in bed with a young, dead man. The case is a complete mystery and, as such, her trial has been postponed. Rumour has it that she can lure young men to their death by harnessing their lust.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Necrophilia   .

'Do you see her?'

Jeremy peered through the slot in the bolted door. 'Yes, I can.'

The woman inside was standing in the centre of the room and staring back at him. Her gaze was fixed on him and she was smiling intently.

'She's been there a week now. Still settling down.'

'Why is she in there?'

'She was in her ward several weeks ago when staff found her with the body of a young man.'

Jeremy looked perplexed. 'Was he murdered?'

'Well, at first he didn't appear to be. When they carried out the autopsy, there had been no signs of a struggle. His body appeared completely unharmed, except one place... '


'It was after they began moving him away from her that she began to fight them, so they put her in here after they examined her. They're still trying to work it out.'

'What did they find?'

'With the guy, it was when they put him on the gurney that they found ... how should I say it ... she'd been pleasuring herself with him all night!'

'While he was alive?'

'No. The results of the autopsy indicated that he'd died earlier in the night.'

'But how did she ... you know ... get off?'

'Well the guy who wheeled him off noticed that the guy had an erection.'

'After he was dead?'


'But how could it stay up?'

'She gave him a postmortem erection and somehow tied it off! She tied his dick off with something and then had her way with him. The guy wheeling the gurney said that his dick had been well fucked, fucked raw. It also looked mottled with purple and black bruising, over a reasonably long time it had been gradually starved of oxygen.'

Jeremy's sheltered mind was in speed and turmoil.

Fucking hell, he thought. How could she do something like that and why? She looked attractive enough, so there couldn't have been a problem getting guys. Why wasn't this woman satisfied with loving a living guy? How could someone get off on that? Was it simply having total control over somebody? If so, then the only restraint on the guy was whatever she had put around his dick. The older guard said he had no other marks on his body. Just a blackened cock!

The older guard noticed how Jeremy was thinking hard about the killing.

He tried to ease the confusion. 'It was all premeditated, so she must've spent time to work out how she could do something like that. They're still collecting evidence but the staff here have already marked her as a killer, they now call her the siren.'

'The siren?'

'Yes, you know, from the ancient Greek Myth where men get lured to their deaths by the song of the beautiful sirens and shipwrecked and all that crap! Well, we think this guy was lured by her and then killed off through sheer lust. I think she communicated her lust to him and he responded. If this is the case, then he failed in his duty and became involved in an act of indecency with an inmate. He gave no struggle, no cries for help and she was content keeping him in bed with her like some full-sized pleasure toy. The results of her examination made it clear that she'd had prolonged, gradual intercourse with him. His DNA was in just about every orifice she possessed, but primarily in her vagina and anus.'

'Who was the guy?'

'He was a young man, our last security officer, and now you've been hired to replace him.'

The guard looked through the slot in the door. 'She won't try anything on us oldies. I've been working in the ward where she was at for months and months. She's made no attempt. Not even a blink from her. I think she has a fixation for young men. She knows, with little effort, that young men are easy to entice. This makes it much easier to lure them in.'

Jeremy's mind remained silent, but it suddenly clicked. Perhaps this is the reason why the hospital has hired me, is to see if she'll try anything on me.

The old guard must've heard his thoughts and broke the silence. 'We've put CCTV in her chamber and we want to know what she's doing... '

' ... when she kills?'

'No, when she starts enticing people. This time she'll be stopped before she takes anything further and we'll have her on CCTV.'

'But her cell door is constantly locked. So how can she entice anybody that way?'

'We don't know. We don't even know if she can do it, but we're going to keep her under observation for a period of time to see what she may or may not get up to.'

The older security guard took Jeremy through the rest of the building, but Jeremy only showed a partial interest in what he was being shown. He was thinking of the woman and what she'd done to the security guard who'd succumbed to her lust. He'd heard of the odd case of necrophilia, usually committed by a guy in a funeral home, but this one was different.

It was a woman who liked to kill this time, kill while sating her desires with his body. To Jeremy it seemed hardly worth the jail time to do what she did, unless she was a complete nut. If she wasn't a nut then there was something else he had to figure out, her deep-driven lust for freshly dead young men.

Jeremy was led to a room with some tables and a coffee urn. He lifted a polystyrene cup from a towering stack and filled it. Nearby, he discovered biscuits in a tin. The older guard promised to return in ten minutes and show him the rest of the facilities...

Over the next few weeks, Jeremy began to grow accustomed to the woman's behaviour. His name seemed to have reached her before anybody else in that cell block and, when walking past her cell, he would hear her whispering his name. She would say it slowly and seductively. The whispers would echo out of her cell and into the passageway where he walked.

Her whispers were full of absolute longing and, initially, he found it little effort to just ignore her. Over the weeks, her whispers continued unabated and soon they began to enter his dreams. At first, it was just her relentlessly calling his name. Sometimes, she would be begging, at other times she appeared in full control of herself.

While on duty, he tried hard not to look into her cell. He didn't want to see what she was doing with herself. He was terrified of being tempted by her the way she was tempting him in his dreams. Her domain was in his dreams and it was here where she unleashed her most seductive sounds and images. Sometimes he would hear her whispering out 'Jeremy, look at me!' Other times he would hear her moaning as if she were masturbating herself in long intervals. Sometimes the masturbation would last hours. Only a woman who held absolute mastery over her body could do that, he thought.

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